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Poland and USA vs Iran and the EU

johnny reb 21 | 3,992
16 Feb 2019 #31
but we can lose good relations with Iran

It is a tinderbox ready to explode.
Iran is being taunted and has just about had enough.
Have you been keeping up with the latest news.

ISFAHAN, Iran - The head of Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard has threatened to retaliate against neighboring Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates over a suicide car bombing this week that killed 27 members of the elite organization.

Gen. Mohammad Ali Jafari spoke late Friday at one of two funeral ceremonies for the victims of Wednesday's attack in the central Iranian city of Isfahan. He claimed without providing evidence that the United States and Israel ordered Saudi Arabia and the Emirates to carry out the attack, which wounded 12.

Poland has nothing to gain and a whole lot to lose for indirectly getting involved in backing Israel.
The United States is sucking Poland into a war for no good reason besides selling Poland heavy military weapons.
These weapons are being used as leverage by the U.S.A. (The price for Freedom)

It is sad to see a small recovering from war country like Poland be manipulated by a super power.
Ironside 49 | 10,108
16 Feb 2019 #32
Poland has nothing to gain and a whole lot to lose for indirectly getting involved in backing Israel.

Sure, it is obvious. Clowns in Polish gov should know that too. Don't even start me on those morons geez, it make me so annoyed when ?I think about it. They just don't know any better fokkers.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,934
16 Feb 2019 #33
Is that how you make your buck?

No. My toilet idea is meant to meet your Polish nukes idea at the same spot on the stupid scale.
Ironside 49 | 10,108
16 Feb 2019 #34
Paid toilets is not a stupid idea, it is just a different idea. The fact you are unable to differentiate between different and stupid says it all.

Nukes for Poland that is actually the very best idea.

It is sad to see a small recovering from war country like Poland be manipulated by a super power.

Yep, from my point of view its even sadder seeing Poland letting itself being manipulated to such a degree.
OP pawian 168 | 11,175
16 Feb 2019 #35
It is sad to see a small recovering from war country like Poland be manipulated by a super power.

It is quite simple. PiS government is at odds with the EU which doesn`t close an eye to PiS`s breaches of constitution and democratic principles. The only important alliance they are able to score is that with the USA. That is why PiS are ready to brown-nose Uncle Sam not only for modern weapons which are indeed necessary in view of the Kremlin threat, but even for a faint mirage of support. Then they can use it in propaganda for their simpleton voters: look, we have partnership with powerful USA.
Ironside 49 | 10,108
16 Feb 2019 #36
It is quite simple.

Everything is simple for a simpleton. Stop playing that partisans tribal games, is harmful and stupid and doesn't solve anything. I guess you don't know any better and that is really sad and doesn't bode well for Poland's future.
OP pawian 168 | 11,175
16 Feb 2019 #37
you're an idiot Either way you're a dunce..

No, please, don`t use such uncultural expressions, it is really bad manners. :)

Stop playing

You have to tolerate my presence here as I tolerate yours. Remember, there is always balance in nature. :)
Crow 138 | 8,083
14 Jan 2020 #38
Poland and USA vs Iran and the EU

Well, more USA returning to its historical mission `to fight for ideas of freedom within humanity` more will Poland straighten ties with USA. Its even natural because Poland represent cradle of democracy, even older in that sense then Greece of antiquity. You know, when western Europeans still used hands to eat, Poland had something what was `Sarmatism`.

Now, as for Iran. Well, the moment Iran attacked Serbians in Europe, on Balkan, Iran attacked Polish interests. Just back then USA administration collaborated with Iran, Saudis, Turkey via the Islamic league. EU (read Germany and western Europe), NATO, Vatican, were all involved in that collaboration. Germany, with blessings of Vatican, forced idea of Nazi Islam in the region and therefore, over solidarity with Germany, entire NATO and EU were involved. So, German satellite puppet state of Croatia in alliance with Bosnian mujaheedines attacked local Orthodox Serbs and started Civil War in former Yugoslavia. But non could absolutely control Islamic mujaheedines and they broke alliance and attacked local Catholics and even moderate local Muslims.

Bosnia was hell on Earth in which Serbians stood alone. No wonder Italian Lega Nord praise Serbians for defense of Europe. Speaking in local terms, Serbians defended Polish traditional interests in the region and that is access to warm seas of Europe. If anybody else control Slavic areas of Adriatic, Poland is cut off from warm seas of Europe. If Greater Croatia controls it, actually Germany controls it. If Muslims controls it, Islamic league actually control it. Serbians are independent enough to balance its own, Polish and Russian interests in the region. Even to balance interests of other circles from USA, western Europe and Asia. Entire Serbian history is history of it. That is why Polish hero in Jagilonian mission in Serbian despotate, Zawisha Czarny of Sulima and Garbowo died defending Serbia against Ottoman Turks.

Now is different. USA of Trump don`t collaborate with Islamic league. US is great again.


Iran Guard's Former General Says They Were In Bosnia Disguised As Aid Workers

Qassemi ..... visited Bosnia in the 1990s to train Bosnian Muslim fighters against the Serbs while wearing the Iranian Red Crescent uniform.

Qassem Soleimani was in Bosnia


"Of course I was, but a long time ago, in 1993 and 1994. Wherever the Muslims need help, I am there."

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