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Lenka 3 | 2,812
8 Aug 2021 #631
To get the sportsman on that level one must invest in kids. When I was starting with sport my school run a program of extra 10 hours a week of dedicated PE and 1,5 h x 5 times a week training for free. I checked swimming and gymnastics in my area and 1 half and hour sessions a week is £30 a month...
Novichok 2 | 5,267
8 Aug 2021 #632
To get the sportsman on that level one must invest in kids.

Oh, we do! We invest in cheeseburgers, fries, coke, pizzas, coke, video games, smartphones, ...What else do you want? Lately, even those battery-operated inventions from hell so that the poor darlings don't have to walk, God forbid! Our reward is that they will die before they can start drawing the retirement benefits - or sooner from covid. Hopefully, before the parents spend a load of cash on that useless degree.

Thank you, Mr. Darwin!
jon357 69 | 18,492
8 Aug 2021 #633
To get the sportsman on that level one must invest in kids.

Very much so, however it can't be limited just to kids; it has to start there, and start seriously there, but the facilities, financial support and the trainers have to continue. At least that's what worked for the UK. Since Poland already has large sporting infrastructure, mostly due large-scale investment pre-1989, it has an excellent chance (and the structure still in place) to build on that. It would work.

No illegal scum invading their little islands a

Yet some who match that description tried invading them during the Bay of Pigs...

So easy peasy...
Miloslaw 12 | 3,351
8 Sep 2021 #634
Poland v England World Cup football qualifier in Warsaw tonight.
Poland have the best striker but England have the better team.
I always support Poland in these games but, obviously, I am not too disappointed if they lose.
I just hope Poland put up a good fight and don't get thrashed.
The Polish FA have said they there will not be any racist chants from Polish fans as there was in Hungary,because the national team support comes more from families than hooligans.This is true to a degree, but we all know that hooligans attend these matches too, as witnessed when Poland play Russia.

Do you think some Polish fans will cause trouble?
Miloslaw 12 | 3,351
8 Sep 2021 #635
Half-time.Poland 0 England 0.

England were the better team, but Poland were good and the best chance of a goal fell to Lewndowski.
He missed.....:-(
Second half to come..... If Poland don't tire, they could give England a scare.
I still think England will win though.... :-(
amiga500 2 | 995
8 Sep 2021 #636
Yes I'm watching it as well. Great to see Poland competitive.
Miloslaw 12 | 3,351
8 Sep 2021 #637
Poland1 England1
I was worried about how much Poland would be beaten by this very good English side.
Seems to me that Poland have improved enormously as well.
They never gave up, never got tired and just kept fighting.I
Brilliant result for Poland!
amiga500 2 | 995
8 Sep 2021 #638
great game> was fun to see the crowd and team go wild in warsaw. 2nd game and first goal for szymanski. nice header.
Miloslaw 12 | 3,351
8 Sep 2021 #639
Yeah, good game and Poland can be proud of that result against one of the best teams in the world.
Vincent 9 | 866 Moderator
8 Sep 2021 #640
result against one of the best teams in the world.

Good result for Poland! I wouldn't go as far as saying they were playing against one of the best teams in the world. What have they won in the last 50 years?
Joker 2 | 2,224
8 Sep 2021 #641
Poland1 England1

Why cant they finish the game so its 2 to 1?
Miloslaw 12 | 3,351
9 Sep 2021 #642
What have they won in the last 50 years?

Oh come on Vincent!
You don't get to the Euro finals and only lose on penalties if you are a rubbish team!
Oathbreaker 4 | 451
9 Sep 2021 #643
Less points then opponent = 0 score
If it's a tie it = 1 score
A win = 3 score

Unless they changed the scoring system
Miloslaw 12 | 3,351
9 Sep 2021 #644
Looks like the Polish FA were right about the behaviour of Polish fans, despite the Polish fans being in good voice, I did not hear any racist chants.

They applauded the English national anthem but they did jeer when the England players "took the knee"......I can't blame them for that.
mafketis 29 | 10,332
9 Sep 2021 #645
"took the knee"......

Why would English players want to honor an American criminal drug addict with a record of abusing women? Really, what's up with that?
Miloslaw 12 | 3,351
9 Sep 2021 #646

I don't get it either Maf........
pawian 181 | 17,079
10 Sep 2021 #647
Funny. The British Guardian journalist suggested that Polish cameramen kept showing only aryan-looking children in the crowds of soccer fans during the match two days ago. He added it was impossible that all kids in Warsaw were blond. haha
Alien 4 | 463
10 Sep 2021 #648
Hi Paw, Guardian is simply not BBC, but lately also BBC has stoped being objective. On the other side Polish kids are mostly white and not black.
Miloslaw 12 | 3,351
10 Sep 2021 #649
Guardian is simply not BBC

I would not trust either news sources if I were you.
The Guardian has a long history of being a left wing mouthpiece and the BBC has followed their example.
amiga500 2 | 995
11 Sep 2021 #650

only a soviet traitor like you finds it funny, any polish person would see it as an slur on poland, as per the usual of the western liberal-left establishment , which the guardian rag is.
Paulina 12 | 2,231
11 Sep 2021 #651
@amiga500, it's so stupid that it is funny, actually... So take it easy...
Miloslaw 12 | 3,351
11 Sep 2021 #652
which the guardian rag is

Agreed, The Guardian is a pathetic left wing rag.
Crnogorac3 2 | 479
13 Sep 2021 #653

This Polish fan seems to be with great interest following the match with the English.
Vesko Vukovich
13 Sep 2021 #654
A scout for young talent.

Paulina 12 | 2,231
15 Sep 2021 #655
Good day for Poland, bad for Russia - Poles defeated Russians in voleyball:

...and in football:

Btw, before the voleyball match Russian voleyball star praised Polish voleyball fans - he said that their support is the best in the world, which was nice and classy, I think :):
Miloslaw 12 | 3,351
15 Sep 2021 #656
Good day for Poland, bad for Russia -

Great stuff!

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