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Poland`s aid to Ukraine if Russia invades - part 4

Tacitus 2 | 1,713
28 Jan 2023 #3,001
Absolutely hilarious. I just read from the brave people who watch and disseminate Russian propaganda (like Julia Davis) videos that Vladimir Solovyov (the Russian Goebbels) had a 20 minutes meltdown on TV over the prospect of facing Western MBT.
Korvinus 1 | 606
28 Jan 2023 #3,002

That dude is pretty cool. American who fights for Ukraine, and also supplied and trained some of the soldiers. Dude got pretty long history with Russians and Ukraine and made a lot of fun videos with shooting the Russkies with mounted MG and various other things.

Check out his videos for some live-footage from Ukraine from different periods of the war.
Crnogorac3 2 | 820
28 Jan 2023 #3,003

"Germany At War Against Russia!" - Says German Foreign Minister
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 12,298
28 Jan 2023 #3,004
....after the following sh*itstorm I bet she regrets that now.
Tacitus 2 | 1,713
28 Jan 2023 #3,005
She is a strange mix between having some really good ideas (and I say this as someone who does not like her party) and saying stupid things sometimes.
Crnogorac3 2 | 820
28 Jan 2023 #3,006
One must be very naive to think that those are her own words, she's just a mouthpiece. In reality this is just a standard jewish pulse-taking method to see which goy is still loyal to the cause and which isn't.
OP Novichok 4 | 7,135
28 Jan 2023 #3,007
President Vladimir Zelensky has criticized Washington's lack of speed in delivering heavy tanks to Ukraine. In an interview with Sky News on Friday, the Ukrainian leader also warned that Kiev would not be satisfied with a small number of tanks from the West.

Translation: Hey, DC swamp, if you want me to fight your stupid war, get your sh*it together and deliver them tanks fast - or I am out playing your stooge!
pawian 202 | 21,108
28 Jan 2023 #3,008
Ukraine's armed forces have lost somewhere between 10,000 and 13,000 soldiers so far in the war against Russia,

Yes, quite possible.
It means Ukrainians are heroes ready to die for their motherland. And they will never surrender. You know you have lost this war. Your prisoner armies will be deafeated, your economy will be ruined. Ukrainians won`t negotiate with you until you withdraw from all Ukrainian territory except Crimea which can remain Russian for a while but when Russia disintegrates, it will join Ukraine again.

Beautiful prospects. I can`t wait to see it with my own eyes.
johnny reb 40 | 7,725
28 Jan 2023 #3,009
Translation: Hey, DC

Hey D.C. swamp, if you want access to our strategic resources then get crackin' with them tanks.
In my humble opinion this war is all about a chemical element called Titanium that the military needs so desperately.
Ukraine is lousy with an abundance of it and both the U. S. and Russia want it.
Now, there is an effort underway in the U.S. and allied nations to identify, develop, and utilize Ukraine's vast resources of Titanium, a key metal crucial for the development of miltary weapons.

West's most advanced military technology which will form the backbone of future deterrence against Russia and China.
Titanium is a lightweight yet strong metal used extensively in advanced military applications like fighter jets, helicopters, naval ships, tanks, long-range missiles, and many others things.

If Ukraine wins, the U.S. and its allies will be in pole position to cultivate an abundance of titanium.
But if Russia manages to seize the country's deposits and plants, Moscow will boost its global influence over increasingly strategic resources.
Now that is this old mans humble opinion of what this war is really all about.
OP Novichok 4 | 7,135
28 Jan 2023 #3,010
Now that is this old mans humble opinion of what this war is really all about.

That makes you a co-genius here.

Your next task is to explain to PF naive morons that it is not about "democracy" and "freedom" and that the idiots who volunteer and die die for the natural resources Ukraine has and the US MIC wants. Clearly, I have failed.

Not that I actually mind it. If somebody has to eventually put his paws on all that good stuff, it's better if it's the US. As long as we are honest, I am good.

I appreciate your very adult way of explaining things to the children.
mafketis 35 | 11,677
28 Jan 2023 #3,011
idiots who volunteer and die die for the natural resources Ukraine has

what about idiots who volunteer and die for russia's imperial theft? how stupid are they? wha'ts so great about russian rule that justifies 120,000 dead russians in a failing effort?

humble opinion of what this war is really all about.

very stupid of putain to fall for it, wasn't it? 120,000 dead russian men and counting.... maybe putain is in on the plan?
johnny reb 40 | 7,725
29 Jan 2023 #3,012
A lot of people are making a lot of money to stop this war now.
Here is a case in point.
(Reuters) - German arms-maker Rheinmetall is ready to greatly boost the output of tank and artillery munitions to satisfy strong demand in Ukraine and the West, and may start producing HIMARS multiple rocket launchers in Germany, CEO Armin Papperger told Reuters.

Last February 14,2022 when the war started Rheinmetall stock was at 96 EUR.
January 27, 2023 it closed at 228 EUR.
Thats up 144% in less than a year !
And that is just ONE Corporation in the world profiting off this war not to mention all the stockholders of these companies.
Why would anyone want to end this war anytime soon.
cms neuf - | 2,097
29 Jan 2023 #3,013
But Putin can stop the war today, by pulling out from Ukraine. Then Rheinmetall shares will go back to normal. I doubt it however - because this aggression has made lots of countries look at their military needs.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 1,992
29 Jan 2023 #3,014
@johnny reb
Remember in the very first thread how much $hit I took for talking about stocks and how this war would be profitable?

The Orcs now making basic military training mandatory in high school. Funny how this training was also mandatory when the USSR existed. Those who dont learn from their mistakes are bound to repeat them.

If Ukraine gets the longer range missiles they are now asking for, they will be able to hit all the Orc ammo dumps in Crimea, throughout the occupied territory and into Russia. IF they also get planes, which I have to believe they will get the A10 at some point, Putin is going to have a real big problem trying to hold onto land. That said, the Orcs continue to directly target apartment buildings and civilian infrastructure. The Orcs are just destroying everything they can in order to make it scorched earth and uninhabitable. Little Vlad has the crazy ex-girlfriend disease that if he cant have it he will ruin it so no one else wants it. Such is the case with mental midgets and people suffering from delusions. Happy gulag biatches!
pawian 202 | 21,108
29 Jan 2023 #3,015
how much $hit I took for talking about stocks and how this war would be profitable?

As far as we remember, you were criticized for gloating at how the coming war would be profitable to you personally. You sounded like a veritable warmonger. Decent posters objected to your warmongering while you sneered at them and admitted openly you didn`t care about Ukraine.

Problems with memory? :):)
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 12,298
29 Jan 2023 #3,016
to stop this war now.

Funny....that was Germany's way till spring last year...pacifist, russian-friendly! That's why the german army is in this bad state it is, that's why the german arms industry sunk....Putin showed Germany that way is an error, that will be corrected now concerning energy needs and armory....

Don't say the West HE has to end this war, it's just the wrong adress!
PolAmKrakow 2 | 1,992
29 Jan 2023 #3,017
No problems with memory at all. I never said "I" didn't care, I did say that others didn't care. Profiteering is part of life, I know your political leaning doesn't go with that perspective. My family fortunately is happy that I am able to provide for them because I recognize opportunity. No different than Poland see's this as an opportunity in many ways. That said, I am disappointed that the war has lasted this long, I underestimated little Vlads bloodlust. The photos coming out of the small towns of ruined apartment building now, show that Russia just doesnt want Ukraine, Vlad wants to destroy everything so it just cannot be used.
pawian 202 | 21,108
29 Jan 2023 #3,018
I never said "I" didn't care,

But you implied it with these words:
I am all for a small war in Ukraine. Love the prospects of what it will do for my Boeing stock.

by which you started huge criticism from decent members who reminded you of all horrors of the war. Among others, I remarked that small wars have a tendency to develop into big ones. But you rejected it and said you prefer to be like other smart people who make money on the war.

It meant you didn`t care about Ukraine completely, you only counted your future profits.

Profiteering is part of life, I know your political leaning doesn't go with that perspective

Tell us more about my political leaning which concerns profiteering. :):) It isn`t political - it is pure human decency not to look forward to immoral profits from death and destruction caused by the war. I told you about it 1 year ago but you sneered at my words. So, here is a little reminder.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 1,992
29 Jan 2023 #3,019
I say what I mean and mean what I say. Do not try to infer things in my writing that I simply did not say. Your political lean is far left. Its ok, you are entitled to believe what you want. That said, I do not criticize any of the far-left democrats in the US who are making a lot of money on this war because the left-wing views in public do not reflect their profiteering acts in private. I wont criticize you or anyone else for buying a Starbucks while they are breaking unions either.

The facts are, and have always been I support Ukraine, not Russia. Not only have I given time, money and goods to the Ukraine effort, but I refuse to hire or assist any Russian or Belarussian because of it. That is real action, not just talk.
pawian 202 | 21,108
29 Jan 2023 #3,020
Your political lean is far left.

What does it say about my attitude to profiteering??? :):):)

far-left democrats making a lot of money on this war

But I am not making money on wars. You are. Stop manipulating coz you discredit yourself more and more. :):):)
amiga500 3 | 1,260
29 Jan 2023 #3,021
But I am not making money on wars

Are you saying it's wrong to invest ie buy shares in arms companies that provide ukraine's vital defence?

Please stay on topic everyone, the last few posts are getting personal.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 1,992
29 Jan 2023 #3,022
You are highly motivated politically in all aspects of life you express yourself on here. I am not motivated by politics, and I would never let politics interfere with my ability to provide for my family. It is that same ability that allows me to donate $$$ to Ukraine and the same $ that allows me to buy things to donate to people forced to live in Poland by Vlads invasion. You support your way, I will support in mine. But this is about Ukraine, and the one thing that unites nearly everyone here is that we want to see Russia defeated. How that happens, I don't think it really matters. It would be nice if it were our governments that made all of our weapons, but they do not. Government is only smart enough to fvck things up that really need to happen.

The good news is that more than 200 orcs were killed or wounded in attacks yesterday. And as I have been saying Crimea will likely be the target for the next great offensive.

"The decisive terrain for this war is Crimea. The Ukrainian government knows that they cannot settle for Russia retaining control of Crimea,"retired Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, a former commander of US Army Europe.
Crnogorac3 2 | 820
29 Jan 2023 #3,023

2023.01.28 The West Has Lost Already

Gonzalo Lira
mafketis 35 | 11,677
29 Jan 2023 #3,024
Gonzalo Lira

A paid shill who doesn't even speak Ukrainian (or its inferior sister.... russian.... blechchh).
Tacitus 2 | 1,713
29 Jan 2023 #3,025
Apparantly a Russian newspaper has depicted German foreign minister Baerbock as a literal Sith lord.

I must admit I have some trouble reconciling this picture with the woman I once watched in a debate about renewable energy (supposedly the strength of her party) confusing Cobalt with Kobold.,modern%20times%20in%20German%20folklore.
Bobko 14 | 931
29 Jan 2023 #3,026
The West Has Lost Already

I have this little game I play with the Google News search engine every other day, or so. So as not to bias the results, I just enter "Ukraine". My region is set to: US. In other words, I don't get many Interfax, TASS, or RT links in the results.

Before the successful Ukrainian counter-offensive in the Fall, you could argue there was a 65-35 split in the opinions between war hawks and doves, respectively. Then, after Ukraine had seemingly demonstrated the direct causality between increased Western military aid, and battlefield success, the tone in Western press shifted more to something like 90-10. In recent weeks I had to sometimes scroll to the second page of results, to find an opinion that would question the wisdom of further arming Ukraine, or that would express doubts re: its ultimate victory.

After Russia took Soledar and started seriously threatening Bakhmut and Vuhledar - the tone shifted again, slightly, toward the dovish direction, but not by much. Tanks and F-16 still dominate the discussion.

It's easy to miss the odd critical article, and I say this as a Russian cannibal looking for any cracks in the unity of the West. I can imagine that for a typical Western Joe, it may appear that in fact EVERYONE in the mainstream media supports escalating this war. This is peculiar, and potentially dangerous.

Here are some examples of recent critical articles that got lost in the weeds of the search results.

1) WSJ - "Some Western Backers Worry That Time May Be On Russia's Side", source:

2) Asia Times, "All Is Not Well For Ukraine", source:

3) Foreign Affairs, "Kennan's Warning on Ukraine", source:

It's absolutely staggering to see how Western media reconstitutes itself in war time. I was relatively young in the lead up to the Iraq War, and did not get a chance then to really appreciate this phenomenon. I only was present for the long line of mea culpas by Western journalists 10 years later, with all their pronouncements of "never trust the CIA again", "never believe data coming out of the Pentagon", "the national security apparatus duped us", etc. Of course, from history we know that the same journalists made the same pronouncements after the publication of the Pentagon Papers by the NYTimes during the Vietnam War.

Somehow, journalists seem to get tricked by their governments into doing exactly what they need from them, during every single major war.

I don't feel depressed about this, because I know it is the same in Russia. Just curious to observe.

What we discuss here on these forum pages is the 3rd, 4th-level distillation of these conversations happening at the macro level. Nothing new, just people throwing pre-formed statements at each other.
johnny reb 40 | 7,725
29 Jan 2023 #3,027
But I am not making money on wars. You are.

And that is because you have no money to invest to make money like PolAm does.
You just like spending other people's money like suggesting that the U.S. GIVE Ukraine America's graveyard of F-16's to Ukraine that the U.S. taxpayer bought and paid for.

When I suggest if that is what you want then Poland should pony up with the Polish taxpayer's money and buy them for half price at $17 million USD each.

Never heard another word from you about that.
Liberals love spending other peoples money and get torqued when other people are successful making money and getting wealthy.
Meanwhile a poll was taken this week and the majority of Americans want to stop all military aid to Ukraine before our soldiers get sucked into boots on the ground.

America has a war coming up with China here in the next couple of years and we need all the military resources we have to win it.

Ukraine just keeps moving the bar higher and higher with their demands.
We gave them their damn tanks that they have been crying for and they weren't even delivered yet and they started in demanding our F-16's and NOW....they want Americas long range missiles to hit St. Petersburg and Moscow then they will want nuclear warheads to put on those missiles and then a couple hundred thousand of American soldiers on the ground in Ukraine to cross the border to attack Russia on Russian soil.

This is Europe's war and that is exactly why Trump wanted to dissolve NATO.
I just shutter to think of all the hospitals and free healthcare that Americans taxpayers could have afforded with their tax money which was spent on Europe's problem instead........WITHOUT a vote of the people as it was OUR money.

America has more than done their part and here America goes AGAIN bailing Europe out.
Bobko 14 | 931
29 Jan 2023 #3,028
I just shutter to think of all the hospitals and free healthcare that Americans taxpayers could have

I get a kick out of how Americans suddenly stopped caring about the amount of foreign aid they provide. For as long as I can remember, somebody on the GOP side, or somebody on the Dem side, has been complaining about foreign aid to Israel or foreign aid to Egypt (also Haiti, Somalia, etc). The numbers that are being sent to Ukraine blow all those guys out of the water, but nobody seems to care any more!

I know the Europeans on this forum think of America as some magical well of infinite money, so I actually found a structural breakdown of America's budget expenses to show how expensive this war is, even for such an enormously wealthy country as the USA.

My assumption is that America has so far committed ~$100B ($50B last year and about $48B this year). Let's also assume that the year has just begun, and that America may yet make further commitments... say an additional $20B. This gives us a round total of approx. $120B.

Let's see what agencies (ministries in European speak), have budgets that are smaller than the amount of aid given to Ukraine... The numbers in the table below are quoted in millions.

Looks like Energy, Transportation, and Homeland Security, among other agencies, all receive less money in an entire year (this is for a country of 350M people), than was promised in support to Ukraine.

If the pace keeps up, Ukraine will overtake the amount dedicated to American education. Whoa!

OP Novichok 4 | 7,135
29 Jan 2023 #3,029
Simple. Because people like simple and meaningless crap words like "freedom" and "democracy" and bought the line that not giving all they have to the brave fighters for "freedom and democracy" is like denying global warming. It became a new religion one does not question.

Speaking of "freedom", I am still waiting for a list of freedoms the average work-and-dinner-at-home Ukrainian in Crimea lost when Russia took it over. Producing that list after over 8 years should be like a walk in the park so what's up with that?
OP Novichok 4 | 7,135
29 Jan 2023 #3,030
Trump 'not far away from truth' on Ukraine - Kremlin

...Trump had claimed on his social media platform Truth Social that if he "were president, the Russia/Ukraine war would never have happened." Even if it did and he was still US President, Trump "would be able to negotiate an end to this horrible and rapidly escalating war within 24 hours," he argued.

We miss an adult in the White House who cannot be bribed or intimidated.

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