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What are notable differences between Poland's National Security Strategy 2007 and 2014?

fareasttiger 6 | 17
3 Nov 2014 #1
It was almost 2 weeks after Government adopted new National Security Strategy (21/10) but i see there is not much comments about it.
I can see full version of Poland's National Security Strategy 2007 but i don't see the 2014 version. I am wondering that when it be released or may be there is sensitive contents that it won't be made public?

The 2014 Strategy is constructed and adopted when political situation in the region is very stressed and unpredictable. So, you guys experts, please tell me what are notable differences between National security Strategy 2007 and 2014? or may be just looks to buy more NATO standard weapons?
Looker - | 1,120
4 Nov 2014 #2
What strategy? There's no real strategy besides what's on the paper. Everything seems working fine, but stronger threat - and it will be a mess..

Of course I didn't found any 2014 version either.
Kowalski 7 | 621
4 Nov 2014 #3
One notable difference would be we are not going for free anywhere far like Iraq, Syria etc, priority in spendings is for whatever is needed to upgrade ourselves. Also as priority more focusing on energy security - within EU. Military budget has been increased to 2% GDP, they'd probably use it all up unlike in previous years.
OP fareasttiger 6 | 17
5 Nov 2014 #4
You are right.
Besides, i think there would be another notable difference - with bigger and stronger threat, Poland will not rely too much on any nation and institution but has to be more independent to protect itself. This also leads to what Kowalski said above.

Of course I didn't found any 2014 version either.

President signed yesterday and hopefully the new version will soon be released.
6 Nov 2014 #5
30% bigger defense budget due to rise in size of the economy. Hugh new equipment spending plan. So 500 helicopters 400 UAV's new long range cruise missiles. Hundreds more tanks and apcs.

And more
OP fareasttiger 6 | 17
7 Nov 2014 #6
And may be more people will be counted and called to reserve for military :)
Jadowniki 1 | 24
31 Dec 2014 #7
I believe the main difference is the focus, Poland in 2007 was more focused on getting involved in NATO missions and counter insurgency. That is why polish special forces and lighter armoured vehicles are pretty advanced. Now however, with more of a threat from russia, poland is looking to defend her borders. Thus, poland is investing in more heavy equiptment. Missles to intercept air craft and missiles are being invEstes in and poland is buying a new fleet of modern attack helocopters. Poland is pretty advanced when it comes to armoured ground units, but currently is inferior in airforce and missile units to russia.
Szenk88HTAFC 2 | 47
31 Dec 2014 #8
And still no imorovement on maritime capabilities As it stands Poland's territorial waters would succumb to a foreign invasion in a matter of weeks, if not days.
31 Dec 2014 #9
Poland just ordered another squadron of the Naval Strike Missile from Norway.

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