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Presidential elections 2020 - your opinions about campaign, candidates

Ironside 49 | 10,174
18 May 2020 #781
He's head and shoulders above Duda.

Indeed, he has no equals when it comes to spewing platitudes and empty promises. What is know for a fact he supports LGBT ideology and what it promoted for taxpayers money.
jon357 63 | 15,061
18 May 2020 #782
empty promises.

All politicians 'spew platitudes', the PiSuarzy preeminently amongst them. He doesn't though. I wonder why you think his promises are 'empty', especially since his track record as Mayor of Warsaw has been excellent.

LGBT ideology

Doesn't actually exist.

A more accurate point is that he isn't obsessed with sexuality. Unlike PiS.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,526
19 May 2020 #783
The whole move to authoritarian government is done.

Except PiS including Duda still has higher ratings than any one else... like a famous leader once said - a 5 minute talk with the average voter is the best arguement against democracy


Didnt that soy boy once tell a russian ambassador that poland was partly responsible for starting ww2? What a traitor.. hes in good company with tusk and all the other sell outs

Konfederacja is the worst thing to happen to PiS and in a way Kukiz because thats a good 5 6% total they lost. Those voters wouldve voted for PiS or Kukiz if it wasnt for konfederacja.

Personally, im unhappy with how pis dealt with corona in poland. Even long time supporters among friends and family are calling it a diktatura pisa. Still, ill take pis/kukiz/konfederacja over po especially but also sld, nowoczesna, wiosna and the rest of em

Oh well, whoever keeps Poland as the most homogenous eu country almost like an ethnostate and keeps promoting economic growth, traditional Catholic values including current abortion laws and retains polands number 1 spot as the most homophobic/least lgbt friendlt and makes sure that the eu keeps giving poland billions while we do little to nothing in return and wont cuck to cultural marxist eu diktats is good with me.
19 May 2020 #784
your friends are fools. would you rather spain or maybe if konfedrats were in power and just done the bolisarno brazil thing, the economy is more important and lets start digging the mass graves instead. diktatura was needed to save lives. polish nationalists should be gratefull that the generation that gave the most the elderly has been saved so far and not sacrificed for the economy. thats what the left wants , via euthanasia.
delphiandomine 84 | 18,135
19 May 2020 #785
diktatura was needed

Incredible to see how the Polonia openly promote dictatorships for Poland, but they won't come and live here themselves under such a regime.

Anyway, the latest poll:

Duda: 43.7%
Trzaskowski: 16.54%
Hołownia: 15.88%
Kosiniak-Kamysz: 9.73%
Bosak: 6.45%
Biedroń: 5.51%
Tanajno: 0.82%
Jakubiak: 0.80%
Piotrowski: 0.43%
Żółtek: 0.08%

More importantly, the second round result:

Duda: 53%
Trzaskowski: 47%.
delphiandomine 84 | 18,135
19 May 2020 #786
would agree with the anti-lockdown movement to score a political point

As we see, our Polonia friend advocates using tear gas on protesters.
PolAmKrakow 1 | 344
19 May 2020 #787

Interesting polling numbers. I remember similar numbers Clinton Trump four years ago that ended up being completely wrong. Though the second round numbers are incredibly close this soon after the announcement. I have to believe the opposition will rally around Trzaskowski in round two, and if the economy keeps tanking PiS will see defections.
delphiandomine 84 | 18,135
19 May 2020 #788
Though the second round numbers are incredibly close this soon after the announcement.

Yes, it's pretty clear now that the second round will happen. There's another poll today worth noting:

A.Duda 43.7%
Sz.Hołownia 13.3%
W.Kosiniak-Kamysz 9.8%
K.Bosak 6.9%
R.Biedroń 5.2%
Undecided 7.1%

Second round:

A.Duda 49.3%
Undecided 10.2%

What's worth looking at are the trends - - Duda has lost around 7% of the electorate since the beginning of May.
PolAmKrakow 1 | 344
20 May 2020 #789
This is exactly the kind of news Duda wanted to avoid
delphiandomine 84 | 18,135
20 May 2020 #790
Well, well, well...

Another day, another poll, but this one is perhaps the most surprising of them all. It's conducted for, a site/magazine that is run by PiS, and the results are interesting.

Duda 41% (-8%)
Trzaskowski 21% (+16%)
Hołownia 18% (-4%)
Kosiniak-Kamysz 7% (-5%)
Bosak 6% (-1%)
Biedroń 5% (+1%)
Tanajno 1%
Jakubiak 1%

I would hesitate before taking this poll seriously, but if it was done fairly, then this is the first sign of trouble for Duda. He's almost completely lost the "crisis bonus", and there's still at least 5 weeks before the election.

There are also other polls suggesting that Duda will lose to both Trzaskowski and Hołownia in the 2nd round with a turnout of between 65-70%.

I would urge caution before taking any of this as truth, but even TVP Info reported it:

One key takeaway - there are reports now that turnout in cities could be as large as 80%. I find it impossible to believe, but if there really is such mobilisation, then this election is very unpredictable.
jon357 63 | 15,061
20 May 2020 #791
there are reports now that turnout in cities could be as large as 80%.

That's how Poles got rid of PiS when JK was premier. Interesting if it leads to a non-PiS president.
delphiandomine 84 | 18,135
20 May 2020 #792
Interesting if it leads to a non-PiS president.

If it does, the PiS project is probably finished. They won't be able to overturn the Presidential veto, and with both the Senate and Presidency in opposition hands, they would have almost no room to move while having to take responsibility for government.

Interesting side bet: would a challenger to JK arise in such a scenario?
jon357 63 | 15,061
20 May 2020 #793
both the Senate and Presidency in opposition hands

This is key; a new direction for Poland. PiS will handle this badly.

would a challenger to JK arise in such a scenario?

He's not getting any younger or healthier; doubtless challengers are discreetly lining up.
20 May 2020 #794
unf this kazik song ban and resignation of radio trojka host and dj's will hurt Duda vote amongst the youth that voted for hm 4 years ago. :( Its no longer a sure fire win now. Unless PiS does something unexpected to attract the youth, (decriminlise weed or offer free sports programs or suchlike) i am worried.
cms neuf - | 1,499
20 May 2020 #795
Legalizing and taxing weed might help fund some of their other kielbasa.

Their latest wheeze about 1000 zloty for a holiday is so badly thought out - probably cooked up over a late night vodka session. Workers already get paid holiday from their employers !
delphiandomine 84 | 18,135
21 May 2020 #796
Latest polls. Things are getting very, very interesting. I wouldn't like to bet on either Hołownia or Trzaskowski at this point, and I'm still undecided as to who to vote for myself. Duda has definitely no chance of winning in the first round now, and if he does collapse to 34% by the end of next month, he will have lost the election.

Election this Sunday:

Duda: 43%
Hołownia: 20%
Trzaskowski: 15%
Bosak: 8%
Kosiniak-Kamysz: 5%
Biedroń: 5%
Undecided: 5%

Election in July:

Duda: 34%
Hołownia: 21%
Trzaskowski: 17%
Bosak: 7%
Kosiniak-Kamysz: 6%
Biedroń: 6%
Undecided: 10%

Assuming Duda vs Hołownia in the 2nd round:

(All participants in the survey)

Hołownia: 46%
Duda: 32%
Undecided: 20%

(Only those who would vote this Sunday)

Duda: 47%
Hołownia: 46%
Undecided: 7%

(Only those who would vote in July)

Hołownia: 51%
Duda: 38%
Undecided: 11%

Small update: Morawiecki has announced June 28th as the election day, with the second round on July 12th.

To compare to 2015, Komorowski lost around 10% of the vote (and Duda gained 9%) over the space of 5 weeks.
21 May 2020 #797
who is behind Hołownia?
Lenka 3 | 1,835
21 May 2020 #798
What do you mean? Party support?
21 May 2020 #799
yes and who does he appeal to? i understand he supports 500+ and is liberlal catholic is he PiS light? is TVN in his corner?
Lenka 3 | 1,835
21 May 2020 #800
I believe he is independent. Kind of centrist. It seems while religious himself he understands that not everybody is. He is winning young people with this I believe.

He is former TVN presenter so I hope that answers that question. He also run a show in Religion TV.
Lenka 3 | 1,835
22 May 2020 #801
Because I am the only left winger here I decided to picture the emotions of part of that electorate with a real conversation:

A: Co myślicie o rezygnacji Kidawy-Błońskiej i wystawieniu Trzaskowskiego?
What do you think about Kidawa-Blońska resignation and putting forward Trzaskowski?

B: .W sumie za mało wiem, żeby to serio oceniać.
All in all I know too little to seriously judge it

A: A na kogo będziecie głosować?
And who will you vote for?

B: Ale wydaje się, że ona ostro traciła. W pewnym sondażu była poniżej Bosaka. Biedroń też zresztą poleciał w dol
But I think she was losing badly recently. In one poll she was below Bosak. Biedroń but the way went down too

A: Biedron mnie wkurwia a chciałam głosować na niego
Biedroń is pi**ing me off recently and I wanted to vote for him

B: To ja wiedziałam od początku, że mnie będzie wkurwial
I knew from the beginning he will be pi**ing me off

A: No ja jakaś naiwna byłam. Rodzice na Trzaskowskiego będą glosowac a ja teraz nie wiem. Jestem całą sobą za Razem, oni poparli Biedronia a Biedroń odpierdala teraz jakieś maniany

I was naive.Parents will be voting for Trzaskowski and now I'm not sure. I fully support Razem (political party), they supported Biedroń and Biedroń is being silly/stupid

B: No szczerze to chyba też bym wolała Trzaskowskiego
To be honest I think I would prefer Trzaskowski too

A: No i właśnie mi ten Trzaskowski namieszal. Wydaje się być rozsądnym facetem
Yeah and that Trzaskowski messed with my head. He seems to be reasonable guy

B: Lewica kolejny raz zjebala
The left fu*ked it up again
delphiandomine 84 | 18,135
22 May 2020 #802
Another day, another poll, and this one confirms that Duda is slipping:

Duda: 39%
Trzaskowski: 18%
Hołownia: 15%
Bosak: 8%
Kosiniak-Kamysz: 3%
Biedroń 2%
Jakubiak: 2%
Undecided: 1%
Ironside 49 | 10,174
22 May 2020 #803
that he isn't obsessed with sexuality. Unlike PiS.

LGBT ideologues are obsessed with sexuality and perversity. Don't shift the blame onto others.

his track record as Mayor of Warsaw has been excellent.

Sure,a one disaster after another. Ecological catastrophe being a highlight of his lame incompetency.

Another day, another poll, and this one confirms

That most polls in Poland are just a tool in a political propaganda machine. Nothing new here. If you don't know that you know nothing and if you do and still use it just stop it. PF won't influence any voters so lets have a real debate rather that talking points and propaganda.
jon357 63 | 15,061
22 May 2020 #804
LGBT ideologues

No such thing.

obsessed with sexuality and perversity.

You're the one who keeps mentioning sex. I don't recall the election candidate raising sex as a topic.

Mayor Trzaskowski has done very well in Warsaw. What exactly do you mean by ideological catastrophe?
mafketis 23 | 8,136
22 May 2020 #805
so lets have a real debate

Okay, who do you intend to vote for any why?

What policies of theirs do you support and which policies do you not support but they're not dealbreakers?
delphiandomine 84 | 18,135
22 May 2020 #806
The last poll has been adjusted to account for the turnout (78%!!) and comes out as:

Duda: 40.5%
Trzaskowski: 20.4%
Hołownia: 13.8%
Kosiniak-Kamysz: 7.6%
Bosak: 7.1%
Biedroń 4.3%
Ironside 49 | 10,174
22 May 2020 #807
You're the one who keeps mentioning sex.

Don't lie. I talk about LGBT ideology. You talk about sexual obsession. Anyone can check it up.

What exactly do you mean by ideological catastrophe?

All the Warsaw sewers ended up in the river and they couldn't fix it. They after a while gov stepped in and it took some time.


who do you intend to vote

I don't intended to vote. I think presidential election in Poland is secondary and doesn't make much difference. Well, potentially president not on PIS side can put some obstacles in their way but they are not doing anything noteworthy so no biggie for me.

if correct Duda and Trzaskowski take two, Duda wins anyway. lol
jon357 63 | 15,061
22 May 2020 #808
I talk about LGBT ideology.

No such thing.

All the Warsaw sewers

The infrastructure works well here, perhaps not as well as in your country, however it's still fine. Any long term problems however are ones that have developed for years, including during the disastrous PiS mayorality a few years ago.

The guy's popular here, and I expect he will get a decent share of the votes. Enough to unseat Duda? Time will tell, however it would be good for Poland to have Traszkowski in office. He's enough of a strategist to be playing the long game.
22 May 2020 #809
seems like the best way for duda to win is to ensure Traszkowski gets into second round. No way most of the Konfederacja/PSL/Kukiz crowd will vote for him. Hołownia: is another matter.
delphiandomine 84 | 18,135
23 May 2020 #810
Latest poll:

Duda 35%
Trzaszkowski 21%
Hołownia 19%
Bosak 13%
Biedroń 8%
Kosiniak-Kamysz 5%

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