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Footie hooligan punch-up thwarted in Poland

jon357 63 | 15,660
5 May 2015 #31
Exactly my point - so much so that I wonder why you chose to restate it, but in any case, nice that you agree. They certainly are drunk and disorderly hooligans (though punk went out of fashion decades ago) which is why I favour community sentences so that they can learn that life isn't just about oneself and ones immediate circle.
OP Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
5 May 2015 #32
Violence is violence and poses a threat to life, limb and public and private property, hence riot control is needed, regardless of the noble (?) or ignoble reason for the mayhem. There is no separate footie police, anti-looting police, anti-slum-dweller police. Besides, Poland is not an island and can and does profit form methods successfully used in other countries.

One usually successful method is the use of mounted police and police dogs in riot control. For some reason, that strikes more fear into the hearts of rioting scum than truncheons, tear gas and water cannon. The net gun, so far mainly used to safely catch wildlife, is being tested for riot control according to wiki. It is humane because it causes no direct damage, but netted hooligans deserve to be dragged through the streets behind a police vehicle to the nearest lock-up.
johnny reb 28 | 4,814
5 May 2015 #33
I chose to restate it in other words so maybe jolly would get it.
America's riots were for civil rights, Polands had nothing to do with being civil or for rights.
Make it a life ban for all who have been convicted of rioting.
My guess is that in the near future these games will have eye retina scanners at them.
You will have to look into them before entry and all who have been convicted will be denied access.
Every country could share information (retina's) to eliminate the trouble makers at their games.
Problem solved.
Marsupial - | 886
5 May 2015 #34
That's great johnny who else will get the retina information which will undoubtedly be sold off. Can't wait. I have a theory why soccer has so many hooligans but the more violent games like rugby do not But I doubt anyone wants to hear it.
JollyRomek 7 | 481
5 May 2015 #35
I chose to restate it in other words so maybe jolly would get it.

eye retina scanners at them. You will have to look into them before entry and all who have been convicted will be denied access.

What is there to "get" apart from the fact that once again you are trying to discuss something that you have no clue about. This thread is about football hooliganism in Poland, not about current events in the U.S. . Is that so hard for you to understand?

Regarding the eye scanners, if you would have the slightest clue about Poland or Polish football, you would know that appropriate measures have been introduced at Polish football stadia already.

However, Concordia Knurow plays in the fifth Polish league where measures such as the ones introduced at higher level clubs, simply do not make sense because they normally wouldn't have the attendance needed to justify such measures. Usually everyone would know each other on the stands anyway. No point to have an eye-scanner, "karta kibica" etc. if the "stadium's" fences can easily be climbed over too.

The problem is not the security measures that have been introduced. The problem is the follow up. Legia Warsaw is a fine example. The capo of their Ultras has been banned from the stadium several times, yet he lifted the Polish Cup in the stands of the stadium when a player went to bring it to him.

In any case, last weekend the police overreacted. There was no need to use rubber bullets as there were plenty of police to keep the two sides apart. In my opnion, and watching the video over and over again, the cop that shot the gun felt secure and safe not to attract any media attention in a 5th league Polish game, so he decided to use the gun to demonstrate "his strength".
jon357 63 | 15,660
5 May 2015 #36
One usually successful method is the use of mounted police and police dogs in riot control.

The most successful method was used in the UK. The problems a couple of decades ago were bad and escalating. Now it's seating only, numbered tickets, named (I think) tickets, cameras everywhere and the courts having the ability to ban someone from watching football.

The clubs themselves need to take it seriously - the threat to their ticket revenues on the occasions when matches have had to be played with no audience is quite an effective motivator.
Vox - | 175
5 May 2015 #37
Polish cops have plenty of pepper spray and the use of water cannons, as well as truncheons. And a young man is dead because of the wrong actions of the Police.


The actions of the Police caused these riots

It seems to be a reasonable assumption.
JollyRomek 7 | 481
5 May 2015 #38
numbered tickets, named

Yes, tickets have the bearers name on it which is linked to the Karta Kibica. No registration - no ticket.
Usually clubs also have cameras at the turnstiles and monitors displays the ID photo of the person who holds the Karta Kibica. You hold your ticket against a scanner and your photo appears on the monitor visible to the steward behind the turnstile.

the threat to their ticket revenues

And again, Legia is a perfect example of this. After the match in Belgium this season and the ban handed down by UEFA i read a report that said that Legia has accumulated fines and missed out on ticket revenue of approx. 10 million zlotych combined over the past 2 years.
OP Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
5 May 2015 #39
There are always first-time troublemakers with no retina scans on file. How is one to deal with their trouble-making during and after the commotion?
inafmousgeek - | 5
5 May 2015 #40
They've got no jobs, no perspectives, no money and plenty of time. All that mixed up and we've got troubles. No one cares about them and they don't care to make any change to their life. Those more intelligent, self disciplined at least left the country to try to set-up a new life, work hard and set a family.

(yes I know I've got typo in my nickname)
johnny reb 28 | 4,814
5 May 2015 #41
That's great johnny who else will get the retina information which will undoubtedly be sold off.

Oh it is already being sold off.
Homeland has your eye retina, blood type, your social security number and your D.N.A.
It is all in one big data base for law enforcement, health care providers, insurance companies, ect.
All your private information is now public so when you get in such trouble law enforcement have it so the courts can
put you on a grid.
The more times arrested the higher up the grid you go depending on the crime.
This is what determines your jail time or prison time.
These hooligans after the second or third time arrested for rioting may be spending some serious time in the pokey.
"Think Time" is a real deterant to such non sense when all that goes on your record for future employment.
Start making examples of these punks by enforcing the laws already in place only with heftier consequences.
I wonder why after sporting events in America that draw well over 100,000 people such problems seldom arise.
30 Nov 2017 #42

Fanatics life and death

anyone read this book? I found it in emptik sbout the ultras movement in Poland. Seems like an interetsing read:

Apparently in Sarajevo Bosnia they fuked them up ontheir own turf recently and they wiated for us with knives.
lol there are screencaps that said there will be dead bodies if cops dont come in and do anything like they did the opening night.,65041,18354017,fk-sarajewo-lech-poznan-brutalne-starcie-chuliganow-w-bosni.html
JedenCzlowiek - | 4
18 Dec 2017 #43

Polish Hooligans from Krakow (worse of worse) threaten death on cops and snitches

"Rivers will flow with blood to those who caused desth of our brothers."

ACAB All Cops Are Bastards

They go with knives and machetes in karakow. No rules anything goes. its called holy war. in broad daylight:,krakow-krwawa-swieta-wojna-kiboli-wisly-i-cracovii,id,t.html

in english:

"The deadliest groups come from Krakow and I don't know if any derby is as intense as Wisla Krakow against MKS Cracovia."

"One night when he was walking home, a group of either Wisla or Cracovia boys approached him. They asked, "Which team do you support?". Wisely, he told them that he was even and supported both teams. The group walked away as a result.

You either say you're even or that you don't watch soccer. It may seem funny, but people have been brutally beaten in the past for giving the wrong answer. In Krakow, it truly is a 24/7 war."
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,640
18 Dec 2017 #44

That's not totally true though.. ustawki are fists only no weapons and tends to be even - top 7 on 7, 15 on 15, sometimes handicapped.. but yes fights in and around the arena anything goes

Go WKS Slask Wroclaw
31 Mar 2018 #45
Apparently the russian hools already declared desth or made death threats on british ultras:

welcome to euro 2028 russia lol.

In Krakow it seems hdk of dangerous right now, the hools there formed into gangsters and are turning the town upside down like the bloods and cripps **** even hiding knifes and knifing each other on sight. Here is ana rricl showing how they mvoed things how much narcotics they distribute from other eu countries gangs:,10569670/
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,640
31 Mar 2018 #46
Polish and Russian hools often work out together. They're gonna tear the Brits apart rofl they don't even stand a chance. Remember Marseilles? HAHAHAHAHAH

I was expecting actual drugs... not weed... still though that's quite a few bales. Hopefully they made enough in the meantime and hid the money so the 3 year bid is worth it.
31 Mar 2018 #47
Here apparently they found the dudes or four of them part of larger group who murdered thwt kid with machetes:,12947614/

read the comments if you dont believe me. they even have graffiti there saying we are righting for barwy or stripes. we are killing basically eaxh other for stripes like blaxk spic bangers in cali do:,12947614


but what I find interesting is how they are working with hroups across all of eu. how that drug article says they are basically like the biker gangs in usa distributing drugs from cartels or multi ational groups or mafias. I wonder how thy can manage this sort of power and rspct in the world underworld stage without the use of guns, just going hands and knives. its incredible.

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