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What would humanity do without electronics and computation

Strzelec35 36 | 988
22 Jul 2021 #1
It seems that sooner or later humanity will need to take a step back in regards to usage of technology and return to a pre-industrial way of living.

In a post-technological society, what would people do for fun?
Would humanity revert to a primal state of unenhancemented hedonism and degradation?
Would people turn to space colonization to pass the time?

I can't imagine life without computers, video games, A/V media.
Human life is so mundane and boring and lacking.

Human society is so addicted to the dopamine releases from television, the web, video games and all the drugs (including caffeinated drinks and tobacco) plus all the literal mentally ill people reliant on prescriptions that if suddenly all of humanity were deprived of these things there would be massive riots and basically a literal zombie apocalypse.

something needs to happen though

People are being pushed towards a path of integration with technology over the decades, where will it end?
and as society becomes more dependent on technology, if suddenly the grid went down everything would fall apart.

What would I be doing right now if suddenly all the computers on earth disappeared and the internet as well.
Would I just go outside and walk around aimlessly?

If I were in an apocalyptic scenario I would be the most beta human to ever grace this planet.
I would form a group of sane and rational minded individuals who would form a city that would go on to become the last bastion of hope for the human race.

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