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Dirk diggler 7 | 3,925    
30 Nov 2017  #31
Now it's exactly the opposite.

That's because we didn't have a bunch of whiny millennials asking for society to give them free stuff and far leftists to egg them on
cms 9 | 1,290    
30 Nov 2017  #32
Roz - you strike me as pretty much the only person on this thread who has kids ! Lots of people with plenty to say about what beliefs and traditions to pass on but no experience of how difficult parenting is
SigSauer 2 | 443    
30 Nov 2017  #33

That was positive social change. Instead, we are today faced with an attempt to normalize mental illness (gender dysphoria), and then to move beyond that and compel speech from people, forcing others to participate in their delusion. God forbid you object to this rhetoric and don't think there are 71 genders, or refuse to go out of your way to use pronouns to help someone reassure themselves of their subjective view of themselves; the social consequences of defending your beliefs can be devastating. The 60s and 70s movements looked like genuine movements of love and understanding, as opposed to today's movements of being offended for everyone and everything except for yourself, for voting against your own self interests, for justifying violence against viewpoints which are not your own, and for making arguments from the position of "i feel." No one gives a **** about your feelings, especially facts.

I will intentionally misgender people when given the opportunity, and intentionally say things which are offensive, because I believe if we don't use our rights then we lose them. We must fight against this tidal wave of PC culture, soy lattes, and the worst of all; social justice warriors. These people are absolute parasites, and I fear them much more than I do the far-right, that's because liberals and conservatives alike all denounce the far-right racists. However, in contrast, the far-left SJW's who use violence to achieve their aims are given a TREMENDOUS amount of cover by organizations like CNN and MSNBC, and many politicians as well who engage in moral relativism.
Chemikiem 5 | 1,202    
30 Nov 2017  #34
absolutely do not see in them this nonsense that you are spouting.

I have only the one millenial child, but agree with this.

maybe it's an American thing..:):)

Tbh, I think it is. I remember when Polly started this thread and I had no idea what a millenial was. I haven't seen any traits of the so-called millenials in my child or those of my friends who all have millenial children. Perhaps I'm mixing in the wrong circles ;). It's the same when JR starts banging on about safe spaces etc.Really, I have no idea what he's on about. Makes me wonder what planet Americans are on tbh, or perhaps the UK has a lack of millenial children aka spolit brats.

I think every generation condemns the children of the next anyway. They're too rude, no manners, expect something for nothing. Really, none of this is anything new. Within each new generation there have always been freeloaders, but the majority of people go to work and get on with life.

so many Americans who EXPECT OTHER PEOPLE to buy their food, pay off their college loans, chip in for the mortgage, take care of their health care

It does appear to be more of an American thing then. I don't know anyone on this side of the pond who would expect any of that.
AlexResearch - | 1    
10 Apr 2018  #35
[Moved from]: Need respondents for student research project that will impact personal transportations in Europe

Hello everyone,

We are group of Czech students who are trying to change the future of personal transportation in Europe. We believe we are doing the very important thing for us all, and you personally can enjoy better traveling within Europe in the near future. Please help us by filling a short, 3-minute questionnaire on this subject.

Poland has a great impact on personal transportation in Europe so your responses would be really valuable for us. Thank you very much in advance :)

Link -
Sylvio 12 | 83    
25 May 2018  #36
Is this grave discourse about meaning of...surnames?!? A reserve for the fat and the ugly? How vacuous can you get.? Why not do something purposeful for a change, save yourself a little embarrassment.
hyderabad53 - | 4    
22 Jun 2018  #37
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rg_vivek - | 1    
24 Jun 2018  #38
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25 Jun 2018  #39
I'm trying to book slot Poland WP visa for last 1 month but it always show lack of available date. I tried on every Monday @10 Am . Can you please suggest on how to book slot ?

7 Jul 2018  #40
Hi, I am also trying to get visa dates from poland embassy, pls let me know process.

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9 Jul 2018  #41
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9 Jul 2018  #42
I am from Ahmedabad. Last 1 months i try to book date , but evrytime choosen date unavailable. Please Poland embassy help me.
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9 Jul 2018  #43
I am looking for national visa appointment . please help
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10 Jul 2018  #44
Need help with the poland study visa dates. My course begins in mid september.
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11 Jul 2018  #45
Need help in getting appointment at Poland Embassy, New Delhi for student visa for course starting in beginning of Sep. Unable to get date on internet.

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16 Jul 2018  #46
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kingATR - | 4    
16 Jul 2018  #47
I have a query.

There are two ways used in India to get documents apostille.

1) Notary ---> HRD ----> MEA Apostille
2) Notary ----> SDM Attestation (Sub Divisional Magistrate) -----> MEA Apostille

HRD way of Apostille is little more time consuming and I am going for the alternate SDM one. Is it enough for Polish Study Visa or can it cause any problem? There is no particular information available about this in any forum. Can anyone shed some light on this? Cause in both ways the end result is MEA Apostille stamp. Any clarification by anyone applying for student visa or anyone else with information can help me with this. Much appreciated.
16 Jul 2018  #48
There are 2 way for Apostille Process

Process Type A:
Notary + SDM + Apostille: ( Shortcut way...some country does not accept by this way because
Ministry will stamp " MEA accept no responsibility for the above contents " )
Time Duration: 5 Days
Charge: Rs. 4000/-

Process Type B:
Notary + Home Department + Divisional Magistrate + Apostille, New Delhi ( Ministry of External Affairs )
( Valid for all HCCH Member Countries )
Time Duration: 7 Days
Charge: Rs. 6500/-

Required Documents:
Original Degree certificate
Passport front and back side photocopy
kingATR - | 4    
16 Jul 2018  #49
So, My query was whether Polish Consulate is one of those countries that do not accept the shortcut way or are they fine with it? Because Poland student visa process is little lenient compared to few other countries.
16 Jul 2018  #50
Poland is a HCCH Member Countries

So a stamp like "MEA accept no responsibility for the above contents " on the aposstile document will cause, Poland Consulate to reject the document.
kingATR - | 4    
16 Jul 2018  #51
Thanks for the clarification.
TWPOscar 1 | 11    
16 Jul 2018  #52
I have a feeling that most of these are fake. Some have even copied their question from someone else, they didnt even try to adjust anything.
21 Jul 2018  #53
Hi kevel
I have also got admission in UL
If you got appointment will you please help me how to book ??
28 Jul 2018  #54
I need work visa appointment date at New Delhi consulate. Kindly contact me if somebody could help me in getting visa appointment.
Rich Mazur 5 | 2,237    
30 Jul 2018  #55
Just curious. Does Bruce still have his jewels where God placed them or have they been surgically detached?
30 Jul 2018  #56
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30 Jul 2018  #57
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5 Aug 2018  #58
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7 Aug 2018  #59
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15 Aug 2018  #60
Hi pls can I have details as need apt for student visa for Poland.

Hi pls can I have details for appointment for Poland student visa.

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