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Poland under pressure of EU to accept more asylum seeking refugees

Lyzko 15 | 3,295    
28 Jul 2016  #2,641

"Libtards"?? What's that, "liberal retards"? He-he:-) Perhaps you mean "libertines"?? Those are liberals who like saltinesLOL

Polonius3 1,019 | 12,920    
28 Jul 2016  #2,642

It's libtards

I prefer libretards with empahsis on the retards. Libtards sounds a lot like libtarts (libertine tarts).
Atch 9 | 1,690    
28 Jul 2016  #2,643

(libertine tarts)

What kind of pastry would you use for those?
rozumiemnic 9 | 3,211    
28 Jul 2016  #2,644

pooff pastry definitely...:)

Back on topic please
peterweg 36 | 2,235    
28 Jul 2016  #2,645

<< KGB information fabrication web site

You should know better than that. They fabricated an entire story about a Russian-German woman being raped.
28 Jul 2016  #2,646

Krakow Bar Slammed After Owner's Racist Rant

I'd personally be very suspicious of a male muslim sitting in a location (without purchasing food or even a single drink) overlooking one of the main tourist attractions in Krakow especially during WYD doing nothing but communicating on his phone. What was he up to.

If I am to be called a racist for this, then so be it.
dolnoslask 1 | 1,036    
28 Jul 2016  #2,647

" << KGB information fabrication web site,"
True but facts can be found at times that the western Media won't print or are slow in doing so, you just need to be wary of what they print then search for collaborating media feeds.

Plenty of government / business controlled media in the west that is no better.
nothanks - | 840    
28 Jul 2016  #2,648

White Refugees not Allowed in Germany

Genuine war refugees fleeing the conflict in the Ukraine have been denied asylum in Germany in 95 percent of cases (and will, from now on, all be refused that status)
Marsupial - | 967    
29 Jul 2016  #2,649

I first went to germany in 1981 lol. Many times since and watched it change. I can honestly say that in recent years is the first time where I did not think it improved in all that time.
29 Jul 2016  #2,650

Of course Merkel wants to push the terorist muslims who all kill in the name of islam to Poland, saying the same old ******** "you must have eeeempathy for all these poooor "refugees""
nothanks - | 840    
31 Jul 2016  #2,651

Polish MP: Germans Going to Great Lengths To Cover Crimes Of Their Arab Guests

Picking up on the German CDU parliamentary deputy Armin Schuster's statement that "Germany needs a culture of farewell (Abschiedskultur), as opposed to the culture of welcome (Wilkommenskultur)" Pawłowicz expressed her doubts that the "German culture still has it in it to win against the alien culture in the struggle for the European territory which we are witnessing".
Lyzko 15 | 3,295    
31 Jul 2016  #2,652

Germany is struggling with her own issues at the moment and the refugee/migrant crisis is but one of them:-)
Crow 135 | 5,770    
28 Sep 2016  #2,653

This could happen in Poland, too.

Two migrants detained for sexually assaulting girl

Source: Tanjug Wednesday, September 28, 2016 | 16:17

According to media reports, the two migrants, who were staying at the reception center in Subotica, attacked the girl in the street. A passer-by defended the victim and prevented the pair from carrying out "their intention."

...... suspects then attempted to flee, ...... police caught up with them and arrested them.

peterweg 36 | 2,235    
28 Sep 2016  #2,654

Don't quote Kremlin sources, they have been caught lying over the sexual assault story before.
Crow 135 | 5,770    
28 Sep 2016  #2,655

It all goes via Tanjug (Telegraph Agency of New Yugoslavia). Its official Serbian national agency and, as all sane people know, Serbian sources are much more trustworthy then western European, USA or Russian media. When share news with some other agency it means that Tanjug provided confirmation. Tanjug cooperates with every news agency in the world and share proved rapports.
Marsupial - | 967    
28 Sep 2016  #2,656

I am pretty sure there will be more refugees.. syria looks like it's been chosen for total destruction by all the major powers. Not suprising really it was like others around it a totally fake border country made up and drawn by the brits early last century with no concern for any ethnic lines. 100 years on they are still meddling. The pile of refuse they left behind is still giving us symptoms today and everyday in the middle east.
Crow 135 | 5,770    
29 Sep 2016  #2,657

I am pretty sure there will be more refugees..

yes. Its the future without strong role of UN, where UN in case of crisis can initiate UN military protective action, sanctions, formation of UN refugee centers on terrain where crisis erupted and then negotiate with world bank and world investors in order to secure building of economic zones (centers of production, factories, etc). That way, endangered people can survive and then stay and live in their countries/regions and even prosper.

That is why we need Vuk Jeremic for UN Secretary-general who is only able to offer this to the world.

and drawn by the brits early last century with no concern for any ethnic lines.

Actually, exactly having ethnic lines in mind by the principle `divide and rule`.
nothanks - | 840    
29 Sep 2016  #2,658

'Th' sound to vanish from English language by 2066 because of multiculturalism, say linguists
Poland does not want this
rozumiemnic 9 | 3,211    
29 Sep 2016  #2,659

nothanks, it will not happen in Poland because Poland did not have the background of colonialism.
the London accent has already changed. I guess it is a small price to pay for all those diamonds and minerals, and for the slave trade.
jon357 63 | 12,093    
29 Sep 2016  #2,660

Th' sound th

That would be the same language which is a fusion of several other languages with loanwords from many many other languages.

Poland does not want this

Don't be so silly. Polish pronunciation (like any other) is constantly changing. Whether you get all hot and bothered or not.

Someone from two or three centuries ago would barely understand a word you say. Fortunate for them, really...
Crow 135 | 5,770    
30 Sep 2016  #2,661

That would be the same language which is a fusion of several other languages with loanwords from many many other languages.

you have the point. As Anglo elite desire, what would remain when all are assimilated is just English Borg with Anglo elite as ruling caste within it. English would be enriched by assimilation. Then, after assimilation of critical mass of some populace, carrion English Borg would be able to claim the land of that populace.... one day maybe even to put hands on Poland.
jon357 63 | 12,093    
30 Sep 2016  #2,662

That post, Crowie, is a triumph of inanity.
Polonius3 1,019 | 12,920    
30 Sep 2016  #2,663

two or three centuries ago

Two or three cneturies ago people like you would have been burnt at the stake for gross indecency. Not in Poland, of course, but in the "enlightened" (?) West.
Crow 135 | 5,770    
30 Sep 2016  #2,664

That post, Crowie, is a triumph of inanity.

i am sure. Just problem with intention to assimilate Slavs coming in collision with fact that those who feel Slavic comprehend Slavic civilization as a whole. Meaning, as a Serbian, i feel that Serbia isn`t just land of Serbians but actually land of all Slavs and Serbians are let`s say first to be asked. Same way i comprehend for example Poland, Slovenia, Russia. It all belong to me, if you understand what i speak. See, that is why west of Europe insist on concept of `nation` and moving aside term `people`. Slavic countries are lands of people. France, Germany, Britain,... all are lands of nations. People is older and nations inherit from people.

All in all, what i want to tell you, nothing for carrion British Borg in Slavic lands. Nothing, except maybe failure if tries something stupid.

As it did and now pays consequences, as we all see troubles that befall Britain.
Polonius3 1,019 | 12,920    
14 Oct 2016  #2,665

terrorist muslims

Europe is gradually wisening up. Polish interior min. Błaszczak participated in a meeting of EU interior ministers in Luxembourg on Thursday, which focused on migration and reforming EU asylum policy. He found that more and more countries are changing their views on how to solve the migration crisis.

"In April, I was alone when I said that we should learn from Australia's experiences from 13-14 years ago, that is a program of returning migrants. And today there were a few ministers - although not a majority yet - that spoke about it openly," he said.

"There has undoubtedly been a sobering [of views] and I sincerely hope that this disillusionment process will be continue," said Błaszczak.
Poland is against policy reform proposals put forward by the European Commission in May - a permanent refugee distribution system with high fines for each person a country refuses to take in.

The Visegrad Group, compromising Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary, has put forward a "flexible solidarity" plan, which states that member states themselves would decide how they participate in EU's migration policy.
Polonius3 1,019 | 12,920    
14 Oct 2016  #2,666


Correction: comprising
Crow 135 | 5,770    
27 Oct 2016  #2,667

Spot this scandal and imagine that something like that become normal in Poland > that parents lose their right to educate their children and care for them >

German parents due in court after refusing son's school trip to mosque

Parents of a German teenager may face a trial and fine for "truancy" after refusing to allow their son to go to a local mosque on a school field trip out of fear that it would lead to his "indoctrination" by Islamic radicals.

This is just to much of pressure on people by pro-Islamic western European regimes
Wulkan - | 3,200    
27 Oct 2016  #2,668

German parents due in court after refusing son's school trip to mosque

That's not even shocking anymore.
Crow 135 | 5,770    
27 Oct 2016  #2,669

i didn`t until now heard of it. i was shocked and i live in country that has great respect in non-aligned movement countries, in country with 26 national minorities and ethnic groups, country that is West on the East and, East on the West, country that have great multicultural tradition- which of course never came in collision with our own values, etc, etc, etc.... venerable Serbia.
dolnoslask 1 | 1,036    
27 Oct 2016  #2,670

refusing son's school trip to mosque

They should take them to a halal abattoir, plenty to learn about Islam there.

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