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Poland under pressure of EU to accept more asylum seeking refugees

dolnoslask 1 | 1,165    
18 May 2017  #3,391

if simply to accomodate those who have been displaced.

You created the conflicts in Afganistan, Iraq , Syria, Libya , Just to mention a few, so why don't you take in the Migrants and refugees as your neighbours.

Why don't you start a camaign to ship them into New York, do you still have the sheds on Staten Island for temporary housing.

johnny reb 13 | 2,595    
18 May 2017  #3,392

DIfficult to respond adequately to racism

Just be Politically Incorrect and you will have no problem in responding adequately.
As long as you are brainwashed with Marxist Political Correctness and use it as a crutch going through life you will never be able to deal with reality adequaely.

Sugar coating words to belittle people like racist, bigot, homophobe, xenophobia, and on and on when the other party refuses to let you use those Liberal Lefts Politically Correct words to instill guilt to get your way when the Politically Incorrect people could care what some Marxist Lefty who lives in a Fairyland of denial thinks.

Reality is that these Muslim migrant economic invaders do not know how to act in a civilized world making themselves a problem and threat to others that do.

If Poland wants to maintain their Conservative Catholic White Culture then WHO are YOU to call them racists and DEMAND that they do what YOU, the EU. Merkel or anyone else who is not Polish wants them to do to ruin their culture ?

And yet you and jon come on here every day promoting it when you have been told endlessly that Poland does NOT want these people.

Someone from Poland asked jon yesterday who's payroll he was on to keep promoting his daily propaganda on how these uneducated Islamists are going to, in his words, "enrich Poland's culture" when in reality they will destroy Poland's culture.

Keep Poland Catholic,White and Polish.
johnny reb 13 | 2,595    
18 May 2017  #3,393

In fact this thread should be closed now that the Polish leaders have spoke making it very clear of what the Polish people want.
mafketis 16 | 4,692    
18 May 2017  #3,394

In fact this thread should be closed now that the Polish leaders have spoke

I think it should be kept open, I derive great enjoyment from asking uncomfortable questions about the "gotta get 'em all!" crowd that they have no real answers to (beyond diversion and ignoring them).
gregy741 3 | 1,082    
18 May 2017  #3,395

here something to think about for those libtard idiots who repeat that not all muslims are terrorists or criminals"
you wanna watch the video of an assault on Tommy:.
Labour Councillor for Smallbridge elected by "peaceful Muslims" involved in defending gang rapists,hired local gangs to commit assault on people who dared to try asking him to stand down.this is consequences of allowing primitive sect settle in your country.

guy was elected by "peaceful Muslims"
i seen myself in 2008- or 2009 100-th of young muslims ,armed with sticks provided by tower hamlet council( Muslim head of council back then,removed for corruption charges),assaulting people in whitechapel.all armed with offensive weapons by taxpayers money.
johnny reb 13 | 2,595    
18 May 2017  #3,396

Very good points.

"peaceful Muslims"

not all muslims are terrorists or criminals"

Let me ask this then...............
If these "peaceful Muslims" just want to escape poverty and acclimate as some of the members here want to paint a rosy picture of then.........

"Why don't we EVER see them in the streets having a peaceful protest against other Muslims that are terrorists" ????
Seems they would want to support their new host county for offering them a better life.
You are either with us or against us philosophy.
Once they start multiplying and get numbers I ask you, WHO do you think ALL of them will be in allegiance with ?
At that point you will convert to Islam or die which is their goal.
jgrabner 1 | 24    
18 May 2017  #3,397

boom of the 1950s and '60s was made possible by i.a. the Marshal Plan and Gasarbeiter from Yugoslvaia and Muslim Turkey

no. From Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung, a state run agency:
They say that until 1968, there were only around 150 thousand Turks in Germany and only then increased drastically and 1972 there were already 453 thousand. Up until then, Italians were the biggest group of immigrants.

Immigrants from former Yugo are not even mentioned in any statistics. How could mass migration from behind the iron wall even have been possible pre-1989?

Anyway, when the Turks came in droves, the boom was already in its final stages and in the later 70s, severe recessions hit Germany. While the number of immigrants continued to rise, employment of them stagnated:


but before mid-1965, foreign immigration was close to non-existant, esp. from non-european sources.

The most important immigration contingent in the boom years (1949 onward) came - until 1961 - from East Germany:


from 1949-1961, a total of 2,7 million came, 100% ethnic Germans fleeing communism.

For sure, the Turks that came in the late 60s did contribute well to the German economy, although on a minuscule level. They had to, because they could only get into Germany if they already had a signed work contract and social security was still in its infancy. And even if they were theoretically "muslim", they were not showing it. You will have a hard time finding a veiled women on pictures of the 70s and 80s in Germany.
mafketis 16 | 4,692    
18 May 2017  #3,398

You will have a hard time finding a veiled women on pictures of the 70s and 80s in Germany.

Or in the 1970s in Iran or Egypt...
Polonius3 1,022 | 13,067    
18 May 2017  #3,399

no agreement

The Eurocrats are abusing the banner of "European solidarity" to whip-lash Poland and other EU members who do not bend to the Brussels dictate. But where was European solidarity when Merkel one-sidedly invited up to 800,000 refugee/migrants in 2015 alone? Did she consult that project with the remaining member states? What she did was set a bad example that an indivudual state can think up its own private project, foist it off on everybody else and threaten those who disagree with reprisals.
Chemikiem 4 | 902    
18 May 2017  #3,400

Just a little something for the Muslim bashers ;)
dolnoslask 1 | 1,165    
18 May 2017  #3,401

Just a little something for the Muslim bashers

Do you understand the concept of Taqiya have you ever read the Quran, do you know about the precedence that the later part of Mohameds (pbuh) life has over the earlier part, I sugeesest you read it, then we could all debate further.
Lyzko 15 | 3,623    
18 May 2017  #3,402

Perhaps, Johnny and dolno and some of the rest of youse, G_d intends another purpose for the future of mankind, and it may just involve abandoning certain of our cherished notions! While I might not support them, I have to accept them from my neighbors, or be prepared to live eternally in war rather than peace!
Chemikiem 4 | 902    
18 May 2017  #3,403

I don't pretend to understand it all Dolno, but from the way many have been talking on this thread, it would appear that all 1.6 billion Muslims in the world are 'vermin' as one poster described them, or terrorists. I also think that many posting on this thread read and repeat and copy and paste garbage from less than credible news sources . I am not including you amongst those posters btw. As for reading the Quran, I have read many different interpretations of passages from it, and that is the problem. How it is interpreted by some. I doubt anyone here really understands it.

All I was trying to do by posting my links was to redress the balance a little on a thread which is doing little more than promoting hate. How much of this thread actually relates to the title? Not much at all in my opinion. But hey! Muslims standing up and condemning terrorism is far less newsworthy than terrorists committing acts of violence don't you think?
Lyzko 15 | 3,623    
18 May 2017  #3,404

I agree!

Used to be one never read about Germany in our local news unless skinheads or swasticas were features in the news article. Now, we read about their opponents. Nice change.
18 May 2017  #3,405

How many refugees are in Poland currently?
Not counting ukrainians.
nothanks - | 857    
18 May 2017  #3,406

Counting former refugees that have permanent status now? Under 10K I'm guessing.

Wikipedia: "Refugees in Poland are a relatively small group. Since 1989 the number of people applying for refugee status in Poland has risen from about 1,000 to 10,000 each year; about 1-2% of the applications are approved. The majority of applications are from citizens of the former Soviet Union (in particular, Chechnya and Ukraine)."

"Only about 1-2% of the applications are approved. In 2012 Refugee status was granted to 106, while 477 received complementary protection. In 2013 208 people received the refugee status, and 550 or complementary protection or "tolerated stay" category"
Crnogorac3 2 | 223    
19 May 2017  #3,407

Merkel just won a series of local county-wide elections yesterday in among other places, North-Rhine Westphalia (the most densely populated German state),


At the construction site of a mosque in Germany a dead pig was found.

German police said on Tuesday that at the mosque construction site in Leipzig a dead pig was found on which was written the name of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

On the animal corpse has been written in red letters "Mutti Merkel," AP reported, explaining that "Mutti" or "Mom" is Merkel's nickname.

A police spokesman Uwe Foight said that "it seems probable that it was an act of xenophobia".

The incident was condemned by Leipzig Mayor Burkhard Jung.

After in 2013 a plan to build a mosque in Leipzig was revealed, unknown perpetrators on several occasions left on the site pigs heads.
Crnogorac3 2 | 223    
19 May 2017  #3,408

so looks like Petry, Hoecke and the far right have suffered a bit of a setback, don't you think?

Fear and trembling for migrants:


"Odin's army" becoming more numerous, right-wingers patroling Europe

The right-wing Civil Guard called Odin's army has spread to several countries and daily recording growing numbers due to the increasing influx of migrants.

They conduct daily street marches in order to prevent attacks on women by migrants. This group was created from the revolt because of the inability of authorities to keep under control immigrants who are responsible for the rise in crime and the number of rapes in the EU.

Here's how the Odin's army march looks like in Estonia.

We recall that late last year a group of young men formed an "army of Odin", named after the Viking god. They are patrolling the streets of their city each night and keeping citizens safe from dangerous migrants.

In the Finnish town of Kemi, the headquarters of "Odin's Army", "every day one can see masked men in black T-shirts.
Even at night there's a lot of them on the streets, although the temperature can fall as much as 30 degrees below zero.
mafketis 16 | 4,692    
19 May 2017  #3,409

Just a little something

From a western perspective Ahmadis are almost european in their attitude toward the religion and frequently engage in outreach programs. Almost any public effort by muslims to improve their image in the UK is from Ahmadis...... and Sunnis HATE HATE HATE them and claim they are not "real" muslims and they are persecuted in Pakistan almost as much as Christians are.

the shopkeeper who made a christmas message for his christian customers was Ahmadi (and a sunni drove across the country to kill him).
Polonius3 1,022 | 13,067    
19 May 2017  #3,410

1.6 billion Muslims in the world are 'vermin'

That is an extreme exagerration, since the poster clearly applied that term to those who say "convert to Islam or die", to the the decapitators, terrorists who kill innocent people in public places, bomb churches and mosques, preferably when they're full of worshippers, persecute not only Christians but also Muslims belonging to less radical wings, believe Christian girls were created to be raped, set up no-go zones, try to impose their socio-religious norms on the host country and parasitically abuse benefits provide by hard-working domestic taxpayers. To such despicable creatures only such terms as vermin, scum, crud and slime are appropriate.
19 May 2017  #3,411

19 May 2017  #3,412

Polonius3 1,022 | 13,067    
19 May 2017  #3,413


and (ugh) Christian! Another thing the self-styled "progressives" cannot stomach.
"Give me a swarthy Mohammed-worshiping camel-jockey any day" - they seem to be saying.
johnny reb 13 | 2,595    
19 May 2017  #3,414


Exactly - We are tired of being pushed under the rug to be walked on.
Call it what it is.
We are tired of being brow beat by them playing the race card.
Back off and give us some elbow room or go back to where you came from.
I never use to be a racist but because of YOUR racism it has forced us White folk to become a racist.
Another reason why Poland has rejected the non White invaders.
Lyzko 15 | 3,623    
19 May 2017  #3,415

Double standards don't help anybody!!!
Joker - | 460    
20 May 2017  #3,416

The mainstream media certainly doesn't believe in this policy.

They are part of the problem not the solution.
dolnoslask 1 | 1,165    
20 May 2017  #3,417

Let the Polish people decide.

Polish referendum possible on refugees: deputy FM
19.05.2017 14:53
Poland could take the migration issue to a referendum if it feels forced into accepting refugees, Konrad Szymański, Poland's deputy foreign minister, has said.
20 May 2017  #3,418

Don't forget, when the left wing liberal press want to convey something good about a group of people they will call them Muslims, when it is something bad in the press they will be called Asians.

Muslims = good
Asians = bad
Crnogorac3 2 | 223    
20 May 2017  #3,419

Polish referendum possible on refugees: deputy FM

Unfortunately, that won't achieve much. It's great though that the Polish government wants to show that it repesents the will of the majority of the Polish people and wishes to send out a clear and unequivocal message to the outside world that they refuse to accept foreign blackmails or extortions and that the people of Poland themselves hold their destiny in their own hands. As for the international elites of the West, democracy serves to them only as a tool to reach the goals that they themselves already set out to achieve beforehand and already decided which is the "correct" path to take in advance. They are willing to use all methods to achieve their aims, legal or illegal.,_1998

Another case in point was the referendum on the EU accession of Ireland, three of them were unsuccessful and the 4th one successful. After the 4th one never again was another referendum held to check the mood of the Irish voters.
gregy741 3 | 1,082    
20 May 2017  #3,420

Unfortunately, that won't achieve much. will give Poland strong mandate to refuse quotas. we could argue that we cant act against will of people ect.and any demands and pressure from EU to accept illegal hordes, we could say it would be undemocratic.just another political assets we could use in any EU-Poland confrontation.

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