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One Serbia Thread

OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
2 Sep 2018  #121
All what Europe makes Europe is of Sarmatian design. There were the Sarmatians and then comes all the rest.

Serbian PM Vucic and Israeli PM Netanyahu - hand moved in handshake


Serbian PM Vucic and Israeli PM Netanyahu - welcome Sarmats, what is taken from Sarmats will be returned, history among it

In Serbia we have live public TV and radio discussions on ancient documents that Jews releasing these days. Here is when Israeli PM Netanjahu (in meeting with Serbian PM Vucic) speak of Serbian (Slavic- ie Sarmatian) contacts in time of Roman Republic (500 BC). We finally have open public confirmation by credible world circles regarding Slavic (ie Sarmatian) autohtonicity in Europe. Yes, we Slavs are real natives of Europe. Not some newcomers. We are natives. Others came later and many actually came from us, were born from within our being and culture. We Sarmats are givers of West and we are free to tell it again. We are rightful re-claimers. We are back. Europe is our domain. Our home. Our Home, our Europe will be as it suits to us. Know that foe of any kind. It will be as it suits us.

And we Serbians, Balkan/CE and Lusatian/CE Serbs are last bearers of venerable Sarmatian name, local versions of it. Thank you God for this honor.
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
5 Sep 2018  #122
People do you think that Tusk love Serbian president Vucic? Judging by how he look at him? Is that even love?


Brussels today, Tusk look at Serbian president Vucic
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
5 Sep 2018  #123
Obłęd - Sloboda za gieroja (English subtitles)

Mladic's defense "triumph": Judges "appeared biased"


Heath ruined by conditions in Hague`s tribunal, general of Bosnian Serb army Ratko Mladic, defender of Slavdom and Europe, the one that had to face army of mujaheedines that was by NATO and EU transports delivered to Bosnia and Herzegovina; then he was by NATO and EU hunted for years and now being killed by NATO and EU without trial finished

Thanks general. Sarmatia is eternal!
Miloslaw 8 | 874    
5 Sep 2018  #124
Crow.....what a waste of time....,supporting Serb Genocidal maniacs....
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
6 Sep 2018  #125
You are victim of propaganda that clouds your reasoning. Serbians wanted to stay in Yugoslavia. Had right to it by Yugoslavian and regional constitutions. Then, those who violated right of Serbs to stay in Yugoslavia tried by force to impose sharia law on them (speaking of situation in Bosnia). What choice was of my people? My people is Slavic, Christiana and freedom-loving. Serbs defended themselves. Defended in impossible conditions, against overwhelming foe that was superior in numbers, in firepower and in media influence.

Borghezio of Italian Lega Nord of Padania: "Mladic è un patriota" (La Zanzara, 27/05/2011)
Borghezio torna su Mladic : "Lui è un Eroe Nazionale, Garibaldi un Ladro"
Tacitus 1 | 766    
6 Sep 2018  #126

I have a nice link for you too:

@Dirk diggler: You have convinced me. Muslims are scum and vermin, Merkel has ruined Germany and Europe.
jon357 65 | 13,654    
6 Sep 2018  #127
Serbians wanted to stay in Yugoslavi

The problem is, they wanted all those other nations to stay in it.
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
7 Sep 2018  #128

That`s all that is - a nice link.

Listen man, are we on the Net to speak in the name of some political options, governments and media houses or we maybe have aim to spend time here nicely, while mutually share information that are sometimes publicly available and sometimes aren`t?

When I speak of Srebrenica, I think that I giving you information that media of your countries failed to present you (with what aim I won`t go into it). So learn. I informing you that genocide on Serbs happened (committed by worse local and Arab mujaeedines; transported there by NATO and EU in UN vehicles- there are proved videos of this) and that after that, in respond of Bosnian Serbs, happened crimes on number of Bosnian Muslim captured fighters.

For the sake of truth one must say that region was also overrun by all kind of foreign secret services- British, Turkish, USA, Russian, French, German, Saudi, Iranian, etc.... that had available also all kind of paramilitary troops (private mafia black-market gangs, governmental killer groups, local rogue forces, etc) present in the region. Plus, there were official groups and army elements of NATO powers.

Also note that number of Muslim captives was killed in their attempt to escape from captivity.

But anti-Serbian propaganda says that genocide was committed by Serbs, what is a lie. Then, anti-Serbian propaganda hiding facts about genocide committed on local Serbs. Then, anti-Serbian propaganda never speaks of foreign paramilitary and military (especially NATO) elements involved in crimes with aim to later accuse Serbians for that. Then also, anti-Serbian propaganda never speaks of well known attempts of Muslim captives to tries to escape and finally, anti-Serbian propaganda exaggerate in number of killed Muslim captives (in number of dead are regularly included those killed in battle and those who were killed while tried to escape prison camp).

This we know about general Mladic for certainty > He liberated local Serbs from mujaheedine forces that committed genocide on Serbs and then Mladic literally saved Muslim woman, elderly and children, by securing their transport out of war region (all well documented and registered by UN) >>>

To learn what happened outside of this we have to wait for some UN commission to correctly analyze facts, immune to any pressure of war-propagandists.
Rich Mazur 5 | 2,237    
7 Sep 2018  #129
But anti-Serbian propaganda says that genocide was committed by Serbs, what is a lie.

If you scratch the surface everything is a lie or it should be assumed to be a lie. Governments everywhere are in business of lying. The US went to war - I mean a police action - over a fake Tonkin incident. We went to war because some stupid broad sobbed in front of UN about how Iraqi soldiers were throwing babies out of incubators, which was a lie. Because it was a lie, they used a woman to tell it, since women are known to be better liars. Plus the sobbing and the tears.

To learn what happened outside of this we have to wait for some UN commission to correctly analyze facts, immune to any pressure of war-propagandists.

A UN commission immune to any pressure of war-propagandists... That was a good one. Like a UN commission on civil rights that includes Saudi Arabia, China and Cuba.
Dirk diggler 7 | 3,925    
7 Sep 2018  #130

Hail Mladic, Karadzic, Milosevic, Krajisnik, Plavsic and all other Serbs who fought against arbih and the Muslims. It's a shame imo that Serbs are now buddying up to the same alliance that bombed them. But they know best what's good for them...

This is the main problem with the Slavic world. There is waaay too much fighting between Slavs as Zionist West and eu vs orthodox Russia fight for clout. If Slavs were truly united we'd be totally unstoppable - most nukes od any country, over 200 mil people, largest landmass, huge economy with tons of resources, etc. But that won't happen. I may not like what the Israelis and Zionists do but even though they compete with each other at the end of the day they're more united and working on the same goals than anyone else.
Marko the Serb    
7 Sep 2018  #131

Polands opinion on Kosovo dilemma

Dzien dobry polish friends, fellow Serb here, as you may heard we are in deep **** right now. Tension betewn keba...umh Albanians and our selves is rising rapidly, in short they are trying to proclaim Kosovo as independent state and our dipshit,soldout,traitor president Aleksandar Vučić(im sick after writing his name) will probably obey NATO-American-German scum and proclaim it wilfully as independent state........And rumors are spreading that if he dosent another war will break out and some **** like that............So i want to hear your opinon about this (yes i know Poland recognized Kosovo blahblahblha but as i heard from many diferent sources(i talked to some poles personaly) Polish people dont realy like that idea, but i may be wrong so i wana hear your opinion and Trawa jest zielona, niebo niebieskie, Śląsk jest Polski a Kosovo jest Serbskie.
Crnogorac3 1 | 330    
7 Sep 2018  #132

OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
8 Sep 2018  #133
In perfect situation, Polish army would intervene on Kosovo on behalf of Serbian (and vital Polish) interests. Same day, Serbians would on streets express gratitude to their Polish brethren. Next day, by chain reaction, all over the Central Europe and entire Slavic world, Poland would be seen as freedom force. The day after, so second day, Poland would be European power.

But SOMEBODY hold Poland.
Rich Mazur 5 | 2,237    
9 Sep 2018  #134
Are you sure you meant Poland? I always thought that playing the world cop is how the Americans spend their spare money.
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
9 Sep 2018  #135
Yes Poland. If there is region in the world where Poland could use opportunity and rightfully militarily intervene then there is Kosovo and Metohija in Serbia. Call for help was issued. Then, it was even logical from historical perspective that Poland offer assistance in defense of region from islamization, italization and germanization. Region that historically was, being Serbian, official subject of titles of Polish Jagilonian Kings.

But Polish leadership hesitated and credit for freedom of Serbs, when they liberate, won`t go to Poland. Not to speak of rapidly losing Poland`s authority in Central and Eastern Europe, while western Europeans increasing their pressure. Its like in a football game. You fail to use your chances and score the goal, you get the goal.
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
10 Sep 2018  #136

Corey Lewandowski represented Polish US dispora in relaxed meeting with Serbian top business magnates

These days in Belgrade


Corey Lewandowski - `I am in, Sarmatian connection re-established`, Belgrade, Serbia

Corey Lewandowski represents Polish US diaspora in meeting with top Serbia`s business magnates

Commentators agree that US politics shifted in favor of Serbia since three things happened - since Israel decided to strategically support Serbia, since Polish diaspora in USA took active role in debate about future of the region and since US Trump and Russia`s Putin talked about region and then both of them talked to German Merkel.


visit prepared by Corey Lewandowski - US senator Ron Jonson is in visit to Serbia - new USA stance on Kosovo is that US don`t exclude any solution, while old US administration was on pro-Albanian stance, that case is closed and that Serbia just have to accept separation of Kosovo

Like in the song >>>

Krzysztof Krawczyk & Goran Bregovic - Moj przyjacielu [Official Music Video]

Thanks brate Lewandowski
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
10 Sep 2018  #137
Thanks brate plemeniti Admine for your vigilance. Those photos of brat Lewandowski in Belgrade shouldn`t be available just to every eye and its much better to keep it in off-topic
mafketis 16 | 6,322    
12 Sep 2018  #138
One should look on photos of skinny Poles in Nazi death camps

Or Bosnians in Serb-run death camps

Everyone should remember this picture whenever they think Crow is just a harmless eccentric....
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
12 Sep 2018  #139
war propaganda image of ITN, CNN, etc. This particular image was exposed as anti-Serbian propaganda (this is not about death-camp but about free refugee center). These people were not within fence but outside of fence and that skinny man is skinny since he was born. This image and many more was creation of Clinton`s masterminds to justify his actions.

Man, you know what venerable President Trump said about CNN and similar false media houses. Today we know that Clinton`s and Germany were behind most of propaganda fabricated to demonize Serbs. In these days we witnessing how new US administration works to correct damage done to Serbs in the region.


Fake News Used to Justify All Out War: The Bosnian Serb "Death Camp" Fabrication. Pretext for R2P "Humanitarian Intervention" (1992) in Yugoslavia
Tacitus 1 | 766    
12 Sep 2018  #140
Also purely propaganda I presume?

Srebrenica Genocide: No Room For Denial
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
14 Sep 2018  #141
Crow idk how much more i can stress this, poles really dgaf about serbia and making way better relations.

If so that is strange then. Because more then 100 years ago, when great part of Serbia`s lands was still under Turkish occupation, for project of Polish independence Poles relied on Serbs, not on France or Britain. That is what Polish famous Adam Mickiewicz advised to Polish prince Czartoryski- `to rely on Serbs`. And it worked.

Serbia is now in era of partition, same as Poles were often in their history. So it is mistake to see Serbia as landlocked country because when era of partition is over, Serbia will restore its access to Adriatic sea. Then, its mistake to think about Serbia as country of 7 million people, because when partition is over, Serbia will have at least 10-15 million populace. Plus, when you look at map, when partition is over, Serbia will be at least twice as bigger.

But its not all what is important with Serbs. Point is that Serbia still, even now, weakened, hold crucial strategic regions of this part of Europe. Crucial military, trade and transportation routes. Then, Serbia have enormous diplomatic potential and influence that constantly increasing, now when media blockade is broken (blockade that was imposed by western Europe). Add to it fact that from all Slavic (and regional) countries Serbian culture, language and music have biggest impact and popularity in entire Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. Plus, Serbia is only White country that is truly seen as honest and noble European country in the eyes of most of African, Latin American and Asian countries of third world- it is so because Yugoslavia and Serbia were founding country of Non-Aligned movement and still have important role there. At the end, Serbia`s economy strengthen and Serbian currency already represent second most desirable currency in the world (by stance of WB experts).

Then, after all, on the contrary to Poland`s politics- of `at all cost` obedience to western Europe and Rome, Serbia`s policy is rather balanced and opening doors to influences from round the world. On the short run we may have problems with certain powers (that want to violate balance in this strategic region that we hold) but, force of other powers that tend to support Serbia`s balanced position always prevail at the end and Serbia regain its neutral position and its independence, after all, its influence (that is often much bigger then real straight of Serbia). Here, Serbia can do a lot of for Poland because Poland have uni-lateral policy and small maneuverable space when in troubles. Example- if Germany decide to move against Poland, only voice of Serbs would stand as protection to Poles, not voice of any other powers you may think of. Why? because if Germany move against Poland, other powers would think of trading. Only Serbians will mourn if Poland is lost because on the long run, with Poland, Serbs knows this, our strength and influence dramatically increases. Only together, Poles and Serbs are European and world power. Without Poland, Serbia is player but not power. Without Serbia, Poland even isn`t player. This situation is result of our entire strategic and cultural positions.

Croatia, evenly split

split, split. That is maximum of that deeply germanized society. So, imagine them now on the battlefield, Poles vs German. Minimum what Poles can expect from Croatia is betrayal. That is Poles are lucky. If not, then Croatia would butcher Polish lines from within.
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
15 Sep 2018  #142
Changes on Serbian top army staff

At the initiative of Serbian President and supreme commander Aleksandar Vucic, Army General Ljubisa Dikovic is retired and new Head of the General Staff of the Serbian Army is Major General Milan Mojsilovic, currently Assistant Minister of Defense, served as the head of the Serbian military representative office to NATO in Brussels and also presided over the International Consult Body for Security RACVIAC, expert in special warfare and veteran commander in fight against mujaheedines. Decorated for service with highest Serbian military decorations. Finished Military Academy in Belgrade, Command-staff school in Belgrade and School of National Defense in Belgrade.


Major General Milan Mojsilovic
Tacitus 1 | 766    
15 Sep 2018  #143
Nice. The Serbs finally have a commander who is not suspected of having comitted war crimes. Looks like Serbia makes some progress on ots' way to become a normal, civilized country again.
Dirk diggler 7 | 3,925    
15 Sep 2018  #144
So, imagine them now on the battlefield, Poles vs Germa

Poland would obliterate germany today. Their military is in shambles and morale has never been lower. And with a leftist feminist serving as minister of defense and Merkel as chancellor hahahahha omg
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
15 Sep 2018  #145
Nice. The Serbs finally have a commander who is not suspected of having comitted war crimes.

Sure. Its not crime to be veteran commander in fight against mujaheedines that NATO and EU transported in the region using UN airplanes. Especially is not a crime when one again confront some of those same mujaheedines (by leading International Consult Body for Security RACVIAC), which now turned their backs to their sponsors in NATO and EU and threatening western Europe.

Poland would obliterate germany today.

But won`t. Poland is officially in alliance with Germany.
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
16 Sep 2018  #146
Eh, vagina is wondrous thing. Anybody can tell you that in Serbia. Not easy to girls and woman to keep it safe.
johnny reb 16 | 3,462    
17 Sep 2018  #147
Definitely the most expensive little piece of realestate a man can buy.
Crnogorac3 1 | 330    
17 Sep 2018  #148
What's the difference between a country and a wife?

A country should be protected from enemies while your wife has to be protected from friends!

OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
18 Sep 2018  #149
China to invest new 2 mlrd eur in Serbia, near Belgrade, in industrial park


Chinese President Xi and Serbian Vucic, today in Beijing
TheWizard - | 322    
19 Sep 2018  #150
China is investing in all places shafted by the west. In our case here its pacific islands, our representatives there have failed and ridiculed them now we lost nearly all influence. They are doing the same in Africa and now with Serbia it will be europe. The actions of the west failed nutter plans are bringing the Chinese in everywhere there is a void to fill. Here it's fake science that's working against us, in africa it's just neglect and racism and in serbia looks like backing muzzies has come back to haunt.

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