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Phone tracking in the United States

delphiandomine 85 | 17,652    
31 May 2017  #1
A fascinating read for anyone that wants to understand how little anonymity you have when using a mobile phone in the United States.

Some choice quotes:

... the FBI can trace any mobile phone number to an exact location on US territory. This method is called "triangular lookup" or "triangular trace", or just "triangulation".

This way of tracing is very reliable and is used a lot by the FBI

In other words, the second you turn on your phone in the US, they can track you easily and quickly. Combine that with records of internet use and the fact that most servers are easily hackable by those with a little bit knowledge, and you can see how quickly and easily the authorities can track down anyone of interest.

Anyone that believes that they are anonymous online should read about how the FBI caught up with the Silk Road owner. Fascinating stuff, and shows how easy it is to get caught over there for online crime.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,100    
31 May 2017  #2
So all Android slaves there is a simple solution. Do not use mobile phone.
Chemikiem 5 | 1,473    
1 Jun 2017  #3

As far as I know, this is how the UK police also track people, don't think it's exclusive to the US. Unless you are living off-grid, no-one is anonymous these days.
Joker 1 | 754    
2 Jun 2017  #4
As far as I know, this is how the UK police also track people, don't think it's exclusive to the US.

Of course it`s the same technology and also the same way they fight online crime in the UK as well.
Its another one of his anti American digs from DD just like the his other threads.
The guy is consumed by thoughts of all things American. His jealousy is clearly evident!
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,086    
6 Jul 2017  #5

They typically have their systems go through a bunch of different conversations and pick out certain key words, phone numbers that are on a watch list t, etc. The guy who owned silk road wasn't just a pusher, he had at least one or two people murdered and the fbi knew about it. They don't care about the retail guys and their customers. This is mainly used to monitor terrorists, far right or left extremists, big time criminals etc

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