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Austria's swing to the far right on Poland?

OP Lyzko 25 | 7,139
9 Nov 2017 #211
You have a point there, bud. Then again, no one ever said it was gonna be easy!
SigSauer 4 | 413
10 Nov 2017 #212

I was born and raised in New Jersey. The Democrats have been an absolute DISASTER for our state. Corzine as a frigging disaster, and anyone who thinks that Chris Christie is a real conservative is HIGH! Look, before I left the states to work abroad permanently, our property tax was $1,200/month on a 4,200sq.ft. home that cost $480,000. The ways in which New Jersey nickel and dimes its high income earners, or in fact EVERYONE, is insane. Maybe it would not be so bad if we got back some progressive laws in exchange, such as legalizing drugs, or prison reform. Alas, that's not the case, and whether fake (R) or (D) in office, we've found our politicians still addicted to locking up dark people for draconian sentences. More egregious is New Jerseys laws regarding firearms ownership by law-abiding citizens, often attempting to give their citizens 3-year minimum mandatory sentences for things like leaving a magazine in their car with 1-round loaded into (In NJ having a magazine with a round in it, is considered having a loaded firearm! you couldn't make up some insane b.s. like that!)....While the state was under years of Democratic leadership, our State Police was monitored by the Federal government for racial profiling, and only recently a few years ago got out of time-out.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
10 Nov 2017 #213

The only reason why NJ is alive is because of its proximity to NY and the hard working immigrants that have been living there for generations - Italians, Poles, Irish, etc. Some cities in NJ like Trenton and Newark are straight bombed out like hoods in Chicago. But the laws are more strict. They even made an equivalent to 'driving while black' but for whites... its called 'loitering with intent' (intent to purchase drugs that is.... they believe why else would a white guy be in the hood lol)
OP Lyzko 25 | 7,139
10 Nov 2017 #214
"Corzine was an absolute DISASTER......"

Was "Flim-flam" Florio any the better?

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