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One Serbia Thread

TheOther 5 | 3,589    
19 Sep 2018  #151
Here it's fake science that's working against us

What would that be?
TheWizard - | 322    
19 Sep 2018  #152
Basically we told pacific islanders that global warming is fake and they are not sinking. But they are definitely sinking. China is around waving money, our guys just make jokes.
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
19 Sep 2018  #153
in africa it's just neglect and racism and in serbia looks like backing muzzies has come back to haunt.

Case of Serbia is unique for China. Western Europe and former US administration (NATO and EU) made catastrophic mistake when bombing Serbia (because of Serbian resistance to domination of NATO/EU) back in 1999, also bombed Chinese embassy in Belgrade. It was horror. Chinese diplomat general, military representative in Serbia lost his eyes from NATO bombs. Since then China decided to hold Serbia among its far top priorities (although we had good contacts thanks to Non-Aligned movement countries even before).

Then also, no matter that practical interest remain crucial factor in relations among countries, it is notable that old civilizations of Earth tend to gather around Serbia sensing solidarity, because see Serbia as part of the club, as one of those old civilizational centers of the world (particularly, where Western world was born as Europe matured as world center). China, Japan, India, Russia, Israel... they all may have mutual differences but they all wants to see survivor and prosperity of Serbians. Israeli PM Netanyahu defined that thing nicely when underlined how Jews and native European Serbs (Sarmats) had contacts even in time of Roman Republic (500 bc).

Serbia asked China for cooperation in flying car technology and production >>>


The Terrafugia TF-X™
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
26 Sep 2018  #154
Swabi would be reminded to learn properly to pronounce Srbi. Malformations shall be expunged.
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
28 Sep 2018  #155
Speech of Serbian PM Ana Brnabic at UN GA (in Eng.)

Already, Serbians, as givers of West, as native Europeans, bringing order in chaos created by greedy of this world, bringing hope >>>

video >>>




Serbian PM Ana Brnabić at UN GA
Crnogorac3 1 | 330    
28 Sep 2018  #156
The prime minister of Serbia is a Croatian "woman" who also happens to be a lesbian...

The real question is for how long will Serbian people tolerate such humilliations by the EU?

"She" was not elected by the people of Serbia, "she" had to be appointed by the Serbian government on orders (black mail) of the West, had "she" ran for elections I don't think Ana Brnabić would get a fraction of a single percent.

Just imagine that in Poland a homosexual Russian was appointed as prime minister. That would be the equivalent...

OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
28 Sep 2018  #157
Crnogorac dobri brate, let`s not do that. Let`s not eat merde that foreigners procreated for us. Alright Ana is Catholic but Ana is normal. I mean LGBT normal. We are all unique walking books. Who gives a sh** for her private life. If on me, she can jump on monkey in her own private house. Woman is economic expert on her field and that`s it for me. That for one. Then also, Ana is of Dalmatian Serbian origin and not of Croatian origin from Croatia (Zagreb, Krizevci and fu***** Varazdin). She never said she is Croatian and for sure I won`t be one to put her among those. Not to say that even those who are set as Croats aren`t quite sure are they Croats. That Vatican`s and Germanic experiment and degenerization is ongoing process and who knows, if we are all lucky, for majority of our deluded people things may be reversed and only Zagreb will remain named as Croatia as it was in past. Then they can declare that they are ethnic Croats (if even they ever prove to have any other language and genetics for themselves then Serbian language and genes). So see, I don`t give a sh** for regional division of Serbians. One is Srbijanac, one Dalmatian, one Montenegrin, one Bosnian, one Herzegovina. Enough. That regionalism is thing that killing us Serbs from within, same as Vatican, Germany, Britain and France wants us dead from outside. Plus, religion to divide my people from within? Never.
Dirk diggler 7 | 3,925    
28 Sep 2018  #158
Ill have to agree with crna gora... brnabic is a disgrace to serbia and a slap in the face to the memory of Milosevic karadzic mladic etc. She is the EUs b1tch in serbia thats clear as day
delphiandomine 87 | 16,888    
28 Sep 2018  #159
to the memory of Milosevic karadzic mladic

To the memory of self-proclaimed socialists who were essentially Communist bureaucrats under a different guise?
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
28 Sep 2018  #160
Milosevic was banker in USA, New York, prior to came to power as head of Serbian communists. Effectively he destroyed communist party in Serbia and in Yugoslavia.

There was well balanced article of Warsaw Voice about Slobodan Milosevic where is he described as Yugoslavian loyalist (on the contrary to CNN and BBC that claimed him to be nationalist), at the moment when separatism of some republics occurred. Presumably he tried to rely on USA and that way balance German, French and British pressure, during process of Yugoslavian dissolution and then with time, after sow disaster for Serbia and himself, tried to distance itself from obeying to USA dictate. At that moment Chinese and Russians lost trust in him and he was left isolated, arrested and sent to Hague after NATO and EU installed new regime in Belgrade. Then in Hague`s court he finally was killed.

Ana Brnabic is Serbian leader that emerged from within corpus of Catholic Serbs of Dalmatia and by that she will stay remembered as slayer of `Croatian heresy` that threatening to eternally divide Serbian ethnic being by declaring Catholic Serbs to be Croats. She is the bringer of balance in wounded Serbian ethos so that Orthodoxy and Catholicism aren`t antagonized. As such, she is also valuable in confirming Serbian leading role among Slavs, considering that Serbians tend to give example and restore balance within Slavic world, too. Also, as member of Bilderberg Group, she is together with President Vucic key figure behind Serbian economic success, as result of investments from all meridians of the globe. Investments that are result of Serbian mediation between strangling world powers for global dominance, which in Serbia see point of balance. So here you can see investments from USA side by side with Chinese investments. Jewish investments side by side with Arabian investments. Russian side by side with Japanese investments. That is Serbia.


So that is Sarmatia strong and united again!
Vesko Vukovic - | 23    
29 Sep 2018  #161

If we put aside the fact that our Prime Minister is Croatian and a lesbian, (we Serbians can no longer afford to be so backwards regarding such issues) what bothers me more is that she studied in the USA receiving a full American scholarship and graduated from university in the USA meaning she is an American pawn 100%.
Crnogorac3 1 | 330    
29 Sep 2018  #162
She never said she is Croatian

It is confirmed, she also has Croatian citizenship.

Ana Brnabić about her Croatian heritage for Cro TV.

Comments under this vid prove 99.9% of Serbs do not support her. Ana Brnabić was not elected, she was appointed by those from abroad to carry out tasks that are to her assigned.

For sure she is not working for the best interests of Serbian people.
Vesko Vukovic - | 23    
29 Sep 2018  #163

A very interesting poll conducted on the streets of Belgrade with the question: "What are your thoughts about the choice of Ana Brnabić as the Prime Minister of Serbia?"
delphiandomine 87 | 16,888    
29 Sep 2018  #164
conducted on the streets of Belgrade

Hey, I know that street. I had some very tasty chicken wings there a few years ago.
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
30 Sep 2018  #165

On the first link she says how her grandfather was Croat and speak how nobody in Serbia has any problem with that. So, she does not say she is Croat. At the same time, she speaks (criticize) how is in Croatia impossible that any public person speak of its Serbian roots or ethnicity. She then speak of Croat ustashe massacre of Serbs in WWII in Glina town and present photo of Orthodox Serbs pictured in their Church prior to being massacred.

On the second link she speaks of her origin from Krk island in Dalmatia, what is now Croatia, and there again she don`t say she is Croat.

But I would here give one info to people who aren`t familiar with facts. Thru history and even now, Catholic Serbs are designated as Croats and sometimes they are designated as Catholic Serbs. It was since last 150 years, when Zagreb (Capital of Croatia) started to be regional Catholic religious center, during Austro-Hungaria. Fact is also that Germanics and Vatican helped in erasing of term `Catholic Serb` and sponsored term `Croat`. They did it to weaken and divide Serbs from within. Even now, considering that Croatian state wasn`t created democratically, most of people in today`s Croatia never got chance to declare themselves as Catholic Serbs. In Croatia, Catholic Serbs are forbidden same as Orthodox Serbs. At the same time, even term Croat represent designation of Serbs. Of Serbs who were/are Catholics. Then Vatican, Austria and Germany created nation of it and still creating.

So, when Ana Brnabic speak of her grandfather Croat, while don`t state she is Croat, we are to think that for Ana Brnabic term `Croat` means `Catholic Serb`. More to it considering that she speak of island Krk and don`t say its in Croatia. She absolutely don`t speak of Croatia, and true, Krk is in Dalmatia, not in Croatia. Its obvious that Ana Brnabic speak in traditional regional terms- for her is Hrvat, parallel with Srbijanac or Crnogorac or Bosanac or Vojvodjanin or Hercegovac. I think that she don`t give a s*** for internal divisions of Serbs. She have agenda. Obvious agenda. And I think that she have blessings from Vatican, too. This time Vatican decided to give up to favor Germanic plan and stopping to work against Serbs.
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
1 Oct 2018  #166
There is nothing what is negative and evil, that is forbidden in dealing with Serbians. Apartheid, genocide, cultural genocide, segregation, assimilation, forcible conversions, blockade, lies, all that and much much worse and all that blessed and sponsored by Vatican and Germany, while France and Britain follow, same as US of Clinton`s before.

And later they will complaint when they lose war. When those who coming in aid to Serbians unleash their full power in respond.
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
1 Oct 2018  #167
For UN, Kosovo is no state, UN chief tells Serbian PM

OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
4 Oct 2018  #168
After these days visit of Serbian President Vucic to Russia and his talks to Putin, one can only try to guess how much would complaints of Serbian President cost Germany. At the moment when Putin have internal problems and Russian public boost only on Serbians, as final and determining factor to which politician to support.

What would Germany without strategic projects with Russia? On energy, resources? There is no Germany without it. Where to turn now? To China? It can`t. Vucic been there before them. To rest of the Asia? Nothing without China in Asia. Even Japan switched to Serbian side. To USA? Forget it. US more and more taking Germany responsible for disturbance in world arena. Not to speak of US-Russia deals.


And Germany even didn`t come to Poland. Drang Nach Osten faltered. Its haunted by the ghost of Yugoslavia and fierce Serbian resistance.
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
4 Oct 2018  #169
Thanks brate Admine for every one of your wise merging. Your every move is practically golden.
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
5 Oct 2018  #170
Nobody outside Serbia mourns for Yugoslavia. It died with Tito's death, Germany simply accelerated the burial of its' rotting carcass.

I don`t know how you even dare to comment things about which you know nothing.

Yugoslavia existed before Tito and after Tito. Its the other question that Yugoslavia never managed to find way to properly balance among numerous foreign interests that are present here in the region. And it was important.
Tacitus 1 | 766    
5 Oct 2018  #171
I don`t know how you even dare to comment things about which you know nothing.

This has not really stopped you before, has it? I have books about the Yugoslavian Wars and Balkan History, and I talked with quite a lot of people about this topic. Nobody unbiased would ever deny that Yugoslavia died with Tito, and even in his last days the cracks were already showing. Nobody outside Serbia wanted to be part of this country anymore, even Montenegro left you eventually!
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
5 Oct 2018  #172
Foreign factor, particularly Vatican, after the first days of unity, never allowed Catholic population to be content within Yugoslavia. They used our own Catholic population to spread its influence on Orthodox and Muslim areas, while turned Catholics to look at Germany. Vatican here had its own agenda- to spread. Then Germany, too. Britain, France and USA also had their own interests. It was at a time when balance among world powers was destroyed because of communism that turned Russia into Soviet madness, and Serbian royalty and Yugoslavia as state had very bad relationship with Soviets.

even Montenegro left you eventually!

Vatican is fatal and lethal foe. I can tell you that one. Add to it Germany, Britain, France and USA and you would understand how hard was Serbian situation. Only now in Multi-Polar world we see light on the end of dark tunnel.
Crnogorac3 1 | 330    
5 Oct 2018  #173
All politicians are the same, they all say one thing before getting elected:

For every 1 Serb killed we will execute 100 Muslims

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić about USA
(English Subtitles)

Aleksandar Vučić o Velikoj Srbiji

And then they do something completely the opposite after the elections:

War Criminal Clinton & Monica Vučić!

I have lost all hope regarding our politicians, there isn't anyone at the moment who is not under the control of the "chosen ones".
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
5 Oct 2018  #174
If I rule, you would see Slavs united in one new and strong Sarmatia. No sh** with me
Vesko Vukovic - | 23    
5 Oct 2018  #175

There always were and there always will be,

those who would sell their soul to the Devil,

however there are still to come the ones

who will return the nation's dignity.

Thank you General Mladić!

Serbian people will never foget what you have done!
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
5 Oct 2018  #176
Venerable Ratko Racow slayer of mujaheedines. His great deeds are famous in Poland too >>>

Obłęd - Sloboda za gieroja (English subtitles)
Dirk diggler 7 | 3,925    
5 Oct 2018  #177
What do you giys meaning the serbs think about the kosovo serbia land swap? I think if serbia gets northern kosovo while getting rid of some albanians thats a good thing, or atleast the best that can be expected for now
Vesko Vukovic - | 23    
5 Oct 2018  #178
Thanks Polish brothers!

Serbia will never forget your support during these critical times!


Since I read you fought in the Yugoslav wars can you tell me anything about the siege of the town of Odžak in Bosnia which was known as a notorious WWII Nazi stronghold, it refused surrender & fell several weeks after Berlin?
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
8 Oct 2018  #179
Belgrade born Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg talk to Serbian President Vucic in Serbian language. After retirement he coming to Serbia, he count on Serbia`s citizenship being born in Serbia.



Jens Stoltenberg, today in Belgrade, Serbia, joint Serbian-NATO exercise, Serbia is military neutral on global military alliances but keep exercises and drills with NATO and Eurasian Union
Tacitus 1 | 766    
8 Oct 2018  #180
Stoltenberg was born in Oslo... .

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