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How will BREXIT affect the immigrants in UK and Poland.

spiritus 67 | 657    
14 Jun 2017  #661

As my Polish posts on open forum

On "an" open forum.......see the point I was making about how easily it can be used as a weapon of condescension ? :)

bitter pill to swallow for those who voted in favour of Brexit from an immigration point of view

The whole thing is a complete mess :(

mafketis 16 | 5,701    
14 Jun 2017  #662

That's going to be a bitter pill to swallow for those who voted in favour of Brexit from an immigration point of view. They're going to be the real losers

Western governments are clearly bound and determined to increase the number of non-westerners in their countries and are more devoted to this idea than any other single item of government.

There are lots of reasons for this (none of them connected to actual benefits that the new arrivals bring with them). But clearly only an extremist will even look at the issue.
Lyzko 17 | 4,624    
14 Jun 2017  #663

Point taken, Spiritus. Although in the former poster's case, one cannot realistically attribute their errors to either an occasional typo or even a varied usage, as in my sentence. In the States, once typically speaks of "testifying in open court" (without the semi-obligatory "an"), therefore, in my instance, the same convention of usage can well apply:-)

Needless to add, the Brexit didn't warm former PM May any closer to the hearts of her voters!
Marsupial - | 921    
18 Jun 2017  #664

May and co faced open rebellion by the public. They are outdated fossils the young hate them which is normal as they are a world hating government. It took brexit to wake up a huge portion of people to the fact that their cointry is being hijacked by fascist trash. This forum is one of the few places people still pretend that the mood in the uk is anything other but tory hating, probably because its cramned by the right wing. Otherwise they are openly ridiculed on every show i have seen. The only place the immigrants are going is to work and the only place tories are going is in the bin labelled '1975 throwbacks'.
spiritus 67 | 657    
18 Jun 2017  #665


People will hate whoever is in power-I don't think it's just a "Tory" thing.
dolnoslask 4 | 1,824    
18 Jun 2017  #666

in the bin labelled '1975 throwbacks'.

I for one can't wait for Brexit and Jeremy Cor(bin) and the labour party to get into power, It will be a rerun of the UK in the seventies, the capital flight and loss of manufacturing companies across country will be on a biblical scale.

On the bright side there will be plenty of affordable housing (If not free once seized from the rich non domiciles) just think there will be hundreds of empty office blocks in London once the financial sector has moved away, all this can easily be converted into housing, just think you may be able to get a council flat in the gherkin how cool is that.

On the other hand immigrants currently in the UK will be able to move back to their home country for a safe and prosperous life The poor British (Due to Brexit and loss of free movement) will have to sit, grin and bear it, the old stiff upper l comes to mind.

Might not be surpising that many Poles return to Poland and find the factories that they worked for in the UK have moved to Poland so the bosses have continuation of labour and the right to trade within the European market.

It's going to be fun.
TheOther 5 | 3,494    
18 Jun 2017  #667

Much of what you said might come true. Very unfortunate for the people who voted against BREXIT.
18 Jun 2017  #668

It's interesting to hear people's unqualified opinions on Brexit. whatever effects the UK will have repercussions across Europe especially Poland as PL is heavily leveraged to the UK on many levels.This is the reason the current government of PL is exercising a Plan B. so don't wish for that which you would be unable to control.
dolnoslask 4 | 1,824    
18 Jun 2017  #669

whatever effects the UK will have repercussions across Europe especially Poland

No Britain will be the loser, there maybe a short term blip in Europe, but Europe and Poland are best placed to pick up the the choicest cuts of what Britain is going to lose due to its bad choices, what is the defenition of qualification?, there are many very qualified people (on paper) who are making huge mistakes,

Me I go on experience, and I lived through the bad times in the UK during the 70s we will wait and see..... get ready the popcorn.
19 Jun 2017  #670

In the medium term Poland has a lot to lose from Brexit, especially in terms of security and an EU ally around the table in Brussels, and also through the obvious decline in financing. Poland is not so well placed to benefit form the UK's situation for several reasons. Firstly, English is still not a widespread second language in Poland like it is in other EU countries. This matters a lot when it comes to the financial sector (US and Asian markets). Secondly, Poland has more of a problem with endemic corruption, which is much less of a problem in places like Ireland or Sweden. That also matters with financial services and international business investment. Thirdly, the zloty is not a strong or reliable currency so there is little incentive to use it as a store for your wealth, and this also follows through into the investment of land and buildings, which the Polish govt doesn't make easy anyway with domestic laws (so there wont be many wealthy companies transferring their land holdings from the UK to Poland, which generates a lot of revenue). Finally, there's Russia next door, and the long-term stability of Poland's borders is far from secure. To put it bluntly, if Russia wants to test the EU it will be Poland or the Baltic states that will be the pawns. I can guarantee you that nobody in France, Ireland, Sweden, Italy, Spain and probably Germany will want to gamble World War 3 over the sovereignty of eastern Poland. Yes, I know there is the NATO pact and the EU declaration of mutual defence, but when the stark choice is losing Rzeszow or the destruction of Berlin, then it's obvious what will happen. No German or Irish will want to die for the sake of Bialystok. As the UK is the biggest contributor to the EU defence budget, with the biggest army and nuclear weapons, then Poland is currently quite reliant on the stronger deterrent posed by the EU that contains the UK. Without the UK, the EU's defence is much weaker in the medium term.
gregy741 3 | 1,148    
19 Jun 2017  #671

That also matters with financial services and international business investment

wait until someone blow himself in The City.or start driving lorries over them bankers.matter of time
19 Jun 2017  #672

I don't think you understand, gregy741. The UK is currently looking an unstable and unattractive place to invest or site your business, but my point is that there are many better places in the EU for business to relocate rather than Poland. Poland is also an unattractive place to have a business for the reasons i gave above. Another reason is the domestic bureaucracy, which is much greater than in places like Ireland. The current Polish govt has sent very strong signals that it is not friendly to outside investment or foreign businesses going there - things such as the supermarket tax and the acquisition of foreign banks have been noticed outside of Poland, and the government is clearly hostile to globalisation - it is a nationalist, protectionist 'top down' structure. That is very unattractive to investors, who want to make as much money as possible, not give more of it away to Poland if they can go to Germany instead and keep more of it. That's the nature of business. Poland's international credit rating is also not as good as other EU countries. So I do not see Poland benefiting much at all from Brexit. In fact it may only strengthen Germany, France and Sweden, leaving Poland relatively weaker and more isolated (economically and politically, with no strong ally with any major power in the EU).
gregy741 3 | 1,148    
19 Jun 2017  #673

The current Polish govt has sent very strong signals that it is not friendly to outside investment or foreign businesses going there

maybe according to libtard media,but investors dont give a flying fok about EU libtards propaganda.investors love Poland due to good work culture and educated hard working people.

Germany, France and Sweden

yea...Add Britain to that club,,you know whats happening in those countries from investors perspective?massive welfare states who tax companies more and more and more to keep social welfare paradise.wonder how long will that last until investors will run away from them. especially financial sectors.

watch British political scene and listen to Corbyn.he wants heavily increase taxation on financial sector and increase state spending on NHS and social walfare..same with leftist Macron..wonder what City gonna do? run to cyprus or frankfurt or fkin singapore.or maybe to still healthy Poland.
dolnoslask 4 | 1,824    
19 Jun 2017  #674

Corbyn.he wants heavily increase taxation

Whichever way you look at it Brexit has blown the left foot off and Libtards with the help of millenials plus left wing thugs will blow off the right foot off,

Maybe there will be some good out of it for Poland, If the billions generated by the banking sector come to Europe it will make up for the loss of the UK payments and keep EU money flowing into Poland
Marsupial - | 921    
19 Jun 2017  #675

Yes i can tell it's blown the foot off the left by the pathetic leftover remains of the right making deals with dup. Fail propaganda dude.
19 Jun 2017  #676

dolno you may be the perfect guest in Poland with a ' red & white' heart which is fair play to you. 'Love your adopted country'

When push comes to shove, we will have to wait for the dust to settle, before clarity will emerge on Brexit. As a word of caution to your side, don't be blind sided by your emotive thoughts.

PIS-off. good summary on your part, you have made some very valid points especially on the level of security. Poland in modern times has always looked to external influences for protection, whether that be the EU,NATO or the current USA/UK/ROM pact. Unfortunately the Federalist Dicktors in Brussels now see an EU army as the way forward. Exclude France and who else in the EU have any real military power, Italy they could be on the verge of leaving the EU or being shoved they are the next Greece waiting to happen... Maybe Poland do have some excellent special forces, that will not be enough to hold back the Russian army should Putin ever decide to move east. The Germans are in bed with the Russians on Nord-stream, the Turks and FRY countries are also Putin leaning, they know they will benefit from South-stream which is already in progress. Brexit is a concern for the UK, which I as a remain-er wish would never have been voted for. In hindsight one has to respect the democratic vote and now the problem must be dealt with in a peaceful and diplomatic way. You have to expect certain rhetoric to come out of Brussels, lets not forget most of those making the noise in Brussels are not democratically elected, they are voices of the EU kleptocracy. As for Poland once she has received her full funds to 2020, if there will be NO further tranche, the rhetoric from Warsaw will change direction.
dolnoslask 4 | 1,824    
19 Jun 2017  #677

dolno you may be the perfect guest in Poland

Reading your opening comment you maybe the perfect sock puppet for one of the master baiters on this forum , my status in Poland has no bearing on this thread or on my entitlement as a registered member of this forum to voice my own personal opinion.

I see things going very bad in Britain, especialy now with the escalation in terrorist tit for tat reprisals. As a Polish citizen I am happy that our government is doing its best by putting Polish interests first.
19 Jun 2017  #678

Dolno, the UK faces nothing new today which it did not face during the times of the troubles, when over 3,600 people died during a 30 year period. Extremism is extremism period. The only difference today is that the internet allows each and their own to become a exspurt, spew their bile manifesting the problem. The UK now faces a massive dilemma which will result in the loss of freedom of speech and freedom of movement.. Once the UK starts down this road which is in essence a movement towards a police state,the terrorists win...

I for one have complete faith in our security forces, they are commuted to our safety, working tirelessly each day to protect and serve our nation and those who visit.
Marsupial - | 921    
19 Jun 2017  #679

**** off...that's why poland leans to usa as an ally because no one has any faith in the countries of europe to come to aid. French, swedes whoever are all useless to poland if russia attacks. They are useless full stop could not defend themselves. The uk is a tiny country who still thinks in 1800 and is also of little use albeit better than some others. Its forces have been dwindled and i would expect the uk to defend Iraqis before poland. No faith here and dont know anyone who has any. What i personally expect from the uk is a shafting and sell off down the river as per always.
19 Jun 2017  #680

Mauri, Dolno, Why should the UK defend Poland or anyone else, its up to a country to defend themselves build an army, buy nukes create a deterrent.

As an add on, the UK 's status as a super power was ended coming to the aid of other country's. At the end of WW1, Britain was bankrupt after coming to the aid of other countries. Oh yes Poland was given its independence of the back of British loss of life and status. As a nation we have done more than enough for other nations. NOW its time for you to support us against Brussels.Without the UK standing next to Poland in Brussels it will be a lonely place. We may not rule the waves, but we have been a loyal friend to Poland over the years. The problem with the nationalistic Polish element is no matter how much you give they still want more. Stop biting the hand which has been supporting and feeding over the last 17 years. Maybe you two are just your standard prostitutes which will turn tricks for the highest bidder....
Marsupial - | 921    
19 Jun 2017  #681

I agree with some of that. Just think if it comes to real push and real shove it will be meaningless.
johnny reb 15 | 3,243    
19 Jun 2017  #682

...that's why poland leans to usa as an ally because no one has any faith in the countries of europe to come to aid.

Thank you Marsupial................

Did ya see the NEWS blurb that Angela Merkel (Germany) and Macron ( the new 'Head' of the foppish FRENCH (fries) are telling TRUMP to drop dead due to his REJECTION of the Paris Climate Deal.... (where Americans pay billions of Dollars to India, CHINA, etc., to help those HUGE POLLUTERS !

Another stupid obama "B.J" that makes the LEFT feel better.
How utterly CLASSIC !
TWICE in the last CENTURY the U.S.A. LITERALLY spent HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of Dollars.... (NOT, to mention the sacrifices in BLOOD and dismemberment/Death) by the CITIZENS OF OUR COUNTRY to free the E.U. from GERMAN TYRANNY. TWICE ! amazing....

And now for the E.U. to tell Trump to drop dead as London and Paris are crumbling you really wonder WHY Poland leans to the U.S.A. ?

I read yesterday that it is to be believed that there are something like 32,000 (that's THOUSAND !) jihadist militant Muslims in GREAT BRITIAN !
And who will they look to when THEY have Sharia running down their legs ???


Poland stand strong so you don't become a U.K.
dolnoslask 4 | 1,824    
19 Jun 2017  #683


"Dolno, Why should the UK defend Poland"

Dont put words into my mouth that i never said.

I don't want Britain to come to Polands aid, the last time Britain promised to help Poland was in WWII, the result was that Britain was on the side to sell Poland into Soviet slavery (Yalta agreement) Thousands of Poles were exiled thousands were murdered as part of the Soviet purges that followed.

All the above after brave Polish servicemen gave their lives in the defence of their British ally.

But the Poles still like the British people who are warmly welcomed in Poland, I am sure tht when the time comes Poland will try and give aid to Britain when needed.

To sum up Britain needs to save itself first, It is heading into an armageddon of its own making, Poland will be fine Polish people in the UK will always be free to return home.
19 Jun 2017  #684

Dolno, you are a disgrace to your British passport.

The standard line which you have used is used by most every Polish Nationalist. Using those words reflects on you that you are spending time in Poland with people who have limited knowledge of Polish history and are small minded in the same sense that in the UK, there are unsavory characters called ' little Englanders'.

War is a racket my friend, it has high costs in order to enter any war there must be an end game, if your plot was being attacked by the local' kurwa boys, how much will you pay me to protect it or what do I get out of sacrificing my assets and goodwill on your behalf- maybe you can understand something as simple diplomacy.
dolnoslask 4 | 1,824    
19 Jun 2017  #685

used by most every Polish Nationalist.

I can see I have rattled your Corbyn cage and you are responding with incoherant belittling ramblings , I think that if you look into the mirror you may see what s wrong with the Britain of today.

On the plus side (If brexit is Brexit) Marxist leftist British economic migrants will no longer be able to move to Poland, this can only be a good thing.

But pray tell whats wrong with being Polish and having pride in a homogeneous nation of people.
Harry 81 | 13,362    
19 Jun 2017  #686

Britain was on the side to sell Poland into Soviet slavery

I fear I'm more likely to see a coherent plan for Brexit from the Tories before I ever hear a Polish (or 'Polish') person explain what the price Britain was paid for 'selling' Poland to the USSR.

Dolno, you are a disgrace to your British passport.

Which is harder to understand: the Tory Brexit plan or why he still has that?
gregy741 3 | 1,148    
19 Jun 2017  #687

what the price Britain was paid for 'selling' Poland to the USSR.

well.Britain ans Stalin had joined invasion on Iran..looting and stealing its resources..agreed on occupation of friendly oil rich country.
they had shared business ongoing.Poland had no oil to offer.
19 Jun 2017  #688


Dolno must have been a real social outcast or blessed with nothing but bad luck in the UK to have such ' autoimmune' thoughts. He throws the term ' Polish nationalism' and ' pride in a homogeneous nation of people' as though its a badge of honor. Dolno I am not some leftist Marxist or anarchistic. I am a global citizen and put humanity first. I have a true belief that is heritage and culture is something to be appreciated irrespective of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.
Harry 81 | 13,362    
19 Jun 2017  #689

Britain ans Stalin had joined invasion on Iran..looting and stealing its resources..agreed on occupation of friendly oil rich country.

You make even less sense than the Brexiteers who claimed that a post-Brexit Britain can base its economy on selling tea and biscuits to the world. Perhaps you don't buy or sell much, but the way it generally goes is that a sale is agreed and then the price is paid. The Allied invasion of Iran happened years before the supposed sale of Poland at Yalta. But it's always good to see that some people can be as idiotic about Poland's past as some Brits clearly are about Britain's future.
19 Jun 2017  #690

My theory is quite transparent,

The Poles who hate the UK are mostly those which failed while attempting to find fortune in the UK or the uneducated Kurwa types which get sucked along in Polish nationalistic rhetoric. The foreigners who have turned Polish Nationalist are those which failed miserably in the UK, now looking for pastures green have established their little enclave in Poland going native. One can only imagine what type of life they had in the in other stages life.

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