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The Metaverse is more than you think

Strzelec35 36 | 988
14 Dec 2021 #1
People like to ponder the fermi paradox and wonder why earthlings haven't made contact with E.T.

I'm here to tell you why

and this has to do with the nature of reality and the upcoming Metaverse everyone is raving about particularly related to Facebook or its plans for it.

This universe, this planet and your biological bodies are a sort of egg that will be hatched once this civilization enters the metaverse.
The truth is most civilizations exist within virtual reality and they are already HERE among us but within a different dimension, which is the metaphysical reality brought about through uploading consciousness to technological substrates.

Before our planet was even born there were already civilizations in the galactic internet. Beyond just modems and even satellites. This is where the true contact will be made is through a global internet and virtual reality with ETs.

Once we can detect their quantum intergalactic/interdimensional transmissions they will know we have reached the civilization type that is appropriate for joining their civilization. Until then, planet earth and this civilization need to be conditioned and eased into this through more primitive means of virtual reality, which is accessing the earth's metaverse through head mounted displays.

Within a few decades though we'll be beaming our consciousness to VR with brain implants.

And now you know
Life is literally a video game
How does that make you normie shitbags feel?
To know that reality itself is descended from the same sort of mindset that lead to gamer culture.

It's going to be interesting to see how type 1 VR affects society
I mean look at things already, transgender ideology is being taught in public schools
Imagine how things will be when reality is completely SUBJECTIVE and can be molded at the whims of whoever
Joker 4 | 2,585
14 Dec 2021 #2
Metaverse everyone is raving about particularly related to Facebook or its plans for it.

I bought some stock already:)

Did you check out The Sand Box or Decentralland yet?

Its the future!

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