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Poland - Ukraine. Młodzież Wszechpolska against Ukrainians.

Dirk diggler 6 | 2,060    :-(
13 Mar 2018  #181

Italians have always been like that in a way - northerners and southerners don't get a long, no one likes the Sicilians, etc. The anti-migrant populist movement in Italy began in the north and has now made it's way to Rome = )

Hopefully Italy can become great again. My Italian friends get teary eyed when they talk about how Italy has changed in the past 5-10 years. It's bad. Like Germany has a deluge of migrants, but it's even worse in Italy because that's where all the north Africans and sub Saharans land. The country basically became like France but within an even shorter time frame. Hopefully Berlusconi takes charge and remedies the situation. Why migrant boats were even allowed to come ashore is beyond me - that's basically abetting people illegally crossing and only encourages more people to come. All those millions of dollars every day yet they couldn't even protect the maritime border and refuse entry to any unauthorized boats to pass into the 12 mile nautical border.

Well see how things turn out. So far though I think Italy can become a great ally to the V4. In fact, any populist leader who wants to clean up the damage caused by Merkel's recklessness is an asset to Poland.

delphiandomine 86 | 16,044    
13 Mar 2018  #182

Hopefully Berlusconi takes charge and remedies the situation.

Remedy the situation? He's the one who agreed to the EU pact on refugees to begin with.

"We all need to think very carefully about how this civilised and Christian Europe, this Europe of prosperity, can open up to welcome those who come here with a desire to seek a better future for themselves and their children."

Berlusconi's words.
Dirk diggler 6 | 2,060    :-(
13 Mar 2018  #183

Well, since 2003 he clearly saw all the problems migrants have caused and had a change of heart.

Also, I doubt he expected a deluge of Africans coming on rafts by the thousands multiple times a day when he said that.

He's clearly running on an anti-migrant, populist platform - which the Italian people love. In fact almost all the Italian candidates had an anti-migrant message. Europeans, even Germans, were very welcoming of the refugees at first. However, once it became clear most were not refugees and were economic migrants seeking to leech off benefits and caused the amount of rapes to skyrocket to the point where now there's women only zones at NYE parties and concerts, well their attitude completely changed. Even Journeyman, which typically is center-left released a documentary titled 'The night that change Germany's attitude towards migrants' referring to the mass rape of German women in Cologne on NYE

Home / News / Poland - Ukraine. Młodzież Wszechpolska against Ukrainians.
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