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Poland - Ukraine. Młodzież Wszechpolska against Ukrainians.

Dirk diggler 9 | 4,047    :-(
  13 Mar 2018  #181
Italians have always been like that in a way - northerners and southerners don't get a long, no one likes the Sicilians, etc. The anti-migrant populist movement in Italy began in the north and has now made it's way to Rome = )

Hopefully Italy can become great again. My Italian friends get teary eyed when they talk about how Italy has changed in the past 5-10 years. It's bad. Like Germany has a deluge of migrants, but it's even worse in Italy because that's where all the north Africans and sub Saharans land. The country basically became like France but within an even shorter time frame. Hopefully Berlusconi takes charge and remedies the situation. Why migrant boats were even allowed to come ashore is beyond me - that's basically abetting people illegally crossing and only encourages more people to come. All those millions of dollars every day yet they couldn't even protect the maritime border and refuse entry to any unauthorized boats to pass into the 12 mile nautical border.

Well see how things turn out. So far though I think Italy can become a great ally to the V4. In fact, any populist leader who wants to clean up the damage caused by Merkel's recklessness is an asset to Poland.
delphiandomine 85 | 17,470    
13 Mar 2018  #182
Hopefully Berlusconi takes charge and remedies the situation.

Remedy the situation? He's the one who agreed to the EU pact on refugees to begin with.

"We all need to think very carefully about how this civilised and Christian Europe, this Europe of prosperity, can open up to welcome those who come here with a desire to seek a better future for themselves and their children."

Berlusconi's words.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,047    :-(
  13 Mar 2018  #183
Well, since 2003 he clearly saw all the problems migrants have caused and had a change of heart.

Also, I doubt he expected a deluge of Africans coming on rafts by the thousands multiple times a day when he said that.

He's clearly running on an anti-migrant, populist platform - which the Italian people love. In fact almost all the Italian candidates had an anti-migrant message. Europeans, even Germans, were very welcoming of the refugees at first. However, once it became clear most were not refugees and were economic migrants seeking to leech off benefits and caused the amount of rapes to skyrocket to the point where now there's women only zones at NYE parties and concerts, well their attitude completely changed. Even Journeyman, which typically is center-left released a documentary titled 'The night that change Germany's attitude towards migrants' referring to the mass rape of German women in Cologne on NYE
Crow 145 | 7,310    
  25 Mar 2018  #184
I know that many things depend on outside hostile anti-Slavic powers but, I rising my voice and I accusing official Russia and official Poland for full and utter incompetence. Those elites are to be blamed for didn`t help in preventing suffering of all children in Ukraine. Blood of those children is at their hands. For they didn`t make deal among themselves and help establishing of real ethnic Ukrainian state, while helping to traditional Polish and Russian ethnic regions to peacefully secade.

I am so sorry my Ukrainian sisters and brothers for we Serbs couldn`t have strength to defeat entire world for you. I am so sorry. Sorry, for we are just a shadow of what we once had been.
Velund 1 | 316    
26 Mar 2018  #185
while helping to traditional Polish and Russian ethnic regions to peacefully secade.

You forgot about at least one hungarian region...
Crow 145 | 7,310    
  26 Mar 2018  #186
Hungary itself is Slavic region born within it what was Great Moravia, officially recognized (even by the Pope) Slavic state in the middle ages. But, considering that Hungarians shows respect to Slavs, if we could be sure that they admits their belonging to Slavic cultural realm, maybe, just maybe, we can talk. But it is unknown to us Serbs, absolutely unknown idea to us, that we speak of giving up Slavic land to non-Slavs. Hardly we could found peace with our ancestors on that, on a SLAVA day, when our oldest ancestor sits on our right shoulder and speak to us. It would be very hard to explain that to ancestors.

In any case, it is expected that we Serbians needs to give up from our lands in Ukraine. like it is normal that Serbs are assimilated into all others who are interested in the region. Should we Serbs give up that easily? If we are stronger, YOU all would show respect to Svetovid, no matter are you Orthodox or Catholics. I feel shame that we aren`t able to show you the way.
Lyzko 20 | 5,967    
26 Mar 2018  #187
The Hungarians of course were NOT Slavs, but descendants of Ugritic tribespeople who migrated from around the Ural Mts. in Central Russia nearly a thousand years ago, settling in the "basin" known today as present-day Hungary. This area was much larger in dimension than it appears today. This is what the sources tell us.

In fact, after centuries, indeed the Hungarian or Magyar folk absorbed their Slavic neighbors and through intermarriage also adopted many loan words from the surrounding tongues, such as Romanian.
Crow 145 | 7,310    
  27 Mar 2018  #188
Things are very simple with Hungary. I mentioned Great Moravia (you are fee to google that). With help of western Romans, Pope and Teutons, Great Moravia was destroyed and Slavic population enslaved and dispersed all around. On such a weakened Slavic element came Atila of the Huns and imposed his rule. He then took the Catholicism and started to blossom. For if you obeyed to Pope you could live and, blossom. If you obeyed to Pope and you were not Slavic you could become somewhat equal to God on Earth.

Poles also took the Catholicism in order to survive, which, I must say, was good solution of the historical moment. If they didn`t took Catholicism Poles would be destroyed by Rome completely. Thanks to Catholicism Poles were killed only once. Without Catholicism they would be killed twice and trice at least. See, same was with Slavs who took Orthodoxy, just, eastern Romans proved to be weaker then western and plus, GREAT PLUS,... eastern Romans had within eastern Rome, old core of Sarmatia (Serbia/Moesia). Old living core of Sarmatia that was only contained and held on control during unified Rome. After dissolution of Roman Empire as a whole, Sarmatrians (Serbians/Slavs) managed to preserve `Slava` custom within Christianity. But, that also was only partial solution.

Point is. When our Slavic ancestors were facing choice to took the Catholicism or Orthodoxy, they didn`t got to solution. It was just path of mutilation and prolongation of inevitable. To live, one must forget its Slavic existence. That is the only solution. Its much easier to cease to exist as Slavs then to admit proportion of a lie. That is in human nature.
Crow 145 | 7,310    
  1 Apr 2018  #189
I told you. Trump won`t support Nazis and Islamists in Europe. Schemes started by western Europeans won`t get Trump`s support

US Congress bans arms to Ukraine militia linked to neo-Nazis

the $1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill signed into law last week stipulates that "none of the funds made available by this act may be used to provide arms, training or other assistance to the Azov Battalion."

Dirk diggler 9 | 4,047    :-(
  1 Apr 2018  #190
Azov are not neo nazis. Anyone who rejects multiculturalism and the destruction of the traditional family and stands up for his/her own people is considered alt right, neo nazi, fascist, etc by the left. Besides, they dont need direct us money. It will be funneled to them in other ways.
Crow 145 | 7,310    
11 Sep 2018  #191
Thinking of madness of maiden from perspective of few years. If somebody now ask Germans, maiden wouldn`t happen. They for sure greatly regretted this provocation.
Crow 145 | 7,310    
4 Oct 2018  #192
Ukraine and Hungary. Relations worsened.

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