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So I was at this event yesterday this beach music thing

30 Jun 2019 #1
So I was at this event yesterday this beach music thing At this event called beach party and almost regret going as it was another night i was pissed off at the end and wanted to fight. And like always I went back alone. The thing was I was not aggressive toward the dancing females and noticed something. Even the polish guys when drunk become this way. Ive never noticed this before because I always assumed them to be more shy or laid back when compared to say middle eastern men or hispanic latino men who just go for it or go for what they want. And at he end here was a situation where these two Polish women were dancing and two different also polish men were both trying to dance with them and kept trying to talk to them.

All of a sudden this buff guy not too buff but somewhat and not too big but descent size starts acting like some ******* Enforcer and shoving them a bit to the side and telling them something like he is some hot ****: stay back or stay away like he owed them or they were his property. They didn't even ask for help and were even smiling and those other dudes kind of backed off anyway just kind of smiling and asking them before the retard pollack comes in. The thing that made me really want to hit this trash in front of everyone was he kind of was pimping into me and i was just nearby and said nothing to them and later he left and when he saw they were just near me by this point as those other guys were gone, he came back and got like right in front of me and them between us. What would you guys do in this situation and have you been in such situations? The thing was he held a bottle in his hand so if i got him I knew it had to be knockout because I didn't want to happen to me what I did to that American coward from santa cruz at the brady's yacht club bar named Kevin Markley. Except i am nit a cop caller and lier unlike markley or americans who relies on others to fight my battles for me so i would have been the loser unlike markley and your crap America. So anyway, how would you do?

I was thinking hat muay thai in such situations is useless and only its worth it if you have a strong punch and boxing skills even though boxing in general sucks for mma and fighting due to limitations in such situations it is ideal. Think about it, a guy has a bootle it is somewhat crowded wi people dancing. What else would even work? A high kick? I mean come on that's not even guaranteed a knockout only a punch is and takes longer. A kick could work to neck but also you could slip and fall even after one or two beers I think. Plus you could kick someone else in a dancing crowd like that since little room. Grab his neck in plum and knee him in the face is another option. That's only broken teeth no knock out. And i don't even know if there was room for that plus if i clinched him and turned him as I circle with the tie up, I don't know if a knee to side of jaw would be as powerful as punch to begin with. So what else than boxing would even work?

What pissed me off the most was those guys were not aggressive to them and he just walks in punking them like he owns them and people like that deserve to be laid out. Stuff like this reminds me and also the trash people i rwn into in my life including this manipulative pollack female that you have to be strong and ruthless in life. I will now go over in my head how to destroy such trash like i did multiple times in santa cruz it also makes me think how right i was and proud everything i did in santa cruz. Such people and trash will run you over if you let them.

Oh yea and this stupid jap cougar ***** was there who i haven't seen for a long time who has a nice body but is a total sexless or aseksualnym weirdo. She came with her hula hoop and started trying to act cool by swinging it around her waist and some other ******* she let also. She disappeared shortly after and i never even dared to approach her or talk to her because shes a straight weirdo like most of those so called expats and people that go to these events here from other countries like warsaw social or professionals in warsaw or internations. Just full of weirdos, losers and pervs (probably pedos too). She never ***** anyone, always just comes and leaves right away and seems totslly fuking sexual in every way. Not only that but she often acts smug or superior and wants to be cool with a stupid hula hoop.
Philip 666 - | 41
30 Jun 2019 #2
someone is acting the big man and you think they need sorting out.
however, you look for reasons not to do anything.
you could have told us you're a pussy in the first paragraph.
stop wasting our time.
pawian 213 | 22,259
30 Jun 2019 #3
however, you look for reasons not to do anything.

Yes, it sounds quite funny:if i clinched him :):)

But that`s the style of the OP aiming at a comical effect and we must respect it.

you could have told us you're a pussy in the first paragraph.

The OP only alludes to it in various stories( under different nicks) but prefers us to guess on our own.

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