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After Brexit, Northern Ireland may obtain a special status in the EU

OP Crow 147 | 7,416    
  16 Mar 2018  #31

Spain as maybe most influential Catholic country, coordinate with Vatican and suppport Serbia- BUT Poland ?

Neither Vatican, neither Spain recognized Kosovo and they strongly support sovereignty of Serbia. These days in Serbian mass media we learning about deeper Spain`s motives behind Spanish support to sovereignty of Serbia. Spain wants to repay the debt to Serbs, fellow Orthodox Christians and old Europeans, who were unjustified victim of some other Catholics.

Hearts of Serbians bleeding when see how official Poland behave. No, Poland don`t follow example of Spain. And not only that, Tusk, a Kashubian, hurry to harm us even more >

European Council President Donald Tusk will meet with the Spanish PM "to try and to convince him to attend the summit."

Sad, truly sad. Official Poland to stub Racowie in the back on the contrary to Polish public that in great majority support Serbians.

Spain's PM "to miss EU-Balkans summit because of Kosovo"


Spanish diplomatic sources are even announcing that it is almost certain the Spanish prime minister will not attend the EU-Western Balkans summit because of the presence of Kosovo.

Slavictor 10 | 247    
17 Mar 2018  #32

Victor Orbans' latest National address

As much as I dislike the very anti-Western Washington Post, I offer this link for forum consideration. Hungary is a natural ally for Poland. It would be prudent to keep that tie strong. Orban is correct, justified and is taking the appropriate action given the current threat.
OP Crow 147 | 7,416    
17 Mar 2018  #33
Former USA ambassador to Serbia, William Montgomery, says that Serbia needs to say NO to USA and western Europe which wants to form army of Kosovo. For William Montgomery its deviation from NATO`s and EU`s obligations in front of UN regarding Kosovo as region under protectorate. It also deviates from agreements between Serbia and NATO, where is said that only international and Serbian army can be present on Kosovo.


Serbia wants to host Putin-Trump meeting

"Belgrade is fully prepared to be the host of such a meeting that is of planetary importance," Dacic told Sputnik. "As a militarily neutral country, Serbia has the foreign policy capacity

delphiandomine 85 | 17,265    
17 Mar 2018  #34
Hungary is a natural ally for Poland

Yes, relying on a small European country with close links to Russia is always what Poland needs! Hahaha.
OP Crow 147 | 7,416    
  18 Mar 2018  #35
delphe, don`t undermine authority of us `small European country with close links to Russia` who are useful to Poland. If Germany can have its satellites, why not Poland, too.

But, frankly, I like to think of entire Europe as of satellites to Serbia. All are Serbs and only we Serbs still name ourselves as Serbs.
Slavictor 10 | 247    
20 Mar 2018  #36
It's in both country's interests to work cooperatively, which they are doing.
OP Crow 147 | 7,416    
  20 Mar 2018  #37
France chooses to be enemy to Serbs. We Serbs didn`t go to fight them in France and occupy their territory. They came on us.

Like before WWI, Serbia have that confidence. Its just sad that countries that we considered to be our allies, like France, now taking part in German-British projects in the region with aim to supporting Nazis and extreme Muslims, in order to, among else, weaken Serbian ethnic being and destroy Serbian people over religions lines, forming that way puppet states in the region suitable for foreign control. As if destruction of Yugoslavia by Franko-Anglo-Germanic-Islamic axis was`t enough.

There are announce that France wants to stimulate countries to recognize independence of Kosovo, and punish countries that revoke their previous recognition of Kosovo (as Czech Republic announced together with many other countries).

Here is the Serbian answer to it >

FM: Countries can't be Serbia's partners and work against us


Serbia sticks to its policy, and everyone thinking to the contrary must decide whether they're our friends and partners, or will work against Serbia. ............... "We will not be intimidated by anyone blackmailing us.

Now think. Tusk was in Serbia yesterday and now we have this situation. I think that Tusk was sincere when said to Serbian president that `even Germans learned that its not healthy to be Serbian enemy`. I think that official Poland sending to Serbia different signals then western Europe. Poland don`t blindly obey to dictate of main EU powers, its obvious. First, Poland knows that western Europe losing and second, Poland knows that agenda that is forced by western Europe isn`t in Poland`s interest.

I think that we have major shift of power in Europe. We have questions in Europe that puts Vatican, USA, Russia and China on one side, while western Europe- Germany, Britain and France oppose to certain solutions. So, there comes the weakening and possible even dissolution of EU. Its not hard to imagine what would be consequences for Germany, Britain and France if just continue to push for their own projects, ignoring consensus among even greater players.
Slavictor 10 | 247    
10 Apr 2018  #38
Orban as a much younger person being accosted by state operators

Apparently, U.S. congressman Howard Dean implies Hungary should be immediately attacked by the USA (if the EU doesn't act against Orban) because Orban was re-elected by the wrong kind of democracy.
OP Crow 147 | 7,416    
  20 Apr 2018  #39

African Nigerian woman gave name to her child- `Serbia`, because it was her only child that seamed survivable


Thanks to the Non-Aligned countries movement, many people in the world heard for tragic Serbia`s destine in resistance to overwhelming foes that set all kind of illegal obstacles to Serbian people, from ethnic genocide on Serbs, assimilation of Serbs to the stealing of Serbian culture and language to the economic sanctions and trade embargo and to the open military attack and partition of country by NATO and EU and their regional satellites. Still, Serbia surviving and Serbian stubborn struggle gets sympathies in far meridians and awakening inspirations. Here is the story of desperate African woman, that in deepest agony of her every-day life gave her child name `Serbia` and truly, child survived and prosper having successful life.

Good to know that venerable Sarmatian name still bringing luck.

"My mom named me Serbia as her only child that survived"




"My name is unusual here as well, and when people ask me how I got it and what it means, I tell them it's the name of a country in Europe,"........... "Life in Lagos is nothing but survival of the fittest," she said.

OP Crow 147 | 7,416    
  25 Apr 2018  #40
New player on Serbian political scene, young magnate raised in spirit of Sarmatism and Svetovid - Luka Maksimovic alias Preletacevic Beli



Only Strongly


Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant or atheist, what does it matter, as long as one keep memory of Svetovod alive.
Miloslaw 6 | 1,077    
8 May 2018  #41
[moved from]

You are a very funny man.
Do you do stand up?
So,how is Serbia's booming economy,high employment levels,strong currency and huge influence of anyone
outside of Serbia going?
OP Crow 147 | 7,416    
8 May 2018  #42
Thank you. Bards would sing about Serbia. Just wait. Sarmatia is eternal.
TheWizard - | 253    
9 May 2018  #43
Serbia lost the propaganda war badly against the west. Serbs are known as a bit mad here as far as i can tell ever since the yugoslavia war.
Miloslaw 6 | 1,077    
9 May 2018  #44
Serbs are seen as nutcases in The UK too.....nutcases and criminals.
OP Crow 147 | 7,416    
10 May 2018  #45
Retired Serbian general Lazarevic speaks about coordinated attack of NATO, Albania and Islamic league against Serbia on Kosovo. Use of depleted uranium by NATO on Serbian civilians.

People, its absolutely clear to me how is just the matter of time when would Polish patriots decide to f*** NATO.
Tacitus 2 | 749    
12 May 2018  #46
Because the words of a convicted war criminal are so reliable.

Just goes to show you how long the road for Serbia still is to become a fully civilized country.
OP Crow 147 | 7,416    
  12 May 2018  #47
Anti-Serbian story is hoax. A lie. Its western European powers, with certain circles (Clinton`s) from USA and Islamic world that wanted and still want to dominate region here, while Serbians opposing the dictate. Serbians are only one in the region who offered resistance. For that Serbians are punished.

You know, we don`t speak of Serbian interests on British islands but in Serbia and former Yugoslavia. Why would British, Saudi or German interests, for example, dominate here? They won`t.

So vermin invented ``international`` court to be able to judge to Serbians. Very sad use of more and more diminishing western European influence. Futile attempt.

Serbs are seen as nutcases in The UK too.....nutcases and criminals.

And who isn`t nutcase and criminal for Britain? Poles? Spaniards maybe?

Spanish PM decides to snub EU-Balkans summit over Kosovo
Ironside 47 | 9,287    
  15 May 2018  #48
New player on Serbian political scene,

He radiate a kind soft cheesy vibe. Is that what Serbs like in their leaders?
OP Crow 147 | 7,416    
  15 May 2018  #49
He is still new on political scene, as I said. We shall see how much is he really popular but, he still needs to move out with perfected political program. He is just kind of opposing voice to all. Critics without real suggestions for solutions.

For now, general public likes him but people hesitate to give voices to him.
cms neuf - | 651    
16 May 2018  #50
I am hitting Serbia for a road trip in June - looking forward to that :) One thing I want to do is have more Serbian wine - you never see it in Poland but when I had it before it was pretty good
Crnogorac3 1 | 322    
  23 May 2018  #51
[moved from]


I understand why many people from former Yugoslavia whose grandparents fought against Communists have nothing but contempt for the British because of what happened in Bleiburg, at the end of WWII but I also stress that London's policy in the last few centuries has almost always been in the service of international Zionism and that the English people are, in fact, the servants of foreign masters.


So more evil have the British done to us than to you Poles. You have been bloody punished by being sold to the Communists after WWII and this is where the story is mostly ending, but Serbia has been choked by the British since 1903, when their conspirators killed King Alexander and Queen Draga and set up the pro-British dynasty of Karađorđević.

Since then, to this day, they do not stop riding on us and draging us into their dirty political schemes.

They dragged us into the Second World War; they after the Germans in 1941 re-bombed Belgrade, I think in 1944, they also attacked Serbia directly in the spring of 1999, and I felt something of their presence on the streets of Belgrade on October 5th, 2000 when President Slobodan Milošević was overthrown in a coup.

And those same Britons, however, were on the side of Croats and Bosnian Muslims in the 90's, and they constantly pressured and blackmailed Serbia, which they did not stop until today.

But again I say, they are a great European nation that finds itself under the slavery of the Zionists. This situation has already lasted for centuries, which certainly opens the question of the degeneration of the people itself, but I personally hope that there is still a healthy national tissue in their nation that will be able to rebuild this state, this society and the entire English nation.
Miloslaw 6 | 1,077    
23 May 2018  #52
Serbian hatred of the British borders on racism.
Which is something Serbs are very good at.
And is probably why they got into this mess in the first place.
Serbs are like welfare scroungers,their problems are always somebody else's fault.
They never look at their own behaviour and think that might be part of,or even most of the problem.
OP Crow 147 | 7,416    
  23 May 2018  #53
Children. Even just born children. Our children were target in most literal sense, in most bestial ways. Now, Britain to which we trusted, support those Nazis who targeted our children.

I would say that its not us Serbs that picking Britain. No, Britain decided to be the enemy.
OP Crow 147 | 7,416    
  23 May 2018  #54
Time will tell. But, you won`t like it, what time have to tell you. Some won`t like, some will like it. Its just that history repeats itself. Everything repeats itself. Bad repeats itself but, even after thousand nights in defeat, good also repeats itself.

So the dragon, too, will repeat itself. Dragon reclaimer. Dragon, nightmare to the evil. Nightmare to the Romulus and Remus.
OP Crow 147 | 7,416    
  5 Jun 2018  #55

Russia preparing to send troops on Kosovo to prevent spread ISIS in Europe - Shoud Polish troops assist ?

Interesting development these days in the region. To newest Albanian attacks on local Kosovo Serbs Russia declares its readiness to send significant military force in the region and all legally in accordance with UN resolution 1244 by which Russia represent legitimate security force of the region under UN supervision, that is Serbian southern province- Kosovo and Metohija.

Then also, we know that Albanian UCK represent European branch of ISIS terrorists. So, question of this thread is- Should Polish troops in the region assist Russian troops against Muslim extremists and terrorists?

Putin to Serbia: Within hours I can send forces to defend Serbs in Kosovo
Miloslaw 6 | 1,077    
5 Jun 2018  #56
I cannot see what possible interest Russia has in Kosovo,except to appease their tiny Serbian puppy who licks the Russian arse.
As for Poland sending troops in,why?
Not any Polish interest.
No Polish troops.
Serbs can fight their own ethnic wars.
Kosovan Muslims are not a threat to Poland.
OP Crow 147 | 7,416    
  6 Jun 2018  #57
As for Poland sending troops in,why?

But Polish troops are already in the region. They helping establishing ISIS state on European soil, helping in training of terrorists. Sure, from time to time they save few Serbs. So I now just wanted to know when would Poles start to be Poles and side with Serbians.

Kosovan Muslims are not a threat to Poland.

Call me naive but I somehow thinks that would Poles side with Serbians, their beloved Racowie, before this story finish. Its just not natural to me to see Poles in helping establishing narco anti-Slavic Caliphates.

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