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Camps at the PF

Novichok - | 2,151
23 Nov 2020 #61
It is as to put finger in the eye of Franciscan Order, Jesuits and Opus dei.

With love in my heart, my advice to you is: do not overload your posts. Go for one subject and expand on it.
Just look at the quoted sentence. How can anyone relate to "Franciscan Order, Jesuits and Opus dei" and comment?
And that "finger"? What does it mean?
Effectively, you are talking to yourself.
Atch 17 | 3,429
23 Nov 2020 #62
Garry Glitter

Woops! That's another name that you can't mention these days, along with Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris, oh and Jonathan King of course, not that anybody mentioned his name very often in recent years anyway; couldn't get on the telly for love nor money :-D
dolnoslask 6 | 3,541
23 Nov 2020 #63
name that you can't mention

How about bernard mannig a damn good source for budding racists :)

P.S the only true and decent tasting whiskey is Irish, oh and Jack daniels is a nice drop, better than Scotch.

Oh and can I be in your Camp, do we sing songs and get badges for doing good deeds :)

"Wanna be in your gang your gang"
Crow 146 | 9,129
23 Nov 2020 #64
Effectively, you are talking to yourself.

Clear sign that its not easy to me. Told already. I am like Trump of this forum and spread Trumpism. Didn`t know? Trumpism is a movement where people openly criticize everything and they do it in a funny way so small-minded people can follow and cope with ugly reality.
Novichok - | 2,151
23 Nov 2020 #65
That's fine. Just do it one at a time so we can keep up. And be specific enough so that we can comment. Just saying that the Vatican is bad leaves me wanting more to bite into.
Crow 146 | 9,129
24 Nov 2020 #66
I am clear. Vatican organized and took part in genocide of about 1 mil. Orthodox Serbs during WWII and in cultural genocide of even greater number of Catholic Serbs, whom forcebly turning into Croats. So Vatican killing Orthodox Serbs and torturing Catholic Serbs.

Constantinople on the other side, what we know didn't directly took part in genicide of 800.000 Orthodox Serbs comitted by Orthodox Greeks after WWI but never condemned that genocide. Not a single word of compssion for Serbs. Total silence.

By all this we have to conclude that Vatican and Constantinople have that one thing as consensus between them. They both agree that Serbs as people needs to extinct. They made killings of Serbs legal thing.
Atch 17 | 3,429
24 Nov 2020 #67
can I be in your Camp, do we sing songs and get badges for doing good deeds :)

You can certainly be in my camp.

Yes, we will most definitely sing songs.

No, no badges. No incentives, no rewards, you should be good because it's the natural way to be and not expect rewards for being 'normal' - although you might get sweeties on a Friday ;)
johnny reb 28 | 5,330
24 Nov 2020 #68
Yes, we will most definitely sing songs.

Remember when you posted the U-tube of the little Irish kids singing and all talking all at once in jibberish ?
That definitely brought the most joy to my heart of anything ever posted on this forum.
That was so heart warming.
Thanks again for that Atch.

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