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Poland under pressure of EU to accept more asylum seeking refugees

Grzegorz_ 52 | 6,247    
25 Jul 2016  #2,611

Lefty madmen just brought civil war upon us.

Crow 135 | 5,884    
25 Jul 2016  #2,612

Oh, pressure of EU would end soon, judging by predictions that would EU itself end.

Spot this comment of leading American-German independent author, journalists, geopolitical researcher and analyst Frederic William Engdahl >>>

............. disintegration of the EU as a political creation. What will follow is THE liberation of countries from this ................. project existed in the U.S. ................. with the goal of controlling Europe. Today, the EU is like a monster ................ deciding on all aspects of our lives

Source: "We will be witnesses to EU's disintegration"

i said long time on this forum that EU does not deserve to exist, considering it demonstrated capability and willingness for mass media demonization of countries, governments and politicians that oppose western Europe. If it was possible for EU to use propaganda machinery in a way Nazi Goebels did, for sure, EU have to disintegrate and it would be something good and positive.

BDW, in accordance with what we talk here, i would like to share one info with Polish forums community. So, as of end of April this year, by my plan B, i transferred my Euro savings in other deposits. You should also have plan B.

Lefty madmen just brought civil war upon us.

not on us. On them.
25 Jul 2016  #2,613

Iraq Man caught in Lodz with "traces" of explosives and plotting a Bomb Attack

Where is the turkish crew (Delphiandomine, Jon and Harry) that said that Poland should not be concerned about Islamic terrorism?
Polonius3 1,022 | 13,067    :-(
25 Jul 2016  #2,614

Bomb Attack

A gentlemen's agreement between German officials and media to downplay atrocities committed by Muslims has clearly backfired and only encouraged more attacks. On orders from above or simply via self-censorship*

German mainstream media are seeking excuses for heinous terrorist attacks -- claiming that someone had mental problems, not identifying their nationality or pretending that the attack was devoid of religous motivation. In otehr words, PC taken to the extreme.

On that subject, PM Beata Szydło told the weekly "wSieci" recently:
"In generał, Europe has too readily given up its values, culture and religion. Step by step it has succumbed to the demands of those who do not wish to integrate with European civilisation. Giving in, political correctness, doing away with the Christmas tree so as not to offend Muslims -- that has also emboldened terrorists. We have invited guests but they should accept our conditions. We must withdraw from political correctness which does not mean foregoing dialogue with people of other cultures."

*One German journalist, asked (on TVP INFO) whether German journalists receive guidelines from above on how to approach different topics, only
smiled and said: "No, we already know what we're supposed to write!"
dolnoslask 1 | 1,127    
25 Jul 2016  #2,615

Spot on Pol

Some are starting to catch on, and are beginning to stand up to this libtard madness.

Don't let the new politically correct language of slaughter fool you. Terrorism by any other name is still as terrifying
Lyzko 15 | 3,551    
25 Jul 2016  #2,616

Yes, and it seems that Germany, in attempting to bend over backwards to overcome the indelible shadows of her Nazi past, has become far too slipshod in any number of areas, from the recent Volkswagen debacle, to the news report just this morning, that the Ansbach shooter was allowed to slip through the Federal Republic's terror watch system, furthermore, that his extradition to Albania had been thwarted due to bureaucratic 'slip ups'!!!

So much for the fabled German efficiencyLOL
gregy741 3 | 1,060    
25 Jul 2016  #2,617

A gentlemen's agreement between German officials and media to downplay atrocities committed by Muslims has clearly backfired and only encouraged more attacks.

yea..stalinism 2.0 coming to europe.soon thy will start sending "enemies of people" to gulags.
Lyzko 15 | 3,551    
25 Jul 2016  #2,618

They already did under the Soviets.
nothanks - | 855    
25 Jul 2016  #2,619

Sooner than later Germany "will figure it out" and vote accordingly. Unfortunately given their history, the solution will be radical and reckless. I hope it does not spill into conflicts with neighboring Poland. At the least we will see a BRExit type outlash at Poles living in Germany.

Trump as President might scrap the American Post WW2 friendship with Germany. Forcing Germany to militarize with less American support. At the moment Germany has been an American puppet.
Lyzko 15 | 3,551    
25 Jul 2016  #2,620

Not only Germany:-) Look at all Europe, where Packman, Jordache, Northface etc. have long since become part of the anonymous uniform of nearly everyone under fourty!
mafketis 16 | 4,643    
25 Jul 2016  #2,621

At the least we will see a BRExit type outlash at Poles living in Germany.

No. You'll see lots of Germans wanting to move east away from the mad queen. It's already starting to happen in small degrees.

Germany's loss might be Poland's, Czech republic's and Hungary's gain....

Merkel made a _huge_ gamble on the idea that all populations of human beings are equivalent - so far it looks like she's losing.....
Lyzko 15 | 3,551    
25 Jul 2016  #2,622

Right on, maf!
nothanks - | 855    
25 Jul 2016  #2,623


Yes, before Germany changes there will still be this increasing stage of 'White Flight' East. This we will continue to see and experience in our lifetime. But down the road we will at-least see the creation and support of a classic Conservative party in Germany, which has been unheard of since WW2. At that point you will have 2nd Generation former refugees and this will be Germany's tipping point.
Lyzko 15 | 3,551    
25 Jul 2016  #2,624

Perhaps. But from what I've read here on PF, many younger Poles emigrating from post-Brexit England, are aching to come to Germany, and so indeed, the "White" Eagle has already landed, albeit a bit of a crash landing, one could sayLOL

Germany though has sadly been burdened of late with more than her share of problems and Merkel probably needs a fresh onslaught of British-émigré Poles like a hole in the head:-)
Polonius3 1,022 | 13,067    :-(
26 Jul 2016  #2,625

abled German efficiency

The ball is back in France's court with blood-curdling consequences. In a Rouen suburb two bearded men armed with knives and shouting Arabic slogans barged into a small church where they killed the 86-year-old priest celebrating Holy Mass and seriously wounded a member of the congregation. One nun managed to slip out the back door and alert the authorities who sent in an anti-terrrorist squad that shot the two assailants dead. The interior ministry spokesman was very careful and spoke in euphemistic terms, he said he didn't know if the victim was a priest and who the assialants were and was waiting for confirmation.

Moral of the story: PC KILLS!
mafketis 16 | 4,643    
26 Jul 2016  #2,626

The ball is back in France's court with blood-curdling consequences.

I kind of miss a certain French former poster who kept preaching about how there was no problem with muslim violence in France because no records were kept of ethnicity or religion of criminals/terrorists....

France has averaged a significant terror attack every two months or so for the last couple of years, they seem to be picking up speed.

And in German news an "aggressive 22 year old" threatened passengers on a commuter train with a knife and a "man" shot a doctor in a Berlin hospital.
dolnoslask 1 | 1,127    
26 Jul 2016  #2,627

They are getting closer, we have had our drills and are ready and waiting, I hope the GROM are working hard to extract information from this person.

Iraqi citizen arrested in Poland over possession of 'trace' explosive,Iraqi-citizen-arrested-in-Poland-over-possession-of-%E2%80%98trace%E2%80%99-explosive
Grzegorz_ 52 | 6,247    
26 Jul 2016  #2,628

And in German news an "aggressive 22 year old" threatened passengers on a commuter train with a knife and a "man" shot a doctor in a Berlin hospital.

Just troubled youths again... What's most shocking is not that it started happening, "it" simply must have started, but that when it's already in progress, the same fecker still cover it up and lie in your face.
mafketis 16 | 4,643    
26 Jul 2016  #2,629

Just troubled youths again...

Actually the Berlin shooter probably shot himself as well which is a major clue that it's not terrorism - martyrdom requires being killed by the infidels or taking out a number of infidels (as in human bombs)

the train incident still sounds like classic hot-headed middle eastern youth (it apparently started when he was asked to show a ticket)
Grzegorz_ 52 | 6,247    
26 Jul 2016  #2,630

I wouldn't hold my breath but anyway the church in France were definitely muslim psychos, there's barely a day without it recently.
dolnoslask 1 | 1,127    
27 Jul 2016  #2,631

Poor Germans cant even follow their favorite pastime of nude swimming anymore.

Gang of Muslims storm nudist pool in Germany yelling 'Allahu Akbar' and threatening to 'exterminate' women for being 'sluts'

Read more:

Is this what we want in Poland? should we change our traditions for the sake of a few migrants, should we close our churches so that our priests do not get beheaded.
27 Jul 2016  #2,632

Does anyone have the video translated of Kijowski (From PO/KoD/Gazeta Wyborcza) saying that the muslims that beheaded the french priest were actually victims?

What a SOB muslim apologist.
dolnoslask 1 | 1,127    
27 Jul 2016  #2,633

Yet more trouble in Germany,

HomeNews Refugee rapes 79yo woman at German cemetery

apologist. please feel free to reply.
Lyzko 15 | 3,551    
27 Jul 2016  #2,634

None needed, dolno! Merkel's going to lose big time come '18, when she's up for re-election, considering she isn't bounced first after a vote of no confidence by the parliament aka her own party. If an AfD'er or Pegidist gets elected, don't say I didn't warn ya:-)
nothanks - | 855    
27 Jul 2016  #2,635

> A 19-year-old came to a surgery practice with fractured fibula and his veiled girlfriend, then as he was being treated he was becoming more and more aggressive towards the doctor, to the point that he stormed out of the practice afterwards. Then he returned with his father and brother, the father armed with knife, screamed 'alahuakbar' and threatened to decapitate the doctor unless the doctor apologised to his son!! The two sons were apparently supposed to hold down the doctor while the father does the deed!!!

Thankfully someone called the police beforehand and they were captured before things escalated to the worst. But the doctor's wife, who's in the reception, had a heart attack as a result.
dolnoslask 1 | 1,127    
27 Jul 2016  #2,636

Lyzko "None needed, dolno! Merkel's going to lose big time come '18, when she's up for re-election"

You are making perfect sense at last Lyzko, we need to make sure we keep our own safe but also be mindful to protect the genuine innocents who are suffering because of random lunatics.
Lyzko 15 | 3,551    
27 Jul 2016  #2,637

"You are making sense at last....." Thank you for that, but why "at last"? Do I detect a gentle note of sarcasm in that last remark?? LOL

The issue is that Ms. Merkel, with her bend-over-backwards to please the knee-jerk liberals in the SPD (with emphasis on the word "JERK"!) policies, has ended up shooting herself merrily in the foot, or in the knee, as the Germans would put it:-) Those idiotic, almost infantile selfies she had taken with recent migrants was almost as embarrassing a public relations fiasco as some fifty-odd years prior having politicians along side gentlemen from the press presenting a bloody bicycle to some poor shnuck Spaniard as the millionth immigrant into the Federal Republic!! It's all to make amend for the truly unspeakable past, but the questions still remains, "Folks, when is enough eternal breast beating and hand wringing finally ENOUGH??!!
kondzior 7 | 894    
28 Jul 2016  #2,638

All the Islam apologists has stopped posting in this thread? No more "just troubled young man" excuses? Jon, Harry, I am looking at you! Do you have guts to admit that you were in error? That islam is beyond redemption
Polonius3 1,022 | 13,067    :-(
28 Jul 2016  #2,639

guts to admit that you were in error

Don't hold your breath. That's why they're called "libretards". Fuzzy-brained liberals and leftists will go down shouting that the Titanic was not sinking and labelling anyone who said otherwise a titanophobe!
smurf 39 | 2,011    
28 Jul 2016  #2,640


It's libtards


the Titanic was not sinking

depends on your perspective I guess, if you were a fish you'd say it was falling coz the concept of sinking doesn't exist for them as they're always in water anyway...until we eat them.

labelling anyone who said otherwise a titanophobe

Naw, I wouldn't label you that, you're a bigot and a homophobe, but you already know that

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