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Will Poland Run Out of Russian Gas?

OP David_18 69 | 987    
24 Sep 2010  #31
Yes, the intention is to make as much money as possible for Russia.

Yes indeed they will use any means necessary to build their own wellfare on other countries expense. The Russian way to go you know ;)

Zimbabwe is doing exactly the same thing with diamonds - are they using it as a weapon? Of course not.

You can't compare a third world country with an inflation on 100000% with Russia that is one of the worlds largest nation.
convex 20 | 3,985    
24 Sep 2010  #32
Yes indeed they will use any means necessary to build their own wellfare on other countries expense

Polish companies don't cut any breaks to foreign customers, why should Gazprom?
delphiandomine 86 | 16,402    
24 Sep 2010  #33
The Russian way to go you know ;)

It's called "business".

Do you really think that if you own lots of a scarce resource, that you should be forced to sell it at a lower price to people who want it just because they need it?

But go on - tell us what you would do. Long term deal means long term stability, right?
cladd - | 4    
25 Sep 2010  #34
Natural Gas in Europe is a highly politicized matter, with many parties (corporate, government) with different interests at the table (i.e. Germany's position with Poland over the proposed Baltic LNG terminal). No question that Gazprom wants to get the best overall deal for its product (as reflected in price, minimum quantities, length of contract, etc.), but one can not forget the the company receives its direction Moscow.

Russia, or any country for that matter, will use resources at hand to exert geopolitical influence when required.
Chicago Pollock 7 | 506    
25 Sep 2010  #35
Exactly. Poland needs to develop it's own energy resources right now. As mentioned in a previous thread, gasify your coal and start building anerobic digesters in your agricultural sector. In the mean time burn coal outright and import your gas from Norway, who incidentally has never been a threat to Poland (that's code for no conflicting interests). You can't say that for Russia.
13 Mar 2016  #36
[moved from]
I was going to try and explain what is actually going on and then realised I can't be bothered because of the generally hysterical and infantile behaviour of some posters (not all). Anyhow, IF you want to actually understand what is happening then please have a look at the links below. dominance.html
14 Mar 2016  #37
Don't post links from Russian government propaganda web sites.
peterweg 36 | 2,323    
13 Apr 2018  #38

EU documents lay bare Russian energy abuse - Gazprom gas supplies and prices in Poland

Russian firm Gazprom has been strangling EU energy markets for years, documents show, as the European Commission takes aim at its new pipeline, Nord Stream 2.

..said the Russian firm had hindered cross-border sales of gas in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Slovakia.

It said the "purpose was to segment the internal market along national borders" so that Gazprom could impose "unfair pricing" in the region.

It also said the Russian company had "leveraged its dominance by conditioning gas supplies ... on obtaining certain non-related commitments" from clients, for instance by forcing Poland to yield control over the Yamal gas pipeline in northern Europe.
TheWizard - | 222    
13 Apr 2018  #39
Frankly everyone knows that already but there you go for those who have been living under a rock.
peterweg 36 | 2,323    
13 Apr 2018  #40
Knowing about and doing something about its are two seperate things.

This should stop NordStream 2.

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