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Coronavirus in Poland

cms neuf 1 | 1,852
25 Mar 2020 #871
But what they have done protects Polish citizens only on a one off basis - doing a deal would protect them in an ongoing basis. That's maths, not idealism

We might need Norwegian oil in the future - certainly rather from them than to be reliant on Russia.
PolAmKrakow 1 | 590
26 Mar 2020 #872
@cms neuf

Yes, they could leave in the future. If that's the price paid for saving lives, so be it. Business people relocating or having operations here do it because they are smart. Poland is central and provides great access to the rest of Europe for shipping. Inexpensive labor force and plenty of people to fill those jobs. Tax benefits compared to many countries. While this may look bad for one business, another business will see this action as the Polish government protecting its citizens, protecting its workforce and thus allowing them to recover quicker, which gets everyone back to work sooner. Its all about dollars and cents, not emotion.
Weimarer 8 | 415
26 Mar 2020 #873
In Germany the isolation starts working. We deals very well with all of this.

Since we have very much ICU, mortality is pushed down on flu status. Germany has the strongest healthcare system worldwide and its incredible what it can achieve. Meanwhile the strict quarantine flattens the infection curve. 2 days ago it was 4 days for double number of infection, now we are at 6 days, which means the infection rate drops dramatical.

In USA its different, infection rate sky rockets, combined with the very bad heakthcare system and lack of ICU, we will see desaster there.
Vesko Vukovic 1 | 213
26 Mar 2020 #874
Italy, Spain ... USA

'That's when all hell broke loose': Coronavirus patients start to overwhelm US hospitals

"We don't have the machines, we don't have the beds," the doctor said.

"To think that we're in New York City and this is happening," he added. "It's like a third-world country type of scenario. It's mind-blowing."
PolAmKrakow 1 | 590
26 Mar 2020 #875
@Vesko Vukovic

My sister and her husband, NYC doctors. My sister is an ER doc. They say it is so bad you cant prepare for this. While most will survive and get through this without knowing they had it, the ones who go to the hospital face grim circumstances.
Vesko Vukovic 1 | 213
26 Mar 2020 #876
Photo that shocked the world: They do not have protective equipment, nurses in USA wear garbage bags.

At one hospital in Manhattan in the US, medical staff no longer have protective equipment, so nurses are forced to wear garbage bags to protect themselves from coronavirus.
Vesko Vukovic 1 | 213
26 Mar 2020 #877

Unfortunately this crisis is going to reveal just what a terrible decision it was by USA and Western Europe to send all of their factories to the East Asian countries. It seems practically everyone over there wanted to work only in banking/finance, the stock market and financial jobs.
PolAmKrakow 1 | 590
26 Mar 2020 #878
@Vesko Vukovic

Some wake up calls are more difficult to answer than others. Its life, and unfortunately death. The problem with this is not major manufacturing. It will survive with government bailouts. The problem is small business operators will go out of business in tremendous numbers. Real estate prices are already coming down. New mortgage applications are down, refinance applications are down. This means only those that prepare now will survive the business climate in the future. The rich will unfortunately get richer in the end, at the expense of the little guy. This is the biggest problem with wars, famine and disease.
Crow 146 | 9,112
26 Mar 2020 #879
I feel so lucky to be locked down in Poland

See, Slavic world is now oasis of normalcy. All around us naked fanatics and mental cases.

We deals very well with all of this.

Please. German ``efficiency`` is term that belong to deep past.

Came back while you aren`t completely lost.
Spike31 2 | 2,107
26 Mar 2020 #880
Official British government stance on Wuhan flu, also known as "coronavirus":

"As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.(...) in particular, more information is available about mortality rates (low overall),(...)"

And now I going to attend more serious matters than Chinese flu: I'll play some Doom Eternal
johnny reb 28 | 5,302
26 Mar 2020 #881
World death toll tops 21,000 so far.

Corona has a mortality of 4%.

There are 330,000,000 people in the U.S.A.
4% of 330 million is 13.2 million.

For your own country it means 5.9 Million would die from it. Math is not your strength i suppose.

I suppose not.
Cargo pants 2 | 853
26 Mar 2020 #882
I think Corona is spreading more in the cities where people live in flats.NYC has the max cases so are the cities in Europe,whereas in other states in the USA mostly people live is fairly big houses which are in a fair distance to each other.
PolAmKrakow 1 | 590
26 Mar 2020 #883
@Cargo pants

Look at where the majority of cases are in Poland. Warsaw, Wroclaw, Katowice, and Lodz. Of those, Lodz to me is an outlier case. Not a whole lot going on there and I would bet on one or two people infecting most of them. The other three have a lot going on. Wroclaw has a lot of German business people traveling back and forth. Warsaw is of course going to be the hardest hit for many reasons.

Shocking to me though is how relatively few cases in Lesser Poland/Krakow considering tourism and business here. Walking the streets though and even the older generation is practicing social distancing. Running through planty this morning I counted 16 people total, all individuals.

They are expecting things to peak here next week. If this is true, then I think by May Poland starts trending back to normal life.
Atch 17 | 3,427
26 Mar 2020 #884
Poland is to get over seven billion euros from the EU to alleviate the impact of Covd-19 on the country's economy. Poland is getting the largest share of the available fund. They receive one billion immediately. That was actually reported nearly two weeks ago but I haven't seen it mentioned on this thread.
Cargo pants 2 | 853
26 Mar 2020 #885
Hospitals in US are considering not to resuscitate corona virus patients.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,721
26 Mar 2020 #886
Woot Woot! Over a thousand bucks for all Americans thanks to Trump's response to China Virus (naturally, most dindus and other parasites excluded)! We will receive $2,400 for the two of us despite business going on as usual. Thanks Trump for funding my vacation = )

Man I wish this thing got way worse or we had this **** more often. Amazing time to buy stocks at rock bottom prices, finally countries are enforcing borders, there's no traffic, the coastal city liberals are getting whooped, and I get to work less. I LOVE IT!!!

I don't see any Euros getting a thousand bucks and $500 for their kids for free in the next few weeks = )
Weimarer 8 | 415
26 Mar 2020 #887
Germany has lowest death rate, pushed it down in flu Status. You are from a ******** and your monthly income is what we earn per day

@Dirk diggler

In Germany its 9000. Why is Trump letting you go so cheap? Beside letting you die because rotten medical system?
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,721
26 Mar 2020 #888
In Germany its 9000

Each German is getting 9 g's from the government? Somehow I doubt that... I mean I know Germanistan really takes care of its large migrant Muslim and African population... but dayum...

Beside letting you die because rotten medical system?

Almost no one is dying except really old sick people. If it wasn't coronavirus they would've croaked soon from something else.

Beside letting you die because rotten medical system?

For maybe some people yeah, but the medical treatment I receive is better than anything in Europe and I've been to doctors and hospitals in Poland, Germany and UK. I get charged literally a few dollars for any dental, eye, health, etc. care. Like spare change in the pocket type expense and even then I just tell them bill me and toss the bill out anyway because it doesn't affect credit. Preventative is all free, surgeries, doctor visits, specialists, MRI scans, all that **** I get served as soon as I walk in the door. Even if I went on a crazy bender and wanted to spin dry at some celebrity rehab costing 50's a month just to lay on the beach with some sluts it'd all be paid for. No wait at all.
OP Braveheart16 18 | 252
26 Mar 2020 #889
Atch Poland is to get over seven billion euros from the EU...reported nearly two weeks ago but I haven't seen it mentioned on this thread.

This is really encouraging news and I must say that I haven't seen any mention of this on TV etc, which is why it probably hasn't appeared in this thread....this is the sort of good news for people who are naturally worried and stressed, should hear about.....and should be followed up with what is to be done with this funding....what will be provided (respirators and test kits hopefully) and how soon...etc....people need to be kept informed with more substantial information not the mantra 'stay indoors' which of course is super important....It would be interesting to hear what ideas the government are putting forward to protect and provide reassurance to the public

(one such idea in London is to utilise black cabs who are currently not earning due to the shutdown....idea is to provide a safe transport for doctors and nurses (reduced rates or government picks up the bill) at all hours rather than making them catch buses and trains which are limited in service and more importantly to keep them away from the potential of infection)
Vesko Vukovic 1 | 213
26 Mar 2020 #890
Following in PiS government ruled Poland's example and after Vladimir Putin has decided to do the same in Russia, India is the next country to announce a lockdown for 21 days.

One should keep a billion and 300k in some kind of quarantine, no mercy
Weimarer 8 | 415
26 Mar 2020 #891
@Dirk diggler

We have a small population of muslims and africans. Much smaller than USA.

Beside that, each self employed German gets 9000 €. Each employed Germqn gets KuG, which is 60% of your netto income.

Remember, Germany has gigantic amounts of money. Not spending 2% on defense allows us such nice things, plus amazing healthcare.

Germany has most intensive care units of any nation worldwide. Here Corona has flu mortality. Meanwhile USA reached 1000 death in one day and uses tents to store the death.

Sucks to be you.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,721
26 Mar 2020 #892
America is also much larger than Germany. And theres tons of kebab there. I have family in Dortmund and i can see just driving around how many there are especially in frankfurt, berlin and hamburg. Second, it doesnt appear that working germans are receiving 9k a piece. Maybe up to, per household, etc.

Not spending 2% on defense allows us such nice things, plus amazing healthcare.

It also means less people will be employed by the military.

Youd have even more nice things if you didnt have a fat childless spinster running the country and tons of brainwashed good goys cheering on as their country is literally invaded. Its a fact that a month worth of average germans salary goes to kebab and ninjas - tens of billions every year... and growing...
dolnoslask 6 | 3,541
26 Mar 2020 #893
We have a small population of muslims and africans.

Ha Ha ha he he he have you not been outside for the last 3 years , east Germany is full up , It only takes me 30 mins to get to the border, I could take plenty of photos for you but we are on virus lock down.

Have you never been to a new years party in Cologne , don't tell me it takes a pole to tell u whats happening in your country.

P.s I love Germany and the German people.

But please don't ever try and dump your $hite on Poland ever again, it's more harmful than corona
Cargo pants 2 | 853
26 Mar 2020 #894
Each German is getting 9 g's from the government? Somehow I doubt that...

Easy peasy,they will just print,$ went down drastically today,Just wait and watch inflation for next 8 months or so and the boom begins again when the **** subsides.Property prices will go down but another spike in price is near.Cant wait to see the fun if I survive this China/ Heenka crap.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,541
26 Mar 2020 #895
,$ went down drastically today,

I'm paying ready cash if any of you yanks got any nice professional steel Rolex's or pateks
that you might need to sell for quick bucks zlotys euros or gbp.

We need to keep the world spinning in times of crisis.
OP Braveheart16 18 | 252
26 Mar 2020 #897
Cargo pants

Sorry, but are you some sort of financier....not sure what you mean from your comments....when you talk about property prices do you mean Poland....if not then why are you using this forum.....what sort of language is China/Heenka..? Sorry but this forum is about Poland....not comparisons between USA or Germany...and who is better than who...? This is a forum for people living in Poland dealing with the virus....not some finance, Bloomberg discussion group....
dolnoslask 6 | 3,541
26 Mar 2020 #898
lol I have a knock off,interested?

Na plenty on Allegro.
Cargo pants 2 | 853
26 Mar 2020 #899
but are you some sort of financier

I can be if the project smells money.

.if not then why are you using this forum

I have been coming to poland every other month for a month for the last 20 years,if that answers your question.

what sort of language is China/Heenka..?

dolnoslask 6 | 3,541
26 Mar 2020 #900
.not some finance, Bloomberg discussion group....

Sorry but I am Polish and living in Poland and yes finance in relation to the virus issue is very important, It is times like this that fortunes can be lost and made and why should we not discuss it.

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