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Coronavirus in Poland

Rich Mazur 4 | 3,309
31 Mar 2020 #1,081
When you fly italians or french to Germany and plug them on breathing machines...

They do it because it gives the German ruling elites bragging points. Saving German grandmas does not.

All in the name of not wanting to cause a panic too soon.

In the touchy-feely world of Western "democracies", feelings and emotions supercede everything. Even death - if it can be delayed by a month or two.

Luckily, Poland has less of that mental disorder.
Weimarer 8 | 415
31 Mar 2020 #1,082
@Rich Mazur
You are one of few sane ones here. You know as much as i do, that no french or italian is save in a german hospital, the day german patients get denied treatment. Not because nazi bullshit but because the most basic instincts kick in.
Crow 146 | 9,112
31 Mar 2020 #1,083
Luckily, Poland has less of that mental disorder.

Yes, in comparison to western European countries, Poland is on a high level of normalcy, no matter that Papacy doing everything possible to keep Poles in delusions. Simple, rift between Polish and western European brains is too big. No amount of propaganda sh** can`t make Poles THAT crazy.

no french or italian is save in a german hospital

I concur. They could be easily sold in organ trafficking.
Weimarer 8 | 415
31 Mar 2020 #1,084

Yeah, we will sell covid 19 organs to serbia
Crow 146 | 9,112
31 Mar 2020 #1,085
No, you won`t. We aren`t stupid here.
Weimarer 8 | 415
31 Mar 2020 #1,086

You are. They even sell metal to you that is radioactive xD
delphiandomine 88 | 18,858
31 Mar 2020 #1,087
I will simply not buy a chinese made product if there is another avail able from another country even if it costs a little more.

Unfortunately, many people in Poland don't have such luxuries. For some families, a Chinese-made toy is the only toy they can afford for their children.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,541
31 Mar 2020 #1,088
Chinese-made toy is the only toy they can afford for their children.

That's silly delph simple cardboard box used to keep me entertained, I'm sure even you could twiddle something out of a piece of wood to keep the kids entertained during this crisis.

I was lucky that I had a cardboard box , kids who had toys got lead poisoning back in my day.
Vesko Vukovic 1 | 213
31 Mar 2020 #1,089
Nevada, a state in one of the richest countries in the world, has painted social-distancing boxes on a concrete parking lot for the homeless to sleep in.

Americans are exploding with the disease:

+22,258 infected, 666 dead on 31/03/2020
Spike31 2 | 2,107
31 Mar 2020 #1,090
Civilisation is a thin veil that can easily be ripped apart.

I've got no doubt that in Germany civilization is a very thin veil - which was established by Allies - that could easily be ripped apart given US Army would move out. But your good friends in NATO will no let that happen since being occupied is for your own good.
Vesko Vukovic 1 | 213
1 Apr 2020 #1,091
Hospitals threatening to fire workers for speaking out about coronavirus shortages: report

At least two health care workers have been fired after speaking out about the need for more coronavirus tests and protective equipment as hospitals across the country warn doctors and nurses not to publicize pandemic-fueled shortages of medical supplies.

Rich Mazur 4 | 3,309
1 Apr 2020 #1,092
Hospitals should never bring in the ChinaVirus patients just as no sane person would allow to turn a hospital into a leper colony. A viral disease for which there is no cure does not belong where patients who do not threaten nurses and doctors go for routine treatments - even if it's cancer.

My prediction: in the future, we will never allow hospitals to be used as leper colonies with ventilators. Dying from virus must be done somewhere else.
johnny reb 28 | 5,302
1 Apr 2020 #1,093
I agree, Rich.
They should use college dormitories that are empty and put a cremation furnace in the parking lot.
(Save on the refrigeration trucks)
You would have the Liberals screaming how Trump could be so insensitive though for not being Politically Correct.
FINALLY after one month my home town has a drive thru screening located out doors in a park.
Now watch the statistics sky rocket for infected people in the U.S. as these test sites are slowly being set up across America for everyone instead of just New York.
Weimarer 8 | 415
1 Apr 2020 #1,094

In USA civilisation is much thinner than in any european country.

One has just to see how hey react in mass panic, trample evrything down, raid markets ect...amd we just talk about black friday sales.

They kill for shopping. Only god knows what they do when real crisis happens.
johnny reb 28 | 5,302
1 Apr 2020 #1,095
Fire up their grill and invite the neighbors over for grilled Germans and beer.
cms neuf 1 | 1,852
1 Apr 2020 #1,096
Cardboard box ? Luxury ! I had to make do with two pebbles and my dads used coffee grounds,

I tried boycotting Chinese stuff some time in the 90s - lasted about 2 weeks. You can find shoes and electronics but it's the simple things that are impossible to replace - zips, toothbrushes, light switches, door handles etc.

One thing that is weird for me is that if the idea of the lockdown is to buy time then they should be using it to test people and to make equipment but neither are happening. 100 testing stations doing 10 an hour would have already done half a million tests in the three weeks we have had.
johnny reb 28 | 5,302
1 Apr 2020 #1,097
they should be using it to test people

You have to have a signed certificate by a medical doctor to be tested.
Who is going to go into a doctors office where people go with symptoms, pay $100 for a an office call to get a certificate to be tested ?

New York is the only privileged place that you can just request them for free that I know of.
cms neuf 1 | 1,852
1 Apr 2020 #1,098
Hi Johnny - that's bad but I'm taking about Poland where we have all been paying into a Public Health Service for years and where the govt had had three weeks of lockdown to get this organized
johnny reb 28 | 5,302
1 Apr 2020 #1,099
I understand, cms.
My point was that it is just as unorganized in the States as it is in Poland.
Trump knew about this virus back in December but was fighting the impeachment mob.
I have no Idea why Poland has dropped the ball.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,541
1 Apr 2020 #1,100
Oh the new shopping rules are fun (only 3 people per checkout in the shop at a time) , we were out at 7:30am and people were already queuing with their shopping trolleys outside the supermarkets the temperature is -7c or 19.4F for you yanks.
cms neuf 1 | 1,852
1 Apr 2020 #1,101
It will last a few days because it is a mad idea.

It basically means any store that stays open needs to tak 100-150 zloty per customer just to break even, so without govt support they will cut their hours or cut their staff, making the problem even worse.

No thought at all was given to this. I doubt it will stop the spread of the virus but it will cause a lot of hypothermia and common colds which will weaken people's immune systems
Cargo pants 2 | 853
1 Apr 2020 #1,102
I have been using uber eats,wolt and glovo for my alcohol supplies.Just got masks delivered but so hard to find gloves.Spiritus is cheaper then sanitizer.55pln for 500 ml and sanitizer is 39pln for 250ml.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,541
1 Apr 2020 #1,103
will weaken people's immune systems

Very good point.
cms neuf 1 | 1,852
1 Apr 2020 #1,104
@Cargo pants

Certainly seems you are better off here ! Must be worried about your family though. Hope they are all ok

Fine in Warsaw, bit more tricky in Mlawa or Nidzica.

They have basically just transported their voters back to communist times.
Vesko Vukovic 1 | 213
1 Apr 2020 #1,105

"I think that you can make an estimate of deaths in the US will be in the 1.4-2.8 million range. This includes deaths throughout the next 15 or more months. These numbers are my best guestimate at this time, and are subject to change with new data."

Dr. Michael Osterholm who made that podcast interview with Joe Rogan
cms neuf 1 | 1,852
1 Apr 2020 #1,106
Do you ever post anything about Poland Vesko ?
Cargo pants 2 | 853
1 Apr 2020 #1,107
Certainly seems you are better off here

Yes sir,I feel so,though stuck in a 40 sq m flat.

Must be worried about your family though

Yeah,all stuck in different states and in touch with facetime and sms.

Hope they are all ok

So far and thank you.
Vesko Vukovic 1 | 213
1 Apr 2020 #1,108

Yes I do, by posting stats of different countries and comparing what preventive measures were taken, it has shown that Poland is a serious state in the way that the government is dealing with this crisis.
cms neuf 1 | 1,852
1 Apr 2020 #1,109
No - you just troll and post gruesome videos and stories from stressed doctors on alt right websites
PolAmKrakow 1 | 590
1 Apr 2020 #1,110
Over "Time" there will be millions of deaths possibly. "Time" is relative. Over years of course it will kill millions until a vaccine is mandatory and provided to everyone. All the doomsday predictions for the USA are a bit premature. While I choose to live in Poland, the USA has long proven resilient and will innovate its way through this crisis and those to come. Of course they were slow to act, but so was everyone else. Walking my dog this morning, no lines at Lewiatan or Zabka, though I am sure its different at larger stores. Last night the cues were pretty long at Carrefour check out stations. The mindset of Polish people though is much better equipped to handle this lock down and increased restrictions than those in the USA.

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