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Food producers from Poland should stop suffering from obliged sanctions against Russia

InPolska 11 | 1,821
22 Nov 2015 #61
Maybe that's why apples have no taste! I only buy Granny Smith apples (the only kind of apples I like but I'm sure they are not that "clean") and for Polish apples, I only like ONE kind (that I buy at small neighborhood shop) but my favorite is by far the Granny Smith kind. Most of the Granny Smith apples they sell in Poland come from Austria (around 5zl/kilo) or even further (these days I buy some at Piotr & PaweĊ‚ coming from ... New Zeeland at ... 8.99zl/Kilo. It may seem crazy to spend so much on apples but sorry, tasteless Polish apples, no thanks! ;). I buy Polish apples for cooking (together with cinnamon or vanilla).

Chemicals and pesticides may be "nothing" if we think about soil most likely contaminated by Chernobyl in this part of Europe ... ;);) and then "we" wonder about the number of cancers (thyroid cancers are very "popular" in Poland and further East). Probably not the best idea to eat agricultural products grown in such conditions. I rather stick to my (tastier and healthier) New Zeeland apples .....
Crow 139 | 8,653
22 Nov 2015 #62
I buy Polish apples for cooking (together with cinnamon or vanilla).

yes, i also cooking them same way as you do.

I cannot imagine that Polish apples are worse.

i sincerely hope so. Never tested the USA apples but i have confidence in Polish ones. From time to time i found worm in them and i greet him and just remove him in the bin. i suppose, worm is sign that apple didn`t received `enough` of chemistry. So i continuing to eat

Interesting that everyone is fixated on Russia banning Polish apples, yet no one has said why the beloved ally (US) has banning them for decades???

Poles knows Russian. Their bad and their good side. Also, Poles knows USA so its just the matter of money now and choice of lesser evil at the moment. Intermarium would change that and with greater independence would come greater self-confidence and then finally would Poles become more realistic.

O, brat Zeman is wise. He is in my country known as great fu*** of western Europeans. He recognize their attempt to rule and dominate over Slavs and he took his penis bravely and swing passionately with it.

Zeman on anti-Russia sanctions ...
Source: Beta Tuesday, April 19, 2016 | 15:03


Czech President Milos Zeman wants the EU to lift its anti-Russia sanctions, describing them as "inefficient, and harmful to everyone."

We all already know that Germany rule Poland. A German Chancellor.

Merkel says there's no reason to lift anti-Russia sanctions

Source: Reuters, Tanjug Friday, August 19, 2016 | 10:24

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said there was no reason to lift EU's sanctions against Russia.

In comparison to situation with Poland, regarding anti-Russian sanctions, let me give one example from other industry in Italy

It is true that we Serbians saving much of the Polish apples thru re-export of apples into Russia, on which Russia turned blind-eye in respect to Serbian involvement in situation. What i want to tell you, to show you,... is that many other things could be saved, can go better for Poland if just Poland start to behave as independent country and start to take in account opinion of Her loyal Serbians.

And so, while Poland suffer economically due to EU`s sanctions to Russia, Italy celebrate thanks to another successful Serbian mediation. Fiat goes duty-free in Russia, via Serbia.

"All barriers removed" for export of Fiat cars to EEU

Source: Tanjug Tuesday, August 23, 2016 | 13:55

Minister of Economy Goran Knezevic said on Tuesday the last barrier to duty-free exports of Serbian-made Fiat cars to the Eurasian region had been overcome.

Crow 139 | 8,653
23 Oct 2016 #63
Some Polish apple farmers won`t survive on market due to EU sanctions on Russia >> an article >>

Polish apple farmers bear brunt of EU-Russia economic war

".......... prices will probably fall further. So ............ many farmers will not invest in their orchards, .............. Polish traders have had some luck reaching Russia via re-exporting apples through ............ Belarus and Serbia, ........... "There is a crisis," said Mr Maliszewski. "And some farmers will not survive it."

Crow 139 | 8,653
28 Oct 2016 #64
BRAKING NEWS - business opportunity!

Good news for Polish agricultural producers. Especial relief for Polish apple producers that are more and more dependent on Serbia`s and Belarus capacity to receive their apples due to re-export deals and shipments to Russia. It even seams that would for Polish agricultural producers become possible to include Israel in re-export of their products to Russia.

Till now, via re-export, Poland sold about 40% of its apple production to Russia. With Serbia`s `free trade zone` deal with Russia, next year it would be at least 60%. Include Israel in it and it could be even 80%.

People, members of forum and guests, please, feel free to share this news with other Polish web sites.... business opportunity. Long live Slavs! Long live Poland!

"Free trade zone talks with Serbia to start soon"

Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev on Friday announced the start of free trade zone talks between the Eurasian Economic Union and Israel and Serbia, respectively.

Serbia successfully mediate in Hungarian-Russian agreements considering EU sanctions to Russia. Considering that Hungary lost 6,5 mlrd USA dollars in last 3 years, Hungarian food producers looks with great hope in new agreements.

One can ask, what this news have with Poland but, see, that`s the point. Hungary tries to save itself from western Europe and USA circles of Clinton`s kind, but Polish politicians must be much more corrupt- why would they care for Poland`s lost profits, for any Polish interest. Really, why? Their own money flow is what matters.

Oh new joy! Reexport of Polish apples to Russia via Serbia can increase.

Russia wants more apples from Serbia as soon as possible and, we can`t give them what we don`t have. So, we would buy even more apples from Poles and sell even more to Russians.
Crow 139 | 8,653
21 Jan 2018 #65
Fresh news in case with spreading Polish market of apples >

Till now Poland doing re-export of Polish apples to Russia via Serbia and Belarus. Meaning, in particular case, Serbia import apples from Poland and then re-export them to Russia as Serbian apples (while Russians knows that they eat Polish apples). Now, considering truly enormous and absolutely illogical quantities of Polish apples re-exporting via Serbia (quantities that are much bigger then Serbia even have land planted with apples), things started to complicate. Putin founded himself under pressure of Russian trade ministry and you probably heard for that anecdote when minister informed Putin that Serbia violates trade agreement with Russian and selling them Polish apples to what Putin responded to minister: ``Go f*** yourself! What you want?! That I finish in madhouse?! Serbs f*** me, Poles f*** me and now you want to f*** me, too! F*** you!!``

Anyway, Serbia informed Russian ministry that part of apples exported to Russia coming from Serb Republic, not just from Serbia (while in reality, Serb Republic within Bosnia-Herzegovina started also to import apples from Poland and export to Serbia- thanks to privileged agreements between Serbia and Serb Republic and then altogether apples goes to Russia). That is how Serbia officially explained increased export of apples from Serbia to Russia. Russians pretend that don`t know for cooperation between Serb Republic and Polish apple producers.

But now, as expected, rest of Bosnia-Herzegovina (outside of Serb Republic) is excluded from the deal. They can`t export/re-export directly to Russia, neither they have privileged agreements with Serbia to do it via Serbia.

In case with Raspberry market

How I learned these days in news, prices of Polish raspberries, for internal and external market, highly depend on stance of Serbian traders that are considered to be leading regulative mechanism of the branch. It is so because EU sanctions on Russia strongly affect complete Poland`s agricultural sector, not just apple producers. In the same time, Serbian traders have privileged access to Russian, former SU and Chinese markets. So, Polish producers founded compromise solution and redirect their business with those markets via Serbia and Belarus. In raspberry market, Serbians are now leaders not only because of Serbian production that is significant but also thanks to EU sanctions on Russia and good connections with Eastern European countries that are EU members.


Serbian President Vucic is in visit to Russia and talk to brat Putin. And you know what? Brat Putin said he is satisfied with things coming from Serbia and frankly we all know that 80% of apples coming from Serbia to Russia coming as re-export of Polish apples. You know what it means? It means that Russians eat and will eat even more. Its wonderful news for Polish apple producers. Please, share the news with sisters and brothers in Poland.

Its little handshake for Presidents Putin and Vucic but great handshake for Polish apples
Crow 139 | 8,653
2 Aug 2019 #66
Crucial info ! Please note ! Share info, support Polish industry !

Unlimited export of pig/pork meat from Serbia into China !!! Please share info with other Polish web sites. Great opportunity for Polish pork meat producers. So, once more, please, share info. Its really valuable info for Polish producers. Really important. Poland and Serbia already have great projects in food industry. Poles, contact your Serbian partners and join in project.

Serbia of course don`t have capacity to satisfy Chinese market and have to increase production. Still, Serbia preparing to call Central European countries farmers, pork meat producers and chambers of commerce to cooperate with Serbia in this matter, in mutual interests.

>>>>>>> b92.../biz/vesti/srbija.php?yyyy=2019&mm=08&dd=02&nav_id=1573065

We speak of quantities that are on the level behind comprehension.
pawian 170 | 11,543
18 Mar 2020 #67
Russian economy is suffering under Western sanctions altough the Kremlin denies it vehemently. That is why Russia`s ex-Prime Minister again called for the West to lift them. The pretext - the West had better deal with the virus, not Russia who bravely resists the economic pressure.,155287,25801717,rosja-chce-wykorzystac-koronawirus-do-zniesienia-sankcji-i.html#S.polecamy-K.C-B.3-L.1.maly
mafketis 23 | 8,439
18 Mar 2020 #68
altough the Kremlin denies it vehemently

they had a choice, Krym or an economy.... they chose Krym, let them deal with the consequences...
pawian 170 | 11,543
19 Mar 2020 #69
Sanctions are the most effective on Russian oil industry - without Western technology, Russians aren`t able to extract as much as they wish. And oil plus gas are staple products of Russian export.

Check this article:

"Russian oil companies lack their own technologies to develop shale and Arctic fields and have effectively put such projects on hold following foreign oil majors pulling [out] from the respective joint ventures," he says.
Crow 139 | 8,653
19 Mar 2020 #70
Strategic aim of Serbs, I mean all Serbs from Baltic to Balkan (Balkan, Lusatian, Kashubian, etc Serbs), is peace and normal relations between Poles and Russians. And it will be as we Serbs want.
pawian 170 | 11,543
19 Mar 2020 #71
without Western technology, Russians aren`t able to extract as much as they wish.

It becomes a very important issue now when oil prices plummeted sharply. Russians need to extract more to compensate for lower profits with 18$ per barel. It is an unthinkable price.

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