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European News and Poland Thread 2

mafketis 32 | 10,571
2 Jan 2022 #1,471
your peculiarities relating to women and girls

the posturing here is a means to an end...
johnny reb 31 | 6,487
10 Jan 2022 #1,472
Europe and America are on the same track for another Holocaust.
This lady is SPOT ON !
Listen very carefully to what this survivor of WW2 from Austria has to say about the Holocaust and how it came about.
Damn if this doesn't sound just like what is happening in Europe and America again today with history repeating itself.
Downright scary.

(No reply necessary, Rich)
OP Joker 2 | 2,231
10 Jan 2022 #1,473
Europe and America are on the same track for another Holocaust.

Why so gloomy? Im hoping Armageddon starts next week, don't you?
Novichok 2 | 5,633
10 Jan 2022 #1,474
Holocaust had its perps and its victims. Who would be the perps and the victims in the US?

So far, I see only stupid whites holocausting themselves through abortions and immigration. That can be stopped tomorrow by noon.
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 11,840
11 Jan 2022 #1,475
Hmm....I dunno Rich, but Whites won't change anything for the better through breeding.

The white/caucasian/european race has been and will always be the numerical tiniest of all races. And that won't change.

Also you seem to believe mass equals quality, that is just not true. Breeding whites like rabbits won't assure power and influence. Economical wealth and technological advancement does it.

A little thought.....any elite has always been small to sit high above the masses and rule them! Making more of them isn't not only not helping but in the end self-defeating...

Let the others breed like rabbits, it only heightens the numbers of those they can't feed!
Novichok 2 | 5,633
11 Jan 2022 #1,476
Let the others breed like rabbits,

I would have no problem with the others breeding like rabbits. The problem is that they vote 18 years after hatching.
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 11,840
11 Jan 2022 #1,477
Democracy has been around a while now, did it end the perceived/existing power of white countries?

China isn't democratic at all but they are rising.....or see Obama, the man was seen and hailed as first black president of the most powerful nation. But did that democratic election of a black politician really help the blacks in the US or the world? After all Trump and BLM was a follow up...

Or think further....there is this decades old program in the US called "affirmative action", kinda a reversed racism...helping non white youth to higher education, leveling the playing field so to I see it those who really profited from it wanted only to get successful and rich like the whites, becoming also part of the ruling elite, not fighting the Whites.

Neither that program nor democracy generally has really changed changed the power status...and I doubt it ever will.
So....more non-whites voting can't be the deciding factor!

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