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How have Albanians wronged Poles in the past?

Crow 160 | 9,545
22 Sep 2017 #91
Why Poland still hesitate to annul its Kosovo recognition, at a time when Muslim terrorist Ramush Haradinai became PM of self declared state of Kosova and on a first day of his new duty he underlined that `Albanians represent natives of the region`. Why official Poland tolerate spreading of mind blowing Nazi-Islaming ideology?

When would I see that official Poland care? When would I see that official Poland have hard penis ready for stubbing into the enemies of Poland, Slavdom and Christianity?
Jack Peterson
2 Oct 2017 #92
Crow! Just for your information, poles know that Serbia is a russian puppet, and they know better russians so expect no support from them! About what USA is correcting now, don't be a fool to believe USA cares about russian puppets ;-)
Ziemowit 14 | 4,422
2 Oct 2017 #93
When would I see that official Poland care?

I'm pretty sure the present Polish government would have not recognized Kosovo as an independent country. But, things having been done by the previous government which was certainly pre-mature in my view, it is not that easy to reverse on that. Anyway, I have not heard of any country which recognized another one to make a U-turn next.
Ironside 51 | 11,310
2 Oct 2017 #94
I'm pretty sure the present Polish government would have not recognized Kosovo as an independent country.

Are you? I would say that would follow US lead.

PiS's gov pol. towards Ukraine is worring.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
2 Oct 2017 #95
When would I see that official Poland care?

Sorry buddy but it's not gonna happen. Poland isn't going to not recognize Kosovo regardless of the regime in charge, at least for the foreseeable future. They generally have to go along with EU/NATO/US foreign policy regardless of whether they agree with it or not as far as Kosovo is concerned.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,422
2 Oct 2017 #96
I would say that would follow US lead.

They may follow it, but of course the US lead is not obligatory. Of the EU member states Spain, Romania, Slovakia and Greece did not recognise Kosovo as an idependent state (as of 1 December 2016). All of them are NATO members as well.

While it is unlikely that Poland would draw back on that now, I am pretty convinced that the PiS government would have not recognise Kosovo's independence if it had been in power at the time the majority of European countries did it.
Crnogorac3 2 | 821
2 Oct 2017 #97

Kosovo: A Moment In Civilization

Produced by Boris Malagurski - the Serbian Michael Moore

His last name originates from the Polish town of Mała Góra, a soldier from that town fought in the Battle of Senta and decided to stay in Subotica, which is now in the Serbian province of Vojvodina
Crow 160 | 9,545
3 Oct 2017 #98

please don`t kill me

Just for your information, poles know that Serbia is a russian puppet

Russian puppet that was by Polish prince Czartoryski seduced to support independence of Poland in a long war that erupted in chain reaction of events after 1914 and all that Russians paid with 20 million of their lives? That puppet? Puppet of Poland or Russia? Or people naive to the level of suicide?
Crow 160 | 9,545
4 Oct 2017 #99
As I read today in printing media, I must say with satisfaction, Poland`s and Japanese delegations in UNESCO didn`t change their attitude on Kosovo UNESCO membership. At the request of Serbia these countries rejected potential Kosovo UNESCO candidacy and representatives of this false terrorist state gave up from their UNESCO candidacy, considering they don`t have enough voices to apply.

Thanks Poland in protection of Sleveno-Serbian-Christian heritage on Kosovo. Velika je Poljska
Jack Peterson
10 Oct 2017 #100
Does anyone here on blog understand what the hell is this Crow talking about? I think this fella smoke strong things lol
Roger5 1 | 1,455
10 Oct 2017 #101
Crow inhabits a parallel universe. I've always wondered why he uses English when he makes no secret of his hatred for the anglophone world. I suppose it's sad that he is doomed to a life of disappointment. Such a waste.
Crow 160 | 9,545
10 Oct 2017 #102
Unthinkable. Tragedy and immeasurable pain for Slaveno-Christian Serbian children and their parents on Kosovo, under cover of EU and NATO presents in the region

Children are kidnapped for organ trade - ex Albanian leader

'Mr. Berisha, I am a policeman at the border near Kukes. You could save a lot of children. Children under the age of 18 are being smuggled at the border between Albania and Kosovo, for organ transplants.

Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
10 Oct 2017 #103
Happened quite a bit by the KLA - check out the infamous 'yellow house' in Turkey
Crow 160 | 9,545
17 Nov 2017 #104
Albanians exterminating Slavs. They created special kind of art from `final solution`. I don`t know how is possible that Polish Duda till now didn`t annul Poland`s recognition of so called Kosova. Who is Duda?

Albanians are only nation in the world that have problems with Poles and Russians at the same time. What would that bring to Albanians? Oblivion. That`s what.
4 Dec 2017 #105

And than go and pray there! this means that you south Slavic are not autochthone in Balkans. So your roots are there, somewhere in north.

Just for your information, young ladies from Germany joined ISIS this means that they are Muslim States?
Bledi Mucaj
7 Dec 2017 #106
Crow! Albanians have neither problems with Poles, nor with Russians! With poles we have really good relationship and about russians, we kicked them out of our country in 1961, even though they were superpower at the time. Your fake news are so poor concealed....
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
7 Dec 2017 #107

Germanistan might as well be at this point... It's not ruled by Muslims quite like the Islamic republic of England with khan but it certainly has apologists like merkel

London buses even have bs adverts about ramadumb . But when privately owned theaters had a brief message about the Lord's prayer no that was too much. It seems the separation of church and state applies to only Christianity. Muslims are even setting up their own sharia courts all over Europe not in Poland though thank goodness
Crow 160 | 9,545
7 Dec 2017 #108

Man, don`t joke with Svetovid. Old guy walked all around Europe when destine disn`t even had plans for many today existing Europeans.

You Shiftars (ie Albanians- as western Europeans, for their own interests call you) were greatest Eastern Roman`s (ie Byzantine) mistake. To bring you to Europe out from behind Anatolia was utter Roman idiotism, all in order to weaken regional Sarmatian (ie Slavic) element.
Crow 160 | 9,545
17 Jan 2018 #109
Beware Poles. Beware of Albanians and also of your false friends Brits and French. Look Poles, learn, what THEY did and doing to my people.

At the same moment when official visit of Japanese PM Shiso Abe to Serbia ended, one of main Serbian political representatives on Kosovo, Oliver Ivanovic- man of peace and reconciliation among people in the region, was assassinated, with six bullets in the back. Before that he was four years tortured in prison of false state of Kosovo accused for false crimes, which never were proved against him. All that, in front of very eyes of EULEX (Eu police mission on Kosovo) and NATO.

Japanese PM Ahinso Abe, great friend of Serbians (Lavish Japanese support in rebuilding of Serbia from damages in illegal NATO bombardment in 1999)

All thing could turn into real scandal (speculations on timing of assassination of prominent Serb politician on Kosovo and Abe`s visit), considering that during meeting of Japanese PM Abe and Serbian President Vucic, during the news conference, was mentioned anecdote from the end of Balkan Wars (prior to WWI), when emissary of Japanese Tzar in Britain gave support to Serbian ambassador to London, criticized Britain and France for shameful behavior (while praising Serbia), when Britain and France, as allies to Serbia, threatened Serbia even with war if Serbia don`t withdraw from the territory of Malesia (today`s northern Albania, at that time populated with Slaveno-Serbs that are today almost entirely assimilated) what Britain and France insisted to become part of newly formed Albanian state. Just to remind people who don`t know issue, Serbia finished in region of Malesia in great military actions and effort that resulted in total crash of so called Turkish European army that was heavily supported with local Albanians (Shquiptars). Then, after military operations against Turks, Serbian army wanted to re-establish Serbian state and statehood there (that existed in middle age before arrival of Turks) and where still was Slaveno-Serbian popularization. Betrayed, weakened from wars and threatened by its former allies- Britain and France, Serbia was forced to abandon Malesia, to abandon its population that just liberated from Ottomans. Today, again thanks to Britain and France, as first hawks among many, Serbia not only lost Malesia but actually, facing possibility to lose Kosovo and Metohija, too, what our former allies now wants to become part of Greater Albanian.

Truth simple must be said. In justice I believe. It must prevail over madness. They still hunt and killing us alike animals and even worse then animals. But we Slavs shall prevail.

Oliver Ivanovic to be buried in Belgrade


New pogrom and exodus of Slavs. Due to newest series of threats, often attacks on security and property, families announcing to abandon Kosovo in direction of central and northern Serbia.

Great deal of Serbian public believes Britain and France to be behind these new Serbian sufferings, Albanians (Shquiptars) being their tool to deal with Serbians as strongest Slavic regional factor, while official EU and NATO hold Serbia and prevent it to protect its own people, in UN protectorate and self declared state of Kosovo (by Serbian constitution part of Serbia).

Serbian army continuing to arm and grow.

Albanians of Albania and Kosovo Albanians sending messages of war. Underlining their power and possibility to force Serbian army in retreat even deeper in Serbia, all to the southern city of Nis (bdw, birthplace of Roman Emperor Constantine/Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus- giver of Christianity). EU and NATO are silent and approve every Albanian move.

I call Polish patriots to arise in massive street protests! Poles of Polishfroums share these news with other Polish forums. Let our brothers follow development. We Serbians can deal with Albanian threat but, its on you Poles (Poland being member of EU/NATO), to prevent EU and NATO serving evil, against Slavs and fellow Christians.

source: b92/eng/news/politics.php?yyyy=2018&mm=01&dd=17&nav_id=103287

"we heard only the deafening silence from Brussels" - and explained that she was referring to the threat of Albanians "reaching Nis" and an earlier one about reactivating the KLA.

Freedom to Serbia! Freedom to Poland! Awake Sarmats and strike back!

Come Poles, Racowie needs you now!

Shift in USA policy on the region?

US gave warning to Kosovo Albanians these days- listen the advice regarding condemnation of terrorism or else...
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
23 Jan 2018 #110
Well I don't think Trump will be supporting mujahedeen like previous US administrations...
Crow 160 | 9,545
23 Jan 2018 #111
Things change dramatically in the region. It again as a rule proving that collaboration with terrorists returning to sponsors as boomerang. I hope monster Clinton family collectively finish in jail for crimes.

It is also good news that Vatican too washing hands from malformed bearers of Nazi ideology here in the region- Croatian ustashe (plus, Vatican also didn`t recognize Kosovo separation from Serbia). Openly pro-Nazi cardinals and bishops being sacked in Croatia. Seams that era of Vatican`s subjugation by powerful German magnates ending. Good news started with Pope John Paul II who voiced against NATO attack on Serbs and on that topic even entered in conflict with that idioto Kwasnewski. History will also remember that Jan Lopuzansky of right winged Polish Catholics back in that time raised his voice in Polish parliament in defense of Serbs and against NATO attack on us and, warned that Poland may found itself being NATO victim one day. Imagine that deep thinking even all those years back in time. Not only exemplary honesty by Lopuzanski but wisdom, too.

Maybe, just maybe, world becoming better place.

Also, don`t forget that Greater Albania project directly threatening Poland`s plans for Intermarium, if we accept that those plans exist. So, on Adriatic Poland most directly compete with Germany, while on Kosovo Poland compete with Islamists and neo-Ottomanism.

It just appears that Serbians fight just their own wars and that Poland pursuing just her own interests. At one point, Polish-Serbian alliance would become obvious necessity. More then anything else, open Polish-Serbian action would change Europe once and for all. When Sarmats unite once more.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
24 Jan 2018 #112
Intermarium is huge in eastern Europe especially - hope the serbs join us. We have an economic one with v4 and a lot of Ukrainian and polish nationalists want deeper integration with the two countries. There's a ton of discussion and conferences esp within academic circles. Everyone from soldiers, professors, economists, business people, politicians even housewives and students are seeing the benefits of intermarium. I don't think we'll have a federation like pilsudzki wanted, but we'll definitely have deepening integration. Its good that Poland and Ukraine are starting to cooperate more - it makes a precedent for more cooperation with our Orthodox Slavic brothers and sisters

oops meant to post that in your 'Would Poles support Belgrade as EU Capital, instead of Brussels, if possibility occurs for that ? ' thread - mods can you please move?
Crow 160 | 9,545
24 Jan 2018 #113
Intermarium is huge in eastern Europe especially - hope the serbs join us.

Serbians were military elite of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. And not only that. For Jagilonian Kings Serbians represented also cultural elite of back the Slavic (ie Sarmatian) world.

So, if you ever get confirmation how are Serbians excluded from Intermarium, it would only mean that world powers (all of them or just certain) decided to double-cross Poles and instead of Intermarium, maybe even under that name, in fact create Poland by the so called Konopischt pact (solely clero-Catholic formation), where being Catholic, like in Islam or in Judaism after all, denote ethnicity and where Slavic element goes in oblivion.

Such a Poland by the Konopischt pact wouldn`t be sympathetic neither to Polish right wing Catholics, neither to all other Poles. Because exactly among right wing Catholics you have biggest Polish patriots. Most of Poles wouldn`t like to see their Slavic ethnicity being denied.

Intermarium means victory of true tolerance in Sarmatism over false multiculturalism.

We Serbians knows that we are needed once more and we shall come. We are responsible.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
25 Jan 2018 #114
The problem is that most of the people involved in intermarium see it as a bulwark against russia to the east and the islamist occupied multicultural western europe. Thats one of the reasons why serbia amd serbs havent been involved in intermarium to the extent the v4 and ukraine have. For now, especially with the war in ukraine, theyre simply scared of russian allies. Serbia is in a weird place now where theyre wallking a tightrope between putins russia and the eu. Although i think this will change. There is no reason imo to not ally with slavic christian nations that are rejecting the multiculturalism of western eu and wish to preserve their sovereignty independence and culture. For now though, atleast while the ukraine war is going on and chetniks and other serbs fight on russias side tgeres going to be distrust.

Check out some of andriy biletskys, commander of azov battalion, writings and speeches. Hes one of the most vocal supporters of intermarium. Azov right sector onr jobbik pis legia nord svoboda legia nord and dozens of others are now cooperating like never before and its the same with economics and political resistance to eus dictates. While i dont think well see a slavic federation unfortunately, well definetely see deepening times. Serbia crna gora etc will join us in time. Perhaps bulgaria moldova and romania too -

Poland has close ties with romania as does hungary. Croatia and slovenia i dont think will as they are too busy kissing german and eu ass anyway. Although a decision to flood thejr country with migrants by the eu could easily turn them to our side.

If only ukraine never gave away its nukes = /
delphiandomine 88 | 18,446
25 Jan 2018 #115
Azov right sector onr jobbik pis legia nord svoboda legia nord and dozens of others are now cooperating like never before

They will turn on each other as soon as one of them gains political power. Look at Jobbik - they openly want the revocation of the Treaty of Trianon - such as shown here.

How long do you think they'll last alongside Kotleba in Slovakia? Or look at the ONR, who openly protested against Ukrainians recently?

Sure, there's cooperation, but only as long as none of them threaten each other.

Poland has close ties with romania as does hungary.

Poland and Romania don't have much to fight over, but Hungary has been really angering Romania in recent weeks. The PM of Romania was so furious that he even threatened to hang politicians from the Hungarian minority -

So when you've got Polish nationalists desiring control of parts of Ukraine and Lithuania, Hungarian nationalists desiring control over parts of Slovakia and Romania, Ukrainian nationalists looking at parts of Slovakia and so on - what hope do you have for them ever cooperating? They're not going to suddenly abandon their historical politics, not least because it's how they identify themselves.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
25 Jan 2018 #116
Not really in all honesty. While yes sometimes rivalries brew as with polish anf ukranian and some comments are made, by large most of the people who are into the ideas of intermarium, v4, polish ukranian/polish hungariam cooperation see its better to work together esp when russia is next door and many of the countries reject the recent far left dictates by eu. The right is sweeping all over eastern europe.
Crow 160 | 9,545
25 Jan 2018 #117

I would like to get your opinion on Poland by the Konopischt, as I mentioned above. Do you sense little bit fear that certain powers from western Europe maybe pushing Poland in trap? Do you sense it, tell me? Trap that will instead to allow Intremarium try to model Poland by the ideas from Konopischt.

an article

Spain produces non-paper aimed at blocking Kosovo's EU bid

letter that Spain submitted ............ oppose the use of the term WB6 - an abbreviation for "six Western Balkans countries," and stress that "Kosovo is not a part of the enlargement process."

Interesting development.
Crow 160 | 9,545
31 Jan 2018 #118
Kosowo jest serbskie! - manifestacja ONR-u i NS Zadruga, Białystok
stick to English language please
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,818
31 Jan 2018 #119
Kosowo jest serbskie!


I still can't believe Brnabic is PM of Serbia wtf
Crow 160 | 9,545
31 Jan 2018 #120
Exclusive elaboration for Polishfroums. Something what BBC and CNN won`t tell you >

Mediatory position of Serbia between Vatican, Russia and Turkey allowing for Serbia`s support to Catholic Serbs that already incites turmoils against Croatian yoke within what is now Croatia. Brnabic is doctor. That is also clear message to Muslim Serbs, call to return to us.

In 24 hours Serbian FM Ivica Dacic received biggest Russian decoration in Moscow and then traveled to Vatican to sit to the right side of the Pope > go google that >


At the same time, Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic traveled to Turkey, where Turkish president explained things to Bosnian Muslim leader Alija Izetbegovic, how warmly he needs to shake hand to Serbian president >


Serbia attempting to reunite its scattered ethnic being, too long crucified between outside powers. If manage to do so, there would be unity of all Serbs (around 18 million in entirety) in the region, no matter their religious provenience. If we manage that, Serbia would encompass at least 60-70% of what was Yugoslavia.

See, that is Serbia about Polish Prince Czartorisky spoke about and suggested.

Then old core of Sarmatia would be free and only sky is limit. Geo-Strategic situation in Europe would never be the same. Slavs would again, rightfully, dominate Europe. Europe, Slavic (ie Sarmatian) native realm.

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