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I need advice on baby clothes problem?

14 Feb 2016 #1
hi everyone, thank you for helping me out.

alright, so.. i'm an american and my husband is polish. born and raised in poland and now living in the usa, and so are all his friends and family. they're nice people but recently i've gotten into a bit of a scuffle i guess you could say with his friend's wife, ania.

so ania offered to help me get some old, used baby clothes and strollers and such from her husband's sister. we go to the sister's house and all the stuff is in her garage in trash bags just gathering dust. my baby is 9 months old and this woman had baby clothes that were too small for my baby but she said to take them anyways regardless of them being practically useless to me. i took them and i was on my merry way. later on i sort everything out and ask my husband and ania if they know anyone with a baby girl on the way. both answers were no. so i decide to sell the things i can't use for my baby and make a little cash. after all, babies are expensive and bills are piling up. a few days later my husband comes to me saying ania is upset and thinking i'm rude for trying to sell these clothes. i'm honestly shocked...why would she care? she's not the one who GAVE them to me nor were they of use to her at all! and ania's husband's sister doesn't know i'm selling it, therefore ania is purely upset on her own. my husband is telling me that this isn't custom in poland and that i need to give it all back, but i'm thinking people are offering me $300 and we need that money. bad. so my question for you all is, am i really being rude in their eyes? should i give the stuff back and appease ania or sell it? everyone i've asked thinks i'm in the right, but they're all american...

thank you again, and sorry for the length!
Roger5 1 | 1,455
14 Feb 2016 #2
his friend's wife, ania

It's got hee baw bee baw babbity to do with Ania. But is it worth falling out with your husband for? Why not talk to him again and explain your view about how you could use the three hundred? If he's still against it, return the clothes and strike Ania from your Christmas card list.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,331
14 Feb 2016 #3
so my question for you all is, am i really being rude in their eyes?

Terribly rude. You were given the stuff to use and to hand on to the next person that might need it, not to sell it because you've mismanaged your finances. If you didn't need it, you should simply return it with a thank you message.
OP emilyrm
16 Feb 2016 #4
it's not that we've mismanaged finances. it's that my husband is a contractor and everything is covered in snow, therefore there's no work to be done. i'm sure you've experienced a financial hole. and if you haven't, pray you don't. especially with an infant.

but since this whole falling out we've cleared things up. they thought i was selling everything i was given, and they also didn't understand my financial state.

thank you both for replying.
Iza22 4 | 13
22 May 2017 #5
So rude. I would be disgusted if someone wanted to profit from my kindness. You don't sell things you were given.

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