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Additional capacity for Nordstream II - Germany plans to buy hydrogen from Russia and use NS II for transport

Bratwurst Boy 12 | 12,316
18 Jan 2021 #181

The german NABU (German Society for Nature Conservation) just lodged an appeal against the further construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline!

This is especially interesting because every official complaint has an on principle delaying effect. At the same time the US sanctioned the russian company KVT-Rus, the owner of the pipe lay barge "Fortuna"....
Spike31 3 | 2,175
19 Jan 2021 #182
This is especially interesting

This is interesting to me mainly because most of those "environmental organizations" are thugs for hire hiding behind a green banner.

So the question is: who paid them and activated them this time? Call me a skeptic but they had more than two years to come to the conclusion that NSII is bad for the environment. And they did nothing about it.

So, obviously not Russia. They're in a hurry to finish the pipe before the provisional gas deal with Ukraine expires in 2022.

And it was most likely not the German government (Merkel still insists that NSII is a "purely business project"). Unless the government knows that the US sanctions will sink the pipe anyway and Merkel is looking for some options to save her face? It is much better to say that she changed her mind because of the environmental concerns coming from a German NGO than because of the pressure coming from America (which was also initiated by D. Trump on top of that).

The easiest guess would be that the US did that. To double the impact of the ongoing and the incoming sanctions.

But since NABU's total financial assets are around 27 mln. euro* anyone could've influenced them financially even one of the governments of a tiny Baltic states...
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 12,316
19 Jan 2021 #183
German environment organizations are active and powerful on their own....they don't need nor want some "mysterious backer" (besides some donations, of course:)
Governments are not their supporters, especially not those whose own climate policies are still lacking (like the US)!

The thing is that the pipeline builders took great care right from the start to NOT be seen as harmful to the environment, they planned the routes that way and used alot of money to ensure to appease the mighty nature lobbiests in Germany.

And it worked for the longest example:

Building the pipeline in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way is an absolute priority for Nord Stream 2, which has undertaken multiple measures to minimise the impact of construction on the sensitive Baltic Sea. This includes fulfilling national and international requirements for permits, along with comprehensive environmental monitoring throughout construction and operation....
Crow 160 | 9,545
19 Jan 2021 #184
With Balkan Stream operational, there is no need for Nord Stream. Germany moved hard and Russia chooses to play on Serbia and Central Europe. And this goes hand in hand with the USA interests so EU (ie Germany) is contained.
Spike31 3 | 2,175
20 Jan 2021 #185
(besides some donations, of course:)

Don't fool yourself @BratwurstBoy. If you don't generate your own income and your livelyhood depends on donations/subsidies/benefits/handouts you're not fully independent. The same goes for organizations.
pawian 202 | 21,173
2 Apr 2021 #186
Gasprom accuses Poland of sending ships or fishing boats to bother workers finishing the pipe.

"We are talking about clearly planned and prepared provocations using fishing boats as well as warships, submarines, and aircraft to hinder the implementation of the economic project. This is perhaps an unprecedented case of its kind in history," Minin said.

Novichok 4 | 7,297
2 Apr 2021 #187


"The actions of the military vessels and aircraft, as well as civilian vessels of foreign states, violating the buffer zone of an international construction project, not responding to requests and approaching at a dangerous distance from a pipe-laying barge are irresponsible and unacceptable. They pose a real danger of accidents with unpredictable consequences," Minin said.

Hey, Russians, kill a dozen of those a-holes and they will go away. Trust me, you will be fine - just like with Crimea.
Crow 160 | 9,545
2 Apr 2021 #188
How Serbian Geo-strategic annalists concluded, the USA, Russia and China decided to support tendencies for formation of Central-European Union ie Intermarium. Blessings on them. Better Intermarium then Magna Germarabia.

Spot >

Glory to brat Pilsudski!
pawian 202 | 21,173
3 Apr 2021 #189
Hey, Russians, kill a dozen of those a-holes and they will go away.

The problem is that the imminent Gazprom retaliation will only kill a few dozen flounder which live and feed at the bottom. It is them which bother the pipe construction.
Strzelec35 36 | 988
4 Apr 2021 #190
this is great news fuk the jsa. why would you want to make USA richer? the more global or world powers that exist and the less power USA has the better for the world. fuk that place that land that country.
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 12,316
12 Apr 2021 #191
Biden is seemingly dead set to stop North Stream:

"....The federal government's hopes for an agreement with the US on the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline have been further dampened. The American government under Joe Biden has now made it clear to the German public that it sees no opportunity for compromises or tied deals that would break US resistance to the project.

The new administration in Washington is "determined to use all available levers to prevent the completion of Nord Stream 2," said the spokesman for the US embassy in Berlin, Joseph Giordono-Scholz, the Tagesspiegel.

He responded to the question of what possible government offers in Berlin could ease the conflict. Biden is also under pressure from the US Congress on this issue, in which Democratic and Republican politicians are calling for crackdown on Nord Stream 2. ..."

(just use google translate)

No break for Merkel....I could guess that once she is gone in September the pipeline project could be over for good...I dunno who else would so cling to that.
Novichok 4 | 7,297
12 Apr 2021 #192
Biden is seemingly dead set to stop North Stream:

I hate to admit it but Biden is right. Once that pipe is in place, the EU will be dancing to the Russian music and, at the same time, continue to rely on the US to save its ass in case things go bad.
Tacitus 2 | 1,718
12 Apr 2021 #193
Why would the EU "dancing ti the Russian music" if this pipeline would supply Germany (let alone the EU) with but a fraction of its' energy supply?
Crow 160 | 9,545
12 Apr 2021 #194
I know how would this finish. Germany would finish dependent on Poland for any Russian gas because both Balkan Stream and Nord Stream goes via Poland to the Germany. So this all is historical justice at work.

And no amount of the USA or any other supplier can compensate dependence on Russian gas. Via Poland.
Novichok 4 | 7,297
12 Apr 2021 #195
Why would the EU "dancing to the Russian music"

For the same reason why the US ruling mob is already dancing to Chinese music.
The US DC who*res got addicted to Chinese dollars and even medical, life-saving supplies.
Why would we be buying that stuff from our worst enemy? Because it's cheaper.
Crow 160 | 9,545
14 Apr 2021 #196
this pipeline would supply Germany (let alone the EU) with but a fraction of its' energy supply?

Tacite, it's not just about energy. It's for the industry. No plastics, polymers without oil and gas. No civilization without it. It would be actually primary in a post-covid world. Only idiots would in the long-run plan to waste gas and oil as energy. That is why coming to this reduction in the use of oil and gas. First that and green economy is almost a cover-up story.
Crow 160 | 9,545
18 Apr 2021 #197
Serbian media writes that Russia have rockets that can hit Germany considering Germany meddling in Slavic world and because of provocations from Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. Her and her big mouths. But we knew it, didn`t we. And Nordstream II in this context? Nonsensical dream. See, that is why Poland gets Balkan Stream via Serbia and Hungary. Germany? Germany entered world of pain.


> b92/info/vesti/index.php?yyyy=2021&mm=04&dd=18&nav_category=78&nav_id=1844518
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 12,316
18 Apr 2021 #198
Serbian media writes that Russia have rockets that can hit Germany

Sure they have...they always had...what is the difference now?
Crow 160 | 9,545
18 Apr 2021 #199
That Annegret must be worse than Merkel. Or, it is time.
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 12,316
18 Apr 2021 #200
Time for what?

What about Czechia right now?

Russia Rebuffs Allegations of Czech Blast, Plans Retaliation

Ukraine...Czechia....US....Russia has for sure other problems than one Karrenbauer, heh:)
Crow 160 | 9,545
18 Apr 2021 #201
The name of game is `New realities of post-Covid world`. Or, `New Yalta`.
johnny reb 40 | 7,786
19 May 2021 #202
Spineless biden just sold NATO out with his gift to Putin's Nordstream 2
Pay attention here Poland.
This is apparently because biden believes that sanctioning the pipeline out of existence will cause more harm with German Merkel's government than it will accrue benefits to NATO and European security.

It is manifestly the wrong assessment.
More than that, it is yet more proof that biden's tough on Putin rhetoric is basically just that, rhetoric.
Most of the media will ignore this truth, of course.
But biden's decision here is a great gift to Putin and a slap in the face to Poland and the rest of NATO.
It will be of particular concern to NATO allies on Russia's border notably Poland and the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.
These are governments, it should be noted, that actually spend 2% of their GDP on defense which Germany falls short of doing.
Add that to the billions and billions of dollars of gas that Germany will be buying with money that will be going directly into Russia's military complex that the United States protects NATO Germany from.

Are you missing Sir Trump yet ?
Novichok 4 | 7,297
19 May 2021 #203
If it helps Russia and hurts NATO or Germany, I am all for it.
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 12,316
20 May 2021 #204
Spineless biden just sold NATO out with his gift to Putin's Nordstream 2

Yeah...not good....
Crow 160 | 9,545
20 May 2021 #205
I see. Germany returning to Slavic sphere. Let us hope in several parts.
johnny reb 40 | 7,786
20 May 2021 #206
Yeah...not good....

It's just an attempt to draw Russia away from China was one of the factors in the U.S. decision to waive some sanctions related to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

Spineless biden is showing his weakness as Russia and China are presently talking a nuclear deal.

side note: (Responding to just respond to each and every post is not a prerequisite on the P.F. as it has become quite annoying. )
Ironside 51 | 11,310
20 May 2021 #207
Biden is seemingly dead set to stop North Stream:

BB are really that naïve or do you pull wool over our eyes.. eh?
There is nothing to stop it and German gov fully support it. Even so called green party (should be called red) won't do anything cause they are on a short leash of German big corporations.

This green energy is a big scam and BS. Forcing Poland to stop using coal is just a declaration of war.
The only reason that somewhat fly is a fact that Poland doesn't have elites to send EU, Germany and green BS to hell where they belong.

Rather than evasion with tanks there is economical invasion. Alliance my ass - colonization. F that!
USA are just unreliable, in throve of cultural crisis, there are always China....
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 12,316
20 May 2021 #208
....don't go overboard now, Iron!

Nordstream is heavily disputed inside Germany as in the rest of EU. It isn't exactly a Molotov-Ribbentrop all over again...

But I fear if Laschet becomes next chancellor he will follow Merkel's footsteps in that regard too!
Ironside 51 | 11,310
20 May 2021 #209
Nordstream is heavily disputed inside Germany as in the rest of EU.

So what? It going to happen anyways.

It isn't exactly a Molotov-Ribbentrop all over again..

Sure, it is not.
Just use EU green policies to close Polish coal Plants, ban construction of atomic power plants, then sell Poland those horrible windmill power plants as they do not help nature nor do they produce a lot of energy but it will be fliting in German mind for a Polish Don Quixote.

OF course Poland would have an option to buy German 'clean' energy maybe even produced with Russian gas. All nice and cozy,. and rounded.

I'm not even annoyed. Is kind of obvious. I just don't like two kinds of people those who pretend they don't know and those that don't know. They have no place debating ...why bother to post some yappy BS>?
Velund 1 | 704
21 May 2021 #210
They started the war together with the Nazis by ganging up on Poland.

And what would you say about the takeover of the Tieszyn region from the Czechs, in a rather similar scenario to the later partition of Poland itself? And to the damp dreams of Polish politicians to get crumbs from Germany's feast on the Soviet territories it had conquered?

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