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How have Albanians wronged Poles in the past?

Dirk diggler 9 | 4,791
14 Feb 2018 #151
Still, I don't think a gay person should hold the highest office of a country that prides itself on its Orthodox/Christian heritage... The private life of a politician isn't private - it's public and every politician knows that. Their every move is scrutinized.

You'd never see a gay guy/girl become PM or President of Poland. Even when abomination Grodzka somehow managed to get into senate everyone was making fun of her - even her fellow people in the sejm.

I don't think I've ever seen such an ugly 'thing',grodzka-o-okladce-to-dla-mnie-trudna-emocjonalnie-sytuacja-zarzuty-wyssane-z-palca-chore-fantazje-autora
Crow 151 | 9,722
14 Feb 2018 #152
Serbia is free Slavic country. Everybody have its private life. Even politicians. For Christian Serbs, Orthodox and Catholic, Slavic comes first, then our pre-Christian spirituality and then Christianity. It all resemble Serbs.

In the meanwhile...

Violence on Kosovo Serbs continues and no help to them from EU and NATO.

Kosovo: Bones scattered at memorial to Serb journalists

This time, not only has the plaque been destroyed ................... but the vandals also "gave the word 'desecration' a whole new meaning" when they scattered bones in its stead, the Office said.

Dirk diggler 9 | 4,791
14 Feb 2018 #153
Serbia is free Slavic country.

Yes, but the difference is that Brnabic is very open, perhaps too open for a Serbian PM, about her sexuality, which is considered an abomination according to Orthodox/Christian beliefs. If she kept it private and wasn't so out with it I don't think she'd have as many critics. Yes, her resume is impressive and she's a good leader, but her openness is something that bothers a lot of Serbs. Up until recently, homosexuality was considered a disease up until recently and according to one source over half of people still believe it is. At least she still refuses to push for same sex partnerships though. IMO, really she's just a sideshow appointed by Vucic to make Serbia appear more 'friendly' and 'westernized' to the EU - which Brnabic has said she is pushing Serbia to join.
Crow 151 | 9,722
14 Feb 2018 #154
Homosexuality is kind of mental disruption, I do believe that. Maybe I`m wrong or right but, I admit, that`s what I think. Most of Serbs in fact, I think, do believe that. Its seen as kind of mental weakness, especially for man. But, exactly that is point. Aren`t we all our own victories and failures. Think, aren`t we all? Some in one way, some in the other way. But, with all our disruptions and imperfections we all live in one society. All of us. And we have to tolerate each others. All have right to live. Not to speak about atheists and about religious differences among Serbs, where you have Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim Serbs. Plus, you have that pre-Christian common Slavic (ie Sarmatian) trait in Serbian spirituality. As a people we reached the point where we have absolute consensus that in its full diversity Serbian and Slavic civilization as a whole can survive only in ultimate freedom and societal tolerance. So, freedom around Sarmatism. Only Sarmatism.

In agony, overrun by foes, instead to die, Serbia like a phoenix rising and bringing light, gathering Slavs and progressive humanity around itself.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
14 Feb 2018 #155
which Brnabic has said she is pushing Serbia to join.

Serbia's more or less heading in that direction, simply because there's no alternative. An interesting point is that in the late 1980's, Yugoslavia was actually likely to have joined the EU before Poland. They had special trading relationships with the EEC at the time, and the end of the Soviet Union would have meant that there was no need to remain neutral. Maybe not in 1995, but certainly by 2000 or so.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,791
14 Feb 2018 #156
simply because there's no alternative

They have Russia, which Brbabic said they will continue to maintain close ties with. She said the main reason why Serbia seeks integration into EU is purely for economic and FDI reasons - same as Poland until the EU turned in a mostly political union dominated by unelected commissars who seek to implement far left practices and ideology into countries who's citizens want absolutely nothing to do with socialism, communism, or any sort of far left liberalism - especially Hungary and Poland who prefer an 'illiberal democracy.' I predict that EU will take Serbia, some FDI will pour in, then a ton of inflation will happen and the poor Serbians will see they have to pay far more now for basic goods. The leftist unelected commisars of the EU will immediately attempt to push things that I'm certain Serbs will reject - like taking in migrants, and their culture will gradually be eroded and replaced by minless leftist consumers just as has happened to Western Europe and a good chunk of even Poles. Oh, and don't forget all the NGOs that will pour in to influence Serbian politics much like they did to Poland after the EU entry. Like the Ukrainians, Serbs are so blinded by the prospect of having a little extra money and the ability to travel visa free throughout Europe that they don't understand what Serbs will have to give up in return. They will give much of their sovereignty to the very same countries that bombed their capital just 19 years ago. Not to mention all the ridiculous rules that Serbia will have to abide by like a thousand different stipulations on how a plastic toothbrush is supposed to be made.

Russia is at least promoting Christendom, Slavic heritage, Russian traditions, etc. Putin is the ultimate champion for the far right. He is not taking any BS from the West and basically singlehandedly along with Iran managed to wipe out ISIS within a few months of entering the conflict. Putin has made gay propaganda illegal - a move which helps ensure the traditional family unit. He said 'Russia is for RUSSIANS.' If only other European politicians could see that their country belongs to the natives and their descendants - not economic migrants from distant lands.
Crow 151 | 9,722
15 Feb 2018 #157
I presented to you initial scenario by which Serbia had to be annexed by EU (ie German sphere). But, you guys should have in mind that things changed when resurgent Russia and China entered the scene, while Trump happened to USA and while Vatican balanced its stance on the region. In the meanwhile add even Japan on Serbian side, not to speak of ever present Serbian influence within Non-Aligned countries movement.

Now, go figure development. Why even China and Russia have interest to see Serbia in EU? Let me help you a little.... Can you even comprehend agony of Germany, while their more then century long scheme dissolving. Can you?

Plus, factor of Poland rising and arriving. Do you understand? Do you understand anything?

No wonder that Britain in panic abandoning scene and France seams to coming willing to cooperate.

ahaha hahah hahaha hahah

Austrian vice-chancellor: Kosovo undoubtedly part of Serbia

Just after Austrian vice-chancellor underlined Serbia`s sovereignty over Kosovo, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel negated Serbia`s sovereignty over Kosovo.

These things are very important to those who seek to understand what`s happening here. Here in the region, after Ottoman Turks weakened Slavic (Serbian) factor, Germanics dominated for centuries. Only opposition were Serbians that allowed for Polish and Russian influences on the region. Some other countries here also allowed for Russian influence but at the same time never opposed to Germanic domination.

As a result of Germanic domination, in situation when Serbians were weakened by Ottoman Turkish pressure and, while Vatican sought opportunity to spread its influence at all costs (even at a cost of rights of Catholic Serbs), Germanic main player here was Croatia and then Albania. For these two players Germanics sponsored creation of ideologies of Greater Croatia and Greater Albania and both projects culminated during WWII and ended up in bestial genocide on Serbians (where in entire Croatia was killed more then 700.000 Serbs by Croatian Nazi ustashe). Also, worth to be mention is cultural genocide over Catholic Serbs of what is now Croatia, where during Austro-Hungarian rule in Croatia and later after annexation of Dalmatia and Bosnia, all Catholic Serbs were administratively declared to be Croats. We have rapports that confirms how Catholic Serbs asked Vatican for protection of their Serbian ethnic identity but, all was in vain. Germanic project of assimilation of Serbs into Croats was priority for Vatican. Rights of Catholic Serbs were ignored. What then Orthodox Serbs had to expect then brutal bestial extermination. In connection to it, Britain and France proved to be false allies to Serbians. They chooses to support Germanic projects here in the region.

But now, things changed. Vatican is more balanced and Germanic coalition (& western European powers) facing stronger opponents here in the region, China and Russia that advancing in obvious coordination, pushing Germanic interests out and supporting strengthening of Serbian element.

Anyway, let us follow development >

"Central condition for Serbia - accept Kosovo independence"


German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel said in Pristina that Serbia "will need to accept the independence of Kosovo in order to join the EU."

And Serbia`s respond >

Serbian FM tells German counterpart to "accept reality"


Ivica Dacic says German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel is the one who should accept reality - rather than Serbia, as Gabriel previously suggested.

Reality is that Germany no longer dominate here. After Germany used her influence and allied itself with entire western Europe, USA of Clinton`s and even Islamic league, Serbians also used their influence and most directly summoned Russia and China on their side. Bigger power and right is on the side of Serbs and Serbs shall prevail.

Serbians on Kosovo facing their old enemies who now coming to occupy our land again, together with Albanians, again, like in the WWII. Again, they have their truth

German army on Kosovo beating Kosovo Serbs, using tear gas, cashes >

New Russian song about Kosovo > Kipelov - Kosovo pole (field of Kosovo)

Косово поле. Живой концерт Кипелова на РЕН ТВ

Kosovo Field
Fresh News....... Czech Republic in process to annul its Kosovo recognition

"Interpol warrants for Kosovo president, PM to be restored"



Thaci, Haradinaj and others from the list are wanted by Serbia on charges of war crimes, .........the indictments against them are still in force and active, and would lead to their arrest in Serbia.

Kosovo agency dismissed from European mechanism


The Kosovo Accreditation Agency has been dismissed from the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education (EQAR).

Kosovo situation just got religious dimension. Returning Kosovo to Serbia is now also religious question, and will lead into declaration of Holly War, if necessary. Serbian Orthodox Church extended its name into the name that refers on moment in middle ages when, on Kosovo in Pec Patriarchate, Serbian Church acquired its independence. So, its now Serbian Orthodox Church - Patriarchate of Pec.
Crow 151 | 9,722
18 Mar 2018 #158

Albanian migrant wielding a knife attacked two Poles in Vienna, killing one and severely injuring other

News that should be covered here because generally rising tensions between Albanians and Poles, with time turning to be trend.

Its also warning to Poles to be careful when communicate with Albanians. At any moment communication may finish in violence, considering deeply anti-Slavic Albanian mental conditioning. Also, great great majority of Albanians are usually and normally armed with knifes at any moment.

Albanian Migrant On The Run After Double-Stabbing Murder

According to reports two Polish men, aged 34 and 37, got into a heated argument with an Albanian migrant who took out a knife stabbing both Poles

Dirk diggler 9 | 4,791
18 Mar 2018 #159
Thats 2 years old crow. But yes poland and the muslim albanians generally dont get along. There is a significant minority of christian albanians. Many of them lived in the mountains for generations to escape persecution and violence from muslims.

Theyre a crazy bunch. In us no immigrant group is friendly with them. Everyone from russians to columbians to mexicans to italians etc shies away from working with albanians
Lyzko 32 | 7,918
18 Mar 2018 #160
In the US as well, especially in the New York Tri-State area, Albanians have always had a similar reputation to the Sinti-Roma throughout much of Europe, and it's not a particularly savory one, I can tell you that:-)
Crow 151 | 9,722
18 Mar 2018 #161
Thats 2 years old crow.

Agreed. I knew for it and should have post it earlier. Sorry, my mistake. Especially taking in consideration growing trend of Albanian (Shquiptar) assaults on Poles.

There is one more, among many, stories that speak of this trend of Albanian hostility on Poles. Man, its a hunt. In this case Albanian killed young Polish father, leaving devastated child to mourn loss of his brutally killed father. Truly tragic story that didn`t get enough space in UK mass media.

'LIKE A WILD ANIMAL' Teenage Albanian criminal allowed into the UK stabbed 21-year-old man to death for accidentally knocking into him then gave his friend a fist bump

The jobless thug laughed about the brutal attack afterwards saying "we taught him a lesson"

Asylum seeker Agustin Sula, 18, plunged a 20cm-long combat knife with knuckle-duster handle into the chest of 21-year -old Mateusz Szleper.

He then stabbed him seven times before giving a "fist bump" to a pal in celebration.

I apologize to Admin, but I simple must give here one more quote. Sometimes links of stories lost connection and then story isn`t clear enough. So, in solidity with this Polish child >

His son is three and is going to grow up without knowing his father .... We have a photograph of Mateusz. His son takes hold of this picture every day and says: 'There is daddy. He is in heaven'

RiP and God help to that Polish child, son of victim. I hope that Polish state helping him
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,791
18 Mar 2018 #162
Hes lucky poland doesnt have blood vendetta culture like in many balkan countries esp albania.
Albanians here are notorious for criminality and like lyzko said have an opinion similar to gypsies. There well known to be into human trafficking, sex slavery, and drug sales. Actually for a while albania provided europe with most of its weed which is grown in small villages
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
19 Mar 2018 #163
But yes poland and the muslim albanians generally dont get along.

Interestingly, Albanians are rabidly pro-US. Ridiculously friendly people too, although it gets quite surreal when you see American flags openly flying in public and all sorts of things relating to American politicians (especially Clinton, but not only).

I seem to remember that Trump is most popular in Albania and Kosovo, too. It's pretty much as pro-US as it gets in Europe.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,791
19 Mar 2018 #164
Yeah theyre rabidly pro us because they could never take kosovo by themselves without american involvement. Theres tons of statues murals and streets named after the clintons in kosovo and albania.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
19 Mar 2018 #165
Yeah, I nearly crashed my car in surprise after seeing one of them! American flags everywhere as well.

Such a strange society, they still have blood feuds and all the rest of it, yet they're so unbelievably pro-Western.
Crow 151 | 9,722
21 Mar 2018 #166
Spot this

Germany "to ask Serbia to allow Kosovo UN observer status"

Germany now already humiliates itself. If THEY already decided to grant independence to Kosovo and not only to Kosovo but to all those pro-Nazi and pro-Wahhabi segments of former Yugoslavia that THEY sponsored, why now ask Serbia? Why THEY need that Serbia sign them paper? Why is necessary that Serbia allow anything?

Let me tell you why. They don`t have any legitimacy for all what they done to us. They want us to sign our own death. That, before Russians arrive. I would also like to announce that Poles also coming in our aid but, I think that Poles right now has enough problems with their own politicians.
Miloslaw 12 | 3,287
21 Mar 2018 #167
What would be the point of Serbia regaining control of Kosovo?
A country that is ethnically 95% Albanian and 98% Muslim?
Unless you just want to cause trouble.......
Tacitus 2 | 1,446
21 Mar 2018 #168
If given the chance, the Serbs would simply go back to their old ways:

It is a good thing that they will never get this chance though.
Crow 151 | 9,722
22 Mar 2018 #169
Forget it people. Paid war propaganda means nothing.

Only to remind you that we now live in a world with destroyed international order. Destroyed by EU and NATO leading powers. Only strongest will see the end of this crisis, of any crisis. And we know that Anglo-Franco-Germanics and their satellites aren`t strongest.

A country that is ethnically 95% Albanian and 98% Muslim?

just for your info.

There is about 1,1 mil Albanians (who call themselves Shquiptars) and 200.000 Serbs in the province now. Minimum 300.000 Serbs was expelled out of province and many new Albanians arrived from Albania for now there is no border between Albania and Kosovo.

All legals will come back, all illegals will have to go out. That`s just so simple.
mafketis 29 | 10,297
28 Apr 2018 #170
[moved from]
you do realize that hardly anybody in Poland gives a rat's dvpa about "the slavic world", don't you? Next time you're in Poland try telling everyone you meet that Poland and Russia need to reconcile to protect Serbia and see what happens...... (my guess: zaraz odwiozą cię do Tworek ~ they'll take you to the funny farm)
Crow 151 | 9,722
28 Apr 2018 #171
you do realize that hardly anybody in Poland gives a rat's dvpa about "the slavic world",

You greatly mistaking. Poland is deeply Slavic. This what I speak on this forum isn`t something new told by Serbians to Poles. Serbian ultra right activist, Misa Vacic, is welcome guest among ultra right Polish patriots, including ultra winged Catholics.

These kind of demonstrations you can see regularly in Poland since 2008 >>> Serbians are involved in coordinating bodies of Polish patriots that organize anti-EU and anti-NATO protests and in favor to sovereignty of Serbia >>> look proportions of these protests >>> its just prelude to something much much bigger >>>


Only Serbians can restore balance within Slavic world. Serbians are among Poles to secure clear situation to Poles and safe eastern borders to Poland at the moment when EU and NATO prove to be real occupation of Poland, so that Poland can focus on threat on her western borders.

Misa Vacic telling truth to Poles. Serbians always telling truth to Poles. That is why Poles love Serbians. We don`t wish for Polish-Russian alliance. If not coordination then, at least, we just want peace between them because it suits to us Serbs and both of them have all historical reasons to trust to Serbians. Then, when Slavic world repel hostile outsiders, we shall organize ourselves as we desire.
mafketis 29 | 10,297
28 Apr 2018 #172
These kind of demonstrations you can see regularly in Poland since 2008

Attended by the same 12 people. Have you ever actually been in Poland trying to sell your genocidal dreams fro Kosovo (aka worthless slice of rock and dirt)?
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,791
28 Apr 2018 #173

I don't think such a survey has ever been done, but I'd say that the majority of Poles believe Kosovo is Serbian. Poles were very much against the bombing of Belgrade.

Our government sided with NATO/EU due to politics and hence recognize Kosovo. I'd say the majority of Poles however do not.
Crow 151 | 9,722
29 Apr 2018 #174
your genocidal dreams fro Kosovo (aka worthless slice of rock and dirt)?

No genocidal dreams. Its propaganda. Its in your head, not mine. Only genocide committed on Serbs is reality. And its not worthless `slice of rock and dirt`. Even if we disregard historical connected to our early statehood and religious aspect, there are rich mining potentials. Most importantly, if one country give up peace of its land, why don`t give up entire territory? That is sovereignty, man.
Tacitus 2 | 1,446
3 May 2018 #175
[moved from]

Kosovo was a success. The rest however... .
Lyzko 32 | 7,918
3 May 2018 #176
Don't forget though, Albania was already one of the more "America friendly" countries in the entire Balkan region:-) Therefore, the US encountered precious little resistance.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,791
3 May 2018 #177
Kosovo was a success. The rest however... .

You call one of the poorest states in Europe ruled by criminal gangs where's there's a never ending low level insurgency/civil war that supplies Europe with much of its illegal gasoline and a safe haven for drug trafficking a success story ? The peacekeepers can't even leave or the Serbs and Albanians/Kosovars would immediately be at each others throats. Even the US has a travel warning advisory against Kosovo. Not to mention the growth of Wahabism/Salafism... Doesn't sound like much of a success to me.

Since the summer of 2014, police have arrested over 125 individuals on suspicion of participating in or supporting the fighting in Syria and Iraq - that's a lot of people considering how small the population is. Also consider all the Kosovars that didn't travel or didn't get caught but are just as radical as the 125 that were arrested. title says it all....

If that's a success, what a failure?
cms neuf - | 1,658
3 May 2018 #178
I think Grenada went Ok - no Isis, no Blackhawks down.
Crow 151 | 9,722
3 May 2018 #179
Kosovo was a success. The rest however... .

You know very little of politics. It didn`t even started. Nothing of Greater Albania. Nothing of Greater Croatia. Nothing of Islamic caliphate in Bosnia. All failed projects of western Europe (with Islamic league) that lured USA of Clinton and Obama in adventure.

Former world policeman would actually help in correcting things in the region. Why do you think that Trump didn`t shake hand with Merkel? What Germany started, USA would have to correct, that`s why.

Why do you think that Hungary support Serbia? Never better relations in history. Why? Major shift of power balance in the region. So, Hungary don`t just support Serbia but Orban wants Hungary itself to profit on incoming changes that are to be initiated around Serbia and Serbians. Its not late for Poland to profit, too.

one of the poorest states in Europe ruled by criminal gangs

Spot this > No matter France`s anti-Serbian stance and threat to any country that oppose independence of Kosovo >

After Spain - Slovakia reacts over "state" of Kosovo

"Slovakia's position on the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo is not changing,....." Korcok said.

Asked whether - after the French president's announcement

Western Europeans knows so little about Slavs and Slavic reactions on pressure on them.
Tacitus 2 | 1,446
3 May 2018 #180
You call one of the poorest states [...] a success story ?

We stopped the Serbs before they could commit another one of their genocides. There is peace now in the Balkans, which is a success. It just takes time to civilize them.

Compared to the later interventions, this is a success.

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