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Coronavirus in Poland

johnny reb 28 | 4,561
28 Apr 2020 #1,831
Michigan State University working with infectious diseases has found that their Halo Fogger machines that spray a mist vapor can kill the China virus.
They can disinfect thousands of masks at a time for reuse with their Halosil vapor machine.
Hats off to the research students at Michigan State University !
The Halo Disinfection System promotes a healthy environment in patient rooms, treatment areas, waiting rooms and elsewhere by thoroughly and safely disinfecting surfaces and sensitive electronics.

Halosil's Halo Mist is odorless, non-corrosive and requires no wiping.
The mist reaches spots that spray & wipe solutions never touch.
The easily portable fogger requires five minutes of user training and is a fraction of the purchase and maintenance cost of alternative UV light or competing hydrogen peroxide vapor systems.

Best of all it is the only total room disinfection system that can kill 99.9999% of C. diff spores throughout the entire room.

And now with the high demand for these machines the manufacturer has said that they would not raise the price on them.
So nice not to see greed take over as this company certainly could have tripled the price on these inexpensive machines.
Bratwurst Boy 9 | 10,385
28 Apr 2020 #1,832
Now that sounds promising....but as I googled that I only found some info about a disinfectant (delivered to China no less) you have more info about it killing the virus?
Spike31 2 | 2,101
28 Apr 2020 #1,833
I suspect you haven't lost any family members to it. I have...

Emotional blackmail will not work on me. Especially since none of us would be able to verify your words as true.

quarantine, no longer support the measures in place

Not to mentioned that such prolonged home quaratine must have significantly lowered a collective immune system of a whole nation.

So if that flu wasn't a problem before it may become one once all that nonsense is over . Then, of course, the followers of a Cult of Coronavirus will say "see, I told you you will get sick once we start living as usual". That's why there's this Cultists theory of Second Wave of Plague ;-)

The ONLY mandatory vaccine I would recommend would be a vacine againts stupidity, if we ever discover one.
jon357 66 | 16,179
28 Apr 2020 #1,834
Emotional blackmail will not work on me

So what.

And google the term 'emotional blackmail'...

a Cult of Coronavirus will say "see, I told you you

You still think it's a hoax, don't you...
PolAmKrakow 1 | 593
28 Apr 2020 #1,835
They are easing restrictions in the USA quicker than in Poland and the USA was 3 weeks behind Poland in the outbreak. USA had way more infections, a higher rate of infection per capita, and much higher death rate. Yet, Poland needs to keep these stupid restrictions in place? Further proof that its about the election and the people in power care nothing about the people and only their own agenda. It would be poetic justice if they actually could not secure 50% in the mail in vote.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,839
28 Apr 2020 #1,836
That is because the US and UK value money over human lives.
Roibeard79 2 | 42
28 Apr 2020 #1,837
Seems so. We can't really take what the US are doing as a role model in this. New Zealand appears to have got it right. Completely shut borders as early as possible. Helps it's an Island but, so is the UK! Ireland were quicker to shut down that UK but the death rate per population is still high, mainly cause they didn't do a complete shutdown and close the Air traffic.
jon357 66 | 16,179
28 Apr 2020 #1,838
Helps it's an Island but, so is the UK!

The human geography is an issue here; so many of the UK cases have been in large conurbations with high poverty levels.
Spike31 2 | 2,101
28 Apr 2020 #1,839
You still think it's a hoax, don't you...

Virus is real.
Mortality rates are a hoax.
Prevention and quarantine is a hoax.
Postapocalyptic crowd in mighty virus-stopping dust masks is real

@PolAmKrakow, let me start with saying that most Western countries, with a notable exception for Sweden (who would have though that a nation which values safety and security above any other values would have acted so reasonably in face of "Plague"?), has overreacted. And once the mass media has started being drunk with power over hysterical masses no democratically elected politician could stop this madness.

It will only stop when majority get tired of current situation. You can only scare people so much and after that they'll stop responding to new revelations.

And malfunctioning economy combined with prolonged quarantine will start killing us at a much faster rate than any coronavirus. Just not many people realize that [yet]
jon357 66 | 16,179
28 Apr 2020 #1,840
Mortality rates are a hoax.
Prevention and quarantine is a hoax.

No, they are most definitely not 'a hoax'.
cms neuf - | 1,579
28 Apr 2020 #1,841
There isnt any clear correlation between poverty and Coronavirus - rates are high in some of the most expensive post codes in the world in Paris London and New York. In Italy the rich north has been hardere hit than the south. Meanwhile the really poor states of Europe - Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia etc all got off lightly.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,839
28 Apr 2020 #1,842
I agree with spike though. We are being fed bullshit Re numbers.
PolAmKrakow 1 | 593
28 Apr 2020 #1,843
Human lives will perish when there is no food a lot quicker and in greater volume if the economy isn't opened up. Poland isn't on an economic island, they are deeply interconnected with the EU. The food supply chain in USA is already breaking down. The food costs in Poland are already going up. The virus is just now hitting the southern hemisphere, where a lot of food was being harvested. If people cant see a global problem and are only concerned with their small country, their small country is in grave danger.

Poland was the first EU country to close the borders. So, they would be the model. Second lowest rates of infections in Europe. Valuing money over lives? Maybe. But the alternative to what is happening to the Polish economy is nothing short of disaster.

They are predicting 20 to 30 percent unemployment in USA, and 4 year recovery time. I wonder how Poland will recover and how bad the damage will be? Every day closed down is 3 weeks of recovery time. That math is the reality. The other reality is that COVID was bad, but not the global killer people said it would be. Time to admit it and get back to work before the other alternatives become overwhelming.
jon357 66 | 16,179
28 Apr 2020 #1,844
There isnt any clear correlation between poverty

In the UK, it's more about extended families living in close quarters and having customer facing jobs.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
28 Apr 2020 #1,845
The food costs in Poland are already going up.

What's concerning isn't so much the food costs themselves from my perspective, but the supply chain. I went to Auchan today, and they normally have an excellent selection of fruit and vegetables. Today? A very weak selection, and the prices were high for this time of the year.

One caveat though; it's possible that farmers are simply not selling to supermarkets in light of the sudden boom in home deliveries of fruit and vegetables.
cms neuf - | 1,579
28 Apr 2020 #1,846
Fresh food needs a lot more labor and all stores are short of staff at the moment - their mostly female staff are working shorter shifts due to the kids being at home and no fall back on Babcia. So what staff they do have will be pointed at packaged food and working the cash registers.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
28 Apr 2020 #1,847
Fresh food needs a lot more labor

Aha, yes, you're right.

There are some truly idiotic policies in place right now as well - I went to pick up some stuff from Decathlon, and they have a mindblowingly stupid system where everyone has to phone a certain number if they want to pick up something that was ordered online. You have to queue outside the shop (so everyone ends up standing close to each other) and wait for them to call you into the shop to pick up your items.

On the good side - can't complain with 3.29zł / litre for fuel.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,665
29 Apr 2020 #1,848
That's retarded. What stores are doing here for online orders is you just park in the lot, wait for one of the people to walk up to you and hand him your order number or id or whatever, then they bring your order to your car and pack it for you. I bought a small TV from an electronics store this week and that's what they did.

For groceries though, no real difference just that everyone is wearing masks, some also gloves, and the cashiers are behind like a sort of plastic barrier.

Personally, I'm enjoying this coronavirus thing. I got way more time off, can work whatever hours I want, a thousand bucks from the government, and I've been able to spend more time to go hiking, ride the bike, etc. I'm hoping to take a fishing trip this weekend
johnny reb 28 | 4,561
29 Apr 2020 #1,849
So what staff they do have will be pointed at packaged food and working the cash registers.

Isn't it funny how grocery store workers and gas station attendants are allowed to go to work and they don't die.
Why are only all the other people have to be protected by the government not to die ?
Where I live the Governor of the State signed an executive order last Monday that you had to have a mask on to enter a grocery store.

Most people have ignored this order completely and small businesses are starting to open up against her orders.
She said May 15th and the people have said May 1.
There is no one enforcing the Governors orders.
My bet is where I live everything will be back to normal in the next few days short of the bars being open since they have a State liquor license that could be jeopardized.

People have had enough of this b.s.
PolAmKrakow 1 | 593
29 Apr 2020 #1,850
@cms neuf

Yes, fresh food needs more labor. Where is that labor going to come from when 2 million Ukraine left for home. All work visa processing has stopped, and isn't expected to resume until mid June. With no import labor who is going to harvest this food? Poles? If so, it wont be for Ukraine wages, and that means higher prices. Imported food? It will be interesting to see how that is effected when other countries supply chains begin breaking down.

There is only one answer, and that is to reopen the economies. The numbers are clearly on the decline nearly everywhere except Russia, Mexico and the southern hemisphere. Sick people, and those at risk simply either need to stay in doors, or be more careful. Thats just life. Governments cant continue to protect the few while many more will suffer. Yes, I know its harsh. Life is hard.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,839
29 Apr 2020 #1,851
Same problem here in the UK. First all the 'bloody immigrants'that brexitets wanted rid of were told they were ok for this this..and hardly anyone has come. Fruit and veg rotting.
Atch 16 | 3,203
29 Apr 2020 #1,852
mainly cause they didn't do a complete shutdown and close the Air traffic.

I don't think that's why Roibeard. I think the death rate is elevated due to the clusters in residential care settings and particularly in nursing homes. People coming in to Ireland has dropped by 95% and the only inward traffic is supplies and Irish citizens returning home and Irish doctors etc coming back from abroad to help out. Obviously, they have to quarantine.

There is an issue though definitely with the border counties where there are virus 'hot spots'. They're managing things differently in NI and I don't think the infection rate there has fallen as low as the Republic yet. That's a problem as we share an island. We should really have an all-island strategy.
Crow 146 | 8,808
29 Apr 2020 #1,853
Corona isn`t worse menace then Germanics or Turks. No, no. Poles and rest of us will endure.
Roibeard79 2 | 42
29 Apr 2020 #1,854
We should really have an all-island strategy.

100% agree on this however it was never going to happen as DUP would never agree to what Dublin suggested

Just thinking the amount of Irish that traveled to Cheltenham and Liverpool for sporting events, which recent stats from those areas show a high infection rate which can only be due to certain sporting events allowed to go ahead at that time, that would have had a knock on effect in Ireland

It's hard to judge the current status in Poland as the stats appear to vary and are not consistent. 316 new cases yesterday dropping to 197 today. The main concern for Poland may come when borders re-open and you have movement again, expats returning home etc. Time will only tell I guess! But they will only benefit from having an early lockdown, as hard as it is economy wise.
PolAmKrakow 1 | 593
29 Apr 2020 #1,855
Hotels and shopping malls to open May 4th. Safe enough to open shopping malls and hotels but not outdoor cafe's or pubs? Pre schools may open May 6th? The problem is clearly a close confinement one yet malls, pre schools and hotels open? All these can open, but delaying the in person vote a few weeks is out of the question? Something smells very fishy.
johnny reb 28 | 4,561
29 Apr 2020 #1,856
I think we will be seeing a vaccine developed before snow flies this next winter.
Oxford University said early this morning that have developed a major break through and now Gilead just announced they have a vaccine too.
Dow surges more than 400 points as positive Gilead news lifts hope for coronavirus treatment.
I am just skeptical of what is in it to demand everyone in the world to have it injected into perfectly healthy people.
Poor Weimarer will be devastated if the U.S.A. develops a vaccine before Germany does.
Where there is life there is hope.
Bratwurst Boy 9 | 10,385
29 Apr 2020 #1,857
Germany started trials on humans too, doesn't mean anybody has a vaccine ready yet.

With more than 2.5 million people now infected worldwide in the COVID-19 pandemic, Germany has authorized the first clinical trial of a coronavirus vaccine. The first human tests will begin before the end of April....

It's the testing that needs time!

Otherwise, if it's offered to quickly I would rather politely decline...I don't want to be the guinea pig. So, next year sounds more reasonable.

(Meaning now it's not the time to go into a kind of contest....)

Crazy! But only consequential....

Warning shots fired as man tries to cross Czech-Polish border during lockdown

A German resident of the Czech Republic was apprehended by Polish guards after attempting to cross the border illegally

According to Polish media, this was the second incident at the Opole border crossing between the Czech Republic and Poland this week.
PolAmKrakow 1 | 593
29 Apr 2020 #1,858
@Bratwurst Boy

Actually, now is the time for a contest. Adversity has always promoted creativity. Europeans know this better than anyone. Just look at some of the meals, simple ingredients, somehow making great food. Because of adversity in climate, war, etc. That said, I am not signing up for first round of shots either. But it does sound promising. The question.....does the company who successfully develops this vaccine, patent it and price gouge, or is is priced fair for the entire world? Maybe right to a generic version for other manufacturers?
Bratwurst Boy 9 | 10,385
29 Apr 2020 #1,859
If one country wants to win this contest to hard people will die needlessly....better a later vaccine but for that it will be thoroughly tested (and then re-tested for control).

I for one would stay away from anything China will undoubtly soon present proudly to get the glory of the will be like with their athlets, all fake and doped and potentially dangerous!
Vesko Vukovic 1 | 156
29 Apr 2020 #1,860
Miracle in Poland, a 100 year old WWII veteran Stanislav Bigos survived coronavirus.

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