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Regain banking assets - new Polish finance minister supports privatisation in Poland. Corruption?

OP Polonius3 994 | 12,367
25 Dec 2015 #31
smaller insurer

My cousin chose a smaller insurer than PZU (I think Warta) and when he had an accident they tried to wiggle their way out of paying siting various paragraphs and technicalities.

I hold it againat Balcerowicz that he chose to privatise the way he did by effectively destroying and/or giving away Poland's industrial assets foreigners for a song creating double-digit unemployment. All that energy should have been directed at creating a Polish National Capital Consortium comprising public and private assets. Back then (early '90s) there were still considerable: collieries, shipyards, refineries, KGHM, salvageable/modernisable manufacturing facilties, etc. plus incentives to attract Polish private capital. Such a consoritum would have had a human Polish face which would have to reckon with people's needs. Foreign hard-nosed capitalists see Poland mainly as an exploitation site. Poland could have saved its automotive industry, because when Daewoo collapsed such a capital consortium could have bought out their Polish-based facilties.
Librarius - | 91
25 Dec 2015 #32

April 13, 1993.

Interviewer:We were discussing before we went on air about Eastern Europe...
Noam Chomsky: Eastern Europe fits right into this. I mean... take, say, General Motors - the biggest corporation. They are closing plants here, trying to... they are the biggest employer in Mexico because they get very cheap labor in a kind of high repression, low-wage area. They are also opening plants in Eastern Europe. They just opened the big high-tech, seven hundred million dollar plant in East Germany and the international financial press, the business press, is very frank what it's about. I mean, they say, look they are opening with very high expectations, there is tremendous unemployment, almost 50% unemployment, they can get wages on... now, I am quoting, 'on 40% of the cost of the pampered western workers'... western workers are pampered, as far as the business press is concerned. They gather 40% of the wages and no benefits and longer hours so that's terrific for profits, not very good for the people in the pampered, you know, west. Poland's even better... they can gather 10% of the wage level, because the government is oppressive enough to be able to break strikes and so on, and so forth. They are opening plants in Russia for the same reason. Now, you get educated labor, skilled labor, very low cost, healthy people... they've got very good health system but very low cost. And it's a new third world, which undercuts western levels.

It would be interesting to hear your comment on that. Because you live in the US, the country of the pampered workers.
Ironside 53 | 12,424
11 Oct 2017 #33

PiS Moves away from the right path.

Introducing legislation legitimating commie robbery of the private property after WWII. Restitution of said property to the rightful owners would the right way.

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