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Congrats to Poland - your people realize industry is important.

3 Feb 2019  #1
It seems your GDP is higher than the Portuguese one and probably will surpass the Italian one and then the Spanish.
It's because your people realize industry is important. What Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal don't realize is that a country that mostly relies on tourism is set for being a unstable and poor. I don't know why, but almost all of the countries where tourism is the main sector are poor.

While I feel sorry for the nice people of Portugal and Athens, I don't really care about lazy Italians and Spaniards. They live like gypsies and are very very rude. And their customer service is just as bad as Central European ones. :P I guess Poland has superior culture than Spain and superior work ethics than both of them. All Italy has is it's Roman past and the art. But I've met more nice Polish people than nice Spaniards and Italians. Most Spaniards and Italians make Germans seem like the nicest people on Earth!

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