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Pay as you go - for an iphone?

Chipmunk 12 | 61
8 Sep 2010 #1
My brother in law is sending me his old 3gs phone.

I'd like to use it here but prefer not to enroll in a contract or plan with a phone carrier as I only have 9 months left. Who would you recommend for pay as you go services? Any idea on general costs?

Thank you!
Ajb 6 | 232
8 Sep 2010 #2
I have a 3G which i brought from the UK, i cracked it and use it on Play pay as you go.

Realistically i don't use it much for calling, but send a lot of SMS, download emails many times a day as well as the use of facebook...... It dosent cost much in data and i only use 30-50zl a month. The main cost is surfing the net which is a little more expensive but realistically not that expensive!

Play is a good carrier and they run a lot of promotions... for some reason for the last year ive had free SMS (not that i know how i got it!)

There are other networks but personally i have no experience with them :)

Good luck!
OP Chipmunk 12 | 61
27 Sep 2010 #3
Thank you! I'm sorry for my delay in responding but appreciate the feedback!

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