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One Serbia Thread

Tacitus 1 | 766    
22 Nov 2018  #331
The best example of it is that pathetic tendency of blaming Gavrilo Princip for the outbreak of the Warld Wa

A tendency that exists in which way exactly? Gavrilo was simply a murderer who provided those who wanted a war with a convenient excuse to do so. WWI might have happened without his involvement down the line.

Namibia has been having talks with Germany on the compensation issue for these atrocities for three years now to no result whatsoever.

That is mostly the fault of the Namibian government though. Germany has offered an official apology aand compensation, but the Herero do not feel represented by their government and cling to completely unrealistic demands. Germany will down the line issue aan apology and pay compensation, that much is certain. In the meantime those crimes have been acknowledged in Germany and have been publically debated.

So this in no way excuses how Serbia is refusing to acknowledges its' crimes during the 90s.
Dirk diggler 7 | 3,925    
23 Nov 2018  #332
500k serbs most certainly dont live in chicago... the largest European group is irish, then german, then poles. poles are the only group though where a significant portion still speak the language and were born in europe. you wont find many Italians or germans or Irish that were born there and speak the language, but with poles you do. polish is the third most spoken language in chicago after english and spanish. you go to any government building and theres documents in polish, polish translators etc. about 7% of chicago are poles but if you included metro area itd probably be double since so many poles moved out to the suburbs after all the hispanics started coming into traditionally polish/italian/irish neighborhoods
Joker - | 801    
23 Nov 2018  #333
500k serbs most certainly dont live in chicago... the largest European group is irish, then german, then poles

Yes, spoken by someone that might actually live here instead of some lunatic 5000 miles away! The Irish and Germans built Chicago, its common knowledge. If any other population is noticeably increasing it would be the latinos.

What Crow is trying to push is just pure fantasy.

The current Democratic machine as we all know it was formed In Chicago many years ago, of course, beginning with Mayor Richard J. Daley (Boss) from 1955 to 1976

Read this book if you want to learn from the Democratic Yoda

Then his son became Mayor Richard M. Daley 1989-2011

The current mayor Rahm Emanual ( former Obongo chief of staff) came here and stole an election, turned Chicago into a sanctuary city and it has become the murder capitol of the USA!

Now, with the extreme failures of Emanuals poor decisions and btw who isnt running for re-election is clearing the path for.......

Bill Daley! Another chief of staff for Obongo, and yes, another son of the BOSS!

My point is.....Serbs dont rule and never will rule Chicago! The Irish do! Its pure fiction what Crow says! LOL
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
23 Nov 2018  #334
on The Battle of Cer: The First Allied Victory in the Great War

In a report on defeat of the Austro-Hungarian army, an Austrian journalist Ervin Kish wrote: ``The army has been defeated and has found itself in a wild, reckless and panicky run. A defeated army - No! -abroken mob, rushing in a mindless terror towards the border..... Those Serbs, they're great guys, they know how to defend their country.``
Joker - | 801    
23 Nov 2018  #335
Hey, explain this?

Serbians are murdering scum, nothing has changed within these savages!
mafketis 16 | 6,322    
23 Nov 2018  #336
WWI might have happened without his involvement down the line.

For sure something was going to happen, but another spark might have led to a small fire rather than all consuming conflagration brought forth by the shame of Serbia (assuming that Serbia is capable of shame, which.... no, probably not)
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
23 Nov 2018  #337
German Marshal August von Mackensen in speech to his army before troops departed in aid to Austria, for the Serbian front in autumn of 1915. >

``You are not going to Italian, Russian, or French front. You are .............. going to the Serbian front, to Serbia, and Serbs are the people who love their freedom and who are willing to fight for it to their last.``.

Winston Churchill, The Great War I >

``The Serbians, seasoned, war-hardened men, inspired by the fiercest patriotism, the result of generations of torment and struggle, awaited undaunted whatever fate might bestow.``

Woodrow Wilson, US President, The White House, July, 1918. at the day when US President Wilson gave the order for Serbian flag to be raised above the White House, first foreign flag ever that beside American flown over White House >

``...Serbia has so nobly fought and suffered ... so heroically resisted the aims of the Germanic nations to master the world.``

French General Franchet d'Espérey, Commander-in-Chief of the Allied Forces in the Balkans, On September 13 1918; when sent urgent telegraph to his counterpart in the Serbian Army, General Stepanovic >

``General, please ask the Serbian infantry to slow down, the French cavalry cannot keep up the pace!``

Tacitus 1 | 766    
23 Nov 2018  #338
If anyone wants a more sober look at the role of Serbia in WWI, I recommend Christopher Clark's Sleepwalker. Even if you do not agree with his assesment regarding the outbreak of WWI, it is rather chilling to see how brutal and savage many celebrated Serbian "heroes" actually were.

Case in point, the brutal massacre (murder would be an euphemism) of the Serbian king and his wife at the beginning of his book (killing innocent woman was apparantly something the brave Serbs were very good at).
Bratwurst Boy 5 | 9,327    
23 Nov 2018  #339
Christopher Clark's Sleepwalker.

I've heard of it worth it?
Tacitus 1 | 766    
23 Nov 2018  #340
It is very well written and gives a good introduction to people who want to learn more about the topic. Though one must keep in mind that Clark has been criticized for downplaying parts that underline Germamy's responsibility. Thougv again it has been well received by academics.

Honestly the first chapter about Serbia was really brutal. And based entirely on the historical evidence (e.g. the murder of the Serbian king). Serbia was de facto a rogue state back then, not unlile the 90s.
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
23 Nov 2018  #342
Wurste, you can but I suggest you not to waste your tme on that unbalanced text. It would be as if you seek to learn about events of former Yugoslavia and you read article of CNN or BBC, which in the beginning of text underline connection between Serbs and Russians, while absolutely fails to underline connection between Serbs and Poles or Czechs, etc Slavs. In reality, Serbian royalty aren`t more or less cruel then for example British royalty. Still, probably, less.

Listen, text won`t give you info on this but, Tacitsu refers to dynastic frictions between Obrenovic and Djordjevic (Karadjordjevic) nobility. It here went in history as so called war of `White and Red Roses`. Founder (Milos) of Obrenovic dynasty was godfather to the founder (Djordje) of Karadjordjevic dynasty. Then, in fear from Turkish retribution after 1st Serbian uprising against Ottomans, Milos Obrenovic betrayed his godfather Djordje (Karadjordje- Turks gave him that `Kara` in Turkish `black` because Djordje was slayer of the Turks) and during one night sent his man to kill him with axe, behead him and deliver his head to the Turks. Descendants of Karadjordje then sworn themselves to exterminate Obrenovic dynasty in revenge, which they finally did 100 years later, in Coup`d`etat organized by Petar I Karadjordjevic in support of Polish Prince Czartorisky that was heavily involved with Serbs on advice of Adam Mickiewich, as I already mention that in this thread. Karadjordjvic dynasty and Polish patriots made alliance to fight against Germanics and to prevent Russian domination over other Slavs. Interestingly, official Russia tolerated this deal and Coup`d`etat happened with consent of Russia. Naturally, Obrenobvic dynasty was pro Austrian.

Anyway, more quotes from strangers about Serbs >


``Sixty two thousand of the Serb soldiers decided the war. SHAME!``

General d'Espérey >

Only the Serb troops don't need any supplies - they are rushing forward like a blizzard

August von Mackensen >


"Few soldiers fought like the Serbian soldier did. He died where he had been ordered to stand his ground."

Miloslaw 8 | 874    
23 Nov 2018  #343
It all sounds like a terrible,unbelievable script from a really awful historical drama.....just pathetic!
Give up mate,go home,eat some nice food and have a drink or two in good company......your obsession might pass....
Joker - | 801    
24 Nov 2018  #344
It all sounds like a terrible,unbelievable script from a really awful historical drama.....just pathetic!

Copied and pasted or someone is helping this illiterate genius. It reads more like a lunatics manifesto, but nothing new going on here.

Isnt there an excessive quote rule as well?
Bratwurst Boy 5 | 9,327    
24 Nov 2018  #345
It here went in history as so called war of `White and Red Roses`.

Crowie, yours is a wild, wild country....
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
24 Nov 2018  #346
Wurste, can you even imagine country in Europe that openly have independent policy and propagate political view in total opposition to that of German, Austrian and British and French states. Can you imagine European country that openly criticize their colonial policy on Slavs in Eastern Europe, peoples outside of Europe. Then, when western Europe and Austria, sometimes with aid of Vatican move to silence that country, aid to that country coming from Russia and now as we see from China, Japan, and other world centers.

See, that country is Serbia. And see, western European elite predicted this development. That existence of Serbian state and Serbs will threaten their domination. That is why western Europe in deal with Turks tried to prevent our independence.

few more quotes about Serbia >

Austrian general Alfred Krauss >

``...we have come to know Serbs as worthy enemies. I considered them, and I consider them still, the strongest of our enemies in the military sense. Undemanding, clever, cunning, .....``

German Emperor Wilhelm >

``It is a shame that this small nation is not my ally``

Czech author Erwin Kisch, corporal of the Eleventh Regiment of the Ninth Austro-Hungarian Division and participant in the Battle of Kolubara >

``It was only in Serbia in 1914 that I realised that the freedom of small nations is a force stronger than the violence of the great and powerful ones``

The Norwegian colonel Carsten Angel, 1915 >

``We arrived with little respect for Serbian soldiers, and we return full of admiration. We've seen a calm, confident, patriotic people. We have found the best soldiers in the world - brave, obedient, sober, resilient, willing to sacrifice``

Bratwurst Boy 5 | 9,327    
24 Nov 2018  #347
That existence of Serbian state and Serbs will threaten their domination.

I very much doubt that....since the end of Yugoslavia Serbia is just a smallish power like so many gain influence you should find and nurture alliances. But as I see it (from far away) Serbia has besides Russia nobody it feels close to...especially not it's neighbours.

To threaten anyones domination is difficult in such a weak position...

Your quotes are all from the last century...that also doesn't bode well for today's Serbia!
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
24 Nov 2018  #348
I very much doubt that...

Don`t doubt. Russia you see because its on surface. Simple, Russia is as world power able to openly offer support. But, same as Russia have its own interests that overlap with Serbian interests, Poles, Czechs and other Slavs also have their interests that overlap with Serbian interests. Actually, Russia is forced to tolerate Serbian deals with other Slavs, especially our deals with Poles, throughout history. Now, in Multi-Polar world we have deals with other world powers. Serbia is stronger and stronger and our capacity to oppose to Germanic hostility and any hastily only increases.

You heard how Serbian FM Ivica Dacic few days ago criticized Austria for cooperate with Saudis in building mosques in Serbian Capital Belgrade, criticize Austria for working with Albanian separatists against Serbia. Day later President of Bosnia, Serbian Milorad Dodik, also criticize Austria for meddling in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Yesterday, Dodik accused German Deutsche bank, for manipulation with Bosnian money deposits in Germany and loses in level of interest rates that those manipulations bringing to Bosnia. Bosnia is kind of German colony, said Dodik.

Far from it that Serbia is world power but, now already returning its status of regional power. You mentioned Serbia`s neighbors. But, look at development. Serbia have enormous economic results, stronger military and powerful diplomacy. Wondrous results. Bosnia is already oriented on Serbia, again. Within Croatia, you have regions that tries to defect from Croatia (Istra- solely Catholic region; they have separatist movement already) and have better and better relations with Serbia. Half of Macedonia is pro-Serbian oriented but regime was overthrown by EU. In respond Serbia bailed out pro-Serbian politician Gruevski, saved him and transported him to Hungary in joint effort of Hungarian and Serbian authorities. In Hungary Gruevski got political asile. See, Hungary prefer deals with Serbia over deals with EU. In Czech Republic, stance of politician to Serbia is electoral question. Already, Serbian influence grows in Bulgaria and Romania. In Crna Gora people is with Serbia and regime is controlled by EU and NATO. Polish and Serbian patriots have close contacts. Serbia improving relations with Vatican and Vatican didn`t recognize Kosovo. Serbia have perfect relations with Israel, India, Brazil, etc. Serbia lead Non-Aligned movement countries.

So, how I see that, Serbia is growing threat to Franco-Germanic and Anglo domination here and in entire Eastern Europe. But why western Europe simple ton`t attack Serbia again? Let me tell you. It would automatically lead in world conflict where will Russia and China directly military intervene on behalf of Serbia and most probably, we see by many signals, USA anyway wouldn`t take part in that conflict.

Your quotes are all from the last century...that also doesn't bode well for today's Serbia!

Its just reminder what is Serbia. We will come to modern time and interesting things from even deeper past. Step by step. Everything has its reasons, Nothing happens without reasons, my friend. I want you to give real picture, po prepare you to understand how was possible that EU enter in such a scandalous adventure with Goebbels style propaganda against Serbia, to finally justify open military intervention against Serbians. I won`t do this to convince you in anything. I will merely do something great for you, show how media of your own country failed to inform you what`s really going on in Europe. What will you then with information, is totally up to you

quotes on Serbia >

Robert Lansing, US Secretary of State about WWI >

"When the history of this war is written down, its most glorious chapter will bear the title SERBIA."

Field marshal Mackensen >

"I have an unusual admiration and love for Serbians. You are a heroic nation, full of honour and pride; a nation with a great and brilliant future."

Czech author Erwin Kisch >

"Only in Serbia did I understand Chateaubriand when he said that a relentless force - the will, overcomes everything, and that might's weakness is that it only believes in might."

Ironside 47 | 9,261    
24 Nov 2018  #349
Its just reminder what is Serbia

You have a lot of delusions, just snap out of it. Serbia was never a power, not even a great power. Yugoslavia wasn't only Serbia but that it was a significant country in the Balkans. Serbia alone is just a small Balkan country and nothing else.

There is not even potential for something with the attitude you display here. You're high like a kite with your delusional nonsense but that has nothing to do with reality.

Stop it.

I;m sure no one at home or around you want to listen to your obsession hence you're venting here. Stop it!
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
24 Nov 2018  #350
Poland found itself into vice of two powers. Due to internal faults of its own.


Serbia was for very long between Austria, Ottomans and Russia. Not to speak of German, French and British direct and indirect access.

But Serbia avoided traps. Poland didn`t. Sure, Serbia paid price. But say that Poland didn`t pay price by being more cooperative.

Let those power grow and to work hand in hand to cut Poland down

Just analyze Serbian responds to similar situations.

1* Russia make sh**, we say how Russia did it but avoid hostilities.

2* Russia do something good for us, we praise Russia and connects from Russians and increase our influence within Russia. Next time Russia think twice before mistake on us.

3* Serbs never side by side with non-Slavs attacked Russia. Only as internal Slavic thing Serbs sided with Poles in critical situation against Russia. It caused Russia in addition damage to ruling elite, because due to principle policy, Russian people tend to love Serbs- common Russians don`t see Serbians as enemy but as Slavic brothers (first Slavic and then comes the Orthodoxy which isn`t determining factor).

4* Serbs have interest that survive western European pressure and offers serious resistance when invaded by hostile non-Slavs. Russia see that and have its own reasons to keep conflicts with non-Slavs far from Russian borders and so Russia coming in our aid.

5* Official Poland for long don`t have consistent policy within Slavic world. Nobody knows what Poland want. That irritate Russia and Poles looks untrustworthy. So, Russians avoiding serious deal with Poles. probably that isb reasons why they tolerate Serb-Polish deals because official Russia don`t trust to Poland. Now, when Russia see how official Poland f**** Serbs, will trust to Poland even less.

6* Inconsistent Poland`s policy irritate all Slavs. That is why smaller Serbia have in comparison to Polish influence, tremendous influence on other Slavs. Awake Czech in the middle of night, or Hungarian or Bulgarian or Romanian or anybody. They all know what are Serbian ideals. Some love it, some don`t but, they all knows that Serbs don`t lie.

7* If foreign power order so, Poland easily betray and forget old friends


Here is example of Poland`s policy. See, Polish elite is aware of Poland`s problem. Something like it is impossible in Serbia to happen. I think that I don`t post to provoke you but that I speak due to brotherly feelings fro Poles, with aim to positively change Poland (naive me) >

Kosovo and the Polish Diplomatic Embarrassment
Agnieszka Skieterska
26 lutego 2008 | 00:00,76842,4965759.html?disableRedirects=true

Kosovo's independence ....... when it finally happened, on 17 February, Warsaw sank into chaos. The cabinet was in favour of Kosovo's independence, the President against it..... It is such gestures that show whether a diplomacy has class. Poland's obviously doesn't.

OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
24 Nov 2018  #351
Serbia alone is just a small Balkan country and nothing else.

Not only Balkan but also Central European. Plus, just wait, we soon entering in era of reclamation. Who knows where would we end once we move. We are like crazy machine. Hard to move but when we move.... you know how it was on Thessaloniki front- when we moved, we ended up caching Bulgaria and A-H and liberating all regional Serbs and South Slavs from A-H and ended all the way at Vienna, Alps and Trieste.

A Japanese professor at the school of medicine in Tokyo, chief of the Japanese Red Cross mission in Paris during the First World War, said in his speech (this remark entered in Japanese military Encyclopedia) >

"Until this war, we, the Japanese, enjoyed the reputation of being the soldiers with the strongest spirit of warriorship. This time, we have to admit that the Serbian soldier has taken this primacy from us."

He also added: ``Don't mind, dear Serbs, that we are also slightly jealous of that.``
Ironside 47 | 9,261    
24 Nov 2018  #352
But Serbia avoided traps.

You're talking no sense. Serbia is an insignificant small country in a obscure corner of the world - geopolitically not very important. Never was. There is no comparison.
Bratwurst Boy 5 | 9,327    
24 Nov 2018  #353
Plus, just wait, we soon entering in era of reclamation.

An "era of reclamation" would put Europe back to where it has been in WWI and can't seriously want that.

If you believe Serbia would come out somehow "winning" you are seriously mistaken...

There is this thing called "nostalgia", that longing back to a history seen through rosy glasses. We all indulge it, now and then...even if that means totally different histories for many people. But believe me, this "glorious past" never existed, not for the people living through it. It's all an illusion!

Wanting an illusion back won't make your todays misery better in any way. Better concentrate on today's real problems and try to work on them!
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
24 Nov 2018  #354
Eh, you should tell it to Germany, Austria, France and Britain. They invading and sponsor their local satellites. And you now expect Serbs not to respond??? Now when situation already looks pretty similar to that before WWI or even WWII.

But look what happening on Kosovo right now. Shquiptars (ie Albanians- as western Europe invented name to them) again molest local Kosovo Serbs. When Serbia respond, they will cry. What EU doing to prevent Shquiptars not to molest Serbs? Nothing. See? EU behave same as Ferdinand and A-H did. EU wants to die, too.

So, forget it. Instead you just tell me your venerable opinion, would 100 Serbian tanks be enough to pacify region this time and end all that western European sh** and schemes. Or maybe 200-300 our tanks. Or maybe all 1000?

BDW, prepare popcorn.
Bratwurst Boy 5 | 9,327    
24 Nov 2018  #355
I think I can guarantee that Germany doesn't want these times back!

The existence of the EU is actually the most prominent proof that it's members don't want these "bad 'ol times" back...

would 100 Serbian tanks be enough to pacify region this time

Probably. That act of agression would end Serbia as we know it. A kind of pacification of this region you surely don't want!
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
24 Nov 2018  #356
Then all is fine. Germany and EU will give order to local Albanians (Shquiptars) that they stop provocations and attacks on Kosovo Serbs in attempt to exterminate them and we all will be happy, we will all continue peaceful to negotiate and won`t lose our nerves. As Serbian President Vucic said: ``Better to talk to 100 years, then to wage war for 1 years.``

Now, I am calm. I know EU will help and support peace. Thanks for words of hope.

Probably. That act of agression would end Serbia as we know it. A kind of pacification of this region you surely don't want!

No. If NATO and EU try something, it will be world war. Serbia today got guaranties from Russia and Vhina, if Albanians (Shquiptars) continue to provoke.

If I`m EU and NATO I wouldn`t f*** with us. If we are now provoked to move, we then correct complete injustice don`t to us.
Bratwurst Boy 5 | 9,327    
24 Nov 2018  #357
Germany and EU will give order to local Albanians

I doubt that. I don't even know what you surely is not in the headlines of Europe.

As Serbian President Vucic said: ``Better to talk to 100 years, then to wage war for 1 years.

A smart guy! You should listen to him...

You know already how it shoot first and you will lose again!

Serbia today got guaranties from Russia

Tell me again where was Russia during the dissolution of Yugoslavia?

If we are now provoked to move

Do you have learned nothing from the disaster of the Balkan war?

You move first you will be seen as the agressor, not even Russia would lend you a hand then...
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
24 Nov 2018  #358
A smart guy! You should listen to him...

Sure, he is smart.

But I see that you don`t follow news. Shquiptars (ie Albanians) started to shooting first, already.

Serbs never shoot first. But this time we finish this masquerade.

Tell me again where was Russia during the dissolution of Yugoslavia?

Back then Russia didn`t give us any guaranties. Now, we have.
Bratwurst Boy 5 | 9,327    
24 Nov 2018  #359
Shquiptars (ie Albanians) started to shooting first, already.

Again...there is nothing of it here in the media...
OP Crow 146 | 7,596    
24 Nov 2018  #360
You are surprised. Not only that. Media war already started. When Serbian President Vucic yesterday warned that Shquiptars moving to Serbian enclaves with troops, KFOR and NATO denied that. Then, Serbian president thanked to KFOR and NATO for protecting Serbs and said, we wait, ``I hope you are right``. After half day Shquiptars were on Serbian enclaves shooting in the middle of the night (imagine `police` that shooting like bandits) on streets, beating people in front of parents, etc.

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