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Poland`s-Germany interests to collide in Adriatic sea ?

Crow 148 | 9,327
24 Sep 2015 #1
Polish president said: "I am considering the idea of ​​creating a partnership bloc stretching from the Baltic to the Black and the Adriatic seas."


Source: Intermarium Alliance - Will the idea become reality?
12.08.2015 | 17:45 /

Adriatic sea? What crossed my mind these days is one simple question. That is, what amount of Adriatic is enough for Duda`s project of Intermarium? This is very important question if we were to understand political processes behind the scene.

Original Pilsudski`s idea of Intermarium and work of Prince Adam Jerzy Czartoryski included Serbians, Slavic South and Yugoslavia in the project. But, back then when original project was announced, epicenter of the Slavic South were Serbians. Serbian factor- historically and traditionally, loyal to Poland and Poles. After all, Serbians won the Adriatic for the Slavic world. So, calculations seamed simple.

Now, since then, Serbians are still loyal. Just, they don`t control most of Adriatic. Their influence is right in this moment reduced on Montenegro and seams that slowly restore in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its hugely important strategic element in securing Intermarium`s access to warm waters and to Adriatic. But, is it enough? What Duda wanted to say when said: "I am considering the idea of ​​creating a partnership bloc stretching from the Baltic to the Black and the Adriatic seas"? What exactly?

Understanding original idea of Intermarium on which Duda refers, we know that Duda think on Serbs. But, one may say that Duda also point on Croatia. Croatia due to all kind of circumstances now hold Dalmatian coast of Adriatic, meaning most of Slavic controlled Adriatic. See, problem is that Croatia don`t feel too much Slavic. In fact, Croatia pledge its loyalty to Germany and Germanics. So, they aren`t interested in Intermarium. i mean, Germany isn`t interested to abandon its control over Dalmatia and Adriatic.

What i mean, let`s be realistic. Polish president Duda is informed man. He knows how things stand. So, again, what he meant when said: "I am considering the idea of ​​creating a partnership bloc stretching from the Baltic to the Black and the Adriatic seas"?

Two things could be answer:

1. Duda sending invitation to Serbians
2. Duda sending invitation to Serbians and to Croatia.

In first case, things seams simple. Poland can count on Serbians. No obstacle to it.

In the second case, Poland again count on Serbians and they would respond positively. Also, in this second case, if that was the case, if Duda point on Dalmatian coast too, if he calls Croatia, Duda directly gave signal to Germany that Poland consider Dalmatia (and entire Croatia) to be part of Slavic world, ie to belong in realm of Intermarium. Also, Duda at the same time gave signal to Croatia that country needs to change its orientation, not on Germany, but on Poland. German greed is alarmed. That for sure. At the same time, regime in Croatia publicly demonstrate loyalty to Germany. No though about Poland, not even in traces. Even opposition in Croatia pledge loyalty to Germany.

In any case, if Duda didn`t give up from Dalmatia as patch of Slavic land, strategically important for Intermarium, batter that Duda and Poland prepare itself for collision with Germany. Serious collision.

Things in a region already complicate. Its just the matter of time when would tectonic effects of collision came to Poland.
nothanks - | 640
25 Sep 2015 #2
I love it. We need to become more subcontinental focused.

  • Adriatic Sea
OP Crow 148 | 9,327
25 Sep 2015 #3
speaking of Intermarium`s access to warm waters of Adriatic.

Situation with refugees additionally complicate to get impression of real image. No doubt that conflicting situation around refugees, world and regional players using as excuse for actions in a fight for strategic position that already occurred.

Spot this. Now Croatian PM accuses Serbia to have a deal with parts of opposition in Croatia in order to destabilize country. He also accuses Serbia to have a secret deal with Hungary. The first accusation is false. Let me tell you why. It is so because whenever Serbia strengthen and that is the case in this historical moment, Catholic Serbs (60-70% of Croatia`s entire population, at least) in Croatia that are subjugated to Catholic Croats, rising their heads and turning to Serbia. Absolutely no need for Serbia`s meddling. Its the natural process in which people tend to unite regardless their religious background.

So, Croatian society awaits great turmoils at the moment when Serbia, strengthened, more and more openly makes strategic moves that demonstrate her intentions to join in emerging Intermarium. Catholic Croats are deeply germanized people, while Catholic Serbs in Croatia still have deep sense for belonging to Slavic world and to their Serbian roots. It is inevitable that Catholic Serbs of Croatia rebel and make attempt to join to Serbia or at least to separate from Croatia because of increased align of Croatian politics with Germany, what is more then obviously in collision to the more and more pro Polish (ie Intermarium) Serbian politics. That is the reason for Croatian PM to already, at this stage of events, creating maneuverable space for action, for accusations against Serbia, seeking to secure German right on meddling as the counterbalance of power.

As for second accusations, by Croatian PM, against Serbia, about Hungarian-Serbian deal, i am sure, he is partly right. What i mean? There is actually no need to any spectacular deal between Hungary and Serbia. Both countries are pro-Intermarium (ie pro-Polish) oriented and that force them to inevitable coordinate in case with some foreign political moves, what even affects their domestic political scene. Also, in case with some Hungarian appetites on the territories of Croatia, things are clear. Region of real ethnic Croatia (Zagreb, Krizevci and Varazdin) border with Hungary. What would Hungary with it, Serbs don`t care. They now won`t move a finger to prevent Hungarian annexation of that territory if comes to it. Sure, if Hungary don`t betray Poland, which won`t happen, i am sure. Other regions of what is now Croatia belongs to Catholic Serbs and Serbia would, when the moment come, provide them opportunity to join Serbia or that they create their own independent state. Whatever our long suffering brethren want, when tries to escape from Germano-Croat yoke.

Now, Serbian element within today`s Croatia is concentrated in regions that gravitate to Adriatic. Dalmatian coast belongs to them. That is good for Intermarium, even of vital importance. On the other side, if Hungary annex real Croatia (Zagreb, Krizevci and Varazdin), it would be also acceptable outcome for emerging Intermarium. If Croats already betrayed Slavdom, it is much better that they are hungarized then germanzied.

So, being aware of the development, official Croatia choose to accelerate events to the point of climax and they doing it right now. Refugees are here taken as the initial reason. All what happening clearly shows that is real thing much bigger. To make it more interesting to you, i would remind you that all what official Croatia doing must (!!!) doing in coordination with Germany and Austria. No doubt, Germany would fight for Adriatic, as well as Duda, as we heard him. At the same time, no doubt that Hungary and Serbia align their politics with Poland. It is just the matter of time when would all masks fall down, alliances become obvious and players start to play openly, in a moment when EU finally crumbling due to strong antagonism that drive it.

Croatian PM point on deal between Hungary, Serbia and Croatian opposition >>>

"Serbian PM secretly meeting with Croatian opposition"


Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic on Friday accused his Serbian counterpart of holding "secret talks with Budapest and with Karamarko in Zagreb."

Hungary warning Croatia >>>

Croatian PM told to "leave Hungarians and Serbs alone"


Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto says the governments of Serbia and Hungary never had an agreement about the direction of movement of refugees.

Serbia`s warning to Croatia >>>

"We won't budge an inch before Croatia becomes reasonable"


Ivica Dacic said on Friday that he "expects Croatia to annul its unreasonable decisions" - i.e., its blockade of cargo traffic coming from Serbia.

Merged: Serbia, due to pressure of western Europe, on the verge to abandon process of EU integration

Signals from Serbia would for sure accelerate process of EU disintegration.

Nikolic: EU integration impossible under these conditions

The latest "paper" from Brussels is totally unacceptable for Serbia, said the President of Serbia, Tomislav Nikolic.

"This reminds me of the 1914 Austria-Hungary ultimatum, and if the price is to recognize the independence of Kosovo, I am against us being in the European Union"

Is this all around EU-Poland conflict, in fact, about topic with which this thread attempt to deal? Overture. German-Poland conflict on rights over warm seas.

In any case, things in Europe and in the region becoming hot and Serbia accelerated arming itself. We here knows what is ours and, what is ours stays within Slavic world.
OP Crow 148 | 9,327
20 Jun 2020 #4
Germany has problems with US (Richard Grenel). Let just push little more and Germany (Viole fon Kramon) would face joint resistance by US and Russia

Arguments on Twitter between US and Germany over exchange of territories between Serbs and Albanians

Twitter >
Bratwurst Boy 9 | 10,564
20 Jun 2020 #5
Germany has problems with US (Richard Grenel).

Grenell was an ambassador in Berlin...he isn't the "US"!

And there isn't an "argument between Germany and the US on twitter"....there are not even such accounts :)

There is an account of Grenell though:

Do you mean that?

Great news! I have received the commitment from the governments of Kosovo and Serbia to temporarily pause the derecognition campaign and the seeking of international memberships in order to meet in Washington, DC at the White House on June 27 for Dialogue discussions. (1/2)
20 Jun 2020 #6
The US bases pose a threat to any host country. There was a Muslim bomber in Ansbach for examples. Also if you have US bases your country might suffer collateral damage in case Murricans decide to bomb someone.
OP Crow 148 | 9,327
21 Jun 2020 #7
You people from Berlin are very complicated.

Do you mean that?

Here you can see where land exchange was mentioned on Twitter. Grenel was happy and Viola frustrated. For more google on Orban and Greater Hungary.

US and EU Policy on Kosovo Is in Disarray

rift between the US and the EU is bad news for Kosovo itself.

Bratwurst Boy 9 | 10,564
21 Jun 2020 #8
You people from Berlin are very complicated.

...are not! :)
OP Crow 148 | 9,327
21 Jun 2020 #9
You are a lucky one. You have Poland very close. Many aren't that lucky.

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