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What languages do you know?

Natasa 1 | 580
2 Dec 2011 #31
Russian and the reason as you can guess is Stalin.

For me it was Beria.
southern 75 | 7,096
2 Dec 2011 #32
Yes, the famous Beria circle.(flower game).
Natasa 1 | 580
2 Dec 2011 #33
They were mostly perverts. Ruthlessness of this man is rare. I don't know why but some things I read about him made Stalin look like honest pensioner (compared to Beria).

Ex Yu communist elite was boring. No sexually hazard games. Only lovers here and there.
southern 75 | 7,096
2 Dec 2011 #34
The best part was when Beria kissed Zhukov boots in vain after his death sentence was announced by Krutsev in the house they had trapped him.
Natasa 1 | 580
2 Dec 2011 #35

Is Daria Zhukov (Roman Abramovich's new girlfriend and wife) his granddaughter or some relative? She must be. I don't know, do you?
southern 75 | 7,096
2 Dec 2011 #36
Is Daria Zhukov (Roman Abramovich's new girlfriend and wife) his granddaughter or some relative?

Everyone needs some boots to kiss.
Natasa 1 | 580
2 Dec 2011 #37
She is half Jewish (mom), and feels more Jewish than Russian.


She looks like a cute Russian girl.

Her father is one of oligarchs. Handsome man. I tried to figure out why I like him...he is bald :))))

It looks more like preservation of the capital than anything linked to boots.
southern 75 | 7,096
3 Dec 2011 #38
Russian reality is so byzantine and complicated that is totally unapproachable for us outsiders.We just enjoy the results and wish the best.(this Abramovic is a fan of Rhodos and a Greek singer called Pantazis who came from former USSR.Everytime Abramovic comes with his personal jet to Rhodos to stay on his yacht(the biggest in the world) he calls Pantazis to sing in a club reserved only for Abramovic and his friends for this particular night.Russian oligarchs usually want everyone out of the place they use for personal entertainment.
WielkiPolak 58 | 1,034
14 Sep 2012 #39
Merged: What languages do you speak

Angielski and Polski fluently for me. German basic, learning Russian [don't ask] for the past month or 2. Tried to learn a bit of Spanish a while ago but gave up as I didn't have the time and just had enough of it as it is in no way similar to anything that I know so there is no starting point for me and I like that. How about you?

Come on guys don't be shy?
pawian 176 | 14,299
14 Sep 2012 #40
Hebrew and Russian.

But I am learning Polish quickly.
Hemmersbach - | 10
20 Jun 2016 #41
Is there anybody who speaks Cantonese? ASAP :) Hemmersbach is looking for Service Desk Agent with this language. If you know someone who speaks it - please let me know on Private Message

Thank you,
okay_04x 2 | 7
19 Jul 2020 #42
Fluent in: English, Hindi, Punjabi

Can somehow speak: Portuguese

Language I started learning in 5th Grade and left in 8th Grade: Sanskrit

Currently Learning: Polish
pawian 176 | 14,299
19 Jul 2020 #43
Currently Learning: Polish

Good luck. We need such intelligent people in Poland. Come, settle, get married or bring your wife and have as many equally intelligent kids as possible.
Lyzko 29 | 7,283
1 day ago #44
Is Babbel adequate for learning a language?
jon357 66 | 17,078
1 day ago #45
No single system is adequate in itself. All are necessarily artificial.
Lyzko 29 | 7,283
18 hrs ago #46
Yes. You're right.

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