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"It's too late for Germany" (but not for Poland)

Rich Mazur 4 | 3,752
6 Sep 2018 #421
when heavy crime is in fact decreasing from an overall very low number per citizen

Nice deflection. Native victims of the criminal aliens don't give a crap about statistics. All they know is that the crime committed on them was 100% preventable if their ruling elites gave a f*** and stopped that invading garbage from reaching their future victims. Native criminals will always be there. That does not mean we should add some more in form of foreign hordes.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
6 Sep 2018 #422
Coincidently the group of migrants who are most likely to live from social benefits are Eastern Europeans, especially Romanians.

Bullsh1t. Germany was not spending 20 bil euro a year on migrants till the recent crisis. Furthermore, the Romanians who claim a ton of benefits tend to be gypsies not actual Romanians.

Germany never had to spend billions to accommodate any European migrants nor has any other eu country. That's because europeans migrate to work, not leech off the generosity of their host nation. Deport deport deport!!!

who claims asylum has to be seen as someone in need who has to be taken in and given the chance to prove his claim.

There is no requirement to feed house them give them 1500 eu a month and let them disappear into the country while a year or two goes by and then they can't find him once his bogus asylum claim is rejected till he rapes or murders some Germans. Happens constantly. If anything they should be held in a jail outside of the country while their claim is processed, like Australia does. There is no international law that states an asylum seeker has to be given an apartment allowance and all that sh1t. They should be put in a detention center while they're processed not allowed to roam the country while collecting welfare.

But that is the foolishness of the German system who thinks they're doing a good deed yet they're simply being taken advantage of and they're too blind to see that. These africans and Muslims make bogus asylum claims stating they're either gay, or are teens which countless times it's been proven they're adults, then they disappear into germany for a year or two in the time it takes to more often than not reject their claim as only about 3 to 5% are legit refugees and then the cops can't find them to deport them until they commit some violent crime and are caught. Same bullsh1t story and that's the way numerous german citizens have been killed and or raped.
Crow 139 | 8,642
6 Sep 2018 #423
One should burn candle to Germany.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
6 Sep 2018 #424
Only 13% of asylum seekers in Germany have a college degree, according to german media DW. Not to mention they come from countries where most people live in huts with no plumbing and don't even have a single skyscraper, not to mention the high illiteracy rates. Many of them still believe in black magic. These people have no place in modern European society. They either need to leave or get with the program which seems extremely hard for them and the government isn't helping by giving tjem handouts. Let them go hungry for a few days and begging for a 9 to 5 instead of welfare
Lyzko 25 | 7,139
6 Sep 2018 #425
Rich, I'm not yanking anybody's chains! I'm merely explaining the way things are, unfortunately!
Sweden has been lulled into believing that the lure of cheap labor will bolster their economy.

Germany had a different justification for the arrival of Spaniards, Greeks, later Turks into the fledgling FRG after the '50's. The country
had lost so many young men during the war, they needed desperately to replace them, hence, they "imported" foreign labor.
The hope was, the latter would eventually return to their native countries. The reality turned out to be far, far different; the Turks especially
found that the second generation of German-born Turks could assimilate. They liked Germany, and so they stayed.
Crow 139 | 8,642
6 Sep 2018 #426
Many of them still believe in black magic. These people have no place in modern European society.

You know, Slavic mythology announced time when would occur battle between Byalobog and Czarnybog. See, that happening now. We live it.
Tacitus 2 | 1,141
6 Sep 2018 #427
@Dirk diggler

1. The idea behind the asylum law was never to attract skilled foreigners, but applying the lessons of WWII in granting people a safe heaven from persecution. Of course there is only so much a country can realistically do, but 20bn are hardly an impossible amount of money for money. In fact, the spend money is no viable argument at all, because if Germany had implemented the Hungary solution, effectively ending free movement, it would have cost us just as much if not more (and unlike the money spend on refugees, it would not have spend in Germany). There is a reason why not even the new government in Austria has not done the same, because it would place a heavy burden on them.

And there is a very real problem with many Eastern Europeans who emigrate to Germany in order to live off welfare. Not the majority of course, but enough that Berlin is now trying to change the laws to adress the problems.

Furthermore refugees receive only a fraction of the money you seem to imagine.
Lyzko 25 | 7,139
6 Sep 2018 #428

Asylbewerber or asylum seekers technically could prove actual hardship. Apparently others on this forum don't appreciate the degree of immigrants, tossing them merrily into one big stew. The former are often confused for the same types as those back in the early '60's from Spain etc. who were brought into Germany to work at among other places Opel in Ruesselsheim.

Incidentally Tacitus, did you receive my private message several days back?
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
6 Sep 2018 #429
And there is a very real problem with many Eastern Europeans who emigrate to Germany in order to live off welfare.

Not nearly as many as non eu migrants.

From a german source:

But studies have also found that non-EU migrants continue to make up a disproportionate number of welfare recipients.

Furthermore refugees receive only a fraction of the money you seem to imagine.

That 20 billion is for migrants. It should go to german citizens, not third world economic migrants.

Furthermore, 3/4 are unemployed for 5 years plus, according to german minister. So much for that bullshit lie that third world migrants are contributing to the German economy

Up to three quarters of Germany's refugees will still be unemployed in five years' time, according to a government minister, in a stark admission of the challenges the country faces in integrating its huge migrant population.

Aydan Özoğuz, commissioner for immigration, refugees and integration, told the Financial Times that only a quarter to a third of the newcomers would enter the labour market over the next five years, and "for many others we will need up to 10".

Pathetic . Get rid of these parasites before they outbreed native Europeans. Deport them or just do whatever else they need to go one way or another. Thank God Poland doesn't have this major headache.

The former are often confused for the same types as those back in the early '60's from Spain etc.

Except that the majority of third world migrants DON'T WORK as stated by german minister and numerous surveys, reports, stats etc.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
6 Sep 2018 #430
A recent report by the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) found that only 45 per cent of Syrian refugees in Germany have a school-leaving certificate and 23 per cent a college degree.

Statistics from the Federal Labour Agency show the employment rate among refugees stands at just 17 per cent. It said 484,000 of the refugees are looking for work, up from 322,000 last July - an increase of 50 per cent.

Of those, 178,500 are officially unemployed, meaning they not only have no work but are not enrolled in any training programmes or language courses - up 27 per cent on last July.

And that's just Syrians not even counting all the other turd worlders

Still want to lie about how third world migrants are working so hard and contributing to the economy when the facts show 3/4 are unemployed, majority have no college education and over 20 bil a year is going to provide them housing, food, medical care and integration services such as rape prevention classes since these animals can't eben comprehend consensual sex?
Crow 139 | 8,642
6 Sep 2018 #431
Let us save Lusatia and Rujan. Rest of Germany is worthless. Lost for the time being.
Bratwurst Boy 6 | 10,591
6 Sep 2018 #432
And there is a very real problem with many Eastern Europeans who emigrate to Germany in order to live off welfare.

You mean the Sinti and Roma and the "Kindergeld" scandal?

Let us save Lusatia and Rujan.

How? What would you advise, Crowie?
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
6 Sep 2018 #433

Same claim as Financial Times and other sources that majority migrants will remain uneemployed for years and years being a further BURDEN on Europeans.

A great video about migrants titled 'the truth about migrants

Funny you mention s Koreans who demonstrated with signs saying don't become like Europe - eben they don't want Muslims and third worlders to **** their country up, which third worlders always do as facts prove majority are unemployed, have problems assimilating, are responsible for the increase in violent crime, cause basically all the Islamic terror attacks and mass rapes.

Just think if Merkel never invited over a million turds into germany the country would have over 20 bil more a year in its coffers, there wouldn't of been thousands of women sexually assaulted, there wouldn't be native Germans murdered like that mia girl by another Abdul or Ahmed or muhammed or whoever from some ****** sandbox pretending to be a country, you wouldn't have Muslims petitioning to make swimming pools for men only, you wouldn't have hundreds of no go zones and natives wouldn't have yo live in fear of the next stabbing, truck ramming, rape, terror attack etc.

Furthermore refugees receive only a fraction of the money you seem to imagine.

It is a FACT over 20 bil a year goes to migrants and the average migrant receives 1500 eu a month combined housing, medical, the 400 eu cash allowance, etc. They shouldn't receive a penny and habe to work for their food and housing like countless European migrants had to all over the western world. But no the turd worlders just want handouts they're not too keen on working as statistics, government ministers, media reports, and Germany's own labor institutes prove.
Crow 139 | 8,642
6 Sep 2018 #434
How? What would you advise, Crowie?

No need to advise. Lusatians have name of Serbs (Sarmats) preserved. Impossible to destroy them if their foe didn`t manage to do it already. Its late now. It is unthinkable that they stay in that to what Germany turning. Just look what happening. And don`t tell me of their number and reality. Who knows what is reality. Ah yes, reality is what Serbs want. New old order.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
6 Sep 2018 #435
Rest of Germany is worthless. Lost for the time being.

Like trumo said, he will not allow the us to become a giant migrant camp like germany. He has explained even in Poland how g ermans and other w Europeans have lost the will to fight for their culture and identity and allowed migrants to violently and aggressively change their society.

Here are some excerpts

So true, countries who never had problems with regular Islamic terror attacks and mass rapes are noe facing them thanks to importing tons of turd world burdens who now Merkel and eu wants to spread around since they finally realize they aren't enriching jack sh1t and only causing problems and financial burden so they want other countries to share in that misery... again it's merkels words asking for others to share the burden

.. big change from her earlier rhetoric calling them doctors and engineers and people who will culturally enrich germany. Now even she admits her policy was a failure yet she still refuses to accept an upper quota limit. German ancestors are rolling in their graves!
Crow 139 | 8,642
6 Sep 2018 #436
So true, countries who never had problems with regular Islamic terror attacks and mass rapes are noe facing them thanks to importing tons of turd world burdens who now Merkel

But have in mind what Germany, France, Britain, USA of Clinton`s in deal with Islamic league financed on Balkans >> beheading of Serbs by worse Arab muajheedines >>

content is possible upsetting to some:
RiP to fallen brothers

Now they have that in western Europe.
Miloslaw 7 | 3,264
6 Sep 2018 #437
Give it up Crow.....nobody here cares....and in fact,a few of us see The Serbs as the worst Yugoslavs.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
6 Sep 2018 #438
few of us see The Serbs as the worst Yugoslavs.

Nah Albanians/Kosovars take the cake for that one... Even blacks and latinos won't deal with the Albanians here let alone the greeks, Italians or any eastern europeans... mofos are straight up crazy and not in a good way.

Serbs are alright in my book
Ironside 49 | 10,353
6 Sep 2018 #439
That 20 billion is for migrants. It should go to german citizens,

No, they should use to pay compensation for the war losses to Poland. They rather pay for Arabs and Africans that foot a bill, that is a real hate man.
johnny reb 23 | 4,564
7 Sep 2018 #440
they should use to pay compensation for the war losses to Poland

Just Google Images of german bombing of poland ww2 so you understand exactly what Ironside is saying here.
Bitter can't begin to describe the horrors of what was done to Poland.
Crow 139 | 8,642
7 Sep 2018 #441
It's a shame imo that Serbs are now buddying up to the same alliance that bombed them. But they know best what's good for them...

Some Serbs, some Serbs love Germany. Traitors

But as if Poles don`t have their traitors? Some Poles also love Germany

We all have traitors.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
7 Sep 2018 #442
That is true.... even during the partition years we had poles that were very much against independence
Crow 139 | 8,642
7 Sep 2018 #443
Telling you man. Miserable traitors are everywhere. But majority of our peoples are healthy and normal.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
7 Sep 2018 #444
Indeed. One thing that gives me hope though is that the majority of poles embrace their cultural identity and aren't allowing their country to be ravaged like germany has been. I wouldn't be surprised if w Europeans that aren't too happy with the situation start moving en masse to Poland, Czechy, Hungary etc in the coming years. Unless the situation changes drastically and they become the rulers of their own country and aren't demographically replaced by third worlders that's what will happen. It must be terrible to feel like a foreigner in your own motherland and send your kids to school where most of their classmates don't even speak the language. There's only so much they will take and even people who initially wanted to help the refugees and migrants are now saying enough is enough. Question is whether theyll be able to change the situation and if it'll be too little too late.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,752
7 Sep 2018 #445
I can answer that. There will be no change until a charismatic demagog will unite the true patriots and scare the f*** out of the foreign scum enough to leave "voluntarily".

For this to happen, things will have to hit the bottom just as they did in the pre-WW2 Germany. In that sense, WW2 is owned by the stupid Allies and their treatment of Germany after the first one. At least a good part of it.
Bratwurst Boy 6 | 10,591
8 Sep 2018 #446
Yeah...and the allies had better not won the second round....all that "ravaging" of Germany today is a consequence of that victory...

That wouldn't happen had Germany won (probably)...

Actually the whole destruction of Europe was/is a consequence of the Allies ******** on Germany.

So...I BLAME YOU!!!!

Take that...heh:)
Crnogorac3 1 | 378
8 Sep 2018 #447

German girl and her mom that were sexually assaulted by Muslim migrants in Cologne on New Year's Eve accuse German police of attempts to conceal this crime.

Of course, they are not lonely in this, in the same way governments of Western European states are hiding from the public the massive epidemic of rapes committed by Muslims on European girls. Concretely in Denmark, Germany, in Sweden or in Great Britain where there is a similar affair, a whole chain of Pakistanis (Muslims) massively raped and then used as prostitutes and as victims of sexual abuse English teenage girls.


So these are different cases, in their political nature but not in substance of one alienated government authority which in accordance with its own ideological determinants manipulates the public and hides the true state of affairs from it.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,752
8 Sep 2018 #448
That the police acting under the orders of the politically correct weasel perverts at the top are hiding the Muslim crime stats can be understood easily. That the Euro "men" who gave us two world wars just stand by, shrug, order another bear and do nothing or even excuse it is another. And, then, we are told that the Euro s***heads who are unwilling to defend their own women from a foreign aggressor are a NATO "ally" the US can count on in a moment of crisis. Sure. ********.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
8 Sep 2018 #449
Actually the whole destruction of Europe was/is a consequence of the Allies ******** on Germany.

Well the Nazis would've never allowed a bunch of turd worlders to invade their country that's for sure....

It's mostly Merkel's fault though. She's the one who threw Germany's doors wide open and in turn all of Europe's as Germany lies right in the middle of Europe. If she said that we're not taking any people who aren't legit refugees and no one will be allowed in who enters illegally like Australia does then Europe wouldn't have this problem. Thousands upon thousands of girls wouldn't of been raped, yet another German wouldn't of been killed by a migrant this time in Chemnitz with a 15 year old girl murdered just before that also by a migrant and countless other murders as well, you wouldn't have 25 bil a year going to housing feeding and coddling ungrateful people who don't even appreciate what the host population is doing for them and not only have the gall to demand more free stuff but then commit tons of crimes and refuse to integrate and work, massive unemployment among migrants - as high as 75% for 5 years according to numerous sources including German ministers and a huge demographic problem where German children in certain schools can't even communicate with the majority of their class mates.

Personally, I hope a demagogue rises up and removes them all from Germany. They can even do what Israel does with its African problem - kindly offer them some money and a plane ticket and if they refuse force them on the plane and don't give them any money.


The extreme level of beta cuck in the United Kaliphate is well known... At least in Germany reporters can still stand in front of a court house and report on migrant rape squads without being arrested. Nonetheless, both countries have thought police although UK seems to be even worse.

That's what happens when liberals and eurocrats are allowed into power - migrants, future left wing voters, are coddled while the native population suffers.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,752
8 Sep 2018 #450
There is something uniquely wrong with the white race. They are book smart with zero street smarts. They have great scientists and no ability to extrapolate and predict.

The mental disorder that turns the whites into suicidal idiots cannot be explained as the German-style guilt. The Brits have no reason feel to guilty and neither do the Swedes, French, Dutch or the Americans. Yet, they all are as dumb in the refugee department as a rock.

Their argument that "somebody has to help those poor people" is so stupid it takes your breath away, since everybody knows that help can be delivered to them where they are - in Turkey, Libya, and Jordan. When the war is over, it would be a short trip home. Instead, when challenged, whites switch to "our economy needs them". Which, of course, is a post-fact lame rationalization. When that argument falls apart, it's Merkel's heart or some such bullsh** - just to say something.

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