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One Serbia Thread

OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
16 Aug 2018  #91
You are crazy man. Those were false polls. Even Polish venerable Pope Paul II himself supported Serbians.
16 Aug 2018  #92
Those were false polls.

If they were false, and if Polish people support Serbia, why is the current populist govt still standing with NATO and recognising Kosovo, and still stationing troops in Kosovo against Serbia? If you are right, then the current govt would be an ally of Serbia and would follow the will of its people and reject Kosovo and bring home its troops.

But it isn't. Because you are deluded. And even your Polish heroes are against Serbia and favour Kosovo.

Just accept it, You are all alone in the world, even your Slavic 'brothers' are against you, sent by Poland to defend Kosovo from you, pointing their guns at you, right now. Slavs taking up arms against Serbs, in defence of Kosovo. That is the reality on the ground. Accept it, and beg for forgiveness.
Bratwurst Boy 5 | 9,327    
16 Aug 2018  #93

Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia on 17 February 2008 and Poland recognized it on 26 February 2008.[20]

Poland was the first Slavic country to do so.
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
16 Aug 2018  #94
current populist govt

Current Polish government manages to isolate Poland from all Visegrad and from all Slavic countries. Working against Serbia is ultimate betrayal of Polish leadership. Betrayal of vital Polish interests. While Hungary and other Visegrad countries strengthen ties with Serbia to offer joint resistance to Germany and German satellites here, Duda strengthen ties with Germany and German regional puppets. Moron openly glorifies partition of Serbian lands.

Duda even fails to notice how USA changing its stance, from anti-Serbian to pro-Serbian. Duda lost compass and becoming problem to Poland.

Poland was the first Slavic country to do so.

Exactly. But, what is strange here? Poland isn`t free country.
16 Aug 2018  #95
Current Polish government manages to isolate Poland from all Visegrad

Every single Polish government has recognised Kosovo and opposed Serbia. This a consistent position from all sides of Polish politics, and the voting public. You are alone. Poland's slavic guns are pointing at you. Your idea of slavic brotherhood between Serbia and Poland is a joke. Poland and Poles are closer to Germany than to Serbia. Statistical and historical fact.
Bratwurst Boy 5 | 9,327    
16 Aug 2018  #96
Poland has chosen NATO and EU before Serbia, it's population was in their majority for the bombings, it didn't even need 10 days to recognize Kosovo...even today it sees Russia as an arch enemy to fear and fight, not as their natural slavic brother and leader as Serbs do...

But hey...what are facts...who needs them...they are totally overrated!
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
16 Aug 2018  #97
What are facts? What is truth? Serbians are Serbians, core of Sarmatia and last free Sarmats, last bearers of ancient and noble Sarmatian name, Racowie. Its just so unnatural for Poland to stay opposite to it. Poland is part of Central Europe prior to be part of EU or NATO. Poles are Sarmatian golden sons and they shall join us. We have need of them if we were to summon the dragon.

16 Aug 2018  #99
But they don't want you, Crow. They've turned their backs and their guns on you since the Serbian atrocities. Get used to the reality. You might want it, you might think it's 'natural', you might think it's important for Serbia, but Poles disagree with all of that, and think you're a loser. They prefer NATO and support Kosovo, and have done since the beginning.

You are living in a dreamworld, ignoring the reality and the Polish guns in your face, defending the Kosovan flag on soil that you think is still Serbia. Polish troops would shoot you if you tried to take it back, that is why they are there.

Just get used to reality and stop dreaming.
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
16 Aug 2018  #100
looks after him and says: ,,You go and you didn`t even try pljeskavica and slivovica.``
Bratwurst Boy 5 | 9,327    
16 Aug 2018  #101
*goes back...grabs some cevapcici and walks away munching*
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
16 Aug 2018  #102
But they don't want you, Crow.

You know nothing man. You are like a mad granny. Poles will join to Serbs. Its 1000% guaranteed.

*goes back...grabs some cevapcici and walks away munching*

looks what happening and himself starting to eat faster.
Tacitus 1 | 766    
17 Aug 2018  #103
Current Polish government manages to isolate Poland from all Visegrad and from all Slavic countries.

Poland is not isolated on the issue of Kosovo in the Visegrad group. 5 out 6 of its' members have acknowledged Kosovo's independence.
Dirk diggler 7 | 3,925    
17 Aug 2018  #104
Actually poles support Serbia claim over Kosovo. It's only because of geopolitical posturing that our government doesnt. Majority of poles will always support southern Slavs over Albanians.
mafketis 16 | 6,322    
17 Aug 2018  #105
poles support Serbia claim over Kosovo

No they don't.... 98% couldn't care less....
Rich Mazur 5 | 2,237    
17 Aug 2018  #106
I have to give you credit for that "couldn't care less". Today, 98% of Americans say "could care less". I couldn't care less if they do it because they lazy or stupid, but it is annoying. That phrase is being botched daily just as much as 'supposed to', which became 'suppose to'.
Dirk diggler 7 | 3,925    
18 Aug 2018  #107
Polish opinion on NATO intervention in FR Yugoslavia during the Kosovo War (1998-99) was mixed: 37% favoured involvement while 43% were against.[when?] The government decided in favor of a NATO-led operation to bring cease-fire in the conflict. During the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in May 1999, a poll found 51% felt attacks to be justified, 26% opposed. Another poll found 53% in favour and 35% opposed.[19]




The recognition of Kosovo Albanian independence has been criticized in Poland. Dozens of protests and demonstrations have been organized by various groups in Poland in support of the Serbian cause in Kosovo, with some attracting up to 1,500 to 2,000 people. An organization called "Poles for Serbian Kosovo" was formed in order to provide and support for Serbs in Kosovo.

So no, many poles support Serbia claim over Kosovo. I certainly do and just about all the poles I know either also do or don't care, which imo is the most popular attitude regarding this.

There were a lot of poles very much against the bombing of Belgrade
mafketis 16 | 6,322    
18 Aug 2018  #108

Living here, trying to talk to lots of different Polish people about the bombing of Serbia and the Kosovo crisis at the time (and being met with blank stares).

The 'demonstrations' are typically tiny 'happeningi' type things and planned for press coverage (which they largely don't get).

many poles support Serbia claim over Kosovo. I certainly do

You're more American than Polish in terms of political outlook, culture (in the sociological sense) and language. Not. very. typpppicallll.
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
23 Aug 2018  #109
Just for comparison to show you how Serbia taking China seriously. Good to know how things function where EU birocrats were prevent to meddling.

Chinese company to invest 1 billion USD in Serbia
2 days ago

A Chinese company has announced investments of almost 1 billion Dollars in the construction of a tire factory outside the Serbian town of Zrenjanin, the Seenews portal reported on Tuesday.

And this is just one of many Chinese projects here. Plus, failing to ruin Chinese presents in the region, EU magnates also hurry to invest in Serbia. One had to gave them kind of stimulus, by logic- if you making problems to us, we turn to those who don`t. Then western Europe started to invest here, too.

Only one rule in Serbia- fair chances for business to all.
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
23 Aug 2018  #110
Serbia buys 9 Erbas helicopters H145M >


Serbia buys used migs29 from Russia and Belarus and upgrading it to versions 29SD, 4th generation of fighters. In few years Serbia plans to purchase more then 20 migs in total.

Poleteo lovački par MiG-29SD - First flight of MiG-29SD of Serbian Air Force


Serbia buys from Russia and Belarus 4 assault helicopters Mi-35, upgrading it to last generation versions >


Serbia buys 2000 peaces of Belgian top assault rifle FN-Herstal's SCAR-L


Serbian Army to buy "state of the art" Belgian rifles

Serbia invest in army >
Dirk diggler 7 | 3,925    
23 Aug 2018  #111
I thought 2 of the mig 29s were recent gifts from Russia? Amazing planes but short distance although for Serbia that's not too imports t

The scar is awesome I've shot one before, semi auto unfortunately but at least it had a hair trigger. I'd say FN and Sig Sauer make the best guns but theyre very pricey. Even used scars go for 2k plus here. Still all around I like the ak series but not the 5.56 chambered ones
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
23 Aug 2018  #112
I thought 2 of the mig 29s were recent gifts from Russia?

Russia actually gifting to Serbia 6 migs 29. Serbia pays 185 mil eur for upgrade to 4th generation of fighter, modern equipment, arsenal, etc. In that price goes also modernization of four Serbia`s existing migs 29. That is upgrade for 10 migs. Then, Belarus selling to Serbia 6-7 migs 29 and they will also be equally upgraded. But Serbia plans to purchase more migs.

Russia also gifting to Serbia 2 planes An-26, 30 tanks T-72, 30 armored vehicle BRDM-2M. This coming in already upgraded state.

Serbia also buys number of helicopters M-17, number of air defense systems s-300 and BUK.
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
29 Aug 2018  #113
Spot this

Decorated Serbian war hero, ethnic Hungarian, colonel Zoltan Dani, speaks at Serbian military academy, how under his command air defense shot down US stealth fighter F-117A >>



Zoltan Dani at his home in Serbia, visited by US pilot of F-117A that was shot down by rocket team commanded by colonel Zoltan Dani
cms neuf - | 592    
30 Aug 2018  #114
Crow its great to see Red Star back in the Champions League ! Such a shame their grear team from 91 broke up
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
31 Aug 2018  #115
Yes, Sarmatian name will live in glory still.

Let us listen favorite song of general Ratko Mladic, that he listened at the moments of relaxation

>>> Orthodox Celts - Sindidun >>>
Crnogorac3 1 | 330    
1 Sep 2018  #116

Did you hear that the band Orthodox Celts after 26 years since being formed finally traveled to Ireland of which they were singing about for so long. What made their concert in Dublin at the club Fibber Magees special was that their fans also arrived from Cork City, Galway, London, Glasgow for this unique opportunity. The aim of the trip from Dublin to Galway was to create a video for one of their future songs. Along the way, they visited the Cliffs of Moher & Wicklow mountains, the grave of Michael Collins, the iconic O'Donoghue's & Johnny Fox's pubs. They said that the longer the time passes all the more they are convinced it was an enchanting experience.


Orthodox Celts

"Save Me"

"One / Milk & Honey"

"I Wish You the Very Worst"
Miloslaw 8 | 874    
1 Sep 2018  #117
A very good band,I would also add that there are many Polish Celtic Music bands and even some mini Celtic Music Festivals held in Poland every year.Slavs do seem to be attracted to Celtic Music.
Miloslaw 8 | 874    
2 Sep 2018  #118
So bored by this Serbian troll.......can we talk about Serbian genocide?
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
2 Sep 2018  #119
Wild Polish trip to Serbia, to trumpet Guca Festival > Polish tourists video >>
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
2 Sep 2018  #120
Man, you and your brainwashed propaganda. Genocide on Serbs was organized by Vatican, Germany and Britain. Continuation of WWII story. Their local players performed. Created Greater Croatia and Albania.

We Serbs didn`t even started. And God knows, that what evil coalition done to us would be paid only in territories. By re-claim of our territories.

We Serbians must keep to our reputation. Venerable Sarmatian name would stay glorious.

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