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Samuel P. Huntington sees future of Poland outside of Slavic world

Crow 145 | 6,782    
3 Apr 2011  #1

Samuel P. Huntington ignore Slavic world as unique civilization. In Huntington`s vision Poland is seen as exclusively part of Western world. It could sound as compliment to Poland if we forget on fact that Poland actually represent part of major European civilization which actually gave birth to the Western world. That is Danubian, Balkan-Baltic branch of Slavic world, back in time known as Sarmatian world. So, Huntington mistaking or simple ignoring facts. To begin with, Huntington`s definition of West is wrong. Why? Only he knows why. All in all, Huntington didn`t give chance to Slavic civilization in his observations. He giving itself right to once and for all `finish` with Slavic world. He don`t need Slavic world. In his visions Slavic world just have to be divide and split among `major civilizations`. We Slavs, as always, got lecture how we have to live and organize ourselves.

In the same time, Huntington excluded Orthodox Slavs from the West. How is this possible? Orthodox Serbs on Balkan still live in territory that was old core of Sarmatian Danubian world. Exactly here on Balkan, on the banks of Danube river, West was born and agriculture started to spread all around Europe. We again coming to the Huntington`s definition of West. Huntington ignoring facts, same way as German historical school (today blessed by EU) ignored facts about Slavs for thousands of years. Huntington underlined: `The Orthodox world`. It mean that Huntington giving itself right to decide in the name of Orthodox Slavs that for us biggest privilege represent fact that we are Orthodox then fact that we are Slavs. He maybe puts these two in conflict with purpose. Why in conflict? Only Huntington knows. But, i repeat, such a observation of Slavs, being them Orthodox, Catholic or Protestant simple isn`t correct. Slavs are Christians (Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants) but it is just one thing that makes us Slavs. There are even Muslim Slavs. Slavs who are atheists. Even still pagan Slavs. Still, we are all Slavs, children of Slavija and many of us feel that we belong to Slavic world that is one unique civilization. i wouldn`t elaborate it now but, many things make us Slavs, from our mentality, spirituality, history, heritage, language, culture, food, drinks, etc, etc things.

major civilizations of the world by Samuel P. Huntington:

civilization Poland

* Western civilization
* Latin America
* The Orthodox world
* The Eastern world
* The Muslim world
* Sub-Saharan Africa
Etc. for more data consult: The Clash of Civilizations - Samuel P. Huntington


In one other work of Samuel P. Huntington i founded something that is more closer to my own thinking of Slavic world and particularly Poland.

spot this >

Poland now rivals Britain as our closest ally in Europe because neither the Poles nor we want Poland again to be dominated by its historic enemies, Germany and Russia. The U.S. has also developed close relations with Ukraine, as well as Georgia and Uzbekistan, as counters to any expansion of Russian power.

read more: AMERICA IN THE WORLD, by Samuel P. Huntington

You all eventually heard for the idea of Medjumurje, in Polish `Międzymorze`.

Poland sea

Międzymorze on the map of Europe

Międzymorze (Polish pronunciation: [mjɛnd͡zɨˈmɔʐɛ]; [medjumurje in Serbian]; also known in English as Intermarum) was a plan, pursued after World War I by Józef Piłsudski, for a federation, under Poland's aegis, of Central and Eastern European countries. Invited to join the proposed federation were the Baltic states (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), Finland, Belarus, Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia.

The Polish name Międzymorze, which means "Intersea" or "Between-seas," has been rendered into English, from the Latin, as "Intermarum" or "Intermarium." The proposed federation was meant to emulate the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, stretching from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea, that, from the end of the 16th century to the end of the 18th, had united the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

for more read: Międzymorze

Międzymorze, superimposed on a map of world

If it could be possible that currently main USA problem in Europe represent eventual fear from the expansion of Russian influence, maybe, just maybe, we Slavs on the Balkan-Baltic line, can expect that USA support project of Intermarum (Międzymorze). It is even more interesting because there are clear indications that Russia won`t even try to prevent formation of such Slavic enterprise between three seas- Baltic, Black and Adriatic. We maybe talk of consensus between USA, Russia and Poland. That is also good news for Ukraine, Serbia and many other countries that could be involved in project of `Intermarum`- tampon zone between Russia and west of Europe.

sascha 1 | 834    
3 Apr 2011  #2

Cultural America is under siege. And as the Soviet experience illustrates, ideology is a weak glue to hold together people otherwise lacking racial, ethnic, and cultural sources of community —— Who Are We? America's Great Debate, p. 12.

This is a quote I took from wiki. Looks like they still have no clue who they are. Bounty poeple? Those who didn't succeed in Europe?

What is his political background since he was under Carter administration?
joepilsudski 26 | 1,394    
5 Apr 2011  #3

Poland's situation is that it straddles the line, so to speak, because it is Roman Catholic and leans more to the West...Russia is occupied with rebuilding it's own country, and the USA right now is a mess, with maybe a few in the State Department understanding anything about Slavic history...In USA now, one must be a card carrying Zionist to have any influential position...Unfortunately, this attitude means great problems with any country or culture not connected to Jewish lobby...There are 'Arabists' in the State Dept. who wish for greater understanding of Arabic culture, but they are pushed to the side...In the current view of Washington DC, Slavs are an insignificant factor in any world affairs...Of course, they are wrong, but this is how it is today.

BTW, Huntingdon an intelligent man, but he has his limitations...Some consider him originator of phrase 'Clash of Civilization' used by neo-cons to forment war between Christian and Muslim cultures.
7 Apr 2011  #4

Crow, oh crow, crow, crow...

What's that thing with you and the slavophilia? Have you ever considered changing the place of your agitation? What about, don't you think you'll find much more followers out there?

Don't you see BTW that the whole Miedzymorze idea was about building a nice, firm wall between us and our 'Slavic Brothers'?

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