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Election marathon 2018-2020 in Poland

mafketis 29 | 10,321
13 Jun 2019 #1,051
but my current gf and side piece

Poles are religious and do go in for that kind of sexual immorality what would your babcia say?

do go in for that kind of sexual immorality

should be "do not go in for that kind of sexual immorality" what can I saw? I was too shaken by his non-catholic behavior that I mis-typed
OP pawian 181 | 17,079
13 Jun 2019 #1,052
you don't know much about PRL. It was the exact opposite - very little was provided by state.

Sorry, but now you are completely wrong, it is obvious you didn`t live in those times in Poland or were very little, so it isn`t me who says BS but you. The communist state subsidised a lot of things to people, not only vacation (e.g., for most school kids) or apartments, but even grocery products like dairy. Shortages appeared because too many things were distributed for half a price and people received or bought them out without limits. E.g. if you didn`t buy cottage cheese before 9 am, you could kiss it good bye for the rest of the day.

Communism fell because it wanted to provide everything to people to make them love and support the system but it was utopia and economic disaster.

You had better read a few books about the period. :) There are two good series which I read all.

PO times -people are just fed up with these 'elites' with superior attitude.

Yes, PO guys have always noticed it but they decided not to anything with it, hoping that the gradual development of the Polish economy will increase the number of those elites.

plenty of people would vote PiS because of the conservative agenda, but 500 plus and subsequent give aways are what is winning elections for them

Yes, that is correct.

And I'll have you know that the reason why people support pis isn't primarily because of the 500z

Rather not. Traditionalism and conservatism are slowly passing off in Poland. Have you read the latest research about religious attitudes of young Poles? 1/3 refuse to have contacts with the Church - although it doesn`t mean they are atheist.

  • Dzieje PRL

  • Historia PRL
mafketis 29 | 10,321
13 Jun 2019 #1,053
1/3 refuse to have contacts with the Church

compulsory religion classes was a massive mistake by the church, it's turned so many young people against it...
OP pawian 181 | 17,079
13 Jun 2019 #1,054
That wasn` t so important, they introduced it long ago, in 1990.

I would blame grave mistakes made by the Church, e.g., their political involvement and hypocrisy about child abuse.

Besides, one main reason - people are getting richer every year and in result they think they don`t need the Church anymore. This process is unpreventable and in 20, 30 years` time Poland will be like Western Europe. Pity but nobody can stop it, I am afraid.
cms neuf - | 1,670
13 Jun 2019 #1,055
I lived in a block like that for a year in the 90s and I remember it as a good time. The flat was warm and safe and pretty well built - only problem was the hallways were dirty with rats, and graffit. The neighbours were cool and there was a pretty good social life in the block - I was often invited to family events and first communions and I am still friends with some of those guys now.

Regarding life in Poland in Communist times I think people here underestimate how backward Poland was in the 50s and 60s. I have seen family photos where the kids don't have shoes, and the dwellings look very basic.

I was reading a book of reportage by kapuszcinski from the early 60s - he was travelling in the east of Poland just at the moment that it was being electrified - very interesting book, and in his report it seems living conditions were very spartan.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,074
13 Jun 2019 #1,056
Funny as exiles in the UK during this time I had only one pair of shoes but only for school and church , my brother sister and I would return from school remove and clean our shoes then go play barefoot in the street with our Jamaican, Irish and Italian friends.

Different times different world.
Crow 152 | 9,747
14 Jun 2019 #1,057
Where is Poland, I ask. Where is Poland? Where is Slavic Poland? My Poland.

On which outcome of elections depend Slavic Poland? Can any elections decide what Poland is? Can anybody decide for Poles, what Poland is?
Miloslaw 12 | 3,328
14 Jun 2019 #1,058
Where is Slavic Poland? My Poland

Slavic Poland is not where you are.
Poles are Poles first and I'm not even sure that they are Slavs second.
That would probably go to Europeans.
And it is not YOUR Poland.
You are a racist, genocidal, hatred filled Serb.
Nothing in common with Poles.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,816
17 Jun 2019 #1,059
@cms neuf

That is true. PRL Poland didn't really get more developed till 70s and 80s. Now it's a different story. But I remember even in the 90s Poland was like 20 years behind the West.
OP pawian 181 | 17,079
27 Jun 2019 #1,060
The update.
PiS is unified as usual. But the opposition is still hesitating whether to go united or seperate. Some guys in PSL rebellled and don`t want to continue the cooperation with leftists in the broad coalition, claiming the latter were the reason why PSL did poorly in recent elections. They believe they will fare much better without the left who tarnish PSL`s image of being a conservative party . They are daydreaming about creating their own coalition with sb from the centre, e.g, some politicians from PO. Experts warn it might all end with a disaster and PSL won`t enter Sejm.

Probably the best variant: centre goes together (PO, Nowoczesna + PSL) while left in another block. (SLD +Wiosna+Razem).

Victory is unattainable in the current situation but at least they might try to get as many seats as possible so that PiS won`t reach 75% majority allowing to change the constitution. Then we would have to be living in a PiSlamist country for ever. May the Lord be with us and Poland.
antheads 13 | 366
30 Jun 2019 #1,061
great report on the polish economy by euronews. The takeout for me, apart from Polands GDP growth being the 4th highest in the world (!) is the the 500+ program by the v succsesfull goverment + infrastructure spending, is adding to the consumer boom in poland, We march forward, confident that the polish people have chosen well at the ballot box.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,074
30 Jun 2019 #1,062
6% growth on the Polish stock exchange and the Zloty is gaining against the Euro , Long may it continue, looks like the government have their fiscal policies set about right.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
30 Jun 2019 #1,063

And where do you live in Poland?
antheads 13 | 366
30 Jun 2019 #1,064
the back of my current dowod osobisty says meldunek warszawa. Are you going to address the contents of the euronews article or resort to adhominim? specifically

"Moreover, people under the age of 26 will not pay income taxes, pensioners will see rising pensions and the general population will pay lower income taxes by 1%. Importantly, these transfers do not jeopardize the country's solid fiscal position with the budget deficit at less than 2% of GDP. " no copy-paste.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
30 Jun 2019 #1,065
my current dowod osobisty says meldunek warszawa

That was NOT my question. Which was - do you live in Poland or in fact an emigrant?
The second is true, is it not?

people under the age of 26 will not pay income taxes

A more sensible (and society helpful) policy would be to raise the threshold for couples with children. But they wont do that. instead offering carrots to an immature electorate.

Most under 26 years olds don't earn much anyway. And a large proportion study.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
30 Jun 2019 #1,066
Yes we get it

You don't get it fuckkhead. You don't live here, don't pay taxes here, don't contribute. You couldn't wait to get out, yet pretend you are a patriot.

You make me sick. PIS are bad for Poland and know and care less about the economy, simply riding the wave of boom and bust. Your siblings' children will have to pick up the tab for their frivolous policies. Not your concern, eh?

Now go and jump in the lake and cool off.
antheads 13 | 366
30 Jun 2019 #1,067
Well considering you moved back to England, you don't really have a leg to stand on do you? As if i would tell you what taxes i pay on property and shares. You are not a polish citizen so shut your trap. Once PiS wins the next elections (as even its hardened enemies admit this will transform the country forever) I will be lobbying my local senator to have a stated policy to deal with ungratefull expats who continuesly make anti-polish statements online. once brexit happens it will be so much easier to have you deported or banned from re-entering the country. There will be plenty of Ukrainians and Philipinos to replace your meagre and mediocre efforts in Poland.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
30 Jun 2019 #1,068
You are not a polish citizen so shut your trap.

Lived here for 30 years. Still do. Paid all taxes. YOU have no voice, but said "we". You are not part of the collective. I have right of stay, and short of murdering racist scum like you, I think I have earnt my keep and am pretty safe thank you until my retirement

If you really want Poland for the Poles why not come back? Because your gang are all the same. Poland for the Poles, but not for the likes of you eh?

Just fukk off.
30 Jun 2019 #1,069
Why couples why not single moms with kids? What you said sounds just like another retard pollack the whole world like usa makes fun of.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
30 Jun 2019 #1,070
Why couples why not single moms with kids?

Absolutely. If legit.
antheads 13 | 366
30 Jun 2019 #1,071
he's not a retard polak hes a loser brit who had no prospects in his home country and thought he could impress a desperate polish fraulein with 40 pounds in his pocket thirty years ago. Usually people emigrate to countries with a higher or equal standard of living and earning potential. It takes a real faliure, someone with pathetic life prospects for finding a female partner and employement in his home country to emigrate to a country in economic colapse and mass poverty. Or he came over before 89 as a communist apologist/idelouge. Either way the explanation for alcodougpol1's life aren't good.

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