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Poland`s aid to Ukraine if Russia invades - part 3

johnny reb 36 | 7,478
20 Jul 2022 #211
Given a choice the average American would shoot a Russian before a Muslim.

Sources please
johnny reb 36 | 7,478
20 Jul 2022 #212
Putin could be facing another war front, this time on his own turf, as one Chechen battalion prepares a second offensive against Moscow.
pawian 190 | 19,211
20 Jul 2022 #213
as one Chechen battalion

Yes. Those non-Slavic RuSSist soldiers are furious they are pushed to the front line as cannon fodder while native Russians drink coffee in Moscow cafes.
Novichok 3 | 7,602
20 Jul 2022 #214
Every one of them should have to account for their support of the evil empire.

johnny reb 36 | 7,478
21 Jul 2022 #215
According to South Korean media, Polish authorities would conclude contracts for the supply of South Korean-made armaments worth up to 14 billion USD by the end of July.

Sounds like Poland is getting ready for war with Russia.
Velund 1 | 1,116
21 Jul 2022 #216
Russia is a tumor that must be removed

I won't comment on your bull$hit anymore, I'll leave it to objective reality to get through to your American propaganda-hatched medullary ganglion. I'm afraid it will need a 12.7+ caliber, but what we have is what we have, Polish arrogance infused with American exceptionalism is a hell of a mix.

But finally, for those who can still understand, here is an abstract example. The difference between healthy tissue and a malignant tumor is very simple to understand. Take, for example, a healthy liver. If a piece of it is cut off, or some part of it is infected, the healthy organ tries to reject the non-viable and virus-infected cells and then regenerate to regain as much function as possible. Healthy liver tissue will not begin to create "military bases" in the form of metastases throughout the body, nor will it begin to try to subdue all of the body's resources. It just tries to recover.

What Russia is doing now is regeneration, the rejection of cells infected by the viruses of Bandarism and liberal filth, and the restoration of traumatically lost lobes. The task of ensuring security in the future from a repetition of "traumas" does not disappear, so Poland with its "the worse, the better" approach should not be relaxed. Oncologists from the Russian Army are gaining a little bit of lost practical experience in radical surgery.

Nice fresh video from Nikolaev. Looks like another warehouse with NATO "gifts" was disposed of by Russian missile in a very spectacular way. For sure it was MUCH, MUCH more than 450 kg of explosive load of a "Kaliber".
Kashub1410 4 | 221
21 Jul 2022 #217
Polish arrogance? When was the last time Poland was behaving Imperialistic towards Russia? When was it that Poland broke an agreement with Russia? When was the last time an alliance with Russia was not honoured by Poland? When was it that Poland carved up Russia to small pieces, and shared it with Russians neighbours?

When was the last time a good portion of Moscow, St. Petersburg or Pskov was pillaged, raping it's population and murdering it's denizens to spread fear, hate and mostly "abusing one's power for show"?

When was the last time Poland threatened to nuke Russia? When was the last time Poland Co-operated with the west with aim to dismantle Russia? When was the last time Poland Co-operated with Nazi Germany to eliminate intelligentsia and political opposition in Russia? When was it that Poland had an aim to vassalize Russia? When was the last time Poland treated Russian POW's as if they were subhumans and starved them to death on purpose as a general strategy? When was the last time that Polish soldiers fought side by side with Russians against a common foe? When was the last time Poland got a "thank you" for being Slavic bulwark from western expansion without Slavic consent? When was the last time Russia was grateful for Poland regarding ANYTHING? When was the last time Russia heard Polish dissatisfaction with fighting the Germans? When was the last time Poland complained that Russians fought against Nazi Germany? When was it and how long ago was it that Russia didn't love Poland anymore
PolAmKrakow 2 | 2,536
21 Jul 2022 #218
For not commenting any more, that was a long comment. LOL If you think I am arrogant because I am Polish, or an American exceptionalist then your perception is completely off. I am arrogant because I am successful among many other reasons, but a successful capitalist is the primary reason. I do not believe the USA is exceptional, I believe it used to be, but is no longer, one of the many reasons I do not live there any more.

Russia though is a cancer. The way of thinking, doing business, and belief that it is alright to cheat, lie and steal in order to get anything it wants must be destroyed. Your athletes cheat, your government lies, and your wealthy and poor steal. It is a nation of scum really. If a Russian were burning in the street I would not stop to pi$$ on him to put out the flames. This is really how a great deal of the world think and I can assure you the vast majority of Europeans think this way.

What the USA and Europe are doing now is crushing Russia slowly but surely. Pressure of the financial kind, and assisting Ukraine in devastating the Russian military. The recycling of steel in Ukraine after the war will build new schools and housing. The Orc meat will continue to feed wild animals. This is Russia and this is exactly what the rest of the world does not want. The only people who want to live like Russians are Russians. The new Russian vacation hot spot will be Tehran next season. Imagine the burka fashion shows for all the oligarch women. Happy gulag biatches!
mafketis 34 | 12,243
21 Jul 2022 #219
What Russia is doing now is regeneration

No, it's regression to the primitive and inferior soviet state.... why would any sane person want that?

Just remember, russia _could_ be great but not by killing civilians in other countries and imprisoning anyone with a brain and backbone (what does that say about those not in prison?)

russia has great potential but it continues to waste it trying to impress other countries by invading them... no one is impressed

you could have a better future but not with putain or any other rotten ruler... you just have to want it.... don't you want a happy, prosperous russia? or do you prefer a potemkin metropolis surrounded by a thirdworld sh[thole?

the choice is up to russians...
Cojestdocholery 2 | 1,651
21 Jul 2022 #220
's regression to the primitive and inferior soviet state

No it is regression to its orginal state a sad and primitive Duchy of Moscow.
cms neuf - | 2,072
21 Jul 2022 #221
Velund what you call "liberal filth" is what we in Poland all enjoy since 1989 - proper food, freedom of thought and speech, work where we want without the authorities stealing our stuff and a decent future.

So if you want to die for the opposite - backward thieving oligarchy, then fine - get in your rusty old tank, try and find some spark plugs and go and show those Ukies how it's done.

But your leaders will be laughing at you, they won't respect that, they will just think you are another dumb sucker for the meat grinder. And they have their yachts and helicopters ready to help them escape.

BTW hear about that dude who got his yacht seized in Fiji with a Faberge egg in it ? Obviously shares your belief in preserving Russia as a healthy body
PolAmKrakow 2 | 2,536
21 Jul 2022 #222
@cms neuf
You know what's funny is that most of Russia is really a lot like Lodz. Its not nice. The buildings are garbage. Cities have zero urban design to them. It is like walking back in time. Sure the big cities are modern and there is money in small pockets of places, but most people are poor. The poor in Poland live better than the poor in Russia. Poland is filled with opportunity even in small cities and older cities. Russia? Opportunity is non existent unless you have the money to pay a bribe, or already know people, and you will eventually have to give them something. The Russian economy is like the Capone years in Chicago.
cms neuf - | 2,072
21 Jul 2022 #223
But I love Lodz ! It always had a lot of character and it is getting fixed up. Honestly it shows how life can get better under democracy and the free market.

But I know what you mean - I have been to some dreadful dumps in Russia
PolAmKrakow 2 | 2,536
21 Jul 2022 #224
@cms neuf
Lodz? Ok. I have an affinity for Sanok myself, so I understand.

Bankruptcy is up 40% in the first half of 2022, and those are the numbers reported by Russia itself. I am willing to be its even higher, and there is no end in sight as things are going to get harder in the days and weeks ahead. LMFAO Happy gulag biatches!
johnny reb 36 | 7,478
21 Jul 2022 #225
Putin's trip to Iran may have been to arrange a hideout in the event he is forced to flee Russia, his former speechwriter claims.

Bankruptcy is up 40% in the first half of 2022,

I can see a Russian uprising against Putin coming in the near future.
Some of the Russians now have stolen toilets from Ukraine and are now enjoying what the rest of the world has

I am arrogant because I am successful among many other reasons, but a successful capitalist is the primary reason.

God has a way of humbling people like you.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 2,536
21 Jul 2022 #226
@johnny reb
Arrogance is not necessarily a bad thing in business. When you take money and give to others anonymously you can be as arrogant as you want in my opinion. Humility in life is different from being humble in business.

I can see a lot of problems coming in Russia. Imagine losing your job, losing your car after defaulting on payments, then losing your home or flat. Oh wait a minute, doesn't that sound like the depression? The Russian stock market has not completely caved in because foreign investors still can not pull their capital out or sell their shares. When that market opens up, if it ever does, the Russian economy will swirl down all those stolen toilets.
mafketis 34 | 12,243
21 Jul 2022 #227
trip to Iran may have been to arrange a hideout in the event he is forced to flee Russia

according to generalsvr (who predicted lavrov's statements the other day back in May.... the trip was a bust, he didn't get anything he wanted from either Iran or Turkey and he made himself look weak (despite heavy makeup).

bonus for those who click: there's a hilarious quote toward the end....

a Russian uprising

I doubt it... as vlad vexler points out, the russian people have no red lines, no 'do not cross' threshhold... they'll put up with anything, including increased poverty, humiliation, isolation....

those closest to a red line I've found (that could happen though not quickly) was mentioned by Galeev (everyon'es favorite Tatar) and that is for store shelves to empty out in moscow... the whole country is looted to keep up appearances in moscow and if that slips then.... not good for the government
Crow 157 | 10,875
21 Jul 2022 #228
Poland should help by taking care of Galicia. It would be much better for Galician Slavs to live within Poland.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 2,536
21 Jul 2022 #229
A new US report states not one of the MLRS have been destroyed in Ukraine contrary to Russian propaganda. More of them are on the way and by the end of the month there will be a total of 20 of them in Ukraine with more to come in August and September. If that number gets to 50, its over for Putin.
johnny reb 36 | 7,478
21 Jul 2022 #230
The latest is that the West is now considering sending war jets to Ukraine as Putin claims that the Wests reign is over.
The sabers are rattling louder and louder.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 2,536
21 Jul 2022 #231
@johnny reb
Putins pu$$ies just moved a bunch of ammo, explosives and machines inside the worlds largest nuclear power plant. Yep, getting all your ammo dumps blown up by MLRS all night now will make people do stupid $hit. Only place those things are safe because in the field everything is going up in smoke.

Europe is prepared for a war now. Putin wont risk it. Too many men, too much equipment already here. People should travel the highway here in early morning, you would be shocked at some of the US flagged machines moving to the south.
Novichok 3 | 7,602
21 Jul 2022 #232
Putin should do 1962 Cuba and watch those MLRSs disappear from Ukraine very quickly.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 2,536
21 Jul 2022 #233
Putin does not have the balls to do it, and MLRS are not nuclear capable as well as limited by fuel to only certain distances. But of course people who want to ride the Putin is tough train can dream. Putin is a coward who cant even beat Ukraine in five months and 150K men to start out with. Embarrassment of a leader and an army.
mafketis 34 | 12,243
21 Jul 2022 #234
Putin should do 1962 Cuba

he's welcome to try....
Novichok 3 | 7,602
21 Jul 2022 #235
Putin followed Rule 1 of how to lose wars: go slow and easy and be very concerned about civilians.
The US did not give a sh*it about civilians in D, N, and H. In fact, killing civilians is the quickest way to victory. Especially women and children.

Where the US did give a sh*it about civilians, it lost. AKA "hearts and minds" insanity.
mafketis 34 | 12,243
21 Jul 2022 #236
be very concerned about civilia

yeah this just screams concern....

russia has _no_ vital or strategic interests in Ukraine... it's none of russia's business what kind of status the russian language does or doesn't have in Ukraine.

it's none of russia's business what countries or organizations Ukraine wants to ally itself with
Ukraine is independent and has made it clear it wants as little to do with russia as possible

this is clear ethnocidal imperialism

and you support it....

this guy puts it best:
PolAmKrakow 2 | 2,536
21 Jul 2022 #237
A-10 Thunderbolts look to be heading to Ukraine sometime in the near future. Get a bunch of those in the sky and Russian ground forces are going to disappear even more quickly than they have been.

Poland now making moves to make gun ownership even easier so that people may arm themselves in case its needed. Wise move to make things easier. Imagine every apartment complex with multiple snipers sitting at home waiting for Orcs to roll down the street. And all the mountain folks would be out booby trapping their property.
Novichok 3 | 7,602
21 Jul 2022 #238
and you support it....

No. I never said that I support anything and didn't give Russia a dime. Your conclusions are yours to enjoy.

yeah this just screams concern....

The proof that Russia is trying to keep the civilian casualties low is in the ratio of dead civilians to the number of explosions. If you want to claim that Russia is exceptionally "barbaric" get the relevant numbers from this and other military conflicts and compare. Your own perceptions and feelings are not evidence.

The problem with Russia haters is that they want it both ways. If the number of civilian casualties is high - Russia is evil. If it's low - Russia is incompetent. God forbid that Russia is trying to kill as few as possible. That perception must be stifled at all costs or the support from the gullible West may wither away.

It took four years and 40 million bucks to finally end the bs about how Russia elected Trump and that he is Putin's secret agent.
Przelotnyptak1 - | 357
21 Jul 2022 #239
Especially women and children.

Gengis Khan was the master of such a strategy. As a result, Mongol blood is still flowing in Russian veins. But Russians forget the sequence of events.

For your theory to work, you need to implement the whole strategy. But, unfortunately, the Russians got it upside down: first, they murdered women and children, then hid from the warriors.

Russians bastardized Gengis's strategy: turn the warriors to dust, then pilage burne, and raped, not the other way.
cms neuf - | 2,072
21 Jul 2022 #240
I love the fantasy of "Let's do a 1962 Cuba"

Get it into your heads Russian trolls. We are not scared of you and we do not respect you.

How are you going to do this ?

Load some rusty 50 year old missiles on a broken ship
Have a drunk crew try and sail it to Cuba with no refueling stops
Let's hope the Ukies don't manage to source a cheap submarine in the meantime
The Cubans don't want your missiles. Nobody does - they didn't want them in 1962 and they sure don't want them now. They want a quiet life and a bit of normality after the last 70 years. They want to sell holidays and rum and cigars to happy tourists.

Nobody wants to live like Russians

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