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Funny mistakes by Polish users of English

Bratwurst Boy 9 | 11,979
25 Mar 2019 #31
"Have you please fire?"

Heh:) Sounds like something I would say...if I would still smoke! :)
Lyzko 42 | 9,497
25 Mar 2019 #32
Where there's smoke, there's fire:-)

Ck. out the Polish for "Es brennt!" (Last time I looked, burning is done by means of the element "fire" (Feuer), 'cept for dry ice, not even ice at all), namely,

"Pali sie!, literally, "It's heating (up)!", yet neither direct reference to fire or to smoke (dymic sie = rauchen, yet nobody would call out in a crowded theater,

"Rauch!", "Rauch!" at the risk of sounding strange).
OP pawian 224 | 24,514
31 Mar 2019 #33
Pali sie!, literally, "It's heating (up)!",

Sorry, it`s not heating but burning in Polish.

Next set

Our teacher makes us write a cosmopolitan twice a week.

Constitution Gay.

I play terrible tennis with my grandad.

I have bought some apples. I am going to make apple pee.

Will you take the duck for a walk, please?

Have a meal prepared by our monster chefs!

Lyzko 42 | 9,497
31 Mar 2019 #34
Oh I know that, pawian! I only meant that, whereas in English, one tends to yell "Fire!", in Polish, screaming "Ogien!" might simply yield more bemused concern rather than panic, as Polish doesn't literally use the same expression as English, instead opting for the more precise "Pali sie!" aka "It's burning!" cf. German "Es brennt!".

That's all I meant to say:-)

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