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LiveJournal hacked

Paulina 10 | 1,778
26 Nov 2020 #1
I recommended this site to one PF member for practicing Russian (I don't recommend it anymore), but I've decided to share this information in public in case there are other LiveJournal users here, since everyone I wrote to so far, that I knew had an account over there, had no idea about the data leak:

I myself found out about this only because my e-mail account that I used for registering on LiveJournal got taken over in summer this year - someone changed my password (which I've used for years on this account without any problems). Unfortunately, as any internet "genius" out there I used the same password for my LiveJournal account, my e-mail and some other sites (all changed now). One of the Poles that also discussed with Russians on LJ got contacted a few times in summer this year by a hacker who claimed that he figured out his password (he did know it), that he took control of his camera, recorded him in some kind of compromising situation and if he didn't sent bitcoins to some account he would sent out the video. That Pole ignored the guy and he thinks the hacker probably got his password from that LiveJournal leak.

Now, some fun facts, because it's more interesting then it looks :)

1. LiveJournal is Russian owned.
2. It's very popular among Russians, including among Russian opposition leaders (or was, I don't know, because I haven't been using it for a long time) - Alexei Navalny, who got poisoned this year, had his blog there until 2015 (he moved it from LJ to

3. LiveJournal got hacked in 2014, the hacked data was publicised on hacking forums only in May this year.

4. Annexation of Crimea by Russia took place in... guess what... yup... in 2014...

5. I have some personal "fond" computer memories from the time of Crimea annexation of 2014 :) I wrote about this before on PF but this time I decided to give more details. During that time I was writing about the annexation and was sharing information related to it on PF, LiveJournal and Polish-Russian blogs. During the annexation on one of our Polish-Russian blogs some comments with links posted by new users started to appear and one of the Poles warned us not to click on them because they could contain viruses. I didn't but somehow my computer got infected anyway. One day when I was writing a comment on PF about the Crimea annexation my keyboard stopped working - I couldn't write. I checked it, turned it off and on again but I still couldn't type. I started moving my mouse to run an antivirus scan, but the pointer suddenly stopped moving in the middle of the screen... I then remembered about the touchpad on my keyboard and decided to try it out - it worked despite the fact that I still couldn't type (is that even possible??) O_O So I headed again for the antivirus... aaand the touchpad stopped working. My only option left was the pen in my graphics tablet. It worked! I think I didn't even try to go for the antivirus this time, I just wanted to turn off the damn thing because I was freaking out already but when I was heading to the bottom of the screen my tablet stopped working too. I had to use a button to manually turn off the computer. Freaking Twilight Zone. I didn't know what to do so I left it like that for a few days. When I turned the computer on next time it ran some kind of automatic antivirus scan before the start of Windows and it found a few viruses. I've deleted all the infected files and I could use my computer again. There was still some weird stuff going on on my computer, I tried to do sth about it by using the advice that I found on the internet - to no avail, so I gave up at one point. After that virus infection I upgraded my free antivirus to a paid one and I wasn't writing about anything Russian anywhere. After quite some time, a few months probably, the problem just magically stopped, without me doing anything.

My conclusion: the hacking of LiveJournal in 2014 wasn't accidental and I'm guessing the Russian government had something to do with it. The spooky stuff that was going on with my computer at that time probably wasn't accidental either...
Cargo pants 2 | 1,086
26 Nov 2020 #2
lol dont worry you are not alone they put my pics with profile also on different sites including **** sites,happens when you play on the net.There is no way to sue as it might cost hundreds of thousands USD(until its local).Its a wild jungle out here.
johnny reb 30 | 5,260
26 Nov 2020 #3
and one of the Poles warned us not to click on them because they could contain viruses.

Excellent advise.

I didn't but somehow my computer got infected anyway.

What kind of firewall are you using ?
Cargo pants 2 | 1,086
26 Nov 2020 #4
Excellent advise

I think that was trojan horse?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,456
26 Nov 2020 #5
Paulina, I knew you were interested in the Russian language, but I didn't know that you were so interested in Russian affairs!

I remember LiveJournal from back in the day - it was an excellent way to connect with people with similar interests, especially more niche subjects before such communities gravitated to Facebook. I used to use it for keeping pictures related to my own interests, like East Germany.

I think you're right - I suspect that the Russian authorities would have done it so they could track people spreading 'dis'information, especially in Crimea. I know that they were/are quite intensively searching for people posting information online.

If you don't mind - could I PM you a few questions about Russia? I have friends who are Russophone, but none of them are unbiased - most of them are anti-Russia Russian speakers from Ukraine.
OP Paulina 10 | 1,778
28 Nov 2020 #6
@Cargo pants, yeah, I know, I found out this year that someone used my mother's name and surname and her profile photo from Facebook to put up a fake profile on one of those social job sites for professionals. I picked that photo and put it on her Facebook for her so I joked that maybe the photo I chose was too good and that's why some identity thief got tempted to use it lol But I wrote to that portal on my mother's behalf and they've quickly deleted the fake profile.

@johnny reb, why do you ask about the firewall? I haven't had any problems with viruses since that incident in 2014...

@Delph, I think people rarely are interested only in the language of a given country. Me and other Poles were discussing mainly about politics, history, society, culture, although we did discuss language sometimes too.

Yes, at that time there was a real information war going on... And things changed in Russia at that time and since that time. A Russian friend living in Moscow told us that during 2011 - 2013 protests people would wear white ribbons or sth white like pieces of clothing to show their support for the protests, including my friend. But she wrote that at the time of the Crimea annexation she wouldn't dare to wear Ukrainian national colours (as a sign of protest against the annexation).

Sure, delph, PM me, just bear in mind that I'm not some kind of great expert on all things Russian, I think :))

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