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Heavy storm / tornados cause chaos and flooding in Poland

David_18 68 | 982
7 Aug 2010 #1
WARSAW, Poland (AP) -- A heavy storm has struck Poland and flooded homes, hospitals and roads and forced the closure of several subway stations in Warsaw.

The heavy rains Friday evening forced emergency officials to evacuate people caught in the floods. Among those evacuated were passengers of a bus that got stuck on a flooded highway in Warsaw.

Poland is still recovering from massive flooding in late spring that killed more than 20 people.

Could anyone here in Pf that lives in Warsaw confirm this and tell us what is going on!?!?!?
Technika 1 | 17
7 Aug 2010 #2
My good friend and name-sake who is in Bemowo just logged off and never mentioned this but I'll text her and see what she says. Other wise I hope someone else can give you an answer.

Cheers for the info.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
7 Aug 2010 #3
there are some videos on the net. there are/were flash floods. not just in warsaw.
Seanus 15 | 19,704
7 Aug 2010 #4
There are storms here too. I was playing football in one last night. No floods but there is potential for some.
Richfilth 6 | 415
7 Aug 2010 #5
I went out for a walk in this last night; I'll admit, it was absolutely tipping it down, and the sky was electric - never a space of more than 2 seconds without a lightning flash, so as a storm it was pretty intense.

Based on the way the water was overflowing from the gutters onto the pavement, and the way the manholes were doing this: ...
then I could believe that some underground stations got flooded, and plenty of cars' engines stopped working.
7 Aug 2010 #6
Could anyone here in Pf that lives in Warsaw confirm this and tell us what is going on!?!?!?

There was a very heavy storm last night and it brought the city to a standstill, I understand they had to evacuate Arkadia shopping mall. It lasted for about a hour. The only thing I have ever seen like it was in Asia in monsoon season. All is fine now and back to normal.
aphrodisiac 11 | 2,441
7 Aug 2010 #7
my friend in Warsaw just reported that her basement has some water due to the storm.
sobieski 107 | 2,128
7 Aug 2010 #8
Drove yesterday from Rondo ONZ back home to Bielany and at times I was thinking I was driving / sailing through a waterfall.
Rondo Babka was transformed in a lake.
Zed - | 195
7 Aug 2010 #9
Much ado about nothing. Yes it was a very heavy downpour. By 10pm it was nice and pleasant again. Barely any trace of water in the morning. Sun shining all day today. Greetings from WAW
Technika 1 | 17
7 Aug 2010 #10
Any phone lines out or anything? Can't get through on a landline number to my friend.
OP David_18 68 | 982
7 Aug 2010 #11
Well 3-6 people died in the region...

Prague/Warsaw. Three persons died, while thousands have been evacuated from their homes, as a result of the floods in the Northern part of the Czech Republic and Southwest Poland, AFP reports. The flood blocked roads and cut the power supply in towns and villages.

Police said floods killed three people in the eastern German state of Saxony.

Technika 1 | 17
7 Aug 2010 #12
Well I spoke with my friend, she says her phone was down but she isn't sure if the storm caused it or just technical fault. Her neighbours were down too.
Vincent 9 | 903
16 Jul 2012 #13
Merged: Tornadoes cause chaos in Poland

One person died and 10 were wounded as heavy storms swept through the north-western part of Poland on Saturday evening.
beckski 12 | 1,617
16 Jul 2012 #14
Tornadoes cause chaos in Poland

Very devastating indeed. The film clip looks like something that would take place in Kansas or Oklahoma, USA.
Vincent 9 | 903
16 Jul 2012 #15
I can't remember one as devastating as this in Europe, we may have had mini ones before but I think they're quite rare.
rybnik 18 | 1,461
16 Jul 2012 #16
I was speaking with my cousin from Zabrze today and he concurs. The way he sounded it was a shocker. They just mowed down that forest!
PlasticPole 7 | 2,650
16 Jul 2012 #17
Tornados are indeed devastating. Had an Ef 5 sweep through this town. Too scary!
16 Jul 2012 #18
I'm from an area they call "Tornado Alley" in Alabama, you might have heard of the killers we had a year ago last April. As a kid, we were all taught about twisters, and I was always under the impression that they were something unique only to the United States, and only a small region, at that. Seeing nature's fury unleashed in this atypical fashion in Poland, it stunned me. The power of these things is almost impossible to comprehend. I wish those folks all the luck in the world, in putting their lives back in order.
Patrycja19 62 | 2,695
18 Jul 2012 #19
I can't remember one as devastating as this in Europe, we may have had mini ones before but I think they're quite rare.

my Brother said the same thing, he told me about it I read it on here and heard it online, yes two a year is rare compared to the states

we get the worst in the midwest tornado alley, but this one does look like something out of one of the clips from the weather

channel storm chasers!

We lived in a old house near a farm and open land, *WORST PLACE* anyways, I remember as a kid, hearing the windows bangin
like they wanted to blow in. my parents went out , I was sleeping upstair with my sister and she was older * teen* she shushed me up

and said just go back to sleep.. good thing it didnt hit our house, but it was at night, who would have found us if it would have hit the

house we would have been all over the place in the fields.. scarey!

to this day I am still mad at my sister for not taking us down stairs, there was a basement , which is the safe place to be during

these storms.
JPD 3 | 10
11 Jun 2013 #20


I am driving to Poland from the UK on Saturday and wondered if the flooding in Poland and Germany has affected any of the main/major roads?

Any info would be appreciated.


11 Jun 2013 #21
Nope,not at all.Nope.
newpip - | 140
11 Jun 2013 #22
There was flooding along the wisla strada in Warsaw. I think it might be gone now.
Zibi - | 336
11 Jun 2013 #23
It was Trasa AK, not Wisłostrada. By next morning they had cleaned it up.

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