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Anyone beside me have communication issues

10 Jul 2019 #1
And not just in polish but in general? Like people act stupid or don't newer your questions fully or you forget to al the right thing or got no answer at all to why you were trying to ask?
pawian 200 | 21,416
10 Jul 2019 #2
Do you mean everybody's talking at you, and you don't hear a word they're saying, only the echoes of your mind ??
OP Arennn
10 Jul 2019 #3
An example is talking to mbank employees. This one person named
Paulina at senatorska Warsaw mbank gave me completely wrong info said I had to choose between MasterCard or visa under my name and not both. I didn't know what to do or say knowing it is bs because I previously had two cards. I came back there and another mbank rep gave me n order for a new card. This girl claimed

It must have been a communication misunderstanding but I clearly remember along her if I can order a new one under same name.
pawian 200 | 21,416
10 Jul 2019 #4
Probably Paulina was a trainee and she didn`t know all tricks of the trade.
OP Arennn
10 Jul 2019 #5
Right now I have similar issue in Croatia in airbnb the guy only left one key not the one to main entrance yet I got no info on how he can make sure none of the other guests will lock it if I go drinking at night. He just said don't worry and it will be open in bad English. He claimed he was on the right and I still have no clue where he is even if it would be closed I'd be filed unless he stayed up with the app. I don't remember even his name or have phone.

I basically first just asked if it stays open then I got angry I didn't ask for key and assumed I could grab it from back of door if I leave st night and return it later. However I later realized you can't even pull it out from door so I asked again and still couldn't communicate with him or got what I expected as an answer.

It's ******* crazy like I often help people answer a question I ask.
pawian 200 | 21,416
10 Jul 2019 #6
No, it`s not crazy, it is very polite and helpful. People certainly appreciate this trait of your character. I am sure you quickly become popular wherever you go. Keep up good job.
Atch 17 | 3,706
11 Jul 2019 #7
everybody's talking at you

Lovely :))
pawian 200 | 21,416
11 Jul 2019 #8
Oh, really? They made it into a song? Lovely!

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