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Poland`s aid to Ukraine if Russia invades - part 7

Crnogorac3 3 | 1,021
10 Aug 2023 #181






Mercenaries from Sweden���� and US���� tried to wake a drunk serviceman from Ukraine����

Apparently Russian troops have come close to their position which was a call for action. Two fighters ran into the curtain to wake up their Ukrainian "comrade" but he turned out to be combat-incapable.


Probably on a downer from some sort of methamphetamine. It has been my theory all along that NATO/Globohomo supplies all of Ukr army with meth.
pawian 214 | 22,390
10 Aug 2023 #182

They looted a toy from a ukrainian child and installed it on their tank as a symbol of victory. Simple. The fridges and TVs they stole with the toy were already sent back to Russia.
Crnogorac3 3 | 1,021
10 Aug 2023 #183

Assessing the demographic situation in Ukraine, the famous demographer Alexander Raksha says that the country has returned to the level of the 19th century. He calls the incident a "catastrophe".

Just the other day, the Institute for Demographic Development said that apparently 29 million people are now in Ukraine. I think even 27 million with something. And at the beginning of the 20th century there were 40 of them in Ukraine. It has already returned to the second half of the 19th century in terms of population. And now the number of children born in Ukraine is the same as it was 300 years ago," says the demographer.

If the current momentum is maintained and manpower-intensive hostilities continue, Ukraine will not be helped to restore its imbalance even by the currently discussed ban on the departure of men after the end of the war


One Nosy Bastard
Congratulations are in order for Jew World Order and Jewlensky on their fine eugenics work of illiminating white gentiles from Khazaria. Keep up the good work.
mafketis 35 | 10,715
10 Aug 2023 #184
a "catastrophe"

Yes, russian presence _anywhere_ is a catastrophe!


just go away you goober nazi.... you show just how awful russia is if you suppor them
pawian 214 | 22,390
10 Aug 2023 #185

Yet, Ukrainians are still kicking Russian asses though Russia`s population is 4 times higher.

just go away you goober nazi..

That kanalia is the scumiest Russian poster in the PF.
Novichok 4 | 7,529
10 Aug 2023 #186
Ukrainians are still kicking Russian asses though Russia`s population is 4 times higher.

Can you be more specific without metaphors?
pawian 214 | 22,390
10 Aug 2023 #187
I didn`t resort to metaphors. Kicking ass means that it is Ukrainians who are controlling the situation on the front and showing initiative - they are attacking while Russians are trying to keep their defences.

The initial plans of Russians to take Kyiv in 3 days and conquer Ukraine in a week fell flat more than a year ago. Russia has lost not only the war but also its most important trade partners. With severe sanctions still working, the Russian destiny is going downhill and breaking their necks at the bottom of the hill called United Resistance to Russian Imperialism. Ha! That was a metaphor you craved! hahahaha.
pawian 214 | 22,390
10 Aug 2023 #188
Coming back to topic edition 139

Polish mechanics from the state company Polish Armament Group are staying in Ukraine and repairing the weapons which Poland produced and sent to Ukraine. Especially self propelled artillery Crab machines.

Three ways of dealing with repairs, according to the damage level:
minor repair close to the front
major repairs in Ukrainian plants
advanced repairs in Poland.

Novichok 4 | 7,529
10 Aug 2023 #189
Russia has lost not only the war

One loses a war by retreating (see Saigon) or signing surrender docs (see Japan). Which one took place here?
cms neuf 1 | 1,854
10 Aug 2023 #190
Talking about things that happened in 1975, did you see that Udmurtia is trying to put a man on the moon again ?
Novichok 4 | 7,529
10 Aug 2023 #191
Talking about things that happened in 1975

No, I am not "talking" about what happened in 1975. I am defining "retreat". Duh!

Since you are still up...How is Ukraine winning?

Before you say something really stupid, please keep in mind that even Biden is not saying it. God knows he would love to considering how much money he blew on this bullsh*it.
Velund 1 | 756
10 Aug 2023 #192
BTW: Looks like chips from washing machines, stolen in Ukraine, finally found their final place. Luna-25 mission will be launched to the Moon very soon from Vostochny.

Less than minute to launch time...
jon357 72 | 21,387
10 Aug 2023 #193
did you see that Udmurtia is trying to put a man on the moon again ?

They'd do better to sort out the 60% of rural homes without indoor plumbing. A third world nation with a space programme is reminiscent of India, however unlike Udmurtia, India is very much in the up whereas r*SSia is very much the junior partner in any bilateral relations between them..

Some good news about the explosions in Udmurtia. People are very careless about discarded matches there.
Velund 1 | 756
10 Aug 2023 #194
Luna-25 has successfully entered the LEO target orbit, waiting for the moment to restart the engines to leave the intermediate orbit and go to the Moon.

My condolences to those suffering from brain polonism, you wasn't lucky enough to have a reason to gloat today.
jon357 72 | 21,387
10 Aug 2023 #195
Luna-25 has successfully entered the LEO target orbit

Hardly a great achievement since it's been done so many times before. At least this is a real one though, unlike the 1960s Gagarin hoax. Let's hope it's more successful than the Three Day Special Operation which is still bogged down a year and a half later.

Nowt to do with Udmurtia's illegal and unprovoked invasion of a neighbouring country though. Or Poland's response to it.

One plus is that the more Putler wastes on vanity projects, the less he has to spend on defective weapons from North Korea.
Velund 1 | 756
10 Aug 2023 #196
Hardly a great achievement

Poland have unlimited access to washing machines, but I do not see polish station on the Moon. Maybe spent all effort for a kilometers of internal plumbing in rural homes? ;)
jon357 72 | 21,387
10 Aug 2023 #197
polish station on the Moon

Or an Udmurtian one.

Perhaps Poland has priorities like indoor plumbing and toilets (Udmurtia must be filthy without them), a good health service, effective law enforcement, combatting organised crime and managing a fast-growing economy rather than pointless vanity projects. Unlike Udmurtia, Poland is now a high income economy rather than a terminally declining one.

Though of course Poland is a key partner in the European Space Agency. Co-operation between neighbouring countries, something which countries that neighbour Udmurtia are strangely reluctant to do.
Velund 1 | 756
11 Aug 2023 #198
Perhaps Poland has priorities like indoor plumbing and toilets

The Russians send a fiery greeting to Polish a$$holes who can enjoy a comfortable time in the main achievement of Polish civilization - a flush toilet in every hut. Let's wish them to connect centralized sewerage to the internal plumbing of every shrivelled hovel by year 2100. ;)
jon357 72 | 21,387
11 Aug 2023 #199
flush toilet in every hut.

Looks like you're confusing Poland with the dirty villages of Udmurtia. Huts and other sorts of shacks are something in Udmurtia rather than Poland. In Poland there are decent houses who the poor fools who pay for Udmurtia's vanity 'space programme' can only dream of. There are modern and safe factories too (that don't burn down) and a conspicuous lack of oligarchs raping the country's wealth.

And they've got a very effective army too, unlike the orcs who were supposed to take Kiev in three days and are stuck in the mud 18 months later with 200,000 dead.
Novichok 4 | 7,529
11 Aug 2023 #200

Poland admits Ukraine's counteroffensive won't succeed
Kiev doesn't have enough weapons to "change the balance of the war," President Andrzej Duda has said

Ukrainians are still kicking Russian asses ...

Hey, Pawian, it's you or Duda...One of you is lying...My bet is it's you.

Actually, you are not lying. You are just being Polish...It's OK...Harmless...
Novichok 4 | 7,529
11 Aug 2023 #201
As further proof that Ukraine is winning...

Ukraine orders evacuation of key city near Kharkov
The move comes following reports that Russian troops are advancing in the area

Stupid Russians don't read PF and don't know they are losing.
Novichok 4 | 7,529
11 Aug 2023 #202
Quoting from

The title...

Ukraine orders 12,000 people from 37 towns and villages to evacuate as Russian forces look to punch through the front line with a series of missile strikes

...and the first three comments:

This can't be right, we've been told Russia is losing, running out of weapons, fighting with shovels maybe we haven't been getting accurate reports.

This should be a reminder, no country should ever elect a comedian.

Well done Russia. Z

OP Alien 19 | 3,870
11 Aug 2023 #203
Ukraine orders 12,000 people from 37 towns and villages to evacuate as

And this is the difference between Ukraine and russia. The Ukrainians are evacuating their people so that the Russian primitives don't murder them. The russians "evacuate" only ukrainian children.
Korvinus 1 | 444
11 Aug 2023 #204 opposed to the invasion of Iraq?

While the US lacked clear UN authorization for the invasion, there were at least a mountain of resolutions against Iraq threatening the use of force against Iraq if they didn't comply, going back to the ceasefire ending the Gulf war.

Meanwhile, Russia just invaded Ukraine and annexed Ukrainian land two separate times. And in fact, all the UN resolutions on this matter all are resolutions against Russia. Not really comparable at all.

That is certainly more harmful to a rules based international order by a long shot. One is a case of a country acting unilaterally, but in support of a multitude of UN resolutions against a country that was ignoring and defying those UN resolutions. The other case is literally one country invading another to take their land and is directly opposed by UN resolutions on the matter.
jon357 72 | 21,387
11 Aug 2023 #205
as opposed to the invasion of Iraq

The American invasion of Iraq, assisted by Poland and the U.K?

The right thing to do and not a land grab as r*SSia is attempting now.


Less of the bad language, troll.
mafketis 35 | 10,715
11 Aug 2023 #206
What is russia fighting for? to kill children....

This is not a regrettable side-effect, this is what russia has consistently said it will do.... if you're Ukrainian and don't want to be russian instead they want you dead.

Bobko and velund and montenegro and novi all wanted these girls dead because they wanted freedom for their country.
Crnogorac3 3 | 1,021
11 Aug 2023 #207
Ukraine is literally a country without history. Its name alone points to its status as a krajina (borderland), i.e. a Russian krajina. On the other hand, that radical Ukrainian nationalism arose again in the territory that belonged to Poland and the Habsburg Empire. In the end, only that will remain of Ukraine.

When Lenin supported the recognition of the Ukrainian nation and state, of course within the USSR, he was severely criticized by Rosa Luxemburg. She was of the opinion that Ukrainian nationalism (or the national movement) has no historical background except for a couple of cheesy poems by Taras Shevchenko. First, in 1922, Donbass and the southeastern parts were annexed to Ukraine, so that the otherwise economically backward country would get industry and thus be able to stand on its own two feet. The territory that makes up western Ukraine today is owed to Stalin. In 1954, Khrushchev annexed Crimea to them, of course without asking anyone if they wanted it. Today, Ukrainians express their gratitude by tearing down Soviet monuments and erasing all traces of Soviet and Russian culture. Why aren't they completely consistent with their "rebranding" and give up those territories that are actually Soviet heritage? In Odesa, they demolished the monument to Catherine the Great, the founder of that city. All the cities in the east and along the Black Sea were founded by Russians. Even Donetsk was not founded by Ukrainians, but by Welshman John Hughes, who founded the metal industry there in 1869.

Kievan Rus', the Cossack Hetmanate of Zaporozhye and the Principality of Galicia-Volhynia are not the forerunners of Ukraine, which was created in completely different historical circumstances. It is certainly true that the roots of the Russian state are in Kievan Rus, but that too was a unique Eastern Slavic state of which today's Russia is only the successor, but not the continuation. In any case, Russia has more to do with it than the territory of the Russian Empire called Ukraine.

Ukraine is a textbook example of imperialist manipulations. As you yourself state, Ukrainian nationalism/separatism was first promoted by the A-H authorities against Poland and Russia. Later, the German Reich continued the same policy. At the peace negotiations in 1918, the Americans explicitly rejected any recognition of Ukraine, calling it "a fabrication of the German General Staff." In World War II, the Germans continued the same policy of supporting Ukrainian nationalism in the war against the Soviet Union. Stepan Bandera and his OUN thought that the Germans would bring them independence, but the former ended up in prison very quickly, because the Germans were not interested in any Ukrainian independence. For them, Ukraine had the exclusive function of a source of raw materials and cannon fodder and slave labour. Ukrainian Nazi collaborators stood out as the most bloodthirsty in World War II. Half of them later fled to the USA and Canada. The other day I read a comment by an American who said that his father grew up in a neighborhood in Chicago where mostly Ukrainians lived. His father told him that every other "older uncle" was a war criminal who was welcomed with open arms in America as a fighter against communism. In 1989, Costa-Gavras made the film Music Box in which Armin Mueller-Stahl plays a Hungarian war criminal from Chicago, but the character he plays is actually based on the Ukrainian war criminal John Demjanjuk.

It is not my intention to portray Ukrainians as a people of enraged Nazis, but behind the coup in 2014 were the Banderists and their neocon sponsors in the State Department and the entire Ukrainian diaspora created by Nazi collaborators from the Second World War. These were not people who thought that by joining the EU their salaries would be higher. Ukraine is a huge country with huge economic potential and an educated workforce. It should be among the richest countries in Europe. Instead, it is the most corrupt and among the poorest. Why? Because there is still an oligarchy there like the one that ruled Russia in the 90s. In Russia, Putin broke their backbone and established some kind of order, while in Ukraine they do whatever they want. They rule the areas like mafia dons from the movies. They turned that country into a hotbed of crime, prostitution, corruption and human trafficking. It is the only country in Europe where surrogacy is legal. Of course, many people desperately hoped for a better life if they became part of the EU. But Romania, Bulgaria, and even Croatia should be enough of a warning for them. Those countries were literally emptied by Western EU members in the eternal search for cheap labor. In 2009, about 90,000 Romanians lived in Germany. In 2015, there were close to 600,000 of them. Over one and a half million Romanians live in Italy. Imagine what kind of wave of emigration would have started if Ukraine had joined the EU then. Anyway, they flooded Europe as refugees, among them many fake refugees who arrived here where I live in the most expensive Porsches, Mercedes, Maseratis, Lexuses and who were immediately "accommodated" in the most expensive hotels in the city center. They are still collecting social benefits and even enjoyed free parking. Switzerland has just made a decision that all Ukrainians who receive social welfare and who own expensive vehicles must sell them.
cms neuf 1 | 1,854
11 Aug 2023 #208
They might be an artificial country in your opinion I have a sounding myth that will sustain them for many generations.

Great grandchildren how they fought off the murdering rapists and thieves of Udmurtia
johnny reb 46 | 7,076
11 Aug 2023 #209
please keep in mind that even Biden is not saying it. God knows he would love to considering how much money he blew on this bullsh*it.

Quoting from the internet and tweaked by J.R.
The biden administration yesterday asked Congress to provide more than $13 billion in emergency defense aid to Ukraine and an additional $8 billion for humanitarian support through the end of the year, another massive infusion of cash out of the Americans pocketbook.

When will the American people stop being punished for a European War ?
I think the E.U. should start sending $ Billions $ to protect Americans from the illegal drugs and terrorists and gang scum coming across our Southern border.
Tacitus 2 | 1,525
11 Aug 2023 #210
Indeed. Not to mention they'll have plenty of new heroes after whom they can rename streets and places.

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