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Ethnic tensions erupt in Ełk, Poland

johnny reb 30 | 5,251
5 Jan 2017 #151
Poland should really focus more on children.

No, Muslim countries should focus on less children.
Why is it that the Muslim countries are running 'puppy mills' ?
Could it be to take over and convert the world to Islam ?
If not maybe if some billboards were to be erected in the Muslim countries that said,
If You Can't Feed Them Then Don't Breed Them
Crow 148 | 9,283
6 Jan 2017 #152
Tensions are like erections. All what goes up, inevitably must fall.
Marsupial - | 886
6 Jan 2017 #153
Not sure why there would be tensions after the death of a petty crim and idiot bozo clown who vant even behave in a shop. Typical poland lost in dark ages.
DominicB - | 2,709
6 Jan 2017 #154
Not sure why there would be tensions after the death of a petty crim and idiot bozo

It happens a lot. Check out Horst Wessel, for instance, for an excellent example of how far this can go.
Crnogorac3 2 | 371
6 Jan 2017 #156
Have you even watched the videos you post or do you understand them??

The first attempt to set up an Islamic state which we are seeing now taking shape in the Middle East and North Africa was not in Syria, Libya or Iraq. It was in Bosnia in the heart of Europe. Only fierce resistance of Serbian people prevented such a scenario and we managed to win the war in Bosnia against all the odds with America and your country Turkey as well as Saudis and other Arab states supporting the radical Islamic terrorist fanatics.

Serbian fighters managed to liberate half of Bosnian territory and create the Republika Srpska. They eliminated many terrorists and prevented a Muslim invasion, who had air support from NATO.

Sadly what people until now do not understand is that American liberal interventionist establishment is willing to even settle Arabs in the region as long as it keeps the Russians out and prevents possible cooperation between us. This is what they are doing in the Muslim part of Bosnia which is in essence a US-NATO administered protectorate.

Respect to the Poles for sorting out the kebab shop.

From Serbian rodoljub - patriot.
kondzior 12 | 1,242
6 Jan 2017 #157
Some people have to understand that the only thing muslims understand and respect is brutal force.
WhirlwindTobias - | 88
6 Jan 2017 #158
Brit here, living in one of the main cities.

It has to be said by me how assuring it is to see a majority negative sentiment towards Islam and Muslims here. I apologise on behalf of my other expats who, having grown up in bubble wrap and ignorance and moved here for girlfriends or cheap beer (Making general assumptions here) are in their politically-correct addled minds unable to comprehend how dangerous Islam is - even to go so far as to rationalise terminal and ostensibly inherent violence as "losing your cool".

Let it be said that I am in 100% support of keeping Poland Polish, and insist that anyone willing to live here (including myself) should be learning the language, adhering to Polish cultural norms and certainly not insisting that Poland give Islamic individuals special treatment.

I am not going to be participant in any debate here. I cannot speak for Poland, and I certainly have no rebuttals in support of the accused. I just wanted to state my position as an "Anglikiem" in case some users were thinking that no English natives were on the side of Poles. I felt that support from non poles was lacking here.

Edit: corrections
6 Jan 2017 #159
The Central and Eastern European accession countries and EU proper were always on course for a collision, Brussels was only ever interested in enlarging its market to create export free zones for the founder members France and Germany, Poland is a prime example industry sectors are dominated by French or German. There was always a clash of culture between CEE and EU proper, the Eu became focused on expanding borders,while CEE focused on reconstruction funds. There was no attention paid to shared values or historical pasts as these two groups are polar opposites, CEE holds value in tradition,history, family and religion, while EU proper was more progressive and in many cases the old colonial countries had to atone for their past crimes,Germany included. Many Europeans are fearful of the future after the million man march of refugees/economic migrants into Europe. Brussels could have looked at a solution which worked in practice, they had the benefit of hindsight with the Australian solution on handling migrants.Ten or twenty years down the line we will not be talking about the Arab march into Europe, historians will be talking about how EU proper lost their identity atoning for the colonial or Nazi past. CEE has every not to be drawn into the plan, dealing with the guilt of EU proper.
6 Jan 2017 #160
After2020 : I agree with you. But not all westerners feel a burden for colonial past.
Turkish people have lot of colonies too : Egypt, Marocco, Algeria, Israel, part of the arab worls and of course ex Yougolsvia and Greece were part of the ottoman empire.

Do they feel responsible for the atroctities they have committed in these countries ? No. Most of the turkish are very patriotic and very proud of their bloody past . They have no guilt at all !

The arab world enslaved many people from the coastline of Europe during centuries.
Are they ashamed ? Nope. They enslaves millions of black africans and even made them eunuchs(castration).
Are they ashame ? Nope.

Why English,French,German or any other westerners could not feel proud of their past ? Why turkish/arabs can but not others ?
If german feel ahsmae then i should give money to polish, jews or russians people where they did the most of damages rather than help arabs !

WhirlwindTobias : I agree with you.
I would do the same as you in your condition.
What job did you find as a non native polish speaker ?
i am just curious.
Crnogorac3 2 | 371
7 Jan 2017 #161
France is interesting now, of course, we are saying that the center normally is in the United States of America, the center of this establishment which operates, otherwise so-called trans-national capital. France is interesting inasmuch because it implements systematically this Masonic plan (applied in the United States) thus creation from France into some kind of a melting pot.

It is very interesting that there exists one large gap between the French official politics and the mood of the French voters. French voters according to all polls are for controlling if not even stopping the process of migration from Africa into France while the establishment in every way is trying to accelerate this immigration. Officially it is interesting that they do not want immigration, that they will take measures to stop it, that they will expel 150,000 immigrants and in essence everything they are doing, as in the last meetings in Matignon, in essence they are making big campaigns against alleged "racism" of the French (ofcourse there are racist excesses) but they are not in fact speaking about the other kind of racism which is there actually implemented: that is from France to create again some kind of a melting pot.

This is best illustrated by the cultural politics we can say of this French Institute in Warsaw. Tell me when was the last time any of you actually listened to a French chansonnier in the organization of the French institute in Warsaw? I do not remember any, in the last 10 years surely not, however they are bringing to Poland for example rock groups from Uganda, what do I know from Ivory Coast, French rock, French jazz, French box... but a French chanson? Never.
WhirlwindTobias - | 88
8 Jan 2017 #162
What job did you find as a non native polish speaker ?

The easiest one to fall into, to be frank. You know which one. I'm not exactly the corporate type anyway, so it works out for me.
Crnogorac3 2 | 371
9 Jan 2017 #163
Many Europeans are fearful of the future after the million man march of refugees/economic migrants into Europe.

Violent Muslim Protest in London

Muslims protest in Luton(UK) - "All non-muslims are destined to the House of Fire"

According to the P/C neoliberal establishment it seems that the English should be delighted with the Sharia police militias that attack women and men in the streets, and Muslim protesters who yell that "Islam will defeat the non-believers" and so.


As should the whole of West Europe:

It seems for some people it is necessary virtually to draw in which direction things are headed.
cms 9 | 1,255
10 Jan 2017 #164
It is surely a clear cut case ? 3 people, however much provoked, murdered the guy and those responsible will now be tried for murder. A load more people then decided the best response was to throw rocks and attack the police and should also be charged where appropriate.

I am surprised that people who are immigrants in Poland themselves (mainly by dint of being EU citizens) find they are able to pontificate about who else is allowed to come to Poland. What is "ostensibly inherent violence" ? And what does "Poland for the Polish mean" - if a Pole marries a Muslim abroad are they allowed to come and live here ? what about their kids ?
Ironside 50 | 11,110
10 Jan 2017 #165
am surprised that people who are immigrants in Poland themselves (mainly by dint of being EU citizens) find they are able to pontificate

That is a thingy called a personal opinion. Why wouldn't they not be allowed to express their personal opinion on some issues? Just because their are immigrants? What else they shouldn't be allowed to do? Travel with you on the public transport?

For someone who calls for the law being upheld you sure doesn't strike me as a consistent person.
What law says they cannot voice their opinion, eh?

3 people, however much provoked

Really, knife someone over a cracker you call much provoked? How about a noisy neighbour parting 24/7 for three days? Should be a hand grenade in his pallor be an adequate response to the provocation or a fire bomb in his hallway?

And what does "Poland for the Polish mean" -

That means that Poles make rules and other are to respect and obey them. Its evident that Muslims have significant difficulties in accepting that truism. As a matter of fact they're impeding threat to internal stability of any non-Muslim country. Why would any country welcome and invite people that could prove in the long (and short too ) run a detrimental to the ingests and integrity of the local population? There is no reason for it.


If question are not allowed in this thread.
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,032
10 Jan 2017 #166
This is how leftists are brainwashed already.

Miss Helsinki 2017.


and the winner:


Sad and hilarious at the same time.

Never in Poland!!!
Ironside 50 | 11,110
10 Jan 2017 #167

There is nothing amiss with their outfit. That winner however is a sad joke. Well those are trifling issues.
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,032
10 Jan 2017 #168
This just shows how disconnected from reality those politically correct and tolerant people are. Can't believe there are still people that trust them.
Wincig 2 | 220
10 Jan 2017 #169
Welcome to the Matrix!
Ironside 50 | 11,110
10 Jan 2017 #170
This just shows how disconnected from reality those politically correct and tolerant people are.

They have been infected by a cultural neo-Marxism.

Back on topic everyone, please
10 Jan 2017 #171
CMS, If a Pole marries abroad and has children and the family decide to relocate to Poland, one would believe the family has done their due diligence and have a clear understanding of the culture/values/protocols/system of their newly to be adopted country. The same can not be said of economic migrant or refugee who find themselves in Poland by default.People who do not fully integrate to their new country or have the economic means to sustain a reasonable lifestyle expected, would be far more likely to become disenfranchised commit crime.In the current wave of economic migrants/refugees entering the EU by accepted routes or other include a disapropriate number of single young males with little or no long term prospects, moreover according to medics at MSF, a high number of single women making the journey are being raped and arrive in Europe pregnent. This information leads to the conclusion that migrant/refugee rapists are being assimilated into European society without penalty for their crimes, therefore they carry a high risk of repeat crime.
11 Jan 2017 #172
Serbs, do you think President Duda should request from the Polish Sejm to pass a legislation and enact the 1 for 100 rule that the current PM of Serbia Vucic proposed during the Yugoslav wars as a possible deterrent against Islamic terrorism in Poland?
Crow 148 | 9,283
11 Jan 2017 #173

I never sow that video, neither I know for that speech, if it even ever happened (Vucis is internationally greatly respected moderate politician that support regional reconciliation). I will see about authenticity of it. I know that some extreme right politicians, back in those times, suggested Serbian extreme respond on attack on our side (Serbians defended themselves and were not attackers) but, what I know Vucic isn`t among them. But if it really happened, it could be one of reasons why Radical Party of Serbia (Aleksandar Vucic at that time was member and their parliament representative) never won elections in my country and, never got chance to formulate Serbian politics and actions. For, no matter in how desperate situation, my people never supported extremism of that color.

But, I would give you my opinion.... No, Duda shouldn`t request something like that. Poland isn`t directly under attack of Islamic league that sided with local Muslims and also, at the same time, Poland isn`t under constant NATO attacks that giving military insistence to those Muslims. So, see, Poland isn`t in that desperate situation that deserve extreme behavior of some politicians. Not yet, at least.
Crnogorac3 2 | 371
11 Jan 2017 #174

I don't remember Poles had to go through (luckily) a bloody civil war in the recent past with battles that went inch to inch, meter to meter on the front lines, door to door, house to house, neighborhood to neighborhood, town to town, village to village.


Also, I do not recall Poland had to cope with neo-Ustasha paramilitary formations such as the HOS (the equivalent to UPA thugs - the defeated forces from WWII who we see now are once again raising their ugly heads) that started to kidnap and murder prominent Serb civillians who did not agree with them or fit in to their plan for an Independent State of Croatia with borders until the Drina river. They blockaded JNA army barracks in (garrisons that were stationed there since 1945), started to open fire killing our army reservists whose only crime was that they were assigned there in the wrong time and in the wrong place. They received open support by Helmut Kohl the Chancellor of Germany and Genscher the Minister of Foreign Affairs who lobbied on their behalf and supplied them illegaly with weapons accross the Hungarian border. The Vatican bank sent funds for their armaments. They also received recruits from neo-Nazi organizations from all over Western Europe and some members of the pro-Ustasha Croatian diaspora who after WWII emigrated from Argentina to Australia arrived and received prominent positions in the HDZ party of their president dr Franjo Tudjman.

Not to mention the emergence of radicalized Islamic extremists in Bosnia who were ready to carry out atrocities against anyone including the most gruesome ritual murders imaginable against unarmed defensless civilians (including women, children and the elderly that were for them non-believers - whoever opposed their plans) with open support from the USA (the World's only superpower at the time) and Saudi Arabia (the epicenter of Wahhabi ideology) who provided logistical & financial support to create from Bosnia esentially a "Muslimania" a centralized Islamic State with Sharia law where the Muslims as the majority would inevitably be the ruling class and all the other minorities including Serbs (who were a constitutional people with full rights as Bosnia is their historic ancestral land) would be destined to give up all their privledges and become 2nd and 3rd class citizens. We have an opportunity to see the life of minorities in the lands controlled by ISIS. America opened the doors for them to Bosnia and their recruits came from all accross the Islamic world from North Africa, Arabic countries and Afghanistan to wage jihad. We all know that CIA created Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden was present in Bosnia where he even received the passport from the President Alija Izetbegovic who during communism in Yugoslavia served a 13 year prison sentence for spreading Islamic fundamentalism and being a member of a terrorist group "Mladi Muslimani". His book "Islamic declaration" one of the several precursors of today's global jihad stated that: "there can be no peace or co-existence between the Islamic faith and non-Islamic societies and political institutions". He also called for the abolishment of all national borders of Muslim countries from Indonesia, Arab countries, to Turkey and the creation of the Islamic caliphate which we are seeing emerge today.

Such a person was presented by the totally biased and one-sided mainstream media propaganda as a "moderate leader" who is fighting for a "multicultural and multiethnic" Bosnia. He played the "victim" card to perfection. To be fair moderate Muslims of Bosnia did not even elect this man to become their president. Despite losing elections he came to power through some strange post-election machinations meaning - pressure applied from the US.

Serbian people did not want to go to war, we were not preparing for war, we wanted to lead a normal life. War was brought on us and we were the whole time being demonized as the "evil aggressors" by the mass media machinery. It was the illegal and unconstitutional secessions of Croatia and Bosnia that started the war instigated by foreign powers who had their own interests.

And considering everything mentioned above, what did they think will happen when the Yugoslav Army units arrived, that they will bring flowers?

I am a war veteran, I was drafted into the army and sent to the front as an 18 year old, coming from a family with a renowned military tradition. I had no plans to spend some of the best years of my life in the trenches. I saw and witnessed at first hand the horrors of war. It is the worst thing that can happen to any country and I hope I never ever have to go through it again which is what I sincerely wish for each and every one of you and I am appalled how even jokingly some of the members on this forum mention it.

What Aleksandar Vucic said in that clip was for every 1 Serb civilian who dies in NATO bombardments we will kill 100 Islamic terrorists by launching offensive actions. As our traditional ally Russia was in a state of chaos and total disarray during the difficulties they faced during the transitional period from communism to the free market economy, they were in a certain way in a much worse situation then we were, we were left to fight by ourselves, but nevertheless Russian recruits still came and fought side to side with us in the most difficult times for our people and what is also interesting we received several volunteers from Poland.
Crnogorac3 2 | 371
11 Jan 2017 #175
(Serbians defended themselves and were not attackers)

These were difficult times, our people rose to the challenges we faced, we were all united and breathing as one.
For these reasons I am proud that both of us belong to the Serbian nation. I doubt any Western nation (with the exception of Germans) could have passed these difficult tests that we had to go through in the past 20 years.

The church bells are ringing, many mothers are crying, they lost sons and brothers.

The battle for freedom is fought, a Serb a coward is not,
and that he never was, our mother Posavino.

Days of pride, days of glory, thanks to the heroes.

Brilliant victory of the heroic Army of Republika Srpska.

This decisive victory by our forces and the formation of Republika Srpska crushed any possibility of the rise of an Islamic State in Bosnia where the Muslims could form a central government, impose Sharia law and rule over everyone else.


Mjaceslav Zulinski
Many Polish volunteers fought on the Serbian side during the war in Bosnia against the islamofascists of Naser Orić and Alija Izetbegović. Mjaceslav volunteered and came with a friend Andrej to Republika Srpska and joined the Wolves of the Drina Corps - Special Operations Unit. He was a brave and fearless warrior. He heroically died during the defence of the town of Sanski Most and was buried in Zvornik. Currently there is an initiative to name a street after him in the town of Zvornik.
Crow 148 | 9,283
11 Jan 2017 #176
No wonder that Italian Lega Nord consider Ratko Mladic to be European wide hero. They know facts >

Mjaceslav Zulinski

Crnogorac3 2 | 371
12 Jan 2017 #177
Some people have to understand that the only thing muslims understand and respect is brutal force.

These were all legitimate counter-terrorist operations of our army. This is like a window into the future when that instinct for self-preservation kicks in what is going to happen in countries like France, England, Germany, Belgium and USA if race wars break out there.
Marsupial - | 886
12 Jan 2017 #178
While ethnic tensions in Poland erup with 3 ethnics a knife and a murder people are posting war footage. Tiny spats in Poland have no comparison to all that on any level.
Crow 148 | 9,283
12 Jan 2017 #179
France, England, Germany, ..... and USA

they sponsored war and terrorism in former Yugoslavia- in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia (Kosovo) and Croatia. They sponsored extreme Muslims and Nazis to come to power. I am puzzled to see that their politicians wants war also to their own people. Who ruled/rule France, England, Germany and USA? A monsters?

Back on topic please

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