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What an interesting talk about the Carpathian mountains

6 Jul 2019 #1

English translation via google:

It is difficult to say why I have such a craving for the Carpathians. To myself, I say this: "Once the love of a woman led me to these places, and this love, I transferred to numerous ridges, rivers, villages and mountain valleys". In the Carpathians, I found new friends, to whom I have come for a year, every two months. A stack of tickets "Odessa - Lviv - Rakhiv", "Odessa - Rakhiv" and back, soon the thickness will be like a notebook, and the number of seals in my zagraniom does not fit on four pages. I decided to redirect my love for this place to the project - photos and text, about this place, people living here, sandwiched between the mountains, at the junction of east and west: In the south, the Carpathians border Romania, in the west with Slovakia, in the north Poland. East - Ukraine. In theory, the Carpathians are the same as Ukraine, but not at all what we used to see it in Odessa or Kharkov, in Lviv or Kiev. Here, on a small piece of land, a large number of ethnic groups get along together, as well as purely Carpathian (Hutsuls, Boyky, Lemkies) and ethnic groups of other states (Romanians, Hungarians, Czechs, Jews, and also Roma).

This project is a journey into the world of the joints of the past and the present, and an attempt to understand what will happen in the future.

I wake up in a sleeping bag, and for the first few seconds I absolutely cannot understand where I am - where and why? I find myself on the terrace of a small house, and right above my head is a huge flag of Ukraine, with an inscription in the center of "31 Brigade", and on the left a huge yellow canvas with the words: " find a better connect. With these words it is difficult to disagree. I remembered how we came here in the evening, almost at night, and how we picked up the "66" at one of the turns of the former military road built in the times of Austria-Hungary. I remembered how yesterday we almost exploded from a gas cylinder on fire, in a small house, 500 meters from here, trying to warm up the kettle. It was all yesterday, and now it's morning, mountains around me, and dead silence. I carefully get out of the sleeping bag, put on my shoes, and go down a little lower along the slope of the "Bald Mountain". Before my eyes there is a view of Rakhiv, but it is not visible, it is hidden behind a very dense cloud. But, the tremendous clarity of the atmosphere, and from my point of view, is visible to Hoverla and Petros, who are 30 kilometers away from me. I shoot the last footage on the current tape, and go back to sleep.

In the telegram, a message from a person who is at this time by the sea "take care of yourself, a storm warning was announced all over Transcarpathia" - without fail.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,708
7 Jul 2019 #2
'Triffic. Never been east of the Tatras unfortunately. And that's the Slovakian Tatra - they can keep the tourist spoilt Polish part.

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