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Additional capacity for Nordstream II - Germany plans to buy hydrogen from Russia and use NS II for transport

Bratwurst Boy 9 | 10,632
18 Jan 2021 #181

The german NABU (German Society for Nature Conservation) just lodged an appeal against the further construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline!

This is especially interesting because every official complaint has an on principle delaying effect. At the same time the US sanctioned the russian company KVT-Rus, the owner of the pipe lay barge "Fortuna"....
Spike31 2 | 2,110
19 Jan 2021 #182
This is especially interesting

This is interesting to me mainly because most of those "environmental organizations" are thugs for hire hiding behind a green banner.

So the question is: who paid them and activated them this time? Call me a skeptic but they had more than two years to come to the conclusion that NSII is bad for the environment. And they did nothing about it.

So, obviously not Russia. They're in a hurry to finish the pipe before the provisional gas deal with Ukraine expires in 2022.

And it was most likely not the German government (Merkel still insists that NSII is a "purely business project"). Unless the government knows that the US sanctions will sink the pipe anyway and Merkel is looking for some options to save her face? It is much better to say that she changed her mind because of the environmental concerns coming from a German NGO than because of the pressure coming from America (which was also initiated by D. Trump on top of that).

The easiest guess would be that the US did that. To double the impact of the ongoing and the incoming sanctions.

But since NABU's total financial assets are around 27 mln. euro* anyone could've influenced them financially even one of the governments of a tiny Baltic states...
Bratwurst Boy 9 | 10,632
19 Jan 2021 #183
German environment organizations are active and powerful on their own....they don't need nor want some "mysterious backer" (besides some donations, of course:)
Governments are not their supporters, especially not those whose own climate policies are still lacking (like the US)!

The thing is that the pipeline builders took great care right from the start to NOT be seen as harmful to the environment, they planned the routes that way and used alot of money to ensure to appease the mighty nature lobbiests in Germany.

And it worked for the longest example:

Building the pipeline in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way is an absolute priority for Nord Stream 2, which has undertaken multiple measures to minimise the impact of construction on the sensitive Baltic Sea. This includes fulfilling national and international requirements for permits, along with comprehensive environmental monitoring throughout construction and operation....
Crow 146 | 9,129
19 Jan 2021 #184
With Balkan Stream operational, there is no need for Nord Stream. Germany moved hard and Russia chooses to play on Serbia and Central Europe. And this goes hand in hand with the USA interests so EU (ie Germany) is contained.
Spike31 2 | 2,110
20 Jan 2021 #185
(besides some donations, of course:)

Don't fool yourself @BratwurstBoy. If you don't generate your own income and your livelyhood depends on donations/subsidies/benefits/handouts you're not fully independent. The same goes for organizations.

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