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Internet speed in Poland - 'Plus' provider

Braveheart16 19 | 142
17 Feb 2018 #1
Before I contact 'Plus' again for further clarification, would anyone be able to advise on why my computer speed is slowing down to a point where I could not use it. 'Plus' told me that it was due to heavy internet films etc. It seems that whenever you reach your limit of your contracted space 'Plus' reduce the internet speed because the limit has been exceeded. Unfortunately 'Plus' didn't send us a warning message to inform us that the speed had been manually reduced and why, and we were left wondering why the internet was so slow....its never happened before so I sort of assumed it was weather conditions....

As a result 'Plus' gave me a 'Plus' technical telephone number and when we phoned it the person told us that it was due to internet usage and that we had used up our allocated amount of space, and said that for a small fee the amount of space could be increased. We agreed to that and the problem was immediately solved, with access to the internet returning to normal. I understand that every month the allocated 'space' is repeated.

What I would like to know is whether there is a way to find out what our average internet usage is, so that the reduction in speed doesn't happen again, as it did interfere with my work which relies on using the internet and lost a days use. It may be that now that we have bought more space that the problem will disappear for the time being.

I don't plan to use the internet any more than I do now I guess 'Plus' could help us with this but the general impression given to us from the representative in the 'Plus' shop was that most people know all about these sort of issues and sort it out themselves....well I confess I do not have sufficient IT knowledge to find out our average internet usage etc...
gumishu 13 | 6,134
17 Feb 2018 #2
What I would like to know is whether there is a way to find out what our average internet usage is

I don't know about your plan but we also have internet with Plus through Cyfrowy Polsat and we have access to a website that tells us the details of our ongoing contract including how much of the limit we have used up - if you plan on downloading bigger things it is adviseable to get a night plan (works from 1 am to 8 am) and has quite a big download limit (in our case it's 200 GB per month) and it costs peanuts

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